Tuesday, June 26, 2012
My breakfast was an oily packet of kolo mee with kimchi. Thinking to wash the oily and strange kimchi aftertaste down with something(kimchi really doesn't go well with kolo mee), I head to the fridge to find that the only chilled beverage available was some soft drink called zappel. I drowned a bowl of it against the best intentions for my health, and am now plagued with an acute disgust for what I've put in my stomach. Think of all thr sugar, the artificial coloring, the chemicals and acids that I've subjected my poor self to! My mum then offered some cucumber to me, but I ruined it's health benefits by chewing it with balachan. O thy mouth hath sinned against thy middle!

Monday, June 25, 2012
The Hall's Rules and Regulations makes me feel deeply burdened. I shall live in fear of breaking them throughout my stay. There are simply too many to be wary of! I would not imprison myself such, would it not be to meet the demands of thy course. Boo.

I've been reading Oliver Twist, having completed The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Prince and the Pauper the week before. The tragic scenes in those stories annoy me, for I would rather be hastened to meet the happy ending prematurely than to have to suffer with the main characters in order to reach it. Bid me the reason for which people must be pained before goodness can prevail! It is a ridiculous idea that good can only come after the bad, as it is no more virtuous to say that one can only be honest after one has thieved and lied.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
HELLO-HELLO, this magic monday is chua's birthday! Happy Birthday Chua!
woke at 9am this morning, feeling all fresh and stuff. Took a long bath to let the conditioner sit in (to no effect), then made a card and got out to hunt for birthday gifts. My gifts were quite fail but uh..): well.
Speaking of which, I havent even managed to pass Pearlyn her cake! It's been days already so I guess it's not fit to reach her anymore..I've owed her birthday gift since 22nd August last year. it's 2 months short of a year..goodness.

Anyway, I set off today in a casual assemble (which hanxi had probably frowned upon, haha. I was the most dressed-down person today), in a totally opposite colour scheme from my work attire. It's really refreshing!
Reached somerset half an hour early, then sat at the platform until Chua Han and I met up to walk around Forever21. Yunming and Wan then came, and we hung out at a cafe (Blue Mountain or something) to pass time until Kiseki was open for business. Kiseki is a dining outlet serving japanese cuisine. We had a dinner buffet that started at 6pm so there was a lot of time to spare before stuffing ourselves silly. The cafe drinks were really cool. The vase-looking jugs that were used for some drinks looked special so it was exciting to drink from it...not that I had ordered anything myself. I shared something called the loaded potato skin with Wan instead, and it was not too bad, but i'd think it wasn't worth the moolah. The only awesome thing was that I got to share food with others hahaha.

Upon leaving the cafe, we went to cotton on to see-see. It was really crowded, so han and I rooted ourselves in a corner for the most of the time there. Next, we browsed Zara, which was similarly more crowded than what expected(but then again, its not like I expect anything actually, since I don't frequent Zara). Some pieces are really strange, while others were unique and of course, pricey.

The 5 of us shared 4 cakes afterwards, then went for the buffet! The food was quite awesome hahaha Salmon belly was great! The few of us chatted about really random things like The Man who got Pregnant, people who have 6 fingers, people dying from rollercoaster rides, and other morbid or bizzarre events. Wan then left earlier to catch a movie with her other mates, while the rest of us continued browsing stores after the meal.

I'd like to say more, and am sorry for ending this post abruptly, but I suddenly want to sleep badly. Long day ahead tomorrow with my favourite people (Pearl,weian, then Chen weiwei, then hanxi and maybe chua) so goodnight!

Happy Birthday Chua!:D


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