Sunday, June 22, 2014

Funny gif of someone handing out a McFlurry order :D
saw it off reddit.

I just caught The Conjuring with my brother last night. We watched it in my room with the lights off, hidden behind our blankets. It was nice to do that.

Indifference is to protect me.

I am disgusted with the demonic presence that had haunted the family. It is absolute scum. It makes a mockery of love by turning the mom against the children though possession, and when the dad demanded it to leave his wife alone, it said she was long gone and that the rest of them would die. Fuck you, demonic scum. What's your problem, seriously. Why is there nothing against this vile predicament, huh? Why is it that the happy ending to the movie is that the family gets rid of it and has a touching group hug on the sunny grass patch outside their home? Is that really a happy ending? Who is to say that they havent had scars from the horrific experiences in the haunted house. If they do, how is it a truly happy ending.

and what. what of the demonic thing. it just gets sent back to hell, from whence it came from? what is it, a child? sending it back home is punishment enough? I don't think so.

a happy ending is when it has to pay. the ending that the family got in the film is a compromise.
I'm no saint, guys. I'm not sated by the outcome.

Recovering from that plague was a huge blessing, yes, but if only I could make it regret having ever existed.
Why do plagues haunt innocent people and make those around him/her suffer. fuck the demonic scum.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
whelp, dad is right. take a risk. why though. life is a convolution.
even with all the advancement in the world, we still cant have more leisure and time. Cant even afford downtime. I'm on the verge of termination from my sponsorship because I didnt hit their cap target. That last sem was supposed to be my comeback, except that the only certs I have now are 5 medical certs which count for nothing. I thought they would though. count for something, i mean.

didnt feel very sad until sometime in the evening, when i texted my dad to tell him about the circumstances.
then all of a sudden while eating ice cream with chris, about to watch a Ramsay cooking video, i started to sob. so he hugged me very tightly while the ice cream melted into part-foam, and then I collected myself and we cooked ourselves Sticky Lemon Chicken (sorry idk the recipe, I'm just the kitchen assistant).
After dinner, we just walked around places like the value-dollar shop to look for a potato masher kitchen tool instead though, and also went to the book store. i think my dad doesnt deserve all these, yknow. all these failures.

well on a happy note, the foam ice cream can still be frozen back into an icy rendition of its previous self.

on another happy note, somewhere i still understand that i'm not beaten. I have strengths, and even if some day i fall off this path to success/survival, I am still capable of creating the best experiences of my lifetime with them (:...provided noone in the family falls ill, because then idk how to support their treatment fees when i'm not well paid cos i have no good job due to not having good grades. Falling ill is so scary because its a luxury few can afford in this time and right, happy note. (:

I think it would be cute to draw little cartoon strips of pearlyn the bully and her daily pursuits ^^



卖命当可爱流氓的小婷, hehe.


Saturday, June 7, 2014
Was typing stuff when my dad came by, so i said " i'm typing stuff, dont come over" and he said " I know" (all in mandarin) :0

It's weird when there are people looking at you being your online self huh? Thats why there are so many memes on 9gag (yes i still surf the site i'm old fashioned like that) talking about how sitting beside me when im on the computer is like, nope, hahaha.

Well anyway I neednt have explained that I was typing stuff except that all my tabs were open on blogger so I had nothing to switch to when he came over, and I closed the windows. Which is suspicious. Enough and Best of Tumblr has informed me that many porn users do the same, and my oh my wouldnt it be a dream come true to be mistaken as one of them? Not that I have anything against porn. As long as it doesnt harm yknow, no addiction or whatever. I have a christian friend who' really against it though. He always shares and posts facebook stuff about abstinence and anti-homosexuality etc. He would totally judge me for having said the above haha.

Well back to the topic - I wasnt even typing stuff of much importance. Just describing my thoughts as they come. Talking to myself. Today is a Saturday. I woke up in the nice sleep cycle gave way just last time. I have been sleeping at 11pm and waking at 8am thereabout ever since having established that in my msia trip, but last night I couldnt sleep until 430am. so there. I went to watch running man because the Dragons mentioned it in the whatsapp chat and I was curious that one particular episode would warrant discussion haha so i kaypoh and went to stream it online. I havent been watching the show since a while back...

on the other hand, I've finally caught up to naruto. My favourite is Lee-San. He is so cute and innocent. Don't like naruto cos he seems a little self-entitled. As most protagonists do. I've never really had much of a thing for protagonists. sad to say, I was informed that my finding Kakashi hot is common, and that I may become a generic face amongst millions of fangirls. As a result, I will focus on Lee. Sasuke I also dont like. Ive not been impressed since the anime showed girls drooling over him.

my dad just walked near again hahaha but not near enough to warrant  another shutting-window. Though I almost wanted to, as a reflex. hahaha. his cologne is nice. he's going to work so he puts some on. :D nice comforting smell.

ya but anyway, dont walk in on me discussing anime cos thats embarrassing teen stuff. hahaha.

Yesterday I watched Lego Movie with chris off his laptop. quite funny leh i think. Once we tried to watch Grave of the Fireflies cos I heard its nice and touching...but when we went to youtube it (because unlike him, i dont do all the tech-savvy stuff like downloading movies and subtitles), he asked how come it was so old (the drawing was quite cartoons from the 90s). I said to read the comments to see what others thought of the movie (hoping to convince him to watch it cos i thought people would said its good or "lyk if u cri everitime")

Then thats when we accidentally spoilered ourselves and found out who died cos the youtubers were like "noooo why must ____ die???"


I personally dont mind spoilers cos they dont spoil anything for me. I like to find out how things led to the "spoilered event" anyway, so i often can read plot summaries before catching a movie if i werent lazy.
chris on the other hand, lost it hahah he waslike "nooo spoilers noooo" and then he just zoom to the end of the film where indeed, ____ died. so we didnt watch it in the end hahahaha.

the plot was slow though, i got a bit lazy to watch it too.

Oh pearlyn got me specs! Its a little wide on me hahaha but its fun. thanks! She passed it to me the day i passed her the pokpoks (little firework explosives the size of lemon seeds).


ok lazy to blog alr. bye.


get one from cbox!
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