Saturday, December 22, 2018
i'm so glad i have my girlfriends with me, and mates.
it especially made dress-choosing fun! really glad to have crossed paths with these people and then had the privilege to take up a space in their mind ^^

cant wait to see everyone all dressed up and glowing at my wedding!

hello i'm still here.
22 dec 2018, two days away from christmas.
soft festive music is playing from alexa right now as i speak to you guys.
who's still here with me?

life has been pretty busy for me. being an adult is tough. but i look forward to being able to shape my life and world better. to have a home i'll design to celebrate the way i live, to have a love that brings meaning to memories. choosing chris was the best decision that ive made, without realizing it back then.

i feel a little old, i dont think i could go back to late nights and long working hours any more like i did in aki, without undoing the recovery ive made since graduating. i feel that ive recovered lots since then in terms of overall health. i sleep, i eat, i have a life...somewhat. not there yet because of all the admin at this stage of life, citizenship, marriage, wedding, work, taking a bigger part in managing parents' welfare...but i think my friends would wait for me. many are busy with their life admin too anyway. mid-20s are truly a busy time.

i spent the entire day resting. sleeping. have been sick for almost a month with flu and the likes. obviously i havent been on MC for the entire time so, unfortunate for my colleagues who joined me in creating a christmas chorus of sneezes. for some reason, chris has not gotten it. my deskmate is convinced that she had spread it to me, but i think i had actually gotten it from morning commuters on the mrt. yuk. honestly i am rather conscious of people sneezing or seeming sick around me. i avoid the paths of those who seem sick - like, i wouldnt walk where they had left a sneeze behind. in a train, it aint so easy. but i do enjoy the familiarity of that ritual of getting on the mrt to set the day. its like, a loading screen for "Activity - Office".

Anyway, i dont like to work. since most people feel that way but we dont say it outright, i thought i'll just say it here. i dont like to work. i live for the weekends, which, thankfully, i dont work on. If i were in an architectural consultant firm, i would. So i really dont want to join. Though its a waste of my degree and ....talent ;) No matter where i go though, i think at least my person is always appreciated. ive put so much work into being a daebak person - lord, 2 decades! - that i figure if anyone hires me, they ought to hire based on how great a person i am. haha. i'll make your workplace better because i aint about dat shit ya know? i just am an asset like that. hahaha im in such a mood rn.

ok bd is back from his boardgame sesh. gtg. byebye for now!


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