Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Hi guys, I'm back. Long time no post eh?
It has been an amazing holiday since A levels last year, and I think I've thoroughly enjoyed, or at least, made good use of my time to have experienced things that I'd never experience again in my lifetime.
From an office job to waitressing, as well as from extreme slacking to an active lifestyle, I must say, life has been especially meaningful.

Aki/ID camp was the most awesome shit ever. To think I had thought 4 days to be too long a camp! My Orange Team - O-Rangers- had had the most desirable dynamics any Orientation Group(OG) would want, and after the camp, I feel that my enthusiasm for design has become even stronger. The talk by Mr Sanson was full of humour and was positive as well...thank God for that, because I've been suffering from all the negative things I've heard about Architecture. I know it's going to be tough, and I know that the pay is going to be measely compared to what other professionals earn, but I really didn't enjoy being reminded of these. Since it's going to be tedious, shouldn't we be more encouraging to each other?(:
So far all the seniors have been amazingly helpful, and they never spoke ill of the course. We were warned of the all-too-familiar all-nighters that we'd be likely to pull in the next few years(by this, I mean till retirement), but the overall impression was that Architecture is still rewarding. It's the shared experience that counts, and I absolutely cannot wait to be part of it!

Mr Sanson also mentioned something that I have gone through before: The process of going from worrying about a project, to feeling hopeless, and then becoming depressed. He then advised us not to worry. In this regard, H2 Art is definitely training for Architecture. Thank goodness I had had Han Xi to encourage me throughout coursework last time. I must have been a huge burden, being all negative and stuff. All hail "No Judgement", man! She was never "Just pull yourself together and stop being sorry for yourself-.-" with me. Should she ever need someone to lift her spirits up, I'm definitely going to be there! Wan Ying and Chua Liwen were the best support anyone could have asked for too. How lucky am I? Need I even mention how much my family had helped? Before this turns into the umpteenth time I'm making a Thank-you speech, I guess the point that I want to bring across is simply that I'm going to learn from my Art experience, and get a hold of myself the next time I think I might fall into another black hole of despair. I still want to mention my 6c45, because they've been integral in my survival through coursework, but like I've promised, this is not going to be a gratitude-spam.

Dear juniors, please do not read too much of online forums and websites that quote top ten reasons not to be an architect if you plan to go into this profession, because complaints always sound worse when there are millions of netizens echoing your greatest fears.

Right, besides Architecture, I also want to talk about other things like my new favourite artiste. I 'copied' my dad and am hence now a fan of Sam Lee. Perhaps taste in music is passed down through generations?


Paradise by Coldplay has been running through my mind since camp too. The elephant mv is just too cute!

It seems that I can't stop talking about Archi after all.
I just want to ask, how do I meet non-architects? I want to know people from professions that I myself would have liked to pursue, but sadly biology, med and law students don't reside near the design faculty. I could hear about law from my cousin I guess, but there are no others that I can call to mind at the moment.

I wanted to be a neurologist. 
Someone, please talk to me about neurotransmitters and schizophrenia, or introduce me to people who want to, so that I can live multiple dreams by sharing others' experiences. Thanks.

Well, I've got to go prepare to live my own dream now. Bye. I'm gonna hit the books I've just borrowed from the library today. They're about Archi of course.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yeah Smith, I'm with you on that. No idea if this feeling of competitiveness is unhealthy, so I'm going to consult Google, but one line from Call Me Maybe is brought to my mind: you gave me nothing at all, but still you're in my way.
I guess Carly Rae Jepson probably hadn't meant for her song to be put into this context, but whatever. I'm not in the mood to care.

I've been spending my time with the girls, and I think we've formed many memories that would still draw laughter 30 years down the road. What with the Ants in My Pants Dance by Pearl, snoring puppy imitation by Amanda, and other strange stunts, I'm sure the night will be well-remembered.
Besides the outing to Mind Cafe on this said night, I've also been playing badminton with my 6C56 girls. We went to school today to play a bit too, though most of the time was rather spent eating and chatting away. Yijing Pearlyn Weian and I went to the student lounge to play when the kids started to fill the canteen. My, what fun! We started with a quick game of Cluedo, which I won, to everyone's surprise, since last night's terrible virgin attempt at the game still burns in our mind, then the 3 kids amongst us played mock-soccer with this blue rubber ball. I especially liked the kiddy ball game; it was so exhilarating! We really ran like kids with our full might, unafraid of tumbling over the pillows and whatnots, and we would laugh so much when someone(ahem, read: Pearl) kicks hard but misses the aim! Sure, Yijing and I had had our share of misses too, but Pearl's misses were often the most tickling. While we raced around the lounge after the rubber object, Wei An prepared a game of Spongebob monopoly for us. Pearlyn emerged the winner from that game! While playing Monopoly, we also decided to double up the game with Taboo. The Taboo game evolved into something with a storyline starring our Ms Wei An, and that story continued even as we were on our way to Bedok for some good food. Ate a lot of nonsense, and chatted till pretty late at night about all things under the sun, ranging from the most crude topics about toilets, to the most intellectually enlightening discussions about genes and neurology. Well perhaps 'crude' isn't the right word to describe the nature of our talk, since our discussion was mainly about toilet hygiene and jie pi, but the point is, we had had so much to talk about that by the time we left, it was quite late already. Furthermore, Pearl and I still continued chatting (as usual, before parting to walk home) after the party had dispersed. What a day, it has been so full of interaction.

I'm in Orange group for Archi/ID camp. Feel a bit ._. because I've been Blue my entire life and I've grown attached to the colour...but Orange reminds me of Jovina, whom I have spent many consecutive Saturdays jogging and having breakfast with, so yay Orange!

Going back to the topic which I had started the post with, I'd like to say that I'm happy with the way I am, but I just can't bear that you might suspect otherwise, so I feel like I have to beat you in everything to prove how awesome I am.


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