Saturday, June 25, 2011
been doing art instead of studying for CTs.
nothing very artish. just finding images online.

wanted to take print screens of dramas/movies/advertisements that i found touching, so of course, i immediately thought of 1 litre of tears, which, by the way, made me cry more than a litre.

this is asou kun from the drama! you may not find him cute without watching the drama, idk, but ive watched^^

this is K, a korea born japanese singer. He sang one of my favourite songs Only Human, ost of 1 litre of tears. hear him live, its superb! thinking of using the song for art final work, but not too sure if i can find a satisfactory instumental far i havent found one that i truly like..cos i'd like the first 8 seconds of one, and the last 11 seconds of another..but put together, they dont sound right. zzz. he looks abit like jaychou btw. but cuter. a random guy whom i thought looked good.
thats all. lol.

lol. gna meet wanz. byeeee.

p/s i need someone to help me take a photo of me running for the bus ):

Friday, June 24, 2011
i realised that blogging with a headache is no good.
so many language mistakes in my previous post haha.

patrol dinner tomorrow.
esther and fiona are probably not going.

been planning what to put on my prep board today.
didnt touch econs so im dead meat for that,
but at least ive thought through how i want my final coursework to look like..
hope it doesnt flop :x

nono, i meant, hope it'll turn out successful.

*think positive*


and btw. PEARLYN. i know you find me cool and 善良扇凉 so i'll consider being your fan(:
thanks for your compliments. *shy*

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
watch too much tv 2 nights ago and despite sleeping right after bio boot camp yesterday till this morning, when i went for bio boot camp round 2, i still have a headache.

havent been replying most of my smses. while receiving a few is alright, too many of them makes me feel overwhelmed. dislikes.

watched dongyi.
jasmine asked is i was a dongyi fan now too.
ew, no. i dont want to be a fan of anything.
but i am interested in what happens, cos the bixia is so cute.
watched too much tv again today.
am going to sleep. then wake, and hopefully do abit of art. havent been working on it since week2 of the june. lol, i almost said the h word.
need to submit 8 prep boards in first week when school starts.

am going to die.
final work how, i dont know.

excited to do? yes, but im also excited to study other subjects.
this is supposed to be my econs week but i spent 2 days on BBC already..
and i seriously need to do bio. my first week was punctuated with going to school, and going for cca so ive only managed to do nervous system..but ive forgotten everything now. evident after BBC.


i wish i could feel good about myself now.
alright. going to nap. if not i'll suffer from prolonged grouchyness and low-productivity for the rest of the month, i'm sure.

(i have to stop watching dongyi. must not become too me ahh.)

Monday, June 13, 2011
annoyed like nobody's business.

Friday, June 10, 2011
i hate that blogger loses my posts so often just after i click "publish".
i was recounting my exciting day with jenn and pearl, bird pooping on lecture notes, yihao-lookalike, penny/ivy lady who guffawed in the study area the whole time she was there, man who wailed every 5minutes, FOR 5minutes, kid who looked like taoqin but turned out to be from mjc, edison chen lookalike, pearl's non subtle attempt to look at the edison lookalike, encounters with the toilet lady.

now i dont want to retype everything but its such a waste ):

urgh blogger.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
ive decided that i shouldnt post my "tree/seedling" (if youve read the previous post that i have since drafted, you'd know what im talking about) because it could be against my employment contract (yea im the kind who signs without reading the entire thing).

so to appease you guys, imma show you some strange stuff.

i now confess that i was produced asexually.

Saturday, June 4, 2011
it was the worst possible scenario.
while in my worn red atc shirt, unflattering salmon pink shorts, stiff beige slippers, and with my unkempt hair, i crossed paths (sloppily) with my primary school school crush, who was dressed in a nice polo shirt which shaped his shoulders perfectly, and who floated across the taffic crossing gracefully in his smart white shoes.

oh calamity.

in my attempt to go unnoticed, i took pleasure in observing the bushes ahead as i made my way towards the far end of the taffic crossing.
but i dont understand why or how (it can only be explained by Murphy), 6 years since graduating from primary school, he had to recognise me then.


i knew then, that no matter how intensely i willed the bushes to swallow me, it was not possible.
so i waved meekly and took comfort in the fact that we met while crossing the road.
i.e. no time to stop for a polite chitchat (like, hi hows school etc nonsense)

dramatic, yes?
it wasnt that weird in real-time, but reviewing an incident over and over again does result in slight distortions to how the actual event had occured.

i probably didnt look that bad. ha. awkward laugh. shakes head.
and i really hope he never sees this post, though i want to document it so that i can laugh over it in the future.

heh. alright. i slept the noon away (after i went to jog off 3 rounds of fats. ack, how exhausting.) so imma have to start work now.


Thursday, June 2, 2011
read some old conversations.
it was kind of uncomfortable at first, but then it helped me realise that my past is real.

15th feb 2008 till 7th oct 2010.

despite all the grammatical errors and lameness,
the conversations were pretty sweet.

well, most were. except for the one that i had with zhenling. that was gross in a funny way.



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