Monday, June 29, 2015

watched it for the cute boy...

watched this for the sexy girl...


Wednesday, June 17, 2015
after posting, i always read a few of my posts again out of habit. april seemed like it sucked, and rightly so, but guess i just wanted to put a disclaimer here, saying that posts are momentary, and reflect more intense yeah i wasnt like upset and emo the whole month, although more so then than now because of circumstances.

happy mood today and these days!!

i havent talked to pearlyn for too long );
but its so hard to talk when wifi is limited to when im back at dorm and sleepy/occupied.

weian's birthday today! happy birthday!! sent her a text being all nostalgic and all hhahaa.

also, omg i felt 14 just now but i'm actually freakingold and in my 20s alr???
what happened??
pls gimme some sk2 magic youth water kthxbye!


hello guys. its been long, but im back.

guess the sudden bout of jaychou has reignited the thought of blogging in me. music is a huge part of our lives. i believe the kind of music you listen to can reflect, and direct your life and its current circumstances. dont tell me you havent tried to decipher your friends' crushes and thoughts by the love songs theyd listened to?? haha i dont believe you. i did. yeah now all you girls start trying to rmb what songs you had linked me to and recommended that i hear, right? xDD...and if you think back, you might realise what you listened to kind of made you crush on the type of person that you think fits the mv to the song youre on to. (sorry for the long and grammatically-incorrect sentences throughout)

anyway, i guess the songs just make me feel like im 14 again. or 15 maybe, with the mentality of a toot schoolgirl. you can tell, maybe, by the way im blogging now...with lame motifs from that sec2/3 era like the word "lame" itself, and stupid emojis. also because there i go daydreaming again, about the same stuff i did when i was toot in sec3.

im sitting alone in the living room of my sharehouse right now, planning a general itinerary for chris and i. he actually wants to do it but im a control freak like that and i feel like i need to do the planning because ive alr read so much about touring tokyo that i might as well. i mean, i dont have to start from ground zero like he does although he's alr been to japan before :) and also because i wna make sure the sights i wna share with him will be included hahaha. im bossy like that.

yeah its my first time in wannung's and my dream country! inuyasha-land hahaha although i nvr watched/read the anime/manga, nor have i seen any inuyasha stuff here yet. <<
its been amazing, but half the time im at work because yknow, architecture +japanese +intern basically spells long working hours. luckily i usually get off at 1030-11pm so well, not as bad as other aki firms here. on weekends i try to play really hard.

i went to a sento near my sharehouse and i am so surprised that it feels totally natural to get naked with a bunch of other ladies young and old, thin and fat (me), albeit all japanese...and then subject myself to slow-cooking via the hot onsen baths. totally unsexy because i was pink from the blood rushing to my face while i forced myself to sit in the purple-coloured pool, having nowhere to face except towards an old lady scrubbing her boobs hahaha. her hair was so white, i couldnt tell it apart from the soap suds that appeared when she shampooed.

anyway i spent most of the time sitting on the floor, trying to uncook myself.

its 6am. people are starting to stream into the living room...guess its time to go.
to end off, maybe i'll just say very enigmatically that starlight is dim because its so far away from where i am right now. in life. and that i dont miss the night, but its nice to think ive seen it once.
(jeez, how 14yo-like is that?? writing in code?? xDDD)


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