Monday, June 28, 2010
i'm learning how to self-hypnotise:D
i dont feel hypnotysed but then again, i'm new at this.

hoping to hypnotise myself with ' i can do it. i will not panic. i will be alert and clear headed. ' for the tests.
(if i had said 'i am hardworking', maybe i wouldnt be blogging.)


Sunday, June 27, 2010
google 'how to cram study 1 night before your test' and you'd know,

(im investing time to read those articles. in deep shit this time.)

went for a full-day cip at Macpherson's yesterday with jasmine, hweetze, shuhan, taoqin, joshua, samuel (i'm just naming the dunmanians)
amanda and laiping were supposed to come too.

We set up game stalls in the ITE's foyer for families (mostly elderly) to play. Its sort of like a carnival.
My station (shuhan's too) was an arm wrestling station.
We were split into shifts, and my first was to arm wrestle.

doing it for 1 hour is crazy, i tell you.
i'm aching from wherever i plucked my strength from yesterday.
but it was series fun!

eh hello, elderly are strong alright. They 'gan chu huo' de, yknow?
all their labour gives them much advantage over lazy pigs like me haha (youth, being on our side, doesnt really help much)

of course, not all were very strong people, and some were even little kids (like, really little. not the buff ones. little ones!) and it was easy to win, but imagine if they came to play happily, and went away ): cos we didnt give them a chance?
no good!

so our station became known as the 'free stamps station' (they had to collect stamps once they win a game, until a certain number, then they can go collect a prize).

hweetze, jas and i kept oogling haha.
They did Girls' Generation's Oh. nice:D

hweetze and i went to catch guppies.
she caught 5!

after the event, the rest went for dinner as a class.
i left to meet my family and had dinner at Secret Recipe.
then i went home, they went shopping, and i slept.

i just watched transporter3 on tv.
i think ive watched it before,lol.

Friday, June 25, 2010
(credits to esther hong and her friend)

content: Sports carn deco, teachers day meeting, guides p2 orchid

went for teacher's day SC meeting, and reached slightly before 10am. Seeing that the juniors were not there yet, i went to the SC room to 'help out' with the sports carn deco stuff.

saw heather, denise and sam there. Tried painting a soccer ball, but it looked horrid.
we went round spotting each other with black paint.

(discussing how to paint the word 'legend' on the floor map. Heather and i goofing against sam and denise )
Heather: i can tell you honestly, it'll not look nice D:
Me: yep, says the aep kid :P
Heather: yep, says the other aep kid :P
Denise: no, says THE PRESIDENT xD

"OHH!!! THE PRESIDENT!" *bows down*

was quite funny when it happened, haha. i just added smilies in the dialogue so you wouldnt mistaken it to be an >: ( argument.


Went for teachers' day meeting afterwards. Funny discussions, especially about auditioning photos etc (more or less, inside jokes) and heather, flaring her...bikong, janell saying 'football' instead of 'fishball'...

(oh, 2 of the girls said that they remember me as the one who introduced myself as a guide, or something like that, i cant remember, when they were sec1s and were having open house/cca open house! whee)

when the meeting ended, i left, and walked past a
tableful of Orchidites

they were all wearing the patrol tee!:D
loves. my favourite shirt.

yiting said they just had patrol OJ. fun ttm D: i wanna join too, but i guess old folks should just let the youngsters do their jobs (LOL).

met one really cute and bubbly sec1 orchidite called Meihan (right?)
i don't know if i heard wrongly. Meihan? Megan (fox)?

(oh by the way, does anyone know why Megan fox's not gonna continue her role in transformers?)
Meihan said she was my 头号 fan, haha
(and that she stalks my fb and blog. She could recite my phone number even better than i can! ... but that's beside the point,lol)

so i just wna say... THANKS, MEI!:D
i'm really honoured!
With great patrol mates, great seniors, you'd definitely be as seh as your p2 seniors:D

i would have liked to talk to the rest of the patrol too(especially the yr4s,i want to ask them something haha), but it was already 12pm, and i had to rush home for pee-eh-no, so...liddat lor ):

today's purple post is for the purple-flowered patrol.


jiayou, be seh.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

blog's getting too wordy.
time for a random photo of CR members standing by their house flags.

i wanted to say 'wasted today', but thats not right(:
i spent today eating, watching the asian food channel, piano-ing, and falling asleep after every meal/submeal, bossing my brother, and updating myself on other's facebook status.

just because i didnt mug doesnt mean i've wasted the day.
(maybe i'm just saying this cos i'm in a good mood.)

hungry for pasta.
oh, i like the feel of wash and dried hair.

tmr: meeting chua and jenn, then piano
fri: teachers day meeting
sat: cip from 10am to 8pm
sun: pottery yog thingy at 11am
mon: common test

woooooo mei shi jian le:D
lian zhao fuo jiao de shi jian dou mei le. zhen na men):

(oh i saw this really pretty magenta number in zack and cody's suitelife. loves the design!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
read a book called 小女人
nice. so sad that i've finished it. now i can either start revision proper, or read another book.
(after spending the entire morning slacking on the internet)

finished the book last night. sian, dont want to revise since i'm never gonna catch up anyway-.-
not at this late hour, nope.

spent a whooping entire day in school yesterday, doing science society project.
we're investigating the effect of chromosome 4 on longevity.

shiyi's overseas, so sandy and i let Dr Yap help us subculture some T-cells, then we went on to do PCR-ing and electrophoresis.

we divided our stock cells into 2 portions, then used 1 of it for PCR-ing.
Added MgCl2, dNTP, forward and backward primers, Taq, and nuclease-free water into a really small tube, and after multiple times of centrifuginging, we finally got the tube into the PCR machine.

Then we made the electrophoresis gel using agarose powder, some biosafe stain, deionised water, and TBE buffer solution.
let it set,

and finally went for a late lunch.

we came back, and continued waiting for the PCR to run. almost 3 hours later, we finally got it ready,

only to realise that we had forgotten to add in the lysis buffer and the RNAase so the entire day was essentially wasted.


Ms Lee said "aiyo liddat then your common test cannot make it le" when she asked me how revision was coming along and i said i havent started.
Sandy started asking Ms Lee chem questions while i tried to remember what Kc was.

sigh. i honestly though our project was heading somewhere.
now Dr Yap'll get us to change project cos we've been procrastinating and wont have enough time to continue with this particular one.

piano, sc meeting for teachers' day, then yog pottery training coming up.
i dont remember when Ms Chew's outing is.


i forgot to mention 4K's night event.
it was :D, albeit small.

watched YES MAN, some jackie chan spy movie, shutter island.
ive watched shutter island before (on the flight to europe), so it wasnt much of a loss when i went off towards the end to get some sleep (had to reach school the subsequent morning for science society at 9am!).

had dinner at T1, and heard a group of ladies singing happy birthday in korean.

wanz wanted to play chubby bunny with marshmallows, but she left before we did. so we didnt.
jo left at 12am, when her fairymother called her(:
tzyy, huang, sam, char left with wan.

conclusion: great dinner, great movies, great company.

yup. its 1.39pm. goodbye.

Saturday, June 19, 2010
there's something annoying i wanna talk about. especially to pearlyn (so, laopo, i think you'd know what i want to talk about...) cos i'm really 烦,


yesterday: went for 5c45 outing and had a pasta lunch at waraku. most of us were honestly broke so we didnt do much afterwards. Ahem, someone was supposed to give us a treat haha. Anyway, hope that 'someone' (i cannot name this person because a blog is public!) recovers soon:D

i think taoqin's quite brave because he ended up being the only guy who turned up but he didnt attempt to leave midway through the outing or smthn. of course, his wife was there so i suppose he felt more comfortable joining the outing.

i wanted to hug his wife but i felt it wasnt appropriate cos
1. tao was there.
2. she just had gym training.

anyway, i have pearlyn x)

we walked around singapore, and zhenghui used his cool camera to take photos. Jasmine and i tried to eat a wangwang cracker the couple-style, but it failed and the middle section dropped onto the ground.

yijing was so piaoliang:D
baxter kehkiang go eat sashimi for lunch only so he ended up hungry and ate at macs when we had a class ice cream break, hahah.
weian also dressed up, and she was deeply amused when we had to scramble for every cent to pay for our lunch.

it was a rather exciting day because we met 3 school staffs!

the end.

TODAY: went for pottery with HANXIIII!
i like pottery class. shall continue, perhaps after i serve my term in sc. then i'll probably have sats freed :d

glazed some stuff, and ah, so glad the teacher wasnt angry with me for missing so many lessons.
ended early, so hans and i caught lunch at novena. speaking of which, i just remembered that i've got some food in my baobao. better take it out now.

*goes away for awhile

man, its squashed.
nevermind. focus on the good stuff.

oh yeah, we saw the ninja-warrior-alike! saw it when we had 5c45 outing at novena yesterday too.

the ones today took longer to complete the course. 1min 50+seconds.
yesterday there was one guy who completed it in 58seconds.

hans and i walked around, hunting for an ice cream shop, and just when we had given up, (we scouted about 2 or 3 malls leh), hanxi and her bright sparkly eyes spotted it across the road (just like in a drama series!).

we went over and ate some expensive icecream which didnt have an expensive taste. but well, trying is better than not trying(:

then we went to nlb to 'study'. hanxi strayed from econs to pottery books, while i brought my entire bio file only to find that i had taken the notes out for the last test so i only had the worksheets etc with me on hand.

who in the world studies from their worksheets right? esp practicals, for a theory test.
(ok, dont argue with me. i know there're exceptions-.-)

so...hanxi offered her econs notes, but she hadnt brought the intro to econs chapt 1, so i couldnt study (i like studying in chronological order so that i can actually understand). i ended up doing bio tys, but had to skip many qns cos i
1. havent learnt it
2. forgot how to do
3. didnt know what the question was talking about

i left about an hour later for dinner with my family at ribenchun for jap cuisine.
likes their mango milkshake. likes mango:D

oh btw, heard about hans and her mango experience in phil.
fun day at pottery, with hans, and with family.

TOMORROW: piano, then probably father's day celebration, then meet esther at 4pm, then meet 4k at 6pm, then dinner, then movie marathon :D


MONTHS LATER: mid autumn festival at chinesegarden:D
i dont know what to do there, but the place is so chinese, so exotic!

i need to prepare for piano tomorrow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010
please give me another june holidays with 4 block weeks! D:
i promise i'll make full use of at least TWO weeks.really really.

havent started revision, and shucks i need to relearn everything because i havent been paying attention.
still need to go back to school and yada for the next few days. hoping to at least have 1 week to myself.
all those stupid study plans. ruined by stupid me and my stupid schedule.
its the worst since 17 years ago.


block weeks should be renamed 'house arrest' so people'll take it more seriously and actually block themselves out from the rest of the world. Emails and smses should be abolished, and brothers should be eliminated.

ok, i suppose i didnt mean that. oh, no. i did. but i dont anymore.
i remember this particular someone telling me the ill-effects of abolishing technology after i made a similar post some holidays ago, and this partsome made some sense (though i dont see it right now cos i'm busy ranting) so i shant luanluan talk about abolishing stuff.

i'm still awake now, not cos of jet lag anymore. it ended (sort of) last night.
its because i have sooo much to do and i still need to go back to school tmr.

if only i were michealangelo. spend the most of my entire life painting a ceiling instead of having to rush everything.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010
yen, should you need to refer to what you typed, i drafted it under today's date: )

Sunday, June 13, 2010
i'm convinced someone has a voodoo of me ):

Friday, June 11, 2010
man, i really miss orchidites alot.

minyi said she regretted not joining guides last time during the drakon sc dinner today, and heather was awed by how guides know how to kun mu tightly cos some of them tried to tie some bamboo poles together during sports carn dry run clear up and it was a rather ): attempt.

so kind of them to say nice stuff to me:D

scouts still look down on guides.
at least, thats the impression i got today.

what wanglungs-.-


dry run was quite fun. had abit of..ahem, mishap in the morning, but the dragons called and gave me directions, and my CRs rushed over to 'my rescue'.


i piggybacked shimin today and she felt light.
i piggybacked minyi for awhile too but we sort of half-tumbled cos i tried to run while she was hanging on my back, haha.

dragon dinner at Marche with Mr Wu was engaging. There were lots to talk about, and minyi very zhaogu me so i felt very at ease. I usually dont talk much during such dinners (yeah dragons congregate regularly cos our capt's cool) cos i havent gotten to know them very personally, but i thought i was rather noisy today.

Jane and i wore the same shoes, but different colours. Chunseng tricked all of us into dressing up for the dinner cos he said Marche only allows formal/casual-smart wear on fridays.
We all got fooled, but only nic looked formal enough.
Zhenghui was kept in the loop so he didnt even bother changing and went in his dry run clothes.

Everybody (CR, Dragons...)'s talking about the World Cups.
I dont like balls and i dont especially like cups eithers (cept for house cup) so i was sort of...
but it was fun listening:)

my ears are burnt. my bacon strip (i dont know how to call my nose and cheeks collectively) is burnt too.

i washed my shoes/wet clothes once i reached home and it was tedious.
man, i dont like housework. Pearlyn wifey, we should really get a maid.
i dont like being the househusband ley):


today, according to nicholas, was a 'niao nicholas day' cause everyone teased him.

i'm meeting shiyi tomorrow. gotta send cr stuff tonight, tata!

we always pia 到底
in OJs (obstacles journey), footdrills, and ATC (annual training camp)
团结一致 齐心合力
同甘共苦 不分离

glad i still remember

Thursday, June 10, 2010
i woke up at 5pm+ today gosh):
i must must must sleep by 12 today! if not i'd never wake in time for dry run tomorrow.
being late after mia-ing for the past week'd be the last thing i want.

oh man. i wonder if other aepians have got a topsy turvy sense of time too.
shall ask chua <3
btw did you know that i shared a room with her?haha. alright, who's jealous of me here? HAHA.
chua's dress sense is really good.

woke, and did the thing i disliked most (sms) with the person i like most.
what juxtaposition haha.

(shiyi's email got alot of chim words, but i like it haha. she's so honest and funny. when i reply, its abit tedious cos i know she likes capping the captial letters and i dont have the habit of doing that lol. )

the yog person just called me, hans and jenn.
i miss you guys:D
(ignores jo ella and char HAHA. jk(; )

shall go get dinner now. bye.

only 73 more emails to go :D
at least i've finished reading through mso and sports carn's.

i wonder when school starts. i realised nobody told me when leh. zen me ban?

sigh, still awake at this hour. cant sleep now, 73 73 73.
taking short breaks to post :)

sports carn dry run tomorrow. i feel so unprepared. humans trail is...): i mia.
couldnt find a replacement for the dry run before the art trip, and i'm at loss of what to do for ht now.
sorry yeoch and yingteng):

according to shiyi, Mr Lee said mso was 90% success :D :D :D
Thank goodness for wonderful comm members and external help.
my total number of cip hours=7
much less than the external facils(30+hours) that huihan helped us rope in cos i was away during mso.

guess it doesnt matter that the planning felt as though it had taken up 20 years of my, Shiyi and Yuqian's life. nor the fact that huihan grew about 20 years older from coercing people to participate as facils.

oh well (:
i wouldnt say that it doesnt matter, because i do want to be recognised for the effort i've put in, but i suppose it doesnt matter alot, so i'll just shut up about it.

7 is such a cute number.
too bad its odd.

i want to give my mum a call again, but its 656am now.
i think i'll just give myself a little morning jog before reading through the sports carn stuff again in preparation for dry run : )

health ftw.
(sleep excluded)

When you open up a window, say, Computers, you'll see 'recent places' in the left column.
Click on that, and you'll see the places youve visited most recently and frequently, arranged in order from most to least.

My 'Guides' folder used to rank #1.
This year, the title's been alternating between MSO and SC folders.
humanities trail planning, as well as teachers' day planning, follow closely behind.

Guides is no longer in the list.
A year ago, that would have been unimaginable.
A year later, it still is, but there is no need to imagine anymore because it has happened.

Shanice and Poh Kah were on this AEP trip with me to europe.
I had forgotten how to distinguish the year2s from 3s, and my memory only clears when i refer to my the year4s because they were my first juniors.
i'm not too sure if i can still call them 'my year4s'.

When asked if i remembered the patrol, i started listing the names, only to realise that i'd always miss one or 2 people. I could remember the number of year2s, year3s etc, no problem, because of baoshu-ing during jihe, but i'd always get stuck with the last name

(i dont mean the last name in this list. i purposely put that person's name somewhere in the middle so you wouldnt know who i almost missed out. ha.).

Michelle (was p2 in my time. still is, to me. *ignores heng usan* haha.)
Cassandra (was p2 in my time anyway)
Poh Kah

Huiyi (from band, but was at the aep trip) asked why i quit guides when we had dinner at the airport. I said that i didnt quit, just that i hadnt joined UG council.
She understood what i had meant instantly, but after thinking about it throughout the 13 hour flight, i sort of wonder if there's a difference after all.

This scout called Weilun sat diagonally behind me in the plane during the return trip. I hadnt known who he was throughout the trip because i didnt ask, and he didnt approach.
Then when we got to the plane, i decided to get to know more juniors before the trip officially ended so i asked for his name.

He replied, and added that he knew my name and asked if i was a guide so i assumed he was a scout (which he later confirmed when i asked how he had heard of my existence).
I learnt something new about my old self (what juxtaposition eh?) from him, and it wasnt very flattering(to me lah), but im willing to accept that it might have been the case(:
heard about pltc from him, about his favourite senior being zhengfeng(i asked, LOL) cos he was his PL, etc.

Its been long. I havent been in touch with guides (or scouts).
i know they often say 'once a guide, always a guide'
but somehow its just this feeling of not belonging anymore when you dont join UG council right, fellow so-called ex-guides?
I do feel that i'm not entitled to know whats going on in guides etc.

This may not be true, but its an authentic feeling.

If only year4 was forever.
i'd have the best of so many worlds.

sigh. back to my emails.
137 more to go-,-

I just emailed Shiyi <3
She's such a darling.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Serious jet lag.
moving between 2 countries with a difference of 6hours is confusing my body clock.
the trip from singapore to italy was relatively fine, but the trip back made me stay up till 245am watching tv.

i had only just woken up at 2pm+ cos my parents called from my native country.

too lazy to unpack.
whole family overseas.
154 unread emails in my dhsmail account.
smses unread.

so many emails.
even more overwhelming than the arts in europe.
ok not true. on par la, but not more overwhelming.

right. i'm ranting. pardon me.

talked to my mum on the phone for nearly 2 hours (:

i really dont feel like checking my emails because they're in a mess. a big, big random pile of mess.
dont feel like checking smses because i'll have to reply some.
dont feel like doing anything because its work.

but i'll just go clear a few emails today before my dhsmail crashes.
loads to catch up on, and there's still the aep trip project to do.

p.s. i want to fresco paint my ceiling x)

oh and ya wanz, i got it wrong. they went to phil instead of vietnam, hahaha.


get one from cbox!
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