Sunday, April 25, 2010
feel so happyyyyyyyy!

because i was slack in the noon, i'm $(&^#$&@ busy now.

didnt go out in the end cos too lazyyy.
stayed home and read jokes online.
no lifer.

(deleted spoilt brat rants)

i walked in the rain today.
romantic, no?

forgot to bring umbrella to pee-eh-no lesson.

bought some food for MR FATSO cos mum's out with her friend, only to realise that he had gone to the mall himself.
so, being really drenched, really upset, and really troubled about the stupid portrait (no, actually i'm over it. really. whatever.) i devoured his share of food too.

i dont think i'll be taking dinner tonight ):

i feel slack. i mean, there's lots to do, but i dont want to start on anything so im basically free.

wanna go outttt.
shall go out on my own later.


big fat sigh and a large sad face.

hate my stoopid self portrait. bet piccasso never had to paint something he hated.

anyway, watched ghost whisperer with my brother after guitar concert (many thanks to jas/zhenghui! smiley-smiley-smiley) and scared myself silly.
today's episode was quite scary! the ghost boy in the hospital, with a weird looking breathing mask, and his recurring head spasm is freaky):

and the ghost whisperer still stood so close to him WHILE HE WAS DOING THE HEAD SPASM, BACKWARDS THRUSTING ACTION!

AH nightmare): ): ):

i'm tired. didnt talk much on the way home from school.
thanks jenn and pearlyn, for spending the evening with me.

ella's drum playing was cool.jas very cute. 'fail' very...blur. jiawen and siswo very funny.
i didnt see wei playing. only saw her during intermission, but she looked like she was engaged in a very Very VERY serious discussion with this girl.

as usual.

(dread having to start painting the portrait. dread dread dread dread dread.)

Friday, April 23, 2010
went for SSEF awards today.
glad that our seniors had won so many awards!
really hope my batch can make it up there too...

saw jingjie (my zebrafish project partner). she went up on stage multiple times. great to see a familiar face(:

i sincerely hope jas can get inspiration for her pw. especially if she wants to change topic.
lots of luck! I'll try to help you think of something in the meantime):

Jenn too. but ive sort of mixed up your target and model group.
so i dont know what to think of.

I like candyyyy.
Linda wasnt in school today):

Joshua and i saw a pixie lady at the biopolis who looked like zhenghui.

i sat around with hanxi and wanying this afternoon, and hanxi killed many ants):
what happened to guides' law number 5?

she tried to justify it by saying that usan kills ants too.
usan's THE ant killer.

i'm going to sleep even though i know i'll regret it.

p.s. how was it today, odac/volleyball 45s? i was cheering for you guys at the biopolis today! (silently)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
hearts 4K'09
but heart 5C45'10 too.

ta ka di mi. ta ka ta ki ta.

Monday, April 19, 2010
Thanks Sther, for your little green card(:
Thanks Chua, for chitchatting with me during art :x (shhh don't tell Miss Gao)
Thanks Hans, for waiting for me after Art even though my lesson dragged to 7pm.
Thanks Wanz, for going home with me and even accompanying me to ntuc to buy Natural Confectionery Snakes.
Thanks Jenn and Pearlyn for not being very very very pissed with me even though i was late in the morning.
Thanks Jo, for saying HI to me so cheerfully EVERY time you see me even though i habitually dao you ( yknow its just a joke right, darling?).
Thanks Miss Gao for being nice today.
Thanks ...mummy for cooking spaghetti even though i thought you said we were having pita today (i <3 your spaghetti).

Today is a Thanky Day.
(oh i met yuqian on the way to Art Room today and she waved :D

i wasted my day away in the student lounge, watching hillary jenn liwen xingfangbox, playing hopscotch with yijing, playing uno stack with classmateys, performing dares, etc.

if there were any other ways to waste a day, i'd still choose to waste it this way:D

i only had GP(couldnt focus),
Chem(couldnt catch up with the lesson, and was busy tormenting laiping's blue doggy),
assembly (watching indian dance and laughing with classmates) and
Art lesson (calling liwen a watermelon and drawing self portrait).

slack day(:

Sunday, April 18, 2010
what do you get if you put these letters together?

a g i n n w y


what do you get if you put 2(aginnwy) together?

yawning wanying.

: D

Saturday, April 17, 2010
smiley (:
unproductive day. academic-infertility is rampant D:

what is art. does the artist determine whats art, or the viewer?

Monday, April 12, 2010
mayonnaise makes everything taste better.

Thursday, April 8, 2010
the last time you told me (in sec1?), your favourite colour's orange.

contrary to what you said in the bus, today's not just another day!
its because of people like you person like you, that others' lives brighten.
admire how selfless you are:D

the first time we met, it was on the school bus(the one with the grouchy driver).
even though i hated waking up early in the morning, and i really didnt like the driver, i'm glad i took the bus: )

hope inspiration strikes this birthday girl tonight.
may we all at least start on finish PI today.

P.S. dinner with you (and hans viv yeoch), albeit full of embarassing incidents, was great.
sorry that we kidnapped your ezlink card B-)

i didnt come online yesterday so didnt manage to post for youD:
your birthday post's in purple because i think purple is eccentric, and thats how you introduced yourself as on the first day of our 3K life right?:D

you're a very tie xin (paste-heart) person, and even though youve changed your name to zixuan,
you'll always be tzyyshuan to me.

the special tzyy(;

Friday, April 2, 2010
CR meeting in the morning. I like the people in my department alot:D

4k birthdays celebration---jovina hanxi yeoch's after that.
being with 4k was awesome even though i missed the morning (where they played at marina barrage and had a picnic) and skipped the movie. basically i just met them up and walked around the place while esther roamed the mall in yellow socks. shoeless.
yeoch carried a big board (from wanying hans jo) that said "wo hen shuai" i.e. i'm damn handsome, around and lots of old men gave him the thumbs up.


then i went off when their movie started so that i could meet drakon scs up for drakon outing's prep, but when i called, they were already done and were having karaoke, so i decided not to go and instead, walked around in bugis on impulse (i saw the people getting out at bugis mrt and i just decided to follow the crowd).

i ended up wasting my time because i didnt have a purpose for going to bugis, but at least i satisfied my ridiculous impulse.

then i head home, and napped even though i've got many dhsmails screaming URGENT! while i slept. not that i did this intentionally. i just accidentally fell asleep when i rested on the floor.
tiled floors are cold.

i still want to continue sleeping, but emails await. now i'll just grab an apple, do work, and sleep again for the long day ahead.

next up, drakon outing, then my first trip to a church (not counting school field trips) with haolin, heather, lihui.



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