Thursday, December 31, 2009
i cant do it.
cant clean my room.

its full of junk that i think i'll miss but actually wouldnt.
the possibility of digging those stuff out years later and making them useful is very attractive, albeit small.
what if i need something days later and BAM, i'd already thrown it away today cos i thought i'd never need to see it ever again?
i'd be so pissed with myself.

and little pieces of paper that my parents think are pure rubbish are still in my room for a reason.

a little note that said "ATTN: TEOEE" from shien, torn from a piece of scrap paper, is a reminder of open house (i think?). she pasted this note of the bag of balloons (i think again?), placed outside tuanbu, so i'd see it.
throwing this piece of 'junk' is dangerous.
what if i throw this piece of reminder away, and in days to come, forget about this event entirely?

i mean, its not a significant piece of memory, but its still something nice to caress in bed as i float on the brink of sleep...

ok. typing things out makes me think in a more structured and clear manner.
i obviously dont need to keep that piece of paper cos as i was typing it, the memory flowed smoothly from my mental banks even though till now, i havent had any inkling of where that note could be.
(maybe i've already thrown it away?)

ok, back to room cleaning.
i sincerely hope i dont throw anything important away.

oh jeez.

when i read, i often do it selectively.
i dont mean to do that.

i see the words but they dont register in my mind.

i could finish reading a page, then randomly reread it from perhaps the 2nd paragraph, and realise that i dont recall having read any of that.

maybe its heaven's will that i chose econs over english lit.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i'm in a terribly good mood now.

i realised i'm not very graceful when it comes to opening letters.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
i cant remember how to log in to dhs learning portal.
good grief.

havent receive the email they've promised to send me.
the one to help me reset my password.

dread creeps in like a pervert.
followed by irony and regret.

received the email everyone's been waiting for:D
for a moment, i hadnt wanted to know but i realised if i didnt know, i'd end up lost on the first day of school.
not a good start to a new year.

i guess its not that bad.
i dont know anyone else in that class (literally brand new start eh?)
(probably cos i dont ask around, and those who posted on facebook arent from my class)

but i will.
i suddenly feel like a sec1 again.
knowing i'll grow to like the class, but fearing i may not.

5C45, guess i'll see you soon.

when i saw the email, my heart lurched.

i saw AR BI CH EC
and thought,

art, bio, CHINESE???!, english course.

then i realised EC=econs
and CH=chem


ok, now i've REALLY got to take my lunch. byebye!


wanying says vivyan's in 45 too!:D
i cant wait for aep to start haha.


i slept fairly early last night.
because dry run on 29th's cancelled, i thought i could make it to 6/10 outing.
but heavens, i just woke up.
woke at 14:11pm.

outing was at 10:00am, if i'm not wrong.

oh man.

plans for today:
read read read: D

borrowed some books with jenn the other day.
havent gotten to all the books yet.
cant wait to read, and nose myself into other people's stories.
for now, first thing to do is to get some lunch.


they all say no, but it says yes.
i dont know what to do.
i should just sod off.

the worse thing about messes is that i know i created them.
maybe i still have the mop in my hand now, but one wrong move, it'd break into 2 and add on to the pile of mess.

i havent blogged this way for a long time.
but then again, i havent felt guilty for a long time either.
so i'm not gonna let this ruin my record.

time to clean up.

Monday, December 28, 2009
it was all fine before i started knowing people's classes.
i hadnt wanted to be anywhere, or not be anywhere.
but now, i'm starting to hope i land in this particular class.
i shouldnt be hoping.


i had a horrible experience at tampines macs.

my family and i decided to take dinner at macs because i needed to get 2 macdonald cups for xplore stuff by tomorrow.
after placing our orders, i sauntered to the counter to ask for 2 cups.
the manager refused to give me anything other than the tiny little plastic ones i could have gotten at any other store.

feeling rather turned off by their refusal to spare 2 paper cups,
i slid back to my seat and asked for my brother and dad's cups when they were done.

my dad wouldnt believe that i had been refused, so he decided to give it a go himself.

and guess what.
he got them.

he claims its because the female manager was astounded by his um, charms.
" must be because i'm handsome."

i couldnt decide if i was going to choke on my fries because of his unconvincing statement(LOL@you, papa. i'm just kidding.) or if i was going to choke with disgust at that wretched manager's behaviour.

whats with her, man.
female oppression is no longer in fashion.
you, of all genders, should know it.


Sunday, December 27, 2009
i just read up on dream interpretation again.
its fascinating.

did you know, sometimes when you get the i'm-awake-but-i-cant-move-or-scream feeling, it's because your body has a mechanism that prevents you from acting your dreams out and you're sort of aware of it.

i read through the dictionary too. like eg. if you dream about Knees(in the K section), it represents support and level of stability.
then of course, in the K section, they have "killing", "killer" etc, which links to "Murder" and stuff too.

i've got a feeling i'll get a nightmare tonight.

it's 4.07am now.
i dont want to sleep yet D:

Your fish is hungry n ur wheat needs harvesting. Lazy farmer. Lol.

oh man. i cant believe my dad smsed me to talk about farmville.
its rather amusing.

my family's amusing.
yours too.

made a fish in pottery class today.
jenn and i made fat fishes.

hanxi did a beautiful vase. if i had the money, i'd buy it.

i always end up in cold cold situations when i'm with jenn.
somehow the buses just seem colder.
then we'd both freeze in our seats and shiver.

i still think 'stupid' is the baddest word i know.
i'd rather someone scold 'screw you' than 'you're so stupid'.
non-'stupid' words are so overused, i cant even be sure if the users know the meaning of what they're saying.
on the other hand, everyone knows what 'stupid' means.
so if they use 'stupid' instead of the other words, ive got the feeling they mean exactly what they're saying.
that's bad.

i havent heard anyone scold 'stupid' for quite long already though.
(though that's probably cos i'm smart. HAHAA!...i can totally see lihui rolling her eyes.)

went to the library with jenn today.

oh. i havent checked my phone for messages since 6 hours ago, i think.
forgot about it...
kk, off to do something else.

Saturday, December 26, 2009
my brother got a Mr Bean Bear for christmas.
i got a box of blueberries which i placed in the freezer and ate as ice balls hours later.
healthy ice cream. 100% fruit.
i like blueberries.

brought Mr Bean Bear to the movies just now.
watched it with the males of Teo Family.
Mr Bean Bear is so cute!

because its post-christmas, and i'm in a festive mood,
i shall admit that my brother is cute.
yes, he stinks. he's gross. he's retarded.
but he's abit cute.

just abit, mind you.
(Mr B. Bear is wayyy cuter, of course. though i'm the cutest HAHAA)

Friday, December 25, 2009

twilight trailer spoof.
im not a twilight fan. i dont like twilight.
but this spoof is well shot and directed : D

23 facts about number 23.
its rather fascinating.

eg. titanic sank on 15th april 1912

eg. Charles Darwin's Origin of species was published in 1859

eg. each parent contributes to the birth of a child with 23 chromosomes

well i guess if we all look hard enough, we'd be able to do the same for lots of other numbers.
but because i like 23, i only researched on this.

Thursday, December 24, 2009
Annabelle came today!
still as pretty as ever. guess we havent changed much, eh?
we talked about loads of things and laughed alot too.
she got to know my farmville-crazed dad HAHAHA.

she brought my favourite cookies, and a really pretty ball.
the xmas tree deco ball. its golden!
it is one of the few balls that i actually like HAHA.

we talked about our CCAs.
hers st johns, and mine, guides.
talked about how pretty Lydia is: D
talked about wenzhong making babies cry.
talked about night games too!
(no, she's not from dhs even though she sounds like she is HAHA.)

talked about her prom and my YEP (year end party)
talked about Mrs Anwar and her 4 kids,
about feng lao shi, liu lao shi, Miss Foo.

wow she just came online.
reach home alr??!
so fast.

k i'm off to go facebook.
dad keeps pestering me, asking me to send him gifts.
he xianqi the cows/trees that i sent previously lo!
fussy dad.
you're one fussy dad, mienz.

(Annabelle said he was really 'happening'. HAHA)

kk, off to prepare for christmas.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009
i just watched a really cute video of a lil' boy playing I'm Yours on a ukelele on vivyan's blog!
go watch it too its reaaaaally cute.
please direct yourself using the links provided on the left of this page.
look for 12th dec 09 post.


for the first time in so many months, i reached simei before the meeting time arranged by jenn.
but the sad thing is i just had to be so engrossed in deleting smses that i missed the stop and ended up in tanah merah.

took hanxi's ride down to school today for the comm. meeting.
thanks, hans!

i told hans about missing the dental appointment and she gave the that's-so-you response.
aw mienz.

met zhenmei, jiajun, binggeng (there were others seniors but i didnt manage to identify them) in school.

was supposed to bring my brother to the library today, but i took an extended 1 hour nap, which turned out to be 3 hours, and just woke up at 6+pm. i didnt realise i was so tired.

i'm gonna toast bread with lihui!
so exciting.

i'm trying hard not to use smileys as often as i usually do.

twin's got the slow motion version of SHINee's ring ding dong (i think that's the name of the song?) dance.
the hip-wave part is really weird as in the funny weird haha!
the normal-paced version (the mv) is cool though.
korean bands are always flawless when it comes to synchronising dance moves.

heard horrible news from weiwei last night, about someone leaving SuperJuniors.
i'm not a korean fanatic, so
1. i didnt know about this news
2. i cant remember who's leaving the group

but anyway it's still sad for a member of a group to leave.
weiwei was rather miserable last night.

I HAVENT WRAP MY PRESENTS YET even though tomorrow's the 24th already.
oh, lovely jenn has just signed in.
i'm appearing offline though.
still wanna go sleep after blogging.
i've got to pay off abit of sleep debt.

AH i havent wrap my presents yet.
annabelle called and said she was gonna deliver a gift to me sometime this week.
i did the same to her last year.
i hope she felt as pleasantly surprised as i do last christmas!
(there is no error in the tense i chose to use in the above sentence. read carefully.)

ok time to sleep.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

to celebrate dongzhi, i'm showing the song i grew up to.
mai tang yuan by wang xue jing.

YouTube - Crystal Ong

jojong said it's "pain like siao!totally can faint can!"
eeyer liddat then maybe i dont want to go to the rescheduled appointment le.
i still go call to change the date lei.
then Ms Goh/Ms Leong still said they were only free on 23rd/28th.
there might be/ are xplore dry runs on both days.

i shall not use xiaowei's pain tolerance to gauge mine anymore D:

school dentists are monsters. really.

jovina ):

): dental and jovinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

if i can make it to school in 8 mins, i'd be in time for the dental appointment.

disclaimer: the author of this blog is not in possession of many photos. she will put whatever she has on the net soon but not tonight because she wants to sleep.

yep, YEP's over.

sleptover at jenn's, and went to lihui's at 1pm.
her mum helped us do abit of makeup. she's really pro hahaha while the 3 of us were total noobs.
lucky the makeup was mild, and we didnt end up looking like jiangshi.
(i wanted to say "zombies" but somehow jiangshi's more apt.)

did our own hair so as to save $ and not look too elaborate.

jenn and lihui looked stunning tonight!
(as with every other night and day)

oh on the way to lihui's, we met huazhou (scout senior).
all of us (including him) lagged before we recognised each other.
i blurted "eh? he looks familiar." then a second later we burst out laughing x)

while trying to hail a cab, some random drivers horned and waved to us. lihui said we should have given them a 'sign'.
the one where you do the jingli sign/the 3 fingers salute/half salute and say 'read between the lines'.

reached there earlier, but i read that it's better to be 'fashionably late' in a novel so we decided to do just that and strolled along the river.
took some photos with melting ipods (some art sculture thing).

then the party started.
i was eager to find weiwei(:
weiwei has a _________.(only she knows what i'm talking about. oh, and wanying too i think)
anyway weiwei looked demure! 5stars wheeee!

met lots of people i like alot alot.
jade promised me a dance but she disappeared when i tried looking for her.
elizabeth was super pretty. lucky him.
wanying is very nice to dance with cos she's very sporting!(plus she's a great dancer)
jas was rather reserved but still fab company: D
esther (tan) looked really at ease with her beautiful dress.
peishan looked gorgeous.
liwen is mad.
liwen is mad.
liwen is pretty, but mad.
we had a great time chatting about nonsensical things.
she zhuang shan (i think thats what its called...) with another girl.
they wore the same dress but anyway both looked nice.
zuoyue was elegantly dressed, as usual.
zoe left pretty early D:
rachel (wong) had a cool outfit! only tall people can pull it off mienz.
rachel (lee i think, wanying's friend) looked like an angel.
binbin (i dont really know her. only by name actually) resembled a greek goddess.
most guys sported the same look, except for the lao fu zi shuhan(i think).
i think he dresses cool xD

i realised i'm rambling.
ok.stop here.
(even though i want to go on about how nice everyone looked)

yep was different from what i had expected.
it was more clubbing than prom.
at first i thought yep = walk around and exchange business cards
but it ends up being yep=spam photos, dancing, complaining about heels.

i missed you leh.
seeing you tomorrow for dental appointment yay!

i'm happy for jennifer!!!
you know why.

time to see how much i spent on this yep.
dress $10
earrings $2
shoes RM57.60 (say about $28?)
cab fare $4.40 (i think)
transport fees to buy the above $???
yep ticket $20 or $25, i forgot. (rachel wong THE prom queen paid the rest for me. so generous! she's the reason i was even there tonight haha)
the other rubbish (like food) that i bought while getting the above... $???

total cost : $69.40 or $64.40 + $???

not alot considering that others set a budget of >$100 for their dress alone.

oh i bought bobby pins too, $0.50, but i forgot to bring them today so i didnt help esther tan with her hair in the end.
i didnt mention it to her. she probably thought i forgot about it, but didnt bring the matter up either.
always the sensitive and understanding esther tan(:

took her ride home!
she sent jenn and lihui back too.

reached home, bathed, and walked around on tiptoe without realising it for awhile.
it didnt cross my mind that i was no longer wearing those killer shoes.
(i now realise how pro Jolin cai/tsai (???) is. she can dance in high heels. not just heels, but HIGH heels.)

i left my toothbrush at jenn's.
shall be using a spare today.

ok, dental tomorrow, then piano in the afternoon.
off to sleep.

Sunday, December 20, 2009
" do me a favour. join farmville and fishville and become my neighbour. then just send me gifts everyday. twice : D"

LOL @ my dad.

Saturday, December 19, 2009
met jovina at the kopitiam just now!
very happy.

i'll never make it in a circus.
i suck at juggling.
literally and metaphorically.

piano tomorrow.
patrol outing tomorrow.
sleepover at jenn's tomorrow.

playing at lihui's the day after tomorrow.

pottery lesson with jenn this morning was productive.
i made alot of things today because i had 2-in-1 lesson to make up for the lesson i missed last week.
the teacher showed me jenn's ceremic plate. super nice.
i thought the teacher had made it before i noticed jenn's name carved on the underside hahahaa.

aw mien.
this holiday is so exciting.
year4 life is almost as good as year3 life.
even the eoy days were fun.

i like eoys.


Friday, December 18, 2009

i print-screen-ed and cropped them.
a coincidence that both happens on the 18th.

Photos of T-X-plore
Teoee and Xiaowei plore!

this was at eunos hahaha. easy access to dustbins. yay.

this was at bishan. bishan's not part of our route, but we had to switch trains there mah...
cool notz? 10 year series. great.
i've got the physics one (gift from ruonan and sam!) but i never got round to doing it.

our first station! where we got lost cos of the 123456789 escalators.

i kupped this from xiaowei's blog.
i wanna go to Chinese garden!

we shared this thingy at city hall.
(oh good the brown streaks are invisible here hahahaha)

advertising our food hahahaha.

in the train with purple seats!
her school bag, and my kuching bag.

xiaowei's blogpost.
(part of it only)
yay we went on all lines! xD
kkkkk, off to ong ong.

toured around Singapore with xiaowei yesterday.
we went from city hall to lakeside, to eunos, then serangoon, and ended at novena.
we were playing the 'city hall ends with an L so next we gotta go somewhere that starts with L' game.

we took a photo with the mrt board thingy at each station, and ate a dish from each place.

it was very thrilling to rush for the train!
"teoee!!next train in 2 minutes!"

we'd gobble our food down and go on a mad hunt for a dustbin, then chiong up to the mrt platform like some kiasu ah-pos.
(lakeside lacks dustbins)

we got lost at city hall mrt.
it was pretty funny to take escalator A, then realise we went to the wrong place, take escalator B, and still end up at the same wrong place.
just that its the opposite end of the same wrong platform.
: D

xiaowei gets aggitated whenever we almost miss the train.
then her brain starts to malfunction.
she'd cry "teoee!! the bus is here!"
3 times. i counted.

the 'Sweetie' drink stall (a mutated version of Sweet talk) at Lakeside is @#&$^#^%$*
the china ladies tending to the stall were anything but 'sweeties'.
if it wasnt for our dear 4k PRCs, i'd have cemented my bad impression of china citizens.

xiaowei and i went to teoee's house midway through the journey because i wanted to check my email for xplore stuff.
poor xiaowei. she didnt like my house. the minute we reached my block, she saw a cat.
fyi, she absolutely hates cats.

this information slipped my mind yesterday lol and i ended up bringing a bag coated with kitty prints.
she was disgusted by the bag haha.
so we decided to pretend those cats were actually owls instead.

i had a wonderful time.

went for dry run today.
i didnt feel any more informed than the facils cos during my 14 days of being overseas, i missed out on quite alot.

peishan bought a sandwich from the face shop.

it was an awkward morning cos Jas and i didnt know how to start a conversation with someone new.
i said Hi/Hello 3 times and only managed to scare her, i think.

in the end, we did manage a few proper conversations though!: D
hope i get to talk to her again soon.

i squashed esther hong on numerous occasions today.
so happy : )


went out with jenn in the afternoon.
our legs were on the verge of breaking already.
walked quite abit.
bugis is a gym in disguise, i tell you.

i cant remember what we talked about, but it was a nice afternoon.
its very relaxing to be around jennifer hahaha.

pottery class tomorrow.
with jenn!
i hope the teacher returns us our stuff.

i needa go find the paintbrushes that hanxi gave me last time.
dont know where they are):
oh nooooooooooooooooo.

all i wanna do now is to sleep.

i reached home after bugising and just threw myself onto the bed.
stared at the ceiling.
looked at my phone.
lihui said she was watching concept.
stared at the ceiling.
watched abit of naruto (repeated episode. the one about the princess.)
stared at the ceiling.
and went to get dinner for mummy and ah yen.

when i bought porridge for my brother(he's got sore throat) and received change, i was given some brunei currency.
so i said "lao ban, 请问这是新加坡钱吗?"
then he said that brunei $$$ can be used in singapore too.
i'm not sure if i got tricked, but i took the brunei $$$ anyway.


acting indifferent is not nice but we keep doing it, dont we?

oh i saw yiting in the bus this morning (cos jenn spotted her first)
i also saw michelle walking past the canteen today (cos esther and xiaowei spotted her first)


sleep time.

Thursday, December 17, 2009
i'm running out of time.
holiday's ending.sigh and yippie at the same time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
i like this song.

jennifer'll be back tomorrow: )
supposed to go out with xiaowei tomorrow too!
xiaowei, if you see this, please leave me an offline message or something so we can confirm the time etc k :D

1. tmd means 'teo must decide'.

2. i've got a feeling i've forgotten something. am i supposed to be out with anyone today?D:

3. please do not call 91224594 anymore even though it is still in use because i'm not the one using it. if you need my new number, ask me via email, msn etc.
i've lost all your numbers ps.

4. i've also forgotten some of your birthdates.
eg. esther's parents'.

5. i dreamt of being in a girls' sports school.
the dream starred weiwei (4k) , kok peng (6/10), Mr Ng (our ex-vice principal), and some random dream characters.
and i was doing something very girl guide-ish lol.

i was at the track with a bunch of girls.
then i went back to the hostel.
weiwei, kokpeng and some other people visited me so we took a walk around the school.
we passed by the Dunman High foyer and Mr Ng saw me so we ran.
i wasnt supposed to be out of the hostel, you see.
kokpeng carried me.i didnt do any running at all, lol.

when we reached the hostel, i climbed over the fence.
there was a ying sheng* hanging above me, so i hooked myself upon it and started doing sheng qiao to reach the 2nd level.

halfway across the ying sheng, weiwei started shouting for me to get down cos the ying sheng (and i) were in plain view of Mr Ng, who was walking steadily towards one end of the rope.

i jumped off and ran into a corridor on the ground level.

then i spotted someone climbing up the 2nd storey using a rope in a nearby corner.
that person was saying to his friend (who was holding the rope for him),
"wah last night's party was such fun."

i tried to climb up that rope too using the OJ rope climbing method but uh, Mr Ng caught up.

*ying sheng is the thick and fat rope that guides use for monkey climb, also known as sheng qiao.
loosely translated as rope-bridge.
traditionally, sheng qiao is performed during CCA orientation by a few selected guides from each batch.
(scouts do it too)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
go watch 春去春又回: D
my grandma and i both recommend it.

my dad was hunting for my ic while i was in msia.
when i got back yesterday, he said that he had found alot of $$$ in my bag and that i shouldnt luan luan keep $$$.

i thought he was talking about the few emergency dollars i keep in my school bag.
but it turns out that he was referring to the class fund.

"dont put your $$$ in an envelope!"



going without an internet connection for just one week proves to be detrimental to one's health.
i usually check my email every other day and my inbox mails never exceed 3.
but now i have 3^3 hotmails and god knows how many dhsmails.
aw mien.

i have alot to catch up on orientation comm.
thats if i have not been kicked out due to my prolonged absence.

no kidding.
life after internet abstinence is tough.

off to check those emails.

Sunday, December 6, 2009
this is the 1000th post.

the broadband thing expires today, at night.
which is why i'm still here.
going off.bye.
i've just moved on from 999th post:D

its late at night.
i've just come back from a wedding banquet full of laogu-s and lao-king/yi-s
(my father's aunts and uncles)
most of whom i cannot recognize.

the wedding was nice despite my not knowing the bride or groom.

sat at the kids' table with cousins ranging from 18 to 4 years old.
it was really fun.
i like being around my cousins even though they tricked me today.

i totally fell for it.

but it was a good laugh.

see, as i am a very child friendly person, i am well sought after by my little cousins (forgive me for being shameless, but modesty is detrimental to the development of my recount)
i still join in conversations with cousins more or less my age, but i do it simultaneously with the small kids too (practice the art of two-timing eh?)
then just before desert was served, i ran off with my 4 year old cousin (another rooster zodiac kid) to play and returned in time for the dish.
i took this really pink looking kueh and it tasted PEE-EWWW.
from across the table, my cousins laughed as they showed me their uneaten parts of the kueh too, hidden in some cookie box that everyone received.
in an attempt to dispose of my food, yet choose an original dumping ground, i poured the last bit of coke into my mouth and dumpedthe kueh in the wine glass.
i know it sounds gross. it is. but with grossproof male cousins allaround, dumping kueh in classy cups' acceptable.

ok trouble is, the minute i drank that 'coke', i gagged and spitted the entired mouthful back into the cup
the coke had gone sour!

my cousins, at this point, were already doubling over in laughter.

later they told me they had added vinegar in my glass.

this is really troubling somehow, even though i do find it funny cos i was really taken by surprise, cos i am usually in the pranking team, not the got-pranked bunch.

"ah ee, ni chi chu ah?"
joke of the night.

when i'm not with the 4year old cousin Gladys, i'm with my 8 year old cousin denise and her brother, daryl, who's...idk, 6?
she says i'm her best friend.
i told her its unhealthy.
cousins dont become best friends.
im referring to denise.
i like being with her though. mainly cos she likes me hahahahah.

i stuck more with gladys today.
when i pretended not to know her name, she actually played along haha!
"gladys, whats yourname?"
"---no answer---"
"is it...peach?"
"..........(dont know what to say for a moment"


she's very pretty. her parents are beautiful people(:

after the banquet, we had a short gathering at my grandma's place.
when it came to the byebye time, she refused to leave.
she wanted to stay with me. so sweet but sad eh?
then her mum told me that the last time i came and went back t s'pore, she wanted to take the plane and come find me.
i was torn between guilt and guilt.
ok fine they're the same thing.
i was torn between :D and D:
:D because it showed how much she adored spending time with me,
but D: because saying bye's so hard for her.
(im ok with it cos i know i'll still see her tmr, but she's not convinced we'll ever meet again)
plus her mum said she'd definitely cry on the way home.
so now i've made life difficult for herparents.

this is probably the last time i'm blogging in msia.
the weekly broadband thing expires tmr so byebye, world.
till i'm back(:

my 18 year old cousin just caem back from KL today and had to rush to the wedding banquet.
she had colourful nails that was so Her ;D
her style's distinct hahaha

its 1.45am now.
im in need of sleep(and the toilet) cos i gotta wake early tmr!
so tata!

Saturday, December 5, 2009
daydreaming more and more.
where are you?

"did you bleach yourself?"
that's the first thing my duapek (oldest uncle) asked me.
i have officially entered a skin colour crisis.
i want to be brown too):
not bleachy.

Friday, December 4, 2009
oh i forgot to mention the highlight of yesterday's activities.
i went sauna-ing in my uncle's shop yesterday.
its traditional sauna with a metal kettle of boiling water+herb.
ironically, its very cool x)

the most amazing thing has just happened.

i was(still am) sitting in the living room, youtubing something, when i heard a miao, so i opened the door to take a look.
then this little cute thing strode into the house as if it belonged, and headed to the kitchen.
the friendly maid led her out of the house and closed the door but a second later, she had come in through a tiny hole at the other side of the living room again.

she did some kind of pole dance around the chair i'm sitting on, and jumped into my lap.
i was kind of worried that she was hungry.
i dont taste very nice, but i dont think she knew that.

she bent her head down
(sidenote: i'm inclined to believe she is female. i wouldnt let a male kitty sit in my lap eeks)
and opened her mouth!
i didnt dare to move. i just hoped i knew enough malay to ask the friendly maid for some medication if she bit me.
but she licked me.

she licked me!
then she started licking herself.
probably because i rubbed her tummy and she thinks i'm dirty-.-

i heard another miao outside.

i think kitty has found her friend.
i led her to the door, opened it about 2 inches only, and she squeezed through.
then out of curiosity, i peeked and saw a copper looking cat.
i believe that's male because it looks male.

(i know this doesnt apply to human beings.
after all, male and female human beings are no longer easily distinguishable.
but i hope it works for kitties.)

ok i know i'm making a short story very very long.
i could have just said, "a cat licked"

BUT wait, i havent finish my recount yet.
(i can hear you sighing)
the copper cat and the white female kitty both saw me and tried to come in through the door.
i didnt let them in.
2 cats= too many.

now i hear about 5 different miaos and i dont dare to open the door.
i've stuffed that living room hole with my grandpa's caps already.
so hopefully they cant come disturb me from blogging.

ok so remember that i said this is amazing?
i know so far it just sounds like a load of rubbish, but its amazing cos, felt amazing-_______-

okok time to talk about what i wanted to blog initially.
(yesyes i sidetracked with the kitty story)

i havent come online or checked my email for 2 days cos i've been out till 1.30am+.
been rotating between different aunt's houses (uncles too) for a different party every night.
yeahhhh night life.

watched transformers again.
it doesnt get old.
just because i'm a girl doesnt mean i cant appreciate megan fox okay.

i flipped through my cousin's yearbook yesterday and picked out a few of whom i thought were pretty.
i know, bimbotic thing to do eh?
luckily bimbos dont mind doing bimbotic things.

ok so i know girls dont usually compliment other girls (i read that somewhere), but oh you should have seen the yearbook photos!
so many pretties: D
of course, for the benefit of equality, i looked at the guys too but i only found 1 remotely magazine-cover quality guy.
so i pointed that guy out to my cous---

wah a lizard just flew past me (between this lappie screen and my face) with amazing speed.

oh yeah, pointed this guy out to my cousin, and he said that this guy worked as a temporary model at Spring.
fyi, Spring is the name of the most well known mall in little Kuching.
coool eh?

tsk, i just knew i had great taste HAHA.

oh i went to my other cousin's house yesterday.
the richest cousin i have, i think.
his/her (depending on which cousin i want to focus on. 3 of them are guys, 1's a girl) backyard's the size of the basketball court+volleyball court in our school.
their house is...obviously bigger-.-

i went to my other aunt/uncle's house.
its smaller, but its the prettiest
its like living in a showflat.
no dust at all.
even the grass is clean.
my brother walked on the grass barefooted and came back looking unreasonably clean.
i reckon my aunt polishes every blade of grass over the weekends.

BAH the white kitty came in again.
it pushed through the caps.

i keep watching xi yang yang and hui tai lang cartoon here.
the china cartoon about sheeps and wolves.

i'm down with mild cough.
i just took my grandma's pill.
its apple green coloured x)
i like taking pills.
dont like syrup.
syrup taste invades the whole mouth, while pills are generally tasteless unless you chew 'em.

i wanna relearn jap):

my older guy cousin(by 1 year) turned up at the night party last night, and yknow how parties are right?
after the food, the female adults sit around the table and chit chat, the males sit in the living room and talk about sports or the new gadgets they've just acquired, and the children run off to play upstairs.
so i've been promoted from the children group to the female chitchat group even though i'm not experienced enough to join in the conversation.
i just sit and listen, and hey, its interesting.
some guy cousins of mine even tried to enrol themselves haha.

so that older cousin of mine walks into female territory and says to his mum 'ma, can i go catch a movie?"
"movie again? you're very rich is it?"
(or something along that line)
"RM9.00 only mah."
"only??? you watch twice per week. that's $18.00 already!how many people are going?"

(all the other aunts cry in unison" only 1 other person!!!" and burst into giggles)

"about 8 or 9..."
"ok good. each person can sponsor a dollar for you."

in the end he did leave for a movie.
and my aunt (the host) said to his mum
"you should be glad its only $9 now. wait till it becomes $18!"


this is a long post.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
talking to xiaowei about relaxing things like wanglung and olan, fluttering bossoms, powerpuff girls, rowdy ruff boys and amoeba boys, professor utonium's purposeful accident, etc now.

so exciting hahahaaa.

going to sleep soon.
goooooooood night(:

(P.S. my grandma makes nice kimchi. i'm gonna smuggle a bottle back haha!)
(P.P.S xiaowei, be careful with chemical X next time!!)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
lao gong gong.
please grow fatter so lao po po wouldnt feel so mismatched haha.

i've got a date with xiaowei on 16th dec.
she thinks we'll become sisterly lesbians if she invites me over to the island she builds with my money.

gonna escape into the wilderness with weiwei when we're both back in the Lion City(:

i heard a catchy song on the radio when i took a ride in my gonggong's car.
at first i thought it sounded korean, but then i realised i could make out chinese words.
so i googled the only part of the song that i remembered:
"oh my supergirl, ni shi wo de baby girl"
or something like that.
and whoooooots it really IS chinese, and it IS sung by koreans!
how smart am i?

i know i must be lag to have not known that its a SUJU song. but i really didnt. guess thats the downside of not keeping tabs on korean stuff hahaa.


i wanna get my driving licence as soon as i can.
next year lo.
its so annoying to have 2 other cousins who're probably gonna learn next year, when all i get to do is to study like mad to scrape through yr5.
but papa says no.
i dont have a car to drive anyway, so i shouldnt bother with licence.
my cousin's parents are already setting their oldest car aside for him to demolish.
my other cousin drives to school every morning.
he's older than i am by a year.
Teo Ee Shang is older than Teo Ee by 1 year while his sister, Teo Yee, is older than her by 2 years.

the malaysian scouts are going over to philippines for camp.
i shall get my cousins to smuggle me there.
they havent pass down yet lei.

ok rant rant rant.
i keep doing that every chance i get.

i'm getting the holidays-are-ending-phobia.
yes, i know there's still one month to go.
but in my mid, it says there's only one month left to go.

ok at least i'll get to see people i like in school(:

i wanna go darker.
david, my 1-year-younger-than-me scout cousin, cried this afternoon:
"ah ee! you're so fair!" in chinese.

i wanna be dark too yknow > : (


get one from cbox!
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