Saturday, January 31, 2009
youre juggling too many people at one time.
i'll make it easier by stepping out.


/ i miss you leh, lijuan):

lobo and lambo are cute names,hahaa.
lambo is the name of an anime character, says wanying: D
lobo is the name of < : D, says me.

TeoEe.Teo Ee. Teoee.teoee.zhangyi. xiaoyi. 张艺. 小艺. teo. ee. ye mao. fei mao. fa cai mao.

vivyan's fun(:

i was going to do my homework yesterday night,
i really was.

but uh, i fell asleep right after signing in to msn-.-

and i only woke up at 5+am today to see a whole bar of flashing orange.
apologies to those whom i hadnt replied,
apologies to those who took me for another person and talked to me(hahaa)cos i didnt reply a "its k"
apologies to others whom i cant remember if you had talked to me because i went back to sleep at 5+am and only woke at 11am today-.-

i only remember esther tan, kim and lobo'd talked to me: \
so if youre none of the above,...


after guides dinner yesterday,
went home by bus 14.
met yeo chih, nicholas, chenteck?(lol,i dont really know him so idk how to spell his name) and another np whom idk either.

dinner was great.
time spent with guide is great.

saw jocelyn again!: D
that was REALLY GREAT.

p2 was rather small that day,
so we couldnt finish all those food):

even thinking of the little african kids didnt help):

the pig stomach was really disgusting.
so was the pig liver,
and whatever else piggish on the meat tray: \

but the rest was ok(:
salmon was nice,LOL.

k, besides the food,
hanxi yizhen and i did some painting too.
i had white paint splattered over my hair cos i accidentally sqeezed the paint tube in my face-.-

hanxi's art = pro.
the paint = lousy.

yizhen kept us entertained during the painting process, hahaaa.
: D

and we kept having encounters with weird people during that short period of time.
or rather, encounters(plural) with weird person(singular).

oh, and its valerie's birthday today.
you know what to do right?

anyone wants to buy guides carnival coupons?
dhs guides are going to set up a booth there too.
it'll be at bishan, near the guides headquarters/moelc
coupons come in $5 packages.
come support us(:
i havent sold any tickets yet.
they were given yesterday.

everybody else have sold abit of theirs already.
cos they're agressive attackers.

i do better with things i'd really buy myself,
than with things i only hope others would buy from me,lol.


i had a dream.
i dreamt that ive had the dream twice already.

i was an arabian.
ya know, like aladin?
and i was running after this female who kept twirling around pillars.
and then she got caught by this villian and was chained in a magic dome.
(yeah i know-.-crazy me,i havent been watching any disney shows)

and then when i got there, ......

ok sorry.i cant remember most parts of my dream.
i only remember snippets of it.

actually, if i had remembered it,
it might have made a really good disney movie.
i could have proposed it to walt disney company,LOL.
its got lots of morals in it,hahaaa.

too bad i cant remember.

anyway, i suddenly dont feel like blogging.

Friday, January 30, 2009
i love p2 orchid.
i love guides.

Thursday, January 29, 2009
the smiling li lao shi is really attractive(:
her lesson's very very fun : )

and in the future when she's in a bad mood, at least we can take comfort in knowing she isnt always like that.

i've had a very good day today.
my jap teacher seemed kinder to me.
either that, or she hasnt realised that i didnt submit my homework.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
i still cant get over it.

): 我太看不开了

there's this constipated feeling of misery hooked on my apex):
i rushed math assignment one with esther's (BIGBIG)help last night/this morning, and
i didnt even SLEEP):

stupid pigeon-holeless situation.


the only other times ive felt this way was when i got 2/35 for a math test, and when...(i cant remember when.and im lazy to describe in detail, but dig my archives if you wanna find out.i remember its a yellow post.)

misery of 2/35 for math= misery of forsaking sleep and chionging math homework which i dont hand up in the end.

ox year must 脚踏实地 地做人.
its the Earth year.
Earth-earth year according to the emcees for CNY celebrations today.
which is bad.

VERY BAD for a pisces who enjoys daydreaming and is usually not practical.

can somebody just hang me by the apex and let me drain my misery away?
busybusybusy these days.
and its only january.

i really think people should build robotic children.
human children have too many flaws.

apex me.

i'm sad.
i didnt hand up math today even though i was ready.
why cant teachers get their pigeon holes quick?


and the doll isnt really that nice after all.

i have alot to do.
i think i'll go sleep first.

i spent the whole night yesterday doing math.
(which i conveniently didnt hand up today and so, am gna get downgraded for it, and am saddened because i cannot afford to get downgraded if i wna pass math this year.)

thanks lihui, for the ride home: D
and thanks usan, for disturbing me: D

esther tan's helping me with trigo ass1!
its like, in the middle of the night.

and we started at about 3++
its 4.36AM now

aww thanks esther: D

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
is there such a word called escapist?
if it were,
another synonym would be teoee.

There is population decline because people are becoming more compassionate.Discuss.

As education progresses, people become more aware of themselves, and the people around them. They learn to care, and to understand. i believe that development in their EQ sector has caused their compassionate side to emerge, and thus account for population decline as people decide to spare the next generation from school torture.
i haevnt done homework.
and i cant think of any cool games.
lucky got kimberley(:
: D

the exorcist is not scary.

shutter's better, in my opinion.
the thai version of shutter, i mean.

Monday, January 26, 2009
do not read below unless you wanna hear me rant about school.
sorry, even though i didnt mention names, i dont suppose i could protect the mentioned individual because ive already mentioned that she's my(bio teacher-.-).

is our bio teacher new or what?
or is she considering another career?
if so, i support her all the way man.

aiya. i'm pek chek la.
she go through so fast during lessons, then say everything's on the powerpoint slides she'll upload on moodle, so that people dont worry too much about not being able to copy notes.

then i went to check moodle's bio powerpoint slides and i realised its not the same set of slides that she uses in class.

liddat how to continue the notes i copied halfway?

then the notes uploaded are as messy as the slides she uses in class.

how to copy notes?
like,suddenly jump from homeostasis to skin,to excretion,to glucose regulation(homeostasis again), etc.

some notes have diagrams,
but those diagrams are so small the words cant be seen,
and no matter what i do,
copy them and try to enlarge in word doc,
adjust the picture contrast and brightness etc,

i just CANNOT read the words.


my favourite subject,


or find other teachers after school.

she doesnt even seem interested in teaching us.


oh wait.

i meant* she doesnt even seem interested in bio.

how can a bio teacher not show passion for bio???????


i may get into trouble for posting this,

but if that happens, i hope she gets into trouble for teaching lousy too.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

see you in your dreams,lobo(:
happy chinese new year.

i havent felt this way for a long time.

i realise i've been blinded.
you know, the half a jug full or half a jug empty thing?
i've been half a jug empty.
i realise, after bloghopping for some hours,
that most juniors love guides too
and i was just too focused on the ones who didnt,
to understand that.

guides is only there for as long as passion is there.

i love guides,
and i hope you do too.


i woke up at 3pm today.
cool anot?

i slept at about 2++am yesterday.not very late wad.

i cried.i dont want you to leave):

hey,half an hour passed(:

i'm not pissed anymore,yay.

wanna know why?
: D
because i have secret remedies for clearing pissing events into the toilet bowl.

1)i listen to happy songs
2)i talk to people who make me happy
3) i make others try to be happy too

so yeah,
i'm happy now: D
yay!short-live anger!!!
: D

whats your problem.


*identity of the above mentioned moron is under protection due to my attempt not to ruin its reputation.

i wouldnt ruin its reputation.
let it do it itself.

Saturday, January 24, 2009
ive been stuck at esther's blog for some time now.

she's got a show playlist.



happy new year eve's eve, dears.

teoee: hey, wanna watch the exorcist? : D
esther : what's that o.o
teoee: a horror: D
esther: NOOOOOOOoo hahaha nooooooooooooo
teoee: whyyyyy? hahaa i dont dare to watch by myself
esther: dont wantttttttt i dont dare watch with you

whats that supposed to mean.
so funny!

i saw Selina at the mrt yesterday!: D

or rather, she saw me.


Friday, January 23, 2009
she said:now you know why i hate your class so?you are too proud!

the way she said the above suggested that she had already assumed that we know she hates our class.which is really sad because it actually would mean:

you DO know that your class is detestable right?


4K may not be the most gay, joker class in the school(teachers like joker classes),
but we are not proud.

why dont you compare our reactions to those who come into our class with a smile and our reactions to you?(whose best friend is a scowl)

we seem like a practical bunch.
people who come to school to absorb knowledge and then go home and absorb more.
you think we're devoid of EQ.


do you know,
that by insulting our class,
youre hurting those who love 4K?

things arent always what they seem.
we appear a dead class to you only because you'll snip our heads off if we even made an attempt to joke.

you make our class spirit low the moment you come in because youre never here with a smile.

with other lessons, we can joke, give funny answers to funny questions, etc.
but you carry a veil of distaste towards us the moment you step into our class,
and it suffocates any thought of livening the lesson up.

i emo when people insult 4K.

(oh, and i forgot to collect the prize thingy from the yellow slip of paper found in the love letters that teachers had made for us:)
thankyou teachers(:

i loved today's jihe.
thankyou p3 and p6 40th batch for planning it(:

finally, something that resembles a normal jihe(:
some running here and there, etc.

i especially liked the circuits: D

and i found that i miss shengqiao):
i'd never have a chance to do it again because my last orientation is over.
i miss the good times.

combining with p6 this jihe was really cool(:
i like working and playing with p6.

ah my poor juniors are all sick):
get well soon(:
adeline sprained her ankle,
so did michelle,
yiting ate her antibiotic with an empty stomach and felt unwell after that,
crystabelle went for SMU or something.(SMU/SMO?lol,idk)

so conclusion,
p2 only had a total strength of 6 including yr4s.
fiona esther me cas chaining rachel

it was rather sad when xiaowei or hillary said :"is that all of your patrol over there?"
and was.
just 3 yr2s.

ok, today i was really happy that cas had thought of offering water to seniors when we hydrate.
its part of the guides culture to put others before you, and i'm really glad that that culture is finally catching up on the younger generation(:

i was also very happy because rachel had shown marked improvement!
she piaed till the end of the wheelbarrowing even though it was obviously taking a toll on her.
i'm proud of how much effort she had put in today(:

and chaining, she had done well today too!she seemed more initiative, and her baoshi-ing is not bad.not very consistent even though can see youve tried, but loud and clear.


i want more jihes like today's.

it makes me love p2 more and more.

i commando crawled till i made holes in my slacks and uh, skin.

and fiona's wet tissue smells nice,hahahaaaa.

i'll be busy on wed):
but hope i can make it to a lil bit of sl session(:
since its gna be my last year hearing campfire songs anyway(unless i come back to dhs guides campfire years later---by then i wonder if the juniors will know any campfire songs anym)

i scraped my elbow commando crawling today,
thankyou for emily's concern today: D
and esther's too: D
and fiona's: D
and lihu's: D
and jenn;s: D
and xiaowei's: D
and lots of others(:

it hurts like mad when i try to clean it with water.

anyway, very tired.
i'd only slept about half an hour yesterday night.
gna turn in.nights.

Thursday, January 22, 2009
i woke up at 6.08am today.
i got out the house at 6.11am.
i ran to the mrt in 10minutes.
i waited for the train for 4 minutes.

i reached at 6.32am.

i thought i'd be late, but i ended up on the same train as jenn(:

ms fang is very pretty.
i saw her photo from laura's phone today.

i highly recommend for others to see it too,hahaaa.
i heard there's an original photo in 4E class.
go seeeeeee!!

huangching has the photo in her phone too.

if i were a guy, i'd woo ms fang.
i didnt just say that cos of the pretty photo i saw today.
in fact, its like the chinese lesson we had today,
i find her prettier now,
the msfang that 4K knows(:

i was REALLYSUPERDUPERWONERFULLABLE happy during math today!!!
msfang called me up to solve a trigo 3 question, and i stoned for a long while, but she just gave me some reminders instead of scolding me(not that i'd mind if she scolds.)anyway, she was more focused on guiding baxter(:
ok, then at first i couldnt see any pattern or any clue as to how to solve the thing.
i see trigo and my brain says: you are dead.
thenthen suddenly,
i suddenly REALISED that i DO know how to doooo!!
and after that i realised how easy the question was-.-

things are easy when you know how to do them(:

i know, to you its nothing much.
just a simple trigo question.
so easy, that you could have done it in 3 seconds(i'm not exagerating),
TEO EE.(it'd sound more important if i had a 3 syllables name like TEO TEO EE or TEO EE EE)
anyway, to a teoee like me,


thursday 22nd 2009, 11+pm during a day 4 timetable math period,
teoee solved a trigo question.

: D


but today was a bed of roses.(i'm not using this idiom the traditional way.children please take note.)

after i slept on that rose bed during math,
i had felt so shuang.
the soft petals and sweet aroma of roses refreshed me(:

but as chinese lesson approached, i started sinking deeper into the rose bed(because i'm heavy and 78kg teoees cant float on rose beds well)

and i sunk so deep that the rose thorns started poking me.

i was bled clean of any optimism.


li lao shi got angry.

i was one of those(or perhaps the only one),
who had sprawled myself on the table while reading the chinese passage from textbook.
and when she got angry with some other issue in class,
she decided to mention about people sprawling on their tables in her lesson too.
i suppose i felt the guilt.

nvm, there are lots of things i could describe about this.
her anger at the other issue which i myself am not so sure about,
and my apologetic stance.
but i'll move on to talk about CME.

CME was amusing.
in an irritable way.

the teacher(identity protected) scolded my classmate(identity protected) for drinking water in her class.
drinking plain water.

she wants us to shrivel up and die of dehydration in her class-.-

and she did other weirdo things too,
but i'm not allowed to mention it here because the CME lesson was about respecting others and not spoiling others' reputations esp through blogs,
so i'd like to respect EDUCATION and give up on details about CME lesson too.

after chinese lesson was physics.
when li lao shi left,
it seems that we had all been drained of energy already.
when i woke up from sleeping for a few minutes to say qi li(weiwei was at the ladies so i said qi li for her. i usually say xing li),
i realised that everybody else was sleeping on their tables too.
the scene's really funny.

then yangge couldnt wake up summore, until liuxiao whacked her up.
whack(wake) her up.
mrs har laughed, hahaaa.

mrs har is wonderful(:
physics still doesnt make sense,
but thats my fault.

i have transformed.
i have a fault.
that reminds me of geog.
i like ms pear: D

*anyway, tranform is a geog term that denotes the sliding of 2 plates in opposite directions(plate tetonics)
**a fault is a crack line that appears due to tension and stress built up in the earth's crusts during a transform.

to think i thought the qianbian-eatshit-flick game of hiding other's stuff(or more specifically teoee's stuff)had stopped.
seems like my dream of a more civilised society has failed me once again.

AND OH BY THE WAY,that is a form of bullying, in case youre too caught up in your fun(at my expense) to know.

thankyou jennifer for helping me at times like that(:
when i've already given up looking for the stuff that others hide, you went on to find them for me.
love you alot,jenn: D

if you read my archives, you'll realise that i've mentioned that i dont hate people.if i dislike anyone, its only because i dont know them well enough.
and just recently, msngau had also mentioned a quote like that,
something like"i dont like this person.i want to get to know him better.".

i really agree with the quote.

nobody sets out to be irritating and disagreeable.
nobody wants to be disliked.

give others a chance to show you who they really are(:

人之初 性本善

i'm going to prepare for tmr.

oh, i forgot to mention that i was so happy i had solved the math question that i prayed thanks to god,hahaaaa.
wonder just overtook me.
i solved a math question: D

(my jap teacher is so fierce.i feel hpg(formula for pressure i think)-ed in her class.i get scolded constantly):sigh.i want to start over from sec1 jap.)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009
the family of rats are rather cute(:
i spied on them from behind the bus stop.

anyway, si han with hanxi+fiona is fun: D

ruonan very funny too, hahahaaa.
and baxter has artistic um...handwriting.LOL.

*please seek professional help for accuracy in data.the above in blue may not prove reliable.

anyway, i never knew, but
"hello.what do guys like?haha this is a survey in an effort to think of nice souvenirs for cugc "
"guy like cute girls."

what a funny answer: )

didnt expect it at all.
anyway, i'm off to rush homework.
damn i procrastinate too much.seriously.
i'm going to say bye to all i'm msning and do jap compo.


Monday, January 19, 2009
fooled around with esther and fiona today.
hahahahaaaa fiona and i laughed ALOTA TODAY.

ever since 2009,
ive been enjoying school cos hanxi,weiwei and fiona makes lessons interesting:)

lemme list the speciments:

this is an organism that has characteristics of an autistic child. she is located near speciment WEIWEI and has numerous outbursts of massive force + spams during class.
this has been proved by keen observation made for the past few experimental days where HANXI was observed to whack WEIWEI on the shoulder for no reason every once in a while. average amount of time between each attack is about 10 minutes.

speciment number 2, WEIWEI is a rather irritable substance. when placed near speciment HANXI, hazardous reaction occurs and often results in explosions where a BANG sound could be heard when speciment WEIWEI bangs on the table in frustration.
speciment WEIWEI is responsible and loud. WEIWEI is, in default, a fierce organism except during math, when speciment MSFANG also known as ALMIGHTYFANG(scientific name) displaces her(along with every other speciment found on, in, or outside Earth).

speciment FIONA is a type of gemstone. being part of the unidentified noble solid group, FIONA is stable and does not explode in high pressure nor when mixed with reactive agents like speciment HANXI and WEIWEI. speciment FIONA does not change state. it remains solid. FIONA has a liking to eating bing lang.
: D

i was making, chewing, and spitting bing lang with fiona, hanxi,chihsiong,esther today.
daphne doesnt like bing lang.
fiona laughed alottttt while chewing binglang, so hers dropped out of her mouth even before she had a chance to spit it into the bing lang pot,HAHAAAAA!!!
hanxi spits her bing lang UNGRACEFULLY and she doesnt aim into the bing lang pot, but she has a rather taitai way of flinging and tucking her tie the nonya way,HAHAHAAAA!
chihsiong chewed on a binglang during assembly,HAHAAA.
esther chewed one in the tuanbu,
when we were looking through the xdx and 1st aid kit.

while fiona esther and i (40th batch orchidites) fooled around with first aid kit,
(fiona and i smothered ourselves in alchohol swabs to check if they were still in-use,LOL)
those expired items, we threw into my binglang pot(:

today was great: D

and songleaders met up today.
thankyou lihui soooo much for helping!: D
AND LIYING,.....ponyo!!!!: D

ponyo ponyo ponyo sa ka na no ko~

*note: binglang game is a game of pretend.there is no binglang pot, nor dont worry, nobody ate in the tuanbu.

oh, and i got dragged(literally) to the canteen by jenn, xw,fiona,hanxi.
each grabbed me by an arm):
ahh, poor teoee the convict.

ive got canteenphobia.


can i just lean in a little bit more towards you?


Sunday, January 18, 2009

i had a good laugh just now.

i didnt know that yawning had such an effect on her,HAHA.
if only that happened in your childhood.
you could probably write about it.
its really very interesting,hahahaaa.

: D

it is often the most unexpected people who make me smile.
i'm really glad i'm teoee:)

and thanks xiaowei, :)

friendship is really priceless.


another unexpected person made today really *smiley face*

On the Cliff
By the Sea


i dont like jinghe. no idea why junzhe likes her.
she's so rude-.-
ask the junzhe to call her niangniang summore like as if she's really the empress-.-
and as if he's a lowly servant.

i also dont understand why zhengxi likes her too.
i feel like how junzhe's sister feels.
(i cant pronounce her name. the chinese word too cheem le.)

anyway, i'm reading a chinese novel: D

and so far, i dislike all the characters.
even junzhe.
because he's so irritating.

jinghe had already made it so clear that he stands NO CHANCE at all twice.

and he still clings on like a starving ant on a crumb of oxygen.

ok, weird description above.
pardon me for that-.-
"starving ant clinging on a crumb on bread" would be so...typical.

i dislike typicality.




i saw some chinese new year decoration today.
there was one particular poster showing a little boy riding on an ox
(its the year of the ox in case you dont know cos youve been living in the shi wai tao yuan)

the boy was smiling(:
the ox was smiling too):

i hate that poster.

do YOU think the ox is happy to submit to slavery?
smiling ox.

i think it'd rather bite that little boy if only it wasnt a herbivore.

kays, off to listen to cny songs.

Saturday, January 17, 2009
i cant find the slip that mrs peter had signed.
which means i cant prove that i have passed my jam making test and hem sewing and spoon polishing etc.

which means that i had wasted my time and jam.

which means i wont be getting that badge.

which actually doesnt mean anything at all because i'm not really a badge person.

1 less thing to sew(:


but i hate working for nothing more.
stupid slip.
(after i've used you to get that badge)

i've got a lollipop from the US.

from my dad's colleague's sister, who went to US, to me(:

hershey's chocolate pop o.o
i'll probably go to sleep after eating an orange.

byebye. its 9.15pm.
i am not asleep yet because i've just bloghopped.

you will not understand what i am saying from now onwards.
because i am in a semi-conscious state right now.
"why blog nonsense then?"you ask.
"there is a reason for everything, but some things dont need reasons." i answer.
its like, we all have hair, but some people dont need hair.
although some people need hair but dont have hair.

there are so many whys i ask myself.
i ask myself the questions, but i think you have the answers.
"then why do you ask yourself and not me?"you ask.
"there is a reason for everything, but some things dont need reasons." i answer.

i feel like this is the kind of feeling i like.
this sort of life.
out of the web of emotions flug about carelessly on the sidewalk of life.
i like myself unsmiling.
i like myself out of the storyline.
not part of the story.
nobody waiting for you to eat the poisoned apple,
nobody waiting for the prince,
nobody blaming you for eating bear's porridge,
nobody caught by the witch
who is probably a kind old lady whom you failed to understand.
"then why didnt you start out on this kind of life long ago?"you ask.
"there is a reason for everything, but some things dont need reasons." i answer.

i dont know why you want to live this way.why you wont just let go of insecurity and live a life that is primarily steered by principles to being a good human.
you know, that sort of zen me hao hao zuo ren stuff.
ren sheng da dao li.
"why do you not trust yourself to trust us?"i ask.
"there is a reason for everything, but some things dont need reasons." i suppose you'd answer.

bloghopping is bad for my health.
smiles leak out through my pores like vapour whenever i bloghop.

there are a bunch of rats living in an underground hole, by the bus stop.
about 5 or 6 of them.

went to bras besar macs with yizhen and crystabelle today to discuss deco and souvenir stuff.
the macs there is different now.
it's no longer the macs that guides go to whenever there's camp prep.

its sort of like a cafe now.

no warm feelings of familiarity whatsoever.


siting and i met in that macs today: D
and yizhen looks nice with her hair tied(:
wonder why she doesnt tie it in school,haha.

i'm sleepy.
piano tmr.
havent practised.

i'm tempted to feign illness.

but i shant let temptations overwhelm me.

bye.i shall sleep at 9.03pm today.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

-facebooked by peishan(beside daphne.2nd row, 2nd from right)

ice skating with guides: D
so much fun,haha.
sarah lost a tooth and i had a concussion when we knocked into each other.hahaa.remember?
(thats a joke.nobody's asking for a tooth fairy visit.)


somehow i have no idea how to poke a hole in the bottle tip thingy thats suitable for a teoee.


i am happified by

i'll be really happied if she remembers me from sec1A hahahaa.

Li Lao Shi seems to know me too o.o
she passed me my work without calling my name to spot me, or asking anyone who zhangyi is.
i think.

at least i didnt see it if she'd asked.

but i'm happyyyyy(:

went for 3rd lang today with huangching, laura and maureen.
took the taxi since the cost is similar to taking the school bus...?
i think.

i realised that dunmanians make up most of the jap class i'm in.
out of 16 people, about 12 are dunmanians.
i think.
(the above is an estimation)

took bus 59 home today.
didnt see huangching until a lady had seated herself beside me and left huangching seatless):
ok, actually she did have a seat lar,but it was at the back.
we spent half our journey apart):
it was tedious knowing there's somebody to talk to, but not being able to talk to her.

the latter half of the journey was spent together when the lady left and huangching took her seat(:
we hadnt even started talking much yet and i had to get off le):

AND SHE PULLED MY SKIRT to stop me from getting off D:
omg so obscene in the bus-.-

anyway, bus with huangching is fun: D

i miss bus 59 with wannung.

gonna go prepare guides u.
sorry for messing up this morning.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
i like initiative people(:
love guides.

oh, and i should shut up. i'm too rowdy.
plus, i should get a blanket for school use.
its cold in school.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

training to be Orchidites,

fight for orchididee

once in our lifes

4 years of our time

have you ever wondered

why must we pia

because we love p2

and we want it to be sud, to be seh.

it feels like i'm bubbling and frothing with internal acid):
hope i can go to school tmrwith my homework done.

i dread next thursday with the jap teacher):
but i wanna see mabel-san again.

伍思凱 - 分享

时间已做了选择 什么人叫做朋友
偶而碰头 心情却能一点就通

因为我们曾有过 理想类似的生活
太多感受 绝非三言两语能形容

担心会犯错 难免会受挫

与你分享的快乐 胜过独自拥有
好友如同一扇窗 能让视野不同

与你分享的快乐 胜过独自拥有
好友如同一扇门 让世界开阔

decided to bring back a post from thurs,3rd july 2008.

Saturday, January 10, 2009
hi. anyone free to watch some horror films with me?: D

lets have a horror-movie-marathon.
come on,...letssssss: D

how bout we make it a class thing?: D
or a guides thing?: D
or a patrol thing?(i think the yr3s'd prefer some horny film instead-.-)

: D

déjà vu

i got the heebie jeebies when li lao shi explained why elderlies dislike toddlers walking on their toes.

it suddenly became so chilly in the classroom.

it makes me think that perhaps since babies are still so young, they may still be going through transition from the other world to this world, thus accounting for their weird language and walking movements and why they seem to be able to see visitors from the other dimension.

this is an edit. i forgot to mention to non 4k09s what li lao shi said.

she mentioned that senior citizens refuse to let toddlers walk on their toes because 只有鬼会那么走路.
and she says that walking that way may allow the ghosts to confuse the child as one of them.

coupled with li lao shi's creepy muffled hushed tone, big wide eyes, plus her skeleton figure,
the story was really a true horror.

(actually i think kids like walking on their toes because it allows the leg muscles to contract, and squeeze the veins, thus allowing better blood circulation. it also exercises their newly formed muscle

Friday, January 9, 2009
went home with tzyy shuan today(:
she has this amazing book called The Pig who wants to be Eaten.
the little "essays" in it are seriously cool.
: D

we took bus number 12, and i sat all the way to pasir ris(:
then i took the train back and saw zhenling on the way: D

pleasant surprises are everywhere.

today after school had a meeting.
went with yizhen(:
lucky got her to bring me over to block C because i'm VERY sure i'd have gotten lost.

i like the campfire slogan(:
its got depth, hahaaa.

decided to buy a meal home.
and i'm having it now: )

my mum walked over to say some random things.
i dislike it when she talks about topic x.
i dont even want to be involved in whatever's going on between person y and her.
people should be more forgiving.
and of course, i also think that person y's a jerk.
people are blindly loyal sometimes.
so blind, that they're no better than eyeless piles of crap.
but whatever, i'm not going to get involved.

i spilled some water on a lady's shoes in the bus.
she didnt notice.
i didnt either.

until my whole bottle had begun to wet my skirt-.-
at first i thought she'd peed.EW.LOL.

then i realised its me.

i mean, not me peeing, but me who caused the spill.

i said sorry to her and she went "huh??"
lol.and after i explained about the water, she laughed and said that its ok(:

ah, a gracious society eh?
reminds me of Ms Fang's stories today(:

so far, i havent slept in any of my classes yet.

my eyes are balding, by the way-.-
daphne found 2 eyelashes and insisted that somebody's thinking of me.
i'd rather believe that somebody's shaving the eyes of a voodoo teoee.

hanxi made sandwiches for me today!!
or rather, her dad did...
but she's so thoughtful and brought me a set too.
hahaa,so touched.
but i didnt get to eat her ai xin san wen zhi because i had to rush down to the bookshop and get chinese textbook(no way was i gna risk getting skinned by li lao shi.)

and the bookshop lady(popular branch person) was soo inefficient.
fidget here and there while the queue snaked along the line.
> : (
everybody there was almost late for class lor!
somemore its not as if she didnt know we were late.

poor ruonan who came with me had to run 6 storeys up when we only had 3 minutes to get back to class.
sorry, ruonan.

oh yea, speaking of chinese,
yizhen and i compared experiences of chinese classes with li lao shi.
its rather funny the way yizhen describes stuff,hahaaa.

and yes, i agree that zhang ai ling had had a sad life):

i'm going to 2A soon.

Thursday, January 8, 2009
orientation's over.

seen my teachers today.
not so bad.
only 2 scary ones.
(excluding ms fang because i've grown veryveryvery attracted to her.HA.)

the chinese teacher really scares me.
she mumbles softly---so soft that you have to strain to listen
(to her exciting stories.i'm not being sarcastic.they're really exciting)
and then she SUDDENLY ROARS some parts of the story out and


she also said that she wouldnt accept late submission of homework.
hanxi and i realised that we both assumed she wouldnt need us to do the homework anymore once its overdue.

my jap teacher is very scary too.
i was late to jap class today by 30min because i had no idea it starts at 3pm.
ANYWAY, 4k lessons end at 2++pm so i'm OBVIOUSLY LATE.
i took the bus+train with shiyi and her brother.
(shiyi is nice to her

ok, so i went to bishan, decided to grab some food since i'm already late, and brisk-walked to the moelc.

i went in, and realised that i dont know where my class is.
so i asked some guy and he told me its on the forth floor because i'm sec4(i didnt tell him i'm a sec4 but he means that I HAVE THE SEC4 LOOK!!!either that or he saw my sec4 jap books lol)
so yep, i climbed 4 flights of stairs and when i reached i had no idea which classroom i'm in and i was too paiseh to ask every single class.

then i saw a class empty of students except for a teacher, and i knocked at the door.
"tsu mi ma sen."i said.(it means "sorry" or "excuse me")

then i realised that she might not be a jap teacher and i felt rather stupid for saying that on instinct,

but she was lar cos she spoke to me in jap later(and i had no idea what she was talking about after that)

anyway, she found my class for me and directed me there.
"your class is in the library."


(thinks: she must have been misinformed.there's no classroom in the library.)

"yes, just go to the library."

so i did. i went in and the librarian was friendly(unlike the dunman high school one.)
and when i asked for my class, she gave me a wink and said"shh,go in quietly, youre late."
she's so cute!: D

ok, so yep, i went in and prepared my >_<'' eeks-i'm-so-so-so-so-sorry-i'm-late!!! face. it didnt work. i closed the door behind me(and yes, i knocked.i'm polite) and when i turned to face the class, i shot off immediate "osoku natte tsumimasen!!"(so sorry i'm late!) i thought she'll just let me go(since its the first lesson and anyway, my past 3 years of rare late cases have been treated with slight significance because THEY TRUST THAT I RESPECT THEM ENOUGH TO TURN UP ON TIME. which i mnust really STRESS THAT I DO.)

i thought wrongly.
i was waiting for the nodd that cues me to take a place in class,
but she asked "why are you late?" in japanese.

i was abit stunned but recovered(very quickly,hahahaa)
and LUCKY FOR ME i dont know what happened to me but today my jap wasnt as lousy as always.i managed to understand a little weeny teeny bit.
so i answered that i'd been lost and i couldnt find the class.
she accepted that and let me go.

i was rather shaken because she's fierce adn SHE SPEAK JAP FIERCLY like she's gonna eat me up if she could.

soon after, we were back into lesson. she speaks 99.99999999999999999999999999% jap and 99.99999999999999999999% of us cant understand whta she says
(even though i thought it was just me at first, so i just smiled and nodded, smiled and nodded)

30min later, another girl came into class.
she shall not be named.
i'm surprised i wasnt the latest.
ok, so she came in, and i think the teacher's rather irritated by now,so she asks her something in jap(cant rmr what) and she went "huh?"(just like the rest of us who did it silently)
then she was so shocked(i think) that she stoned while the teacher fumed.

and then she said osokunatte tsumimasen(sorry i'm late)
and(like me) thought she can go le,
BUT the rather irritated teacher made things difficult for her(just like we made things difficult for the teacher by turning up late) and asked her why she's late(like what she asked me).
then the girl said she came with her friend and the teacher asked where her friend is now.
she didnt really answer that, and then the teacher talked to the class and asked what she should say now.

most of us stoned.

i heard her say"manners" in her rant so i told the girl that i think the teacher wants her to say good afternoon in jap.

my guess was quite right. she nodded after that and let her go.
the others promted her sometimes too but i cant remember what.

i felt rather bad for her because it wouldnt have been so bad if she'd come in before me.

and anyway, i go it easier than she did even though her jap cooler than mine(i assume)

ok, so things went on.

at her knock, the class went silent and the teacher stared.
sally came in smiling and the teacher asked "do you know what time it is now?"
"4 o clock"sally demonstrated as she said that by putting up 4 fingers.
"what time was class supposed to start?!"
"3 o clock!" said a bubbly sally as she put up 3 fingers.
"and you are late by 1 hour!why are you late?"
"(i cant remember what reason she gave)"

and the teacher let her sit down.
the teacher was really pissed for the rest of the day.

if it wasnt for the air con(that keeps me from falling asleep) and her fiercness(that scares me awake),
i'd have changed classes already. i feel pressured in her class mien.she rants off and expects us to understand):

i miss my yr3 sensei):
at least she used more english to make it comprehensive.

(anyway, huangching said her french teacher spoke in 99.999999999999999% french too and she reckons all yr4 teachers are made to do that)

and i've got alot of jap homework):
if i dont do it, i think i'll get skinned by her.

i didnt dare go for break in case i returned late and get scolded by her again.
i'm such a small and timid girl(giggles)
: D

anyway, its over.
for now.

till next week.

now i gotta go do chinese and LA homework.
chinese because i'm scared of that teacher(but i really like her storytelling.) and LA because i really like mdm arfar and i dont want to hand up late work to her: D

both ways work.
fear and respect.

choose the one you'd prefer, teachers.

but respect isnt easy to earn.

mdm arfar has my respect because she trusts us and doesnt think that we're animals who'll work only if you beat them and whip them and shout at them.
i'm all praises when its her,hahaa.
and she seriously considers our suggestions when we make them,

instead of pretending to listen to us, then deciding upon her own decisions and protest that we're not listening to her when it might very well be the opposite.
oh, and she doesnt think that by emphasizing on every word that she says, she can get us to listen.
i like her: D

Monday, January 5, 2009
i am so <=":!@#$%">!@#$%o^&*()_+

i closed a COMPLETED word doc before saving it.
smart anot?


"teoee is so smart."


(i'm feeling better because i managed to redo.)

Sunday, January 4, 2009
i dreamt that i had an uncomfortable night because there were lollipops strewn all over my bed and no matter how i turned, they just wouldnt get out from under my back-.-

maybe i've been reading too much of the princess and the pea.

Saturday, January 3, 2009
i'm bored,like i mentioned.
i googled "quiz" and saw this so im gonna do it.

The 'Honestly' Quiz

● Honestly, does your parents approve of you dating?
it doesnt matter if they approve, because I DO NOT APPROVE of my dating-.-

● Honestly, what color is the shirt you're wearing now?
orange.whats there to lie about this?

● Honestly, what's on your mind?

homework(no word other than shit can describe how i feel about it.) and piano(i didnt practise and i had about 2 weeks to do so.) and scripts(i have zero idea on how to make it engaging becaue i am a very boring person and i am sorry to my emcee partner)

● Honestly, when did you last cry?
during the holidays when i watched a very touching scene in a drama about abortion):

● Honestly, have you watched Shot of Love with Tila Tequilla?
isnt tequilla a worm drink from mexico or something?

● Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute?
now?no.i'm too worried about homework and script and i wanna watch xiao niang re later but i realised that TODAY IS A SATURDAY):
i missed yesterday's because i fell asleep.

● Honestly, do you like someone?
i like alot of people(:
if i dislike people, it only means that i'm judging them even though i havent known them well enough.

● Honestly, are you normally a happy person?
i'll be happy without school work.seriously.

● Honestly, what makes you mad?
when others get mad at me but dont tell me whats wrong.

● Honestly, are there any people who don't like you?
i think so.

● Honestly, do you miss your ex?
my ex what? yes i miss my ex classmates.

● Honestly, what's something you wish you could understand better?
i understand math more than physics and chem!!!i just cannot apply the correct formulas in the correct questions, thats all.
chem is the worst.
physics is seriously just math under another name.

● Honestly, have you ever kissed someone whose name started with an M?
i think i used to kiss my Minnie Mouse when i was about 4 years old.
although i loved my toy dinosaur more, i remember.

● Honestly, have you ever dated someone longer than a year?
honestly, is this all the quiz wants to know?the answer's noooooo.

● Honestly, do you think that you're a good person?
no.because i took ms pear's slides too):even though i hadnt read it.

● Honestly, do you believe in love at first sight?
i dont like this "love at first sight" only implies that the other party only likes your looks-.-

● Honestly, do you hate the last person you were talking to?

Honestly, who was the last person you liked/crushed on?
-question invalid-

● Honestly, do you know what you want in life?
no. i have no idea.

● Honestly do you smoke weed regularly?
i dont smoke.smoking is for LOSERS.

● The last text you received on your cell was from?
i cant remember.i delete most of my smses(especially since the dhs run/walkathon or smthng similar.)

● Do you like your cell phone?
its ok.i dont really pay much attention to it.

● Do you believe in true love?
i dont know. i wonder if Cinderella divorced after a few years.

● Are you playing hard to get right now?
obviously not. especially since i confessed first.hahahhaa.

● Do you miss your past?
not now.i'm busy worrying about hw and script.

● Are you proud of the person you've become?
ok bah.could have become worst, but lots of room for improvement too.
not that i'm gonna work on it-.-i'm not going to bother.

● What are you doing besides this survey?
nothing much.i should be doing homework though, right?or the scripts.

●When was the last time you msn-ed your ex?
ex classmates?uh, 2 days ago, i think.

● In the past week have you felt sad?
no.just DEPRESSED because school started yesterday and is going to start again 2 days later.

● How do you feel when someone kisses you on the forehead?
i'd rather they dont. why dont you try aiming abit lower?hahahaha.joking.

● When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
there wasnt a last time. i dont like being spoils my composture,HAHAA.

● Are you afraid of death/dying?
sometimes. not right now.i'm too busy worrying....yeahyeah,ya know,hw and script.

● How many people do you know with your name?
which is good because i like it that way.

● Would you rather watch football or baseball?
i hate balls.

● Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
isnt there an in between?23degrees would do fine:)

● How's your heart lately?
i havent checked it yet. hope my arteries arent gonna have a blockage anytime soon.

● Did someone make you mad today?
no. today was peaceful as i lain in bed and got moody because of..........homework and scripts.i know, i know. i keep talking about it. i might as well go do them right?BUT I CANNOTTTT.and stupid xiao niang re is not showing today when i just wanna watch it.

it was showing 3 days ago when i didnt want to watch it lor!!D:<

● Where do you wish you were 30 minutes ago?
i wasnt wishing 30 minutes ago.

Photos from history project--songwriting in 2007

i'm just bored and i cant do homework because as they say, follow your heart, and you will find love and i love life without homework.

so i decided to post photos.

and anyway, lihui's posted any photos that we took when we were out on facebook.i see no reason to steal and post them here again.ha.

here's Felise and Caleb. They are trading,hahaha,during war-time.
Felise is duper pretty.

Felise and ChingWoon are trying to beat the crap out of poor Caleb.i cant remember the significance of this photo anymore.all i know is that its got to do with war.

the two girls seem strangely happy to beat up people,lol.
and to think i thought chingwoon was demure D:
please ignore the fact that i DID NOT say Felise is demure LOL =X

Caleb and TeoEe trading rice, the staple food now.
(i think the staple food in the past was tapioca if i'm not wrong.if i'm wrong, then soh-weee loh. there's a reason why i'm a geog student kaessss??)

it looks as if we're disposing of a corpse-.-

we shook hands after the trade.
i'm supposed to be a japanese,LOL.but i dont look like one.
AND i'm supposed to be a guy.
i'm sure you could tell._.
the background cool anot?
got chingwoon's jade ship leh!!!cool right????
awmien, my moose-touch was dropping off liao.look!it's slanting):

i realised that blueberries are not blue inside.
they're not purple either.

they're the colour of the insides of soursoup.

they're gonna be the leadership batch soon.

i forgot to mention that esther spammed me with show's songs,hahahah.

they're not bad: D
the "hoo-ha!"s are ratheramusing.

sitting down and doing nothing is more tiring than running a dozen rounds around the track.
-discovered by jennifer and i as we sat and watched people take their ration of donut and green tea.


i dont like the way you look at me as if i'm a disgusting piece of anchovy.
i shall ignore you until i dont need to anymore.
until i dont care.

guys look very nice in pink if they are not nerds.
nerds look nice in white, i think.

i dont think i can make it to university.
i'm not even sure if i can get promoted to senior high next year.

i havent done alot of homework.
i dont find joy in school.

the society rarely stays in focus of their aim and objectives.
i thought the aim of having holidays was to let people relax,have a chance to do things that they could not have done during working days.
and they just have to steer from the main aim by setting homework and then not collecting the ones that we actually take effort into doing when school starts.

there isnt enough communication between teachers from different subjects.
they all think they're the only ones giving homework.
if they'd just compile a homework list for us, they'll realise that its not as easy as they think.

its not easy for them either,i'm sure.
when school starts, they have to mark so much rubbish, and treat those rubbish like as if they're worth anything at all.
poor teachers.

it's all a show for parents, i believe.
if parents would just let the school handle their students without complaining and blah every single moment of their spare time, school's wouldnt be oppressed into giving so much homework.
and parents,
while the school teaches facts and etc,
parents should teach values and imprtant things like manners and etc,
not join in with their children and gang up against teachers(who are most probably bullied by students in class).

everybody's not getting their role right.

i dont even know what my role is.
eat sleep pee shit and waste paper so as to kill tress, cause global warming, and in doing all the above,

give rise to another topic that we have to learn in biology/geog/...etc
regarding pollution and how mother Earth is dying.

humans are made for induced fit theory.
we should compromise more.

i like having Mdm Arfar as 4k's form teacher: D
i'm going to have fun in Language Arts.

i cant remember how to write after 2 months of non writing.
typing is fine though.

shiyi is still very cute after the holidays.


sandcastle building sounds fun.....

if only we didnt have to compete against each other.
why cant we just have innocent fun with sand and seawater?
everything has to be made into a competition,
everything has to be a challenge.

what kind of a life is this?

a competitive life.
school blues sound weird.

school grey would sound much more appropriate.

i've got a bump on my head.
i pretend its a tumour.
its not going away.
i think it may want to make friends with me.


my ex patrol mate kimberlyn is an emcee: D

i like kimberley and lihui and the juniors under them's clothes and shoe rack: D creative(:


Thursday, January 1, 2009
today, went for class lunch.
i wasnt planning to go at first because i couldnt make it there by 1pm.
then wanying said that i was still welcomed to join them once i'm free to do so.

i was preparing to go,when hanxi smsed me and asked what she should wear if she's going.
i was happy mien, that she decided to go,hahaha.
then we met up with each other at city hall after ascerting that i'd probably end up lost if i go myself.

we reached pizza hut, and there was no 3k peeps there.
then i checked my phone and realised that wanying's smsed to say that they've finished lunch.
we were very late, you see.

then we met them at the cinema.they were planning to watch bedtime stories.
but hanxi and i watched during our jie outing le,haha.
weiwei wasnt there leh):

anyway, then they went to the arcade to play.
i'm too demure for arcades.LOL.
so esther tan, hanxi and i went to window shop.

actually i think hanxi would have had fun playing de):
i felt quite bad for lugging her along with me to stroll around.

anyway, the 3 of us walked aimlessly.
i admit.i'm a lousy shopper.seriously.
i'm the kind that goes: oh.i wanna buy item A.i think i'll go to the shop down the road to get it and back back quick later.

then we decided to pretend to shop for prom dresses(which is rather stupid because all 3 of us were not really interested in clothes-.-)
and we ended up laughing at some very disgusting wedding gowns.
there was this purple and green one.
esther said it looks like Barney costume.
hanxi said its for indians.
i think it makes the bride look like a bunch of grapes.

ok, so we walked and stuff.
and then went back to meet the rest for movie at 4.30pm.
hanxi and i didnt join the movie thingy and went off first.

hanxi was going out for furniture, while i intended to go expo cos of popular sales(last day was today).
while waiting for hanxi's parents to fetch her, hanxi and i had tea/lunch at gloria jeans.
we each ordered a set thing.

hanxi:potato salad, muffin,cookies and cream drink(is it?)
teoee:bagel(chicken), muffin, same drink as hanxi.

things we didnt finish:
hanxi:potato salad

we each took the drink back.hanxi went off first while i tried to eat my muffin.i didnt like it.too full.

i went on to meet my mum at expo then.
went off in the wrong direction at sq is such a maze-.-
then when i reached tanah merah and was waiting for the train to expo,
i called my mum and she told me....

that she's going home le.


so in the end, i stomped back to tampines and waited for her at the mrt station so that we can go back together.

she appeared after the 3rd train.
with her friend.

they were both loaded with assessment books-.-
the day's haul.

luckily, none of them were for me.

then while i walked on ahead, i heard them talking behind me.
(oh by the way, i let my mum finish the drink.i didnt like it.she didnt like it she passed it to my brother, who had liked it very much-.-)
my mum pointing to my back and saying that i'm a suay gui because ive never done assessment books in my 15 years of life.
then her friend couldnt believe it and my mum went on to say that i'm so lazy i didnt even do any revision before psle.

well, thats true.
but i believe she could have related the events without refering to my slothlike manners-.-

what a way to promote your own daughter, mum.

well,at least her friend proceeded to comment that i help my mum saved abit from not doing assessment books.
i hadnt said thanks to her for that.(cos i was pretending not to eavesdrop)
anyway, i found it rather amusing.

ok, so i was at tm, a distance away from home, and my dad called.

he said:"where are you now?want to have dinner?"

me:"huh??dinner?"*thinks of the meal i had with hanxi*

me:no reply~

dad:you called ahyen(my brother) and told him to come tm for dinner wad.thats what he told me.




he must have been really hungry to have had such a hallucination-.-

ok,so after that i got dragged off to look at laptops because i'd joked about getting one.
(my parents take these jokes seriously because they think i dont often voice out my desires and they dont want to deprive me of anything.sweet huh?amusing parents)

i was BORED.
i'm really not interested in technology.i'd be very happy if everybody could just dump me on an island and let me survive on coconuts-.-

but ok, i should give some credit to apples too.
as in, apples brand.
i like their lappies: D
its so thinnnnnn.

i like thin things.

apple lappies are cool.
: D
(its just that i dont know how to use them-.-)

ok, so after my parents fooled around with the webcams on display like ah lian and bengs while i hid in a dark corner, we went home.

oh,before that, Ms Ngau called me while i was apple-ing.
i'm really worried that i wouldnt be able to wake up tmr):
zzzzzzzzzzzz. script is so not well done):


this is teoee's life.
may it be documented and read in the future, when teoee shall comment:
HA!and to think i thought sec3/4 was bad!try working!!!> : (

tata.gotta do impt stuff.


get one from cbox!
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