Tuesday, September 30, 2008
i dont think i'll ever meet a good enough one.

in some shows, a guy and girl fall in love with each other, but they become overwhelmed with anguish when they realise they're related by blood.
brother and younger sister.

therefore it is always good to have a repulsive sibling....?

i want a photo of that person.
nah,not who you think i'm talking about.
you'll never guess,
because i havent mentioned that person in my posts before.

i disagree.
i dont look like ziying.
you shouldnt insult her by saying that i do.

jennifer said we could go darken ourselves together!yippie!

aw mieeeen.
swiper no swiping!swiper no swiping!swiper noooooooo swiping!!!

bear in the big blue house?(didnt like that-.-)
thomas the ...train?*start singing thomas and friends theme song*........(didnt like this show either.)

anyway,there's a male version of dora the explorer. i cant remember what that guy's name is...but he's a supposed friend/cousin of dora.
dora has a monkey called boots.

the world is so ugly.it stinks of socks.
humans are such ugly creatures.
oh by the way,
i thought this a few days ago.
human beings are like cells in a bigger organism called Earth.
we are specialised cells with the amoeba-jelly-hands(cant remember what thats called.pseuphopods?phseudipods?)
and we have a nucleus which we call the Brain.
we have cytoplasm called blood,
cell membrane called skin,
muscles that act as mitochondria,
and a vacuole in which we store food and water, called stomach.



i realise im constantly revising bio even though i havent touched my bio textbook more than 3 times in this whole year.
the only time i touched a bio textbook was when i borrowed a PRC's.
and that was only once.
then the rest was in class, when i was looking for functions of liver to do essay qns.

i got D for geog.
at least i'm not AE.
ms pear's Approaching Expectation but not reached expectation yet score.

i cant write geog essay,sighhh.

studied with jenn and hanxi today in pasir ris macs.
i ended up laughing at hanxi's wallet throughout the day,
but i managed to talk abit about macbeth when hanxi asked questions while revising for LA.
jenn did math.
i...did math at first, but realised i didnt understand the 3 textbooks i brought,
so i wanted to do LA instead,
but i realised that i hadnt brought anything to do with macbeth except for the list of past yr essay questions.
so i tried that,
i tried from last question, number 16,
but it was too difficult,
so i didnt write anything else other than"role"and"character" on my paper.

then went popular and got a shiyi style ruler for physics.
the flexible one.
haha.hanxi got 2 rulers-.-
she likes buying stationery.

jenn said today was productive.
i just enjoyed the informative train ride to pasir ris.
: D
met xiaowei and liying.each with their own friends.

noone was there today.
get it?
no 1 was there.
but the other two were.

xiaowei told me who.
its like,
woah.so pretty.
ya know.(:

i keep thinking of 2A.
all the times we had.
and i keep thinking
how i'd never get it back.

but its ok.
i understand why.

i saw esther today.
spying at her from the grandstand is really entertaining.
but jennifer and lihui says i should just go find her instead of acting like a despo, staring at her from afar, like a secret admirer.

the circumstances just wasnt right.
i guess.

i realise that my blog posts mentions so many names.
not good for internet safety purposes.

should i start blogging like:

today, i went out with ______ and_____ and we met ____ and _____on the way. we ate at ____ and studied abit. after that, we went to _____to buy a _____style ____, and _____got 2-.-


hanxi has a priced wallet.
it's been passed down from generations above, and will be passed down to generations hereafter.
: D

yang2 guang1 zhai3 nan2's just trailed away with a car that had been blasting the song into the Singapore night.

i think appearence means alot,
even though the society claims to be milk-fair hearted people and suggests that they judge not by a books' cover.

i mean,
if there are 2 books of the same story but 1 has a torn cover page and scribbles on it like "my grandma pee-ed on this book marked 1966" or "i lubbz luRbZsx eUuiiee w0rxhs<3<3<3" while the other is clean, and has a cover page that dishes out a spetrum of colours which can just blend smoothly into one another, creating an imagery delicacy and what-not, I'D DEFINITELY CHOOSE THE CLEAN BOOK. yep, i'm like that.not the kind person whom you'd expect to say, of it doesnt matter.both books have the same story, so either ways, i'd still be fine if i take the dirty book and blah. if you'd still take the gross one, then well, ok. you are really too full o' milk of human kindness....or whatever lady macbeth said to macbeth.haha. : D

if i put my heart to it,
i believe i can do it.
i can forget.
i'll just tell myself: teoee, you dont really think that way.stop deceiving yourself.

as long as i keep lying to myself, i believe i'll make myself convinced(:

its 9:59Pm.

Monday, September 29, 2008
proudly brought to you:

"youre interesting"

-a jennifer quote production

yep,words cant give enough credit to the attachment i feel for you,
OOOOOoooo Dearrrrrr Jenniferrrrrrrrrrrrr
*twinkle twinkle*

(gotta resist temptation. jennifer's too good to resist.GAH.



i keep posting so many posts in a night,
summore nearing eoys,


i just wanna say,
(and dont anyhow assume i'm refering to you in the chunk of words below unless youre jennifer.)

its not you because i dont think of you,
because i think of another person even when others are chanting your name in my ear
just because.

gosh jennifer, i'm really sick of it.
i'm sick of people caring for me,
im sick of people not caring for me too.
i really miss you):
even though i'm talking to you now-.-

the only word that keep flashing in my mind is:

dunmannians write beautifully sometimes,
even though the text is tragic,
the writing is really beautiful.

i like blue colour.
i like green colour.

hmm.purple is nice too,
and pink is ok(:

but still,

blue green yippie!

i'm going to have a list of occupations that i might consider:

-author of inspirational books(but must first inspire myself into writing the book-.-)
-director (to make my book into a film)
-actress (a female johnny depp?LOL.)

forget it.
i'd probably switch jobs every once in a while.

yeash, i'm duperuberdipperrubbergubber honoured by jennifer's post!: D


我想送你一杯粉红色的爱: D


yep.i think that's it.

whats it?

i dont know.

i hate it when you dont know anything.

i hate it too,stupid.



zzzzzzz.self conversations are so boring.
jap exam today was zzzz.

studied like crap for 1 whole day,
chionged notes like mad for 1 day too

and preparing to fail with 1 day as well.


when post-eoys comes,
i'll still be mugging away theory):
piano,i mean.
so many terms to memorise.):


i spotted you this morning.
thats all.
while i'm keeping a look-out for you whereever i go,
are you looking out for someone else?
or do you spot me trying to spot you?

whenever i turn left,
i hope you arent standing just behind the pillar on my right.
3K's in class 4G now,
at the library area.
agglutination of hair.
i hope they dont fail me for copying a part of the japanese compre into my compo-.-
gosh.now that i really think about it,
i could be sued for plagarism, cos they quoted from a source in my compre-.-
whats done is done.

sometimes there isnt a reason wh things happen.
there isnt a reason why some choices are made.
there isnt a reason why there's no reason either.

i noticed im old this morning.
15 years already.
and i havent even started living yet.
life isnt about books.
life isnt about school.
life isnt about you(boohoo)

but yet i keep wasting my time on books,
on school,
on you.

books suck,
school sucks
you suck too(boohoo again.)

ohno,my parents are so old):
there goes my far-sightedness again.
im thinking of when my parents are about 90+
and hey, that isnt very far away
considering it wasnt very long ago i was still sucking on a bottle and chewing on rubber duckies in the bathtub.

i dont want to judge
but its difficult with the whole world trying to make me wear specs that they deem suitable.

when the world stops being triangular,
i'll tell you everything.


Sunday, September 28, 2008
i've just looked through my guides' box.

(yea,even though im supposed to be studying jap.intensive mugging,yeahyeah.)

i really miss the old guides.
in their passing down notes,
they all said,

dont let the passion die, and hope you'll remember us.

but im finding it more and more difficult to fuel passion with what guides is nowadays.
passion needs to be fed constantly.
it's a fire that burns and eats anything in its path away,
but suddenly,
i cant find its fuel anymore.

i need some firewood before the fire extinguishes.
but first,

we'll have to chop the firewood ourselves, wont we, dear guides?
jiayou <3s.


i, teoee from year of the hen, declare myself .............for japanese written EXAM tmr because i have not started memorising any of the 100000000-japanese-characters-and-meanings yet.

neither have i started reading through my grammar notes from lesson 25 to 36, because i had only blindly copied notes from the textbook instead of absorbing them diligently.


-------------------- ---------------
signed by the mighty teoee

who's going to pray hard to pass jap,
pass math, pass chem, pass chinese, pass everything else,
to be promoted to yr4 and not spend 2009 in my juniors' class(YIKES!)

-------------------please detach----------------------

i want an umbrella for my heart.

hi sunny.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

i've FINALLY finished that pile of japanese notes from lesson 25 to lesson 36!
but sigh,
ONLY 1 day left to study 11 chapters,
and over a thousand words to memorise,
out of which only 10 would come out.

but i CANNOT lose those 10 marks.
intensive mugging shall proceed from ....a later point onwards!
: D


(for now, must relax abit first after intensive scanning of my textbook so as to print smaller, cuter versions of text that'd interest me: D

see? i go through such pains to ensure i have a fun learning journey.
its all in A6 size now.yippie.

i slacked abit just now.
was reading some past conversations that i had saved.

i know how to use the chat log le,
i think-.-

but nah, those conversations in the chat log aint interesting.
those that i kept through other means are more meaningful.
i found one with zhenling.
and it was sort of...funny.haha.maybe thats why i saved it then,hahaa.

so yep, i revised conversations regarding stars, some conversations with yr5s, one with zhenling about "digestive system"?LOLLOL, and uh, there's somebody's conversation with me that i dont feel like rereading,because...
i just dont.

i realise that past conversations had much more substance to it.
i havent been saving any recently though.

the only 3 buses that come to my mind when you say "bus" are:

59's first.
cos wannung and i used to take that bus home after 3rd lang: D
miss those days):

15, actually i had only remembered after reading the conversations.

10, because its the bus i had taken most often when i was younger,
its the bus that goes to bayshore condo(:

oh.i nearly forgot 158-.-
irritatingly packed after school.
poor driver):
should i walk back instead of bussing back next year?
geylang leh.
later people think i work there-.-
chikos everywhere,sigh.
although, yea, there are honoest businessmen/women there too.


maybe can take bus number (my register number)?
(erm, bus number shant be revealed because it is unsafe to reveal personal information. i realised that after reading the booklet that the school distributed about internet safety.LOL.)

only close ones would know the number: D
ok,maybe not-.-

been spamming songs the whole day while compiling japanese notes.
my math sucks.
chem too.
so anyone under my medical prescription would probably end up worse than if they had consumed melamine from some of china's dairy products.

the commonwealth winner's essay reminds me of the Joy Luck Club.
or at least, what i think the Joy Luck Club is about.-.-
i havent gotten to reading macbeth yet, still talk about Joy Luck Club...

k,long post le, considering i still gotta study millions of japanese characters.
i hope i pass(:

oh, and now other than math, chem, phy, my chinese sucks too.

oh gosh.its so cool that yiting's made a blog for p2 Orchid(:
its sort of new, but feel free to browse(:

heh.p2's got initiative juniors o.o

if i were a red blood cell...
i'd want to stay childish
i'd try not to mature
for fear of losing my nucleus,
as it is the central organ(?),
and can represent whatever brain i have.
are you a red blood cell?

i see flaw.
zzz zzz.
they're not working together.

shall talk to them.
after talking to another set of thems.

i re-read my archives.
think its kinda fun to know what i thought.

corn flour, vegetable oil, cheese powder.

ohoh hooo
mr yeo told me about the milk thing in china.
i thought something was wrong with the cows.
but WanYing said its the processing that's gone wrong.
i was trying to remember what the process' called.
is it p----?
i cant remember the spelling, and i cant find my sec2 bio notebook after 42 minutes of search.
i cant find my bio textbook either.
EOY gg le.

nvm.focus on japanese.
i'll go film my soft toys and continue making my notes.
: D

Friday, September 26, 2008
i'm sorry and regret being angry with you.
im a petty person,
i should be the one saying sorry instead of you.

and regarding that incident.
its my fault.
because i failed in being a friend,and a chair.
i dont dare to say it to your face for fear of sounding insincere,
i really apologise for all the mistakes i've made, and for the mistakes i've made you make.

even passing math by 2 marks couldnt stop them from trickling down my face.
i think i gave shiyi a shock.

the next time i draft a post,
you'll see:


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Have a Teoee and Smile.

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from jennifer, who got it from yingying: D i thought the rest were pretty weird.haha.good way to waste time: D

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yikes.reminds me of somebody who wanted to eat me):

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make me count?!count????i hate counting!i h..dislike maths!!!grrr.

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HAHAA.thinking of esther now o.O

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loll.im seriously spamming adverts.

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i like this one(:

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HAHHAHAAA.got 3 already in my dhs life.hahaa.

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ending off with this propaganda,bye!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
WanYing's been doing alot for 3k ever since 3k existed.

3k has nice people.

anyway, i should go.bye.
mabel san's funny.hahaaa.

i forgot to mention how wonderful ella is in my previous post.
: D

esther's sitting behind me: D

oh,i finally saw how a pink pill looks like today in class.
i dont like that pink.

today's oral was horrid.

it went:

me:(walks into class and sees valencia-san.thinks: ohno.im dead.under comparison with her,im not even worth 0.1 marks.)

....(my turn)

me: um,...(thinks: am i supposed to say good afternoon now?)

teacher: please sit.

me: yes(hai). um....(thinks: now?say good afternoon now?)kkkkoni...

teacher: -walks out the door to check if ming yan san has arrived.-

me: O.O

teacher: -walks back after checking ming yan san's absence-

me: konichiwa.(good afternoon.)

teacher: ah, teoee san is it? please read this passage aloud..

me: O.O(thinks: oh gosh oh gosh...)
uh...tou fu wa....(starts reading, and skipping over words, and stuttering, and pausing at akward places, and stumbling over my words...)

(by the way. the passage's about tofu.)

teacher: ok, thankyou.(scribbles comments while i squirm about my seat)
(then came the conversational session)
teoee san, youre from dunman high school?

me: er....yes.(hai).

teacher: what kind of school is dunman high?

me: uh..(thinks:big school?uh....ooki ga ko?)...erm,...(thinks: aha,i'll say its a beautiful school.)...dunman high wa kirei....(thinks: oh no. is it kirei na or kirei ga ko?)...dunman high wa...kirei -hastily mumble a "na"-ga ko desu.

(thinks: ok.its either she hears the "na" or not.so i could either be right or wrong.depending on her hearing.)

teacher: oh, is that so?

me: (grins like a moron)

teacher: what cca do you belong to?

me: uh..(oh no.what is "girl guides" called in japanese?)...uh...ger-ru guy-doh desu.

teacher: huh?

me: uh, ger-ru guy-doh.

teacher: ohhhhhh! girl guide is it?

me: yes.(hai.)

teacher: what do you do in guides?

me:(panic panic!!!!!) uh......eh..........hmm......(paused for about 3 minutes.) uh.....

meanwhile im thinking,

"oh gosh!!!what do i DO in guides? how to say i used to have physical trainings, how to say we tie structures, how to say we do outdoor cooking?????gosh."

eh.....um.......in guides, we sing songs.(i said lamely.)

teacher: ohh,...do you find it interesting?

me: yes.(hai.)

teacher: why do you find it interesting?

me: uh...um....(ahhh!!)....eh...i dont know.(again, i said that lamely+defeatedly)

teacher: what do you like most about girl guides?

me: uh.....(GOSH.WHAT TO SAYYYYY?!) uh......we....(i wanted to say that guides sell cookies.but i havent learnt what "cookies" are called, and whta "sell" is called.i only know how to say "buy"!).....uh.....we.....i......i....my friends....food...(i substituted "cookies" with "food"..)...-paused for minutes.i could hear birds chirping outside.).....

teacher: food? yes? what?you eat during guides with friends?

me: NO!(iie!)....(then regained composture and tried to make sense out of myself again)...uh....i buy food from my friends?(dumb-.-obviously no link cos im the one selling cookies, not buying,DUH.)

teacher: oh..um..ok, what do you want to be when you grow up?

me: i want to be a teacher.

teacher: what do you want to teach?

me: english.(im thinking:ohno.why am i not answering in full sentences?!)

teacher: why?

me: because i am good in english but horrid in chinese and japanese(i think she could understand that i'm telling the truth from how i struggled to get this sentence across)

teacher: ohhhh!(laughed abit.)

teacher: where do you want to teach in? primary or secondary school?

me: primary school.

teacher: why?

me: in primary school, children are cuter.
(at least, that was what i meant...o.O)

teacher: ohhh, i understand.haha. so what did you do last sunday?

me: uh, i .....uh....i went for piano lesson.

teacher: oh, are you skilled in piano?

me: no.


me: stare back.

teacher:.....ok.do you like piano?

me: abit.

teacher: abit only?._. hahaa,...

and the poor teacher who has to try and make sense out of what i'm saying.


next monday is the written exam.
i'd better prepare.all else can wait.
ignore school stuff.
focua on japanese.

: D

(zzz,horrid oral,haha.but luckily i wasnt nervous.YESYESYES.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
gosh today is such a horrid day.

i waited until 4pm+ at the moelc,
until mabel san came along,
and WE BOTH realised,


and now, it's 6:06pm.
ive just reached home after hunting for chips : D

oh no.
precious time meant for revising jap oral, GONE.
just like that.
gone with the wind):

oh nooooooo.
i'll be leaving school early tmr.
gonna miss at least 3 hours of lessons.

i need to prepare for japanese oral and not fail like the previous years.
i shall remember not to answer: i like watching tv
when the examiners are asking about something else(which i still cant decipher up till now)
and make them laugh out loud):

food makes me sleepy.
i wonder if food has sleeping pills powdered on them.

mabel san felt as %&$)%@!#&* as me when we realised there wasnt jap.

kk,gotta go sleep.
seriously, food makes me sleepy.
(but if i sleep i cant eat my chips!grrr.to sleep or not to sleep?-.-)


Monday, September 22, 2008
A: "im always wrong.doing wrong things, saying wrong stuff..."
B: " you're right about that."

i realise im not alone in some aspects, haha.
No Man is an Island

lets make a list:
1) i'm not the only one who placed "offline" as default status when i sign in, and i only appear online after i have finished scanning through my contact list.

2) i'm not the only one who wishes for insomnia.

3) i'm not the only one who who is not the only one.

: D

Sunday, September 21, 2008
i feel so cheated.thanks.


i didnt sleep last night and thought i had succeeded.
but after piano today, i slept from 1pm till 7:48pm just now.
sian, totally wasted day again.

i read my blog
i read your blog
i realise, once again,
ive changed.

i'd never have had anything to do with pink just a year back, would i?

come on, light shines in both ways.if you can see it, so can i.

yes i have finally done it!
lead a healthy lifestyle!

manymany thanks to esther tan!

if not for her, i'd have succumbed to sleep.

i didnt sleep AT ALL last night.
stayed up to do class chalet proposal, then listen to songs, do piano homework(havent finished), create a playlist which i didnt put on this blog cos it makes the page lag, and then,

this morning, i went for a run and reached the stadium at 7:23am
i started running but forgot to check the time, so i took it at 7:25am and started my 6 rounds non-stop.
ran with a couple of old ladies whom esther suspects to be ______.HAHAA.
after 6 rounds, i checked the time and it had just turned 7:__am.
so yep, __ minutes for 6 rounds.
i know, sucks if compared to some of you right?
haha, but i think its an acomplishment because there wasnt competition(cept with the old ladies there) and yet i managed to stop myself from taking a break!
: D

and __min is not accurate anyw, cos i remember at the starting i forgot to check the time?LOL

so results in inaccurate observations.

after that, walked back to the sadistic tree, where there were 2 benches, and did 50 sit-ups on one of those.
then to stretch stomach muscles after contracting them with sit-ups,
i did 40 pumpings.

then i walked around a lamppost while some middle aged guy stared at melike its a crime to exercise in the morning,
and i took the stairs up home(:
i reached my doorstep at 8:08am.

cool eh?
i finally did some exercises and in the process, didnt touch any balls at all!

captain's ball's only ok if im defending.
cos i detest balls and i like hitting them farrrr away from me.yea.

talking to esther tan throughout the night until now is really cool.
but i gotta go do piano theory homework le.
(oh, and tzyyshuan,i know you visit blogs.if you see this,

huangching and i had a throw-each-others-PE-shirts-into-the-dustbins-activity on friday.
i chose the bigger bin.


i saw an old guy who resembled kok peng and i didnt dare overtake or go near that guy this morning.
i have no idea why,
but i just didnt.
and i read through my p4 journal just now.it says:

"my seating partner is chua kok peng.he is also known as kopi. he is very talkative and very naughty, ke keeps drawing in my book(and there was an arrow pointing to a scribble that i assume was drawn by him), and i think he is very clever but still very talkative."

hahaaa.i find it so funny now.

and i realise there were alot of journal entries talking about Bernice.
but Bernice,
and i,
arent exactly in contact anymore.haha.
sorry,it not that i dont want to look you up again. i just feel akward with you.thats all. heart distance.

anyway, really going off le.
i needa call ahwei.

i wish to have insomnia so that i can stay up and study everyday and become a smartye.
then i'll spend the day exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle.
balanced life, thats what they call it(:

i shouldnt have quitted ballet last time,sigh.
ok,i had to because the time clashed with higher chinese lessons in pri school,
but i should have joined it elsewhere.

i want to be a high achiever: D
but nah,

i just wanna enjoy who i am and what i do
i'm going to be the most stress free person in dhs,HAHAA.
: D
(im not ranting cos im stressed ok,pffff)

jiayou to all other earthlings.

i finished class chalet proposal!so happyyyyyyyyy.
but it's 245AM le.
im a slow worker.

i think i'll send myself a love email.
its going to start off with "dearest teoee,"
and end off with "love you! : D jiayou for EOYs!"


eh,i cant blif i just did that.
but its cool.
read the email a few days later and you'll really laugh.hahaa.
: D

i'm going to be an artiste when i grow up.
if im ever a doctor as ive always said i wanted to be,
i'd probably stitch patterns in my patients and jab henna(the indian thing?) when giving injections.
and i'd dance away during a surgery.
yea,dont hire me D:
i could speak shakespearean language and make my nurses stone.

but no, i wouldnt be a doctor.
im not cut out for it.

i'd probably be a house designer.
and you'd have odd angles poking out of the house to induce injuries to the inhabitants.

or i could be an actress or any other artiste and get on the headlines of the news just because i bought a piece of gum.
then the reporters would say things like:
she bought a piece of gum
she bought a piece of gum and went to the back of the dark alley, where a dark figure was waiting for her.
they behaved intimately and when both characters left, the gum was seen in the male figure's mouth.

or something similar-.-

OR i could be the reporter.
and i'd spread horrid rumours about anyone of you out there if you buy gum.

haha,end of my nonsense.gonna go edit abit more of chalet proposal before i go and do my piano theory homework.

i love girlguides 2006.
: D

thanks for your care and concern.
but do you know youre the only one who cares besides teoee myself?
tonights a happy night.
especially if i get insomnia.yippie!

Saturday, September 20, 2008
PL is the last to say die


gogogo too : D






i detest violence.
when you whack me hard on the back and treat it like some sick game,
you'd better know youre pissing me off.
regardless of who you think you are to me.
even hanxi doesnt do it as frequently, e-g you.
and trust me, even though she's a closecloseclose friend, when she does it consistently, i get angry too.
let alone you.

dont read the below.even though i wont be using much vulgarities.but sorry, only for own reference.

dont make me do things i'd regret.
and i smile not because i want to,
but because im saying: now's the chance for you to back off, e-g.
get it?

sure, you think and assume i wouldnt mind just because i dont give you the buay song face,
but dont wait until then.
cos it'd be too late,screw you.

what you dont know is that your whacks give me bruises,
and my mum's wondering where i got them from.damn you.

yesterday was a horrid day.

but i enjoyed math test.
even though i bet i'll fail it.but who cares.
when is ms fang coming back?):
hope to see her every math lesson next year.

people are helping out with class chalet planning.
its really : D(happy face.)

i told jenn and hanxi that i'd study yesterday.
i told them in the train.
but then i changed my mind and said i'd sleep till 7 only just before jenn got off.

then i went home, and slept.immediately.
i woke up at 8pm because my mum kept calling for me to go have dinner(my parents think health is priority, not studies,from what i see)
so yea, went out for dinner.
came home at 9pm.
slept IMMEDIATELY again.
woke up at 1015am today.
2 mins later, shiyi sent me an sms.
which of course, i didnt reply to. i hate smsing.
but she said she'd sent back comments on the class chalet proposal.
and 5 mins later, ah wei called me.
and said wanying's found new venues for chalet.
so yep,im up and going.
gna go do up proposal again(:

yesterday was a horrid day.
did i mention that just now?

yesterday after school went for chem with hanxi,basically going through exact same thing as that day.(i went for the make-up-lesson for those who didnt go for prev make-up-lesson.)
xiaowei kept woofing behind me.

oh,yesterday was horrid.not because of chem though.hahahaa.
mrs toh is funny.

and im not woofing along,hahahaa.
going for mahjong anytime soon?
or drinking your fav barley?

Thursday, September 18, 2008
yes i have finished my first draft of 3k chalet proposal, whoohooooooooooooooooooo.

you'll know whats in for you if you had paid attention during PC lesson, when we discuss.
im sure most of you did(:

there's math test tmr leh....
or do homework?
homework larh!!HAHAHAHAHAH.
what thy know, thy knows.
hahahaha. stupid quote by the almighty teoee,muahahahaha.

pack bag first.cya.
eh, ah wei and shyi,
i've sent yall the proposal i drafted.edit and send back, yea?





yep,shant break their hearts, shall go do up proposal for class chalet,
(i must stay awake today.i MUST!!!!)

Mr Yeo takes generousity to a whole new level.

collecting guide cookies--

mr yeo: i want to collect my cookies,...eh?same design again?(refering to tin)aiya,im so disappointed. i only buy guide cookies for the tins...

me:huh really?haha,then if you dont want the cookies,i want!(jokingly,i didnt expect him to say...*refer to next dialogue*)

mr yeo:oh sure, ok.then if you can finish the cookies, just leave the tin in my locker.

me: o.o(gave the are-you-serious? look)
really?huh?youre serious?

mr yeo: ya, last time i bought a tin and left it ____(i cant rmr where he mentioned) for 3 months. after i opened it again, the cookies had lou4 feng1 le.
*then he asks peishan to pass me his tin of cookies*

(i omitted some details regarding the cookies' taste.LOL.)

so yea, i took the tin,
and on the way back, fiona asked,

fiona: youre really going to return him an empty box?
me: no lar, so bad,hahaa.
fiona: ya lor.

of course not an empty tin.im not that hou4 lian3 pi2.
but it doesnt mean im returning the tin of cookies in its original state either.
cos that'd be retarded.
i bring back a tin of cookies, then bring it back to school again,
while mr yeo thought he'd gotten rid of the cookies, but he gets it back again.
nvm, i know what to do(for once)
end of story.

SO MANY CARELESS MISTAKES(erm, disregarding the really-dont-know-how-to-do questions)
they ask for empirical formula of hydrogencarbon but i went to find for hydrogen and OXYGEN.
i cant imagine why i wrote oxygen, but my gosh....

and instead of limiting reactant, i wrote limiting factor instead.
total bio-ness.
and to think mrstoh had encouraged me and given me chocolate for motivation):
but luckily, i can still answer some questions after attempting those from the previous assignments.yippie!
moleymoley, you cant get me.

math...tsktsk.i thought modulus would be ok...
i ended up with 1/7 marks.

i cant wait for log test to be back.
i think i may get 25% : D

i was just thinking of the time she said:
"dont worry teoee, youre improving.slowly,but definitely improving."

D ; awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
from msfang, thats a really sincere thing to say.
i was sooooooooooooo touched):

ruonan and samantha made me feel really touched tooo ;_;
they gave me a 10yr series physics book because mrhong asked me why i didnt buy(lol.i didnt see the point because eoys coming soon and 临时抱佛脚, from my mum's experience, doest work.)
back to topic,
this sudden gift means alotalot because first of all,
its the thought that counts.
and from the choice of gift, i think theyve been really thoughtful because they got me what i needed.
then 2nd point is that instead of making it out like they're doing me a favour, they justify it, saying i should just treat it like a bday present. mamaaaa,so sweet right?
im not making a big fuss of it,
i just think appreciation should be shown, and i should 把她们的所做所为发扬光大.
(yeayea,i can imagine you with the usan-nod-nod)
in conclusion,
thankyous :D

and then, another touching thing happened.
i was lugging 3 boxes of guide cookies back to class,
in total 18 tins in 3 cardboard boxes,
and i thought "gosh.this is how it feels like to be pregnant.you'd have a bigbig weight in front of you and your back is so suan all the time.PLUS, you look weird and cant walk properly."
then hanxi offered to help me take the odd tin of cookies(the one mryeo offered!) because it was easy to slip off to the ground, and she herself already had 2 boxes to carry!
then when i was somewhere near the class, ms low was just going off.
when she saw me lugging the whole bunch of cookies towards my dear class(proudly presents the class door...eh, you wouldnt understadn if you havent seen our door today), she actually came over and helped with carry one bigbigbigbig box!!
it was really so nice of her because for all i know, she could have walked away like anyone else could have, but she didnt. she could have gone off and pretended she didnt see me, but she didnt.
gosh, really so nice.awww.

lots of things keep happening these few days to make me feel the love of mankind(lol),and here's ending off with the last story.

that day, on the mooncake festival day, hanxi suddenly passed me green tea.
and what made me feel honoured was that,...
she brought the green tea specially for me.
so thoughtful right?????
lucky i had prepared mooncake for her too, if not i'd feel indebted,lol.
and hey, im saying that i prepared mooncake ok?
so this means that i didnt just give it to her in exchange for the tea,duh.
dont think so lowly of me laaa,HAHAHAHAAA.

things just keep happening.
i keep feeling a deep sense of gratitude to people nowadays.
since days ago,
ive been wanting to give my parents something.
i feel that its been long since i've told them that i dont take their work and care for granted.
haha,time to clear my overdue stuff.

overdue work, overdue hardworkingness, overdue appreciation,

(oh, and i remember mspear said: "you are not that kind of person.i dont believe you are."when i was mentioned for being rude to a lady during the level camp trip. that had meant alot too when everybody else had thought i was really trying to anger that lady on purpose. glad to say that mspear's trust in me(sort of a trust?) had not been betrayed(:
i know,i know.i said i'll end off with hanxi's story right?i just cant help but mention ms pear too ma. actually i now feel like moving on to talk about primary school teachers who had made an impact in my life, but yeayea, i guess to show my REAL appreciation, and to not break ruonan and samantha's heart(haha,you wont get this unless you have read what they wrote on the 10yr series phy book,i'll post the photo later), i'll have to go off and do

#1. class chalet proposal
#2. prepare for the-return-of-the-mryeo-cookie-tin
#3. do my homework.
#4. study whatever else i feel like.

: D


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BeanBean patrol 2 ATC07

lets have an outing after eoys,shall we?

and tsk, why is daphne hidden at the back?):

hmm.and where's nicholette,sally,liyee,etc?o.o

sigh,just thinking of the most bonded patrol ever : D

i think Earth is triangular.
dont you?

don't want to be a burning candle in a lighted room.

hi. i am sad.
shyi says i wont pass my modulus quiz.
and the saddest thing is,
its true):

i screw things up.
msfang will be so disappointed.

but hey,
i dont hate math.
no, not anymore.

and i thought i could pass modulus this time,

ruonan's funny(:
haha,pacman : D

happy birthday usan,
sorry i didnt go celebrate for you.
but i was thinking of you for the 2 hours i was in the moelc.
yay, youre so OLD now.hahaha.

back to feeling like an Antonio.

Monday, September 15, 2008

it's usan's birthday just 1 hour 30 minutes and 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds later!
since its 10.30pm now.
in view of this special occasion,
(its rare,mind you.camera shy usan.)

sorry in advance, since i wont be spending tmr afternoon with you.

3rd lang,yea.

but hooyah, have a happy birthday anyway.

im sure you'll miss me,HAHAHAHAH.



Sunday, September 14, 2008

potential is an unpolished diamond,
is an ugly stone, no more than that,
stop stoning, teoee.


fancy you going offline after spitting that in my face.tsktsk.


all science teachers-cute
ask sally to come
add sugar to coffee

i like the coffee thing best,haha.

ruonan is so pretty,sigh.

sometimes, it feels pretty to be able to see others' beauty.

: D
see you, muacks.

something embarassing happened when i impersonated ruonan and ruonan impersonated me just now.we were talking to samantha, and ruonan always uses emoticons, so i found one that was of a white creature rubbing against a milk bottle,
then suddenly sam kept asking who _____was!
i was super shocked, then i was wondering why she suddenly ask when she told me that i had saved the emoticon under _____.
i had no idea when or why i did that.
im not obsessed over ____ la, and im not close to ____ either,
i seriously have no idea how that emoticon name appeared as that!):
sigh,i hope they forget tonight's little glitch(sp?).haha.

I'm afraid the photos arent in order,haha

there was a gigantic fan blowing into the tunnel after our walk, so it blew this lady's hair into a big mess.
: S aiyo,mummy haha

my brother and i,
zzzz,i cant believe 5 yrs mean so little in the growth aspect):
tsk.k,ignore if you dont get what i mean.-.-

yippie!so cute right?

after the walk.
nobody really seems to be sweating much o.o

at the start.haha.so many people leh.
it was so humid in the tunnel.
i could smell every germ particle when somebody sneezed-.-

there were performances along the way.people walking on sticks.

yea,a medium shot of them.

it was quite dark inside the tunnel.those red bally thingies are lanterns.real cool.made of thread.saw the making of it in Art Attack once: D
walking in a dark tunnel with masses of people made me feel abit like a wandering ghost.
its like the 7th month's ending and all the spirits are returning back to hell.
the red lanterns further added to that spark of imagined scenario,haha.

whoohoo!finished the 5km WALK.
that's papa.(doing the weiwei move?!LOLLLLL)
a parade of bulging stomachs,LOL!!
and oh gosh.im so short-.-
3 of us, almost same height leh.and eh?i guess im a little dark as compared to the other two ladies on my right O.o
those in green shirts were RUNNING.haha.
those in black just WALK-.-
a sneaked photo from the back haha.i didnt realise my hair had grown longer.i thought i had exhausted the length when i was a pri school kid,LOL.

this is the poor lady who had to lead warm ups that only old and really enthu people followed.
im sure from her view, she could see that some of us were just itching to start and end the race without a warm-up.
anyway, i thought walking 5km was enough warm up le.
mummy and little fatso.
so close hor?
: D
and this is papa(:
im not in the picture with him cos im the one who took the picture.
i dont exactly think anyone would be desperate enough to hand the camera over to my brother or mum-.-
again, the 3 of us.
papa's phototaking skills are the best,so he's often the one shooting instead of getting shot.
generally, being with family is rare.
im kinda glad we signed up for it,
even though EOYs' nearing and everybody's studying their pants off.
but of course,
whats a walkathon without tons of complains?
was really very irritated when my brohter complained about walking 2.5km,about standing so long while the vips did their SPECIAL VIP set of warm ups(-.-),and about everything else.
was irritated when it was hot and the buses wouldnt come and YET, stupid old ladies quarelled with stupid old men, and people cut ques and stuff,blahblah.
and was very pissed when this middle aged guy, who was sweating like a pig, barged in and pushed old ladies and little kids like me(LOL) and suffocated us to death-.-
wl.outrage of modesty was apparent everywhere(LOL,abit lar)
but overall, since im sitting in a nice chair with nice song playing, after a nice bath, waiting for a nice dinner, feeling nice, thinking of a nice person,
i still think today was a nice day(:
(although yes i know.i spoil family days with my existence, but whatever.i just dont like my family seeing me smile.lol.)
: D
yay.family day.whoo.

'sorry about the previous post, tsktsk.
what sort of language is that for a refined lady like me right?(haha,sharon!)
yea,really sorry about that.
im not the sort to swear easily.

ANYWAY,i'd just like to claim here,that:
mabel-san is insane, and she dropped her sanity in jap class O.O
i tried looking on the floor,mabel,but i couldnt find your screws):

sigh.i want to see my friends in school again.
2 days without seeing them and it feels like ___ already.haha.

ok, so now instead of trying to recover my lost post,
im sitting on a chair, recovering from the sickening feeling of pekchekness.hahahaa.

went for a walkathon this morning.
yea, it was a pissing morning D: <
i mean, i dont like seeing how animal-like and inconsiderate people can become,so i dont usually like events that involves alot of people.

but here's some pictures that we managed to take without my scowl,hahahaaa.
oh wait.i'll put the photos in the next post,later.haha.
tution now.booyah,haha.

cya dears: D
opps, i meant:
< : D

Saturday, September 13, 2008
damn it.
a 3 hr post.
gone when i clicked a stupid wrong thing.

its still there when i search on google.
but when i click on the search link,
i come to this blog,
where the post is already gone.


i know lihui doesnt like lyrics-posts,but again, future teoee-reference.

You tell me you're in love with me
Like you can't take your pretty eyes away from me
It's not that I don't want to stay
But every time you come too close I move away

I wanna believe in everything that you say
'Cause it sounds so good
But if you really want me, move slow
There's things about me you just have to know

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right
Be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time

I don't wanna be so shy
Every time that I'm alone I wonder why
Hope that you will wait for me
You'll see that you're the only one for me

I wanna believe in everything that you say
'Cause it sounds so good
But if you really want me, move slow
There's things about me you just have to know

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right
Be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time

Just hang around and you'll see
There's nowhere I'd rather be
If you love me, trust in me
The way that I trust in you

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right
Be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time

yep,i think its weird.

more than weird, in fact.

its so lame to "haha"when you dont feel like "haha-ing".
but sometimes, you just have to "haha" because you dont want the other party to stop "haha-ing".

sometimes, people just know.

ignore this post.nobody'd understand.its for future teoee-reference.

Thursday, September 11, 2008
i dont want to.

regardless of what you say.
regardless of what i do.

Mabel's found my blog.and she knows shiyi(:

hmm.currently feeling abit...reflective.
hope to have fun tmr, but oh,
ive got chem supplementary lessons after school.

she's so lucky, she's a star
but she cry cry cries in her lonely heart thinking
if there's nothing missing in my life
then why do these tears come at night

nice song.lol.

its been so long since i last felt lactic acid in myself after guides.
but i dont think i'll ever get to feel that again.

today haolin asked me if i think women should go for NS.
hmm,it sort of got me thinking.

i told him yes, they should. but perhaps it'd be better if females did not train with males due to the difference in physical abilities.

come on, its true aint it? males have got those hormones that females dont have, and anyway, people already have the mindset regarding females' inability to be tough, so those girls dont really think they can do it and yea therefore, they dont try as hard as they can.

heys,i dont try either.whats the use?

erm,im getting out of context, back to original question.
anyway, then i thought about it and realised that maybe females shouldnt go after all.

i mean,
if females went for ns, then they would lose 2 precious childbearing years, and singapore's population is already so small!males,of course, have longer "childbearing"years. as seen from WangLung's case,LOL.

and anyway, there would not be enough space to build training grounds for the whole population of those whose ages are suitable to serve in the army eh?

haha,i considered birth rate and land use...abit like geog.LOL.

eh,i should go do something else(:
heard there's a horror tonight.yippie(:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
: D

mole test tmr.
i spent 3 hours tagging/saying"jiayou for eoys!"instead of studying.opps.

hmm.i'll study abit before i sleep(:

thanks,jenn,you make me feel whole lots better: D


after hearing ruonan today,
i realised that it might have been really unwise of me to laugh.

and ps to lobo, for almost bumping into you.seriously didnt mean it.

trained home with lihui,ruonan.
songjia left after walking to buona vista mrt.

met papa at the traffic light near the stadium on way home.

saw and talked to esther: D
saw(duh)and talked to fiona: D
yay.i enjoy being with my patrol mates,HAHAHH.

and lihui, that chem mole quiz probably doesnt affect the grades much,
dont worry(:
the more important one's coming, make up for this quiz with that: D

OH.speaking of jy-ing.i remembered that i hafta go do something important.

(maybe i'll study mole after that.haha.)

Sunday, September 7, 2008
6th post on 7/9/08:

"one must find balance in life. omitofo."-

i made 4 posts in a day.
this is the fifth.


i need a radiation of motivation that has the intensity of...erm...whats the purple light called?O.O
or is the red light more intense?

somebody please tell me,zzzzzzzzzzz.

gosh.i dont know how many times ive said this to myself,

xiaowei is so creative to think up of the 3-in-1 thing!(shhh,dont reveal what its about if youre tagging or whatever)
dont ask me about it if you dont know what i'm talking about. its not meant to be made known to everybody.

hi,xiaowei. camelia likes your idea: D

are you thinking of coffee?

zzz,i miss the year5s and year4s.
i miss our year5s and year4s.
ah,and of course, soolin&shueling: D













i had a fun time imagining yesterday.
thank the lord for something called imagination (:

i like D:
looks like domokun.

oh no.
i cant retrieve the caramel bunny wallpaper):
zzz,im stuck with velvet puppy instead.
i shouldnt have attempted to change it, sigh.

ignore this if you dont geddit.

i am lihui's long lost twin!

i like green and blueee.
lucky colours : D

everybody's looking for motivation.
i think i'll look for my activation energy instead.
come on baby, catalyse me!

wannung likes purple.wheeeeeeeeeeee!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008
i think people who use the word "beautiful" sound like angels(:
using beautiful to describe a day, a moment, an event,
instead of typical subjects like girls, and items,
it really impresses me(:

i would like you for a sibling,hahaa.
hey xiaowei, this post was made at 11:49pm! : D

i suddenly wanted to visit vivyan's blog.
and the first post i saw was about cannibalism.

that guy is really sick):
but he has quite good taste.
cos that victim's a really pretty little thing.

somehow, the first person i think of when i read that was wannung.
cos she'd definitely feel really disgusted, and have strong opinions about it(:
hmmm.i miss that,hahaa.

somehow, that victim still looks good, even after being eaten-.-

there's a blog that i dont ever visit.
i'm afraid of what i'd see there.

hahaaa,tough to guess eh?
: D
got another picture that i wanna post,
cos there's somebody in there that i wanna find.
some long lost passer by.
possibly my soul mate.
haha.lemme go scan it.

(hours later)

AHA! that guy!
who's that?):
if you recognise him, please let me know.
hahaaa,and by the way,
thats my daddy in pink.wakakakaaa.


to those who asked me about


thankyou very much(:
and thanks, those who might not want to be mentioned.haha.

i like D:
looks cute.
even though sotong thinks : D is nicer.hahaa.

i dont want anyone, last of all you, to think that i like you.
i'm sorry if my actions are not giving the correct hints.
jenn would understand):

Friday, September 5, 2008
Dear me,
i would like to film a show.maybe i'll write a script and submit it.
: D

i want to share intense emotions.hahaaa.

: D

i want to let the world know, how little things can mean alot,be it for the good or bad.

: D

i want to let you know how horrid you make me feel.

i want to let you know how heartwarmed you make me feel.

i want to let you know that you shouldnt assume things.

i want to let you know that i dont like you that way.

i want to let you know that all the above are different yous

and last of all, i want you to know that You might not be any of these yous.
and that you might not even know these yous.
and that those yous might not even exist,

so YOU, yes YOU, please dont assume anything and make yourself miserable ok?
: D
because the probability of the above yous to be YOU, is very low.yep.
: D
if you still feel insecure, ask me.
i promise i'll be truthful.hahaa.


the class blog is updated : D
kinda fun to play the baby pictures' game.
hey 3k, send me your baby pictures so that i can post them up ok?
: D

then the rest will hafta guess who the babe is: D
there are currently 2 pictures up there le,
gogo guess if you havent : D



you feel adrenaline pumping through your veins, your every cell ready to charge to safety, as you crouch when heated breaths at the other side of the wall, hiding from it.

it is chasing your cousins, and your brother is within distance for it to reach out and grab. you know what happens to him, or them, if any of them gets caught by it.

you are very scared. scared of it. scared of what it would do to you if it found you, and you try to summon your fears aside, as you switch from each hiding place with much agility. you observe it constantly even though it runs out of sight sometimes, only to reappear at unexpected places.
youre worried it might find you.

you decide to hide in the toilet, and remembering youre in your grandma's house, you know the toilet is designed in such a way that there's a blind spot so that if it happened to walk past, it wouldnt see you. the only way it'd find you is if it walked all the way inside.

so you ran into the toilet, and crouched in that blind spot, carefully easing yourself to a ballso that you'd be smaller and further away from view; also to prevent yourself from tumbling into the toilet bowl.
you didnt close the door, because you know it'd be obvious if the toilet door suddenly closed that somebody's hiding inside. youve played hide and seek in that house before. you know how the game goes.

but then, you didnt expect that it'd walk straight into the toilet. you didnt expect it to do the one and only thing that'd get you exposed.

you rack your brains to prolong your life. and suddenly, you spoke up, just before it fully registers your presence.
"what are you doing??could you go away please??!i'm shitting!" you cried,hoping this might surprise it.because you know, it doesnt have human functions, so it might not know how to respond to your outburst.

it was a little stunned, but calmed down. you feel like dashing off, but you fight all instincts and demands your muscles to obey. you know you'll never outrun it.

after a series of confusing acts that you did, you decided it was safe to pretend you were it's friend, so you handed it a towel and said,
"hey, i'll go change.im wet.you could stay outside first,yea?"
and you ascended the steps up to your room on the 2nd floor.

when you closed the door behind you, you notice some objects on the bed. you didnt dare go near them. you walked on and suddenly, all your hairs are standing on ends, and you tense up.

you want to ignore it, but it warns you, and you have to heed it.
you open the wardrobe, and got your clothes out,
but your eyes are still fixed on the objects lying on the bed.
you decide to take a closer look.

to your horror, you see that that's your brother's kneecaps, nicely severed and placed neatly side by side. you struggle to muffle your scream, your eyes, roaming all around the room, and youre afraid.

the only thought that went through your head as you heard chopping sounds outside, is:

there are two of them.

eeks.it's scarier when you dream it,sigh.
i just cant bring the horror here.tsktsk):

Thursday, September 4, 2008
: D
went to hanxi's house after going to the library in the morning.
there was a break in between, of course.
didnt manage to finish my lunch, so im eating whats left of it now.
as dinner.


its not that disgusting,hahaa,luckily.

jenn,hanxi and i watched bourn thingy again, but 3rd show this time, and i didnt really understand much, but it was quite cool(:
so, watched 1st in usan's.watched 3rd in hanxi's.(:

hanxi's moving.haha.
: D

in the end, the only product today is 4 chem mol qns.
from the morning,

this song is funny(:
its about a cat.
a mean,biting,sinister, but lovable cat.hahaa.

jenn, hanxi and i,
had spent our sept holidays doing things that matter in life.
enjoying oneself, of course.
of course, studies matter too,
but not that much.

(i forgot to post this on thursday,sorry.just saved and closed it.LOL.)


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hello everybody, its me. long time no see! how hav... i'm so glad i have my girlfriends with me, and mat... hello i'm still here. 22 dec 2018, two days away f... hi, i'm back here. because its me, i'm just the me... Unfortunately I’m the sort of girl who preps a mea... i changed my mind omg i dont wna socialise tmrrr n... i went to read this thing i wrote and kept for my ... hi! im back! is it i must blog with a vengeance no... hahaha i just went to see my old posts since im re... hello i'm finally back!! who's still here, kee chi...
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