Tuesday, November 30, 2010
i'm a grumpy rat.
ive decided to recycle/give the garang guni man my years of toil and hardwork.
my beautiful notes. my assignments (though those are few). my knowledge (even fewer).

grumpy cos ive stashed them away for so long, thinking i'll revisit them someday (ooooh what an evil word), but not having done so before i have to discard them.

i thought of giving them away, but who'd want my notes anyway. only i'd understand them cos theyre written in my (horrid) language. its always better to write your own notes, kids (:

yups. been SS-ing and SC-ing, and S-leep-ing instead of S-tudy-ing.
All the S-es in my boring life.


gonna go out, then come back and do some research before i head down to the labs for SS again tomorrow.

Oh, and i'm meeting the Dragons for dinner too:D
exciting much.

oh, havent design 45 shirt :x
shall get down to it before going out.

Monday, November 29, 2010
i'm a rat packer.
except that i dont pack much. which explains why my room is so cluttered.

throwing away stuff is the hardest task during any cleaning.

i see item A.
i havent seen item A in a few years.
i even forgot i had it.
but i think 'oh i must have had a reason for keeping it till now! cannot throw."
or "i might have use for it in the future"
or "sentimental value!" (even though i havent been sentimenting over it for years)
perhaps "i could sell it and earn $$$" (but i never do organise any sale or wdv.)
how bout "uh, i dont know. leave that there for a moment. i'll get back to it later" (then i see it about a decade later and do the same)


Sunday, November 28, 2010
Saying Ay-Oh, Gotta Let go.

a conversation with myself. i only typed the answers here for the sake of typing haha. no point in your reading it :)

yeah, i am.
i do, but not much.
yeah i think so :D
maybe more than the previous did. this one actually helps me.
i dont know.
i dont know, i guess i was, a little. but it doesnt matter. it was normal right?
umm..i am objective :D
nah, i wouldnt.
uh, tried, tested, failed. lol.
a little *stops breathing*, but also quite liberating.
i hope so!
i dont think so. goes against what ive always thought i wanted.
i..): oh no. i dont know. how.
sort of yes, sort of no.
that's fine, but then again, i kind of like it as it is now.
yes, cos i'm tired, and i havent done my theory.
yah i think so too, but i'm too lazy.
oh, that. i'll probably put it at the back of my mind as of now.
i know.
yes, sorry.
i dont!
oh gosh. but i cant just stop doing what i'm doing now..
i hate fixing stuff.
yes i hate not-fixing them too.
alright, i'll see how it goes. step by step manz.
yah, bye teo.

Saturday, November 27, 2010
JOVINAAA is in Japan.


caught a movie with my dad and brother yesterday night.
some little girl shouted "mom, nothing's changed!"
lol, quite funny.

Friday, November 26, 2010
today was alright.
i wasnt late.

set a total of 25 alarms, each 3 min apart.
set an online one too, but that failed, cos it hanged.
the 25 alarms thing, only about 6 rang/was heard by me.

the best alarm was my Dad.
"Ee, ni bu shi yao qu xue xiao ah?"

i was in a ----- mood today.
no no, i'm not censoring anything, what i meant was, i felt like the dashes.
straight, kind of lifeless, very ----. yknow?

hadnt taken dinner the night before, so was very hungry by 2pm.
went to get some quick lunch, but it was lunch hour, so quick wasnt very quick.
i stood at the shortest line, then when it reached my turn, they placed this "counter/register closed" sign so i had to switch to another line.
then i waited, and reached the counter once again, but idk why, i had a small order and yet they took so long to get back to me.
its not that it felt long. sure it did. but it was long too. i fell asleep while waiting.
the counter lady shot me a look when i woke (and, my order wasnt ready yet, FYI)

cant blame me for maximising my time even if you wouldnt maximise yours right?

registering for piano exam.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010
1 or more alarms missed due to time change.

thanks, i love you, phone.
if i had known that you'd prank on me, i wouldnt have slept at 651am.

ultimately its my fault.
a well-prepared person will never oversleep. especially for something important.


jennifer asked me outtt!
excited much.
but i'm not very free. zzz.

soon, soon.

exercise with pearlyn was abit of a fail cos it was late at night and we sort of worried about uh, villains.

ran a teeny bit at sunplaza park, but spent the most time working out on the swing in the playground.
aching thighs after that, cos the swing's sort of like a little baskety web. then pearl and i sat at opposite ends to balance out, and had a hard time getting the swinging momentum.
had to stretch our hamstring to move in one direction.

but once we got the hang of it, we flew to really great heights!
it was exhilarating.

then one group of people saw us having fun, and joined in.

just had orientation stuff meeting with tongs and sher.
going to meet the comm tomorrow morning, so cant jog with pearl.

urgh. needs to get rid of Tummy Teo!
uh no, i exaggerate. i am not obese.


uh, anyway, i'm going to clean my room.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010
omg. my wish came true.
i am going to have a chem retest. again.

except that its for H1.
its a sort of entry test.
wtf. who needs a retest for taking H1?

so what happens if you screw that?

ok, i guess i kind of look forward to it, but im just ^%#@ cos i havent gotten round to accepting H1.

its like how i had to fail for 4 years before admitting that i wasnt going to work harder for jap, and went to quit just before O levels lest i failed that too and waste $ on the exam paper.

if i had quit in year1, i could have spent the time on my other subjects, gone for coj prep and not be called a f.ing slacker, etc. but no, i just had to have so much faith in myself.


anyway. switch topic.
i like 'just so you know' by jesse McCartney. (sp?)

i'm meeting pearlyn later!
SC tomorrow, then SS (science society), then getting PSLE results on thur with that fatso who ignores me whenever i talk to him while he's gaming (i.e. 24/7), family movie time, then SC dry run, piano,...

packed schedule.
i dont remember when holiday was supposed to start.

kk, gna go exercise with pearlyn liao, bye!

Monday, November 22, 2010
happy birthday yongjing!: )

pearlyn, jas, joshua, weian and i celebrated for him today. it was quite uh, fail, but rather entertaining too. hope he had enjoyed it too, even though we tortured him and made him embarass himself. Someone even threatened to call the police on him. lol.

my first time stalking someone with friends. exciting much!

chem paper ah, nothing much to talk about. not very exciting. i would like another restest though. just gimme more timeee baby.

i am sickened to think that there is so much work to do.
piano, art, study the rest of the subjects, catch up on chem, ...
im still reluctant to drop to H1 chem, cos i feel like i'm shortchanging myself of stuff to learn, but when the rest of world says its best, it is(:
give in, and give up.

today was a great day, chem and all, so i shant spoil it by talking about academics.

oh yeah, my dad smsed some encouraging stuff for chem.
kind of not used to it. weird. i've always had the typical, chen mo dad.
not the 'i love you' everyday sort of dad.
the chinese kind of dad.
(no racism intended. )
its ok, pa, you can be chinese. lol.

i want to sleeppp.

love my friends <3

so many people wished me luck for chem. thanks(:

thanks jenn.
ya pearl, actually i had alot of time liao haha. some days more than you and other econs people leh lol!

oh, and even my piano teacher said good luck to me. thats pretty weird.

i just took a nap.finally gna start work now.
die, chem, die!!
i will kill you before you kill meeeeee

after tonight, wo jiu shi learn.dhs.sg de ren le

Sunday, November 21, 2010
i didnt mug very hard today.
only did up alkenes notes, which is not much to be proud of.

very worried now, because the test'stomorrow, and pearlyn said yongjing'd be upset if he tutor me but i still dont do well.

failing the test means failing them.
the stakes are so high this time round. i'm scared.
i felt like texting an apology to them but dont want them to think i'm planning to fail or whatever.

yet what else can i do? pass?
heh. nice joke, teo.

i want to get kidnapped and shipped to africa tomorrow so i'd never know if i could have passed the test.

yeah. i'm a chicken. cluck cluck.

jeez. i dont know how to face them next year.
i'm so sorry.

if i were to post something on fml.com,
"Today, i discovered that i'd still fail even after my friends spend their holidays tutoring me. fml."

many people'll click the "you totally deserved it" button at the bottom left corner of the post.

Saturday, November 20, 2010
Today, i did abit of alkane tutorial at century square, near the customer service area. A man came up to me and started to chat, saying tht he had seen me multiple times there. When i asked if he came often too, he said yes, because he wanted to be near his girlfriend. the counter lady.

sweet love GMH.

anyway, that guy asked where my friends were, cos the few times ive been there was with friends. then he described pearlyn and yongjing.
wow. we're famous. haha.

he thought chem was math.
dont worry, man, i thought so too.


Friday, November 19, 2010
he works wonders, and she is a darling.
lucky to have such good friends in 5C45, in Tampines, in life.

:) i hope we have covalent bonds. we're all carbons individually, but together, we're a priceless gem.

Thanks much.

Thursday, November 18, 2010



jogged in the morning with pearlyn. its the second morning in a row, cos we're both mugging for retests, and we thought exercise'd put us on a good start.

i havent moved for so long that after 6 rounds of jogging at the speed of...a jog, i ended up with aching thighs.

how amazing.


i'm annoyed. but i cant blog about it. which also annoys me.
i want to swear at you too, but i wont ingratiate myself to your level of maturity. yeah, i'm talking to you, you Adult.

well at least i was feeling happy before you swore at me for something trivial.

i've had a great day chemistry-ing today.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
what do i do in the meantime?
i havent decided how i want it to be like.

i met pearlyn today and we browsed through some coookbooks.
she's a special girl.


what if i make the same mistake again.
is it just paranoia?
no matter which choice is made, i will either gain or lose.
no more status quo.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

P2 Orchid. Still blooming.
Its been long since i last posted photos.
i'm not very fond of my face, so i try not to post too many of them here.
Been busy. Just because i only blog about watching Disney stuff, doesnt mean that thats all i'm doing alright. i'm a busy girl.
Started the day with SC stuff, ended it with SS stuff.
gosh, SS tomorrow.
Why cant someone block some time for me to work on my chem.
oh, right, because i should have worked on it since the start of the year.
i dont want to go to schooolll.
my face feels raw and sensitive after the intense make-up removing the night after Mr Tan's wedding. i used my Dad's men's facial wash to drown my face, and gouged at my eyes with a cotton wad of lotion so that the weird stuffs'd come off.
its no wonder i dont put makeup often.
but then again, if i did, i might have something called a 'makeup remover', which is a painless alternative to all the scrubbing i gave my cheeks last night.
by the way, today means monday. i just happen to be posting past 12am. in fact, its 1.41am now.
yah so i youtubed some skincare stuff (i got my idea from viv and yijing, who said they watched youtube makrup tutorials) to see how i can toughen up my skin, and chanced upon this 'put yoghurt on your face' thing.
i am gonna try it out.
maybe not today, cos its late, and i dont want the yoghurt to sour on my face if i sleep before washing it off-.-
but very soon. before someone (coughs, did my brother just say something?) eats the yoghurt up.
alrighty, i can feel my raw face being hit by waves of radiation from the computer, and i have no cactus to protect it (i heard it absorbs radiation), so goodbye. i'm gonna scrub my face with a non-men facial wash and go sleep.

Saturday, November 13, 2010
watched beauty and the beast. so touching.
i dont know why, but somehow mulan's prettier.
i use to like belle best. ok i guess i still do,
but i'm a little sick of typically pretty characters.

normalcy is the best, aint it.

Mr Alan Tan's wedding tomorrow.
(: it's gonna be so funny to see him profess his love when all ive ever seen was him, groaning at my chem.

oh yeah and i saw the youtube comments saying that at the last part of beauty and the beast, when gaston fell from a high place while fighting Beast, there was a flash of skulls in Gaston's eyes! So i slowly rewatched the scene, and really, there were skulls!
talk about subtle disney horror!


I prefer Beast when he looked like Beast. The prince reminds me of justin bieber. girly. though he has a larger mane.

oh and disney artists are so cool. when Mrs Pots and Lumierre (sp?) etc turned back into humans when the curse was lifted, they still looked like themselves! as in, aiyooo idk how to explain it.

I want an Akiyama.

warning: rambles about Liar Game

Akiyama Shinichi doesnt look like the typical shuai main lead, but his character is so attractive.
he's acted by actor Matsuda shota, haha, who had to don on a weird and gay looking hairstyle for Liar Game.

His genius and mystery'll distract you from his bad hair. ah, love the story.
i havent read the manga though. dont plan to, lol.

Toda Erika was the main actress for Liar Game, but since i watched 1 litre of Tears first, my impression of her will always be Aya instead of Nao Kanzaki. i think Nao is too honest. don't like. not mysterious enough hahaha. Her inability to doubt others makes her what we'd call 'politically correct', except that she truly believes what she preaches.

i dislike the mushroom-heads. they're sort of like Captain Jack Sparrow. Evil, cunning, but somehow good too; loyal to themselves, suck up to the winning team all the time etc.
they display conscience occassionally, but i dislike characters like them.
i dislike their hair too.

i like the drama because
1. they teach witty ways of playing games
2. there is slight romance, but its so subtle that its...impossible, you know. its like having an itch that you cant scratch or something, that sort of feeling. you just dont know if there is romance or not.
3. they speak cool japanese.
4. there is depth to the plot, and the characters arent flat. they learn, grow, and change.

i dont love it because
1. whats with the director, haha, there are so many annoying shots of the same thing from like a gaziilion angles. Repeat these repeats, and you get an annoyed teoee.
2. they gave akiyama horrible hair.

-end of ramble-

i'm tired. from watching the drama, and from remembering not to remember what we lost.
or maybe just misplaced? (:

Friday, November 12, 2010
i miss the times when we were good friends.

will you come back please?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Liar Game is darn cool.

[spoiler alert]
I guessed that the gay guy with the mushroom hair was 'X' in the second round of the game!
Cos he was really kanchiong about stuff, and he kept trying to put suspicion on No. 15.

Those who enjoy wit and suspense, do watch it!
Pearlyn, watch watch!:D

watched You Again.
i think it was the right movie to watch today, because its about holding grudges, making amends, yada yada. the usual stuff when girls bitch in school and meet again like, years later.

and i happened to be in the i-want-to-watch-girls-ruin-each-others'-life mood.


i was on KGMH this morning.
some kids do the sweetest things.

PPP was spontaneous and i think everything happened naturally.
when we get together, we just have fun.
simple as that.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
There are 3 main components to my post for today. (speaking in OP style)

1. Yesterday was OP day.

didnt reach my expectations, considering presentations are my forte.

pearlyn wasnt very satisfied either, so we grumbled about it in a random classroom after I&R consultation with Ms Tan.

Then Ms Tan comforted us through a window pane, and Mr Seow also counselled us through the pane at first too(cos he happened to walk past the classroom). Then Mr Seow came into the class and gave us a full-blown counselling session, which i thought made me feel better :)
uh, i dont think it did pearlyn much good though. after Mr Seow left, the first thing she said was,
"it's my fault"


but she told me she becomes sensible after every grumbling (i find 'emo' too un-apt) session, so i guess its fine that the counselling doesnt work on her, haha.

Then li lao shi walked past the classroom too and talked to us (more of me, according to pearlyn) through the same window pane.
I wanted to stand up to talk to her (after learning from my previous discomfort as i sat while the teachers stood outside the window pane), so uh i sort of half-stood, and i realised my shirt was out cos i sit till very chor lo before that and uh,

she didnt comment on my shirt, "ba ni de si ren yi fu sai hao!", but she noticed, i'm sure. cos she has a keen eye for such stuff.

i didnt know whether to tuck or not, cos she was there. i was worried that tucking it in front of her makes it seem like i'm doing it for show only, while not tucking made it seem like i didnt care what she saw.
so i did a half-hearted tuck and uh, tried to turn my untucked side away from her, lol.

SO CUTE HOR got 3 cute teachers talked to us in the span of about 2 hours!

Then walked home, and crossed paths with yeoch and junrong.
nothing much to say about that, lol.

2. crystabelle smsed 'jiayou' for OP!

kind of unexpected, cos it was quite sudden, but its great to hear from her.
jiayou for your chinese o levels, orchidites:D
have fun choosing subject combis hahaha. tough task eh?


Post-PW-Picnic sounds fun.

Sunday, November 7, 2010
today sucked.
i feel like yelling vulgarities at anything and everything.

got pissed several times and sulked over it on my bed the entire morning (before piano), then got agitated once during pw rehearsal in the noon (thought it was mild), and couldnt find my ic.

i asked my dad for it today, and he said it wasnt with him, but i thought i had already passed it to him after promos (ke keeps all our stuff).
then i searched my entire room and finally found it pressed under almost 40cm of worksheets and newspaper, on my desk.

so my dad's pissed that im so careless, and i'm pissed because i just am.
pissed, i mean.

urgh. pms.
today's not the worst xiaoming day ive had, but honestly, if he doesnt grow up anytime soon, i'm gna kick his ass.

ok to add on, some classmates lost their entry proof, and ms tan didnt reply my (very late) sms, so i should call her to help my friends.
but then again, i couldnt call her now cos its 12 midnight URGH.

and yongjing says we might not need an entry proof. so there are only 2 scenarios that'll play out:
1. i caused frenzy within the class with my stupid message about bringing entry proof when i wasnt even sure its needed
2. we DO need entry proof, but i didnt remember till near midnight, so they cant find their proof and its my fault.

how ace is that. urgh.

if only i hadnt passed down any messages.
but if i hadnt and we needed the proof, i'd be really irresponsible.

awesome scenarios. argh.

hateful day. so suay.
luck'd better change tomorrow.
> : (

i especially like the first line of
I'll make a man out of you
in Mulan.

"let's get down to business"

hot voice(;

OP tomorrow.
i'm deeply unseated.

of all the things we need to be prepared for, i doubt i'll ever be prepared to fail. or at least, fall short of my own expectations.

Ancestors, Hear my plea, Help me not to make a fool of me
-song Honour to us all, Mulan.

i've got Mulans in my stomach.

yesterday we amalgamated.
5C45's pw practice outside the national library.

:D we rehearsed about 3 times and had lunch in the packed area.
Vivyan said its touching that our class is so bonded.

DH077 wasnt there though, cos most of their members had to work.
Don't worry, WeiAn, there's always the PPP to look forward to!

PPP is Post-PW-Picnic.
Its gonna be on Tuesday! Exciting!!!!

Then there's also the PPD, Post-PW-Dinner, which we hope to have with Ms Tan Kae Ling.
She's been working so hard to help us (':

PW makes me appreciate my class more.
maybe it wasnt as sucky an idea as i thought it was initially.
maybe, its not just a ploy to steal our ideas after all.
maybe, its not an idea by MOE to put us in a 'reality tv show' just to see us fight it out and cause scandals.

or maybe it is.
just that the side effects of doing pw is beneficial.


Friday, November 5, 2010
i dreamt of laiping's dad last night even though ive never met him.

Pearlyn and i got attracted by an advertisement on the way home from the mrt.
We ended up chatting over 2 cups of Lover's Melody.

Talked about pressing things such as pw, about creepy but funny stuff like how fb is bf backwards (inside joke), etc.


about an hour later, we went home (supposedly to do I&R).
i bathed, ate, and dont know why or how, ended up sleeping with my mum.
the first time i woke, it was nearing 12, and i was too lazy to get up.
the second, it was about 1240am, and i thought i should wake up and send my I&R already.
but i dont know why there was a third time i woke. and when i did, it was 3am+.

so i just sent Ms Tan what i had done in school. i.e. what i could have sent her at 5pm.


i feel like eating wanton meeee.
jeez, being in 45 makes me hungry.
being in iHOPE of 5c45, working on Obesity, makes me hungry too.

I cant wait for daybreak.

what to do now?
Sleep? or do up minutes?

urrgh. i really dont want to do minutes (science society and corporate relations minutes) now.
will do it when i get some food.

food food food.

(oh yeah, i dreamt of pw some days ago. though i cant remember the dream visually now. i only know we screwed up when we tried to do the tie pins at the last minute. lucky we did the pins today and it looked quite good.)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Happy Birthday Chen Ying Wen!
today's your ba shi da shou. hope you've enjoyed it!
dont forget to eat the tiramisu cake k D: since you've already got sore throat, it wouldnt hurt to eat more chocolate right?
you cant have sore throat twice, simultaneously:D

hahaha. thanks so much for your notes!
it's really <3 to know that you've been thinking about me since the start of the year, consistently, at odd hours like 3am.

you stalk butterbread, and i stalk ss, heehee.

really glad youve settled so well into yr5. glad that 4k's still together, glad that you're in a great cca, and glad that youre my friend.
even though i've only known you for about 3 years out of the 80 youve lived, i feel like youve known each other since forever:D

sorry your cake didnt have your name on it, like intended (actually i didnt really ask to put your name lah. but you dont really need to know what i wanted to write. i could save it for next year hahahahaha)...but at least the lady let me choose a candle.

we should sit around parkway and talk/sing again sometime soon.
then find another day to get amanda to buy us some hotdogs hahahaha.

all the best for pw kkk.
you'll totally own. you're so good at these sort of things(:

talented, beautiful girl. inside, and out.
i've never met a more selfless and sensitive person.

thank god you were born on this special day, 79 years ago.
Happy Birthday, ily.


get one from cbox!
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