Monday, February 28, 2011
day12 (although this challenge is now bogus. will start new one over the coming weekends.)

today, people are still asking "what happened to your face?" even though those giant parasites have been on my face for almost 2 weeks already.
i did use the gel thing that hanxi,wanying, and chua got me for my birthday (THANKS!), but since i only slept about 3 hours thereabout, the net effect is still undesirable.

nvm. i'm not really bothered since my friends arent superficial.

today, i learnt that people can be really mean and judgemental.
what is not pleasant to you may be lovely to others, so what makes you think you can put her down?
I think she's very pretty. like a soft lily caught in dense mist.
now thanks to you, she may not believe me when i tell her so.


today, i received a card from pearlyn. i know she must have spent alot of time on it. its amazing:D
Thanks so much pearl! Its so colourful and your message's so sweet:D
plus, i kept grinning to myself when i read all the "set them on fire" and "throw stones at them" or "boxes you" hahaha.

you always make things so special for me. thanks:D

today, jasmine sent me cute replies when i texted her. She's such an angel.
i think she goes by the practice of hearing, seeing, and saying no evil.

today, i reach home feeling tired so i'm going to do some sc stuff for tomorrow, abit of ss admin stuff, and sleep, even though i want to start studying for econs test..
got art test too.
and gp test.

all on friday. sigh.

chem test...i scored 60% because i didnt finish studying.
i will work harder. but i really think i should get some sleep.

(oh btw this morning was suay. but i shall let bygones be bygones. not worth mentioning. yups. bye. needa reach school at 720am tomorrow. i must not be late!!!)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

i didnt go to the swimming complex to take photos of myself submerged and half-submerged in water for art.
consultation tomorrow.


econs test, revision for bio, chem self-study topic, gp test etc.
i have not touched.

piano exam. i have not prepared/learnt anything.

oh god. when will this stop?
i havent been slacking much leh, cos i dont feel rested.

sigh. i hate 2011.


the hairdresser shunbian curled my hair under no charge (i think?) for fun. its the temporary kind, which'd disappear after i wash my hair.
except that i have curly hair so washed or not, it looks somewhat the same.

pearl had slight curls too, which disappeared even before she reached home LOL.
jenn had straight hair :)

pearl and i met with another episode of transport issues.
last time we took the train together, we boarded the wrong one.
then when we took a chartered bus, we didnt know where to get off and was brought back to where we had boarded it.
then yesterday we took the bus from the wrong side of the road and ended up in bedok interchange when we actually wanted to go to roxy square.

we were running late cos of the mix-up so we hailed a taxi.
took some clumsy attempts before the right taxi came.
even when an available cab came, we couldnt board it cos it was changing shift at yishun and didnt want to zuo wo men de sheng yi.

plus we faced competition from this middle aged lady leh.
she went further up along the road to wait for the cab, so pearl and i had to wave hysterically before the cab came to us.
(oh the lady was somewhat blocked i think, so the cab driver didnt see her. lol. so much for the selective advantage nearer upstream of the road.)

jenn and peal passed me belated birthday gifts :D
cuteee blueee stufffs :D
very practical (and beautiful) highlighters (mine are goners already), pencil case (mine's a goner too. zip got yanked off when i um unleashed my enthusiasm for GP essay test), and a starry file with bearrrr (mine's not a goner yet)
jenn got me an extra card thing that said "will wake at 3am for you" or something to that effect :D

oh pearl and i met some 45 horfuns at fish n co. for dinner.
weian got me 2 cupcakes from awfully chocolate :D:D
i am awfully pleased!!!
there's a card with luozhixiang's face too hahaha. her favourite idol.
the card's from taiwan leh :)
ya la, i'm not his fan, but she is mah. and giving me something that is dear to her makes the gift very dear to meeeee.

those who turned up included laiping, vivyan, weian, yongjing, pearlyn.
not alot, since the original number was 16, according to weian.
but i do agree with what vivyan said while we were waiting for the tables to be ready(:
it was a good dinner. funny, witty, and very female (oh uh yongjing left very early. hm.)

pearlyn threw a tantrum even though she was at fault (the joking way haha).
she go discuss about um. me. with vivyan leh. then when i protested (albeit in a less than desirable way, i admit. sorry la pearlyn. next time i shant traumatise you similarly le k), she grew very upset LOL.

oh but then we had icecream together. all of us. except for pearl (who was broke) and laiping (who wanted milk tea).

then some strange guy approached us at the bubble tea shop and offered to cut our hair cos he needed a model for his assessment.
vivyan's gonna be his model!!

im accompanying her though im not gna cut my hair cos i had had my haircut yesterday lol.

i gotta leave. now.

(piano exam coming soon ahhh!)

Friday, February 25, 2011

this challenge isnt working. i wasnt ready for it. now im gna look at my timetable and plan my time propoerly so that i can actually achieve my goals.
will start another 30day challenge soon.

not planning anything tonight.

was out with hans and chua for dinner after art. wan had other appointments.
did alot of crazy and epic things like laming outside hanxi's house and getting a shock when she suddenly opened the door etc..

too exhausted to blog all about it, but yeah.

good day.
except that i felt abit feverish about an hour before art.
it went away after that though.

tmr out with some 6c45 classmates for belated birthday outing(:
then sunday out with the dragons for dinner too.
the rest of the time, i'd spend with art.
really hope i can do well although the prospect seems...): now.

oh and im abit hurt that ...nevermind. someday i'm going to own it, but no credits to you.

ya gna go sleep.
havent checked dhsmail for 2 days leh.
maybe i'd check tmr.
oh sighhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Tom: Today is day... day what?
Mary: not day-what, it's what-day!
Tom: what-day?
Mary: Birthday!
(ok, i think its day6. or day7.)

Happy birthday selina, saufi, michelle, and teoee!

This birthday's been quite an awesome one.
The gifts are really meaningful, and i want to share about them, but in order not to turn this into yet another rant, i wont.

Thankyou everyone though. All your xinyi, wo dou ling le.

Its amazing that people bother about my birthday, when there are so many other urgent things to do, like study for tests, study for tests, and study for more tests.
Really, we have so much on our academic plates right now,
so im really touched that you guys put in effort to make today so special.

i received texts from people whom i didnt expect to hear from, like kiatshing, samantha, jiajun, subin.. and it really made my day, those sweet surprises.
Some event sent the messages at 0000h sharp last night! (when i stayed up in a lousy attempt to chiong bio for today's test).

and many people hugged me in school<3
(even Jane!!!)

My family made the evening a relaxed and joyous occassion.
I met them at the Thai restaurant for some good food, and my brother waited for me to get ready before we walked to the restaurant together. Sang some songs (badly) on the way there.

At home, my parents brought out a little cake that was suspended delicately in an ornamented box. Upon slicing the cake, i realised that it was an ice-cream cake from Haagen Daaz (i have forgotten how to spell it, sorry. please tag correct spelling if you know it thanks), and its my favourite flavour---raspberry!
(not that ive actually tried other fruit flavours lol.)

it was absolutely sublime.

i got to change out of my stale ole' school-based shirt too.

now, i gotta do some art work.
kind of spent, cos the day wasnt really smooth-sailing. i just omitted those pointless, not-so-happy things which i currently feel are not worth remembering.
also didnt mention alot of other things that happened even though they were good moments to etch in my mind...cos i'm really tired and i want to sleep badly. very badly.

so thanks guys.
it has been a great birthday.
sorry wan han and chua, that i didnt make it to the "grand surprise" that yall have been planning.
maybe just tell me about it in school tomorrow?:)

jenn xingfang pearlyn leeying, i only want to give the o_o face and go HAHAHA.
cos really, review the entire episode. i think you'd find it rather funny too.
sort of like, in a strange and maybe slightly perverse way?
glad things turned out fine in the end though!

alright. gotta sleep.
(wake up to do art later D: i must must must must do well! hwachong was so good, i'm envious ttmmmmmm but i believe i can do it if given enough time and money!!!!! :D)

bye, loves.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
day6 i suppose.

happy things to announce,
1. adeline made a birthday card for me with rachel, cas, chaining, and her sweet messages' within! Thanks so much, darlings:D its such a classy and elegant card!

2. Mr Lim praised some of our GP essays (the test), and mine was one of those that he praised!! Really hope it'll extend beyond art questions :O

3. was awarded the gold nafa badge! had a small small small ceremony (actually just walking and accepting the badge, lol) with cuteee Ms Kuah!

4. went to HCI and RJC to see past years' A levels art work. awesomeeeeee collection. i am in aweeeeee omg. so inspired to fix my own coursework too.

5. wan han and chua planned something for my birthday O: anticipatesssss. they always have very creative ideas de. i wonder whats gonna happen!!

6. bio test tomorrow, so i dont have to study bio on my birthday.

less happy things, in corresponding numbers.

1. -

2. my last compre test was quite badly done. i hope this gp thing's not just a "fling". must last beyond one night!

3. if only everyone in the class had gotten it too. 只差这个就完美了。

4. demoralized at the same time. how can i ever be as awesome.

5. -

6. bio test tomorrow. i havent finished studying.

7. gp compre test on friday. so i still need to study abit on my birthday after all. especially since i have to improve from my poorly done test the last time.

8. i look horrid!

On balance, i am happy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

will be rambling today. my challenge does not work.

first, happy things:
i just found out that Weian and my dear 6c45 horfuns (i dont know who, specifically) have set aside saturday evening for the class to spend my birthday with me!!!
so touched that she/they planned this in spite of increasing workload and tests etc.

next week econs test leh.

and she remembered that i had a craving for fish n co some months ago (really quite random la. anyway i dont have that craving le lol) too! hao xi xin ya :D

<3my awesome classfriends.

happy thing number 2:

mummy and papa's bringing us out on wednesday to that thai restaurant. yay family is <3
i feel like i havent known them since i graduated from kindergarten.
time away from family is truly time wasted.

happy thing number 3:

actually nothing la. i just wanted to make it seem like i have alot of stuff to be happy about. lol.

unhappy thing number 1 (please skip unless youre bored. i typed for the sake of documenting my frustrations for future reference):

i am so exhausted that my homework thing seems unimportant.
shouldnt have pulled that all-nighter, especially since i only stayed up to do art, and it turned out bad anyway.

i have no direction. i dont know what i'm doing in art.
Ms Gao says she cant tell me what to do, and i understand, cos this is A levels after all.

but i feel as though i'm doing this using trial and error. i dont see any results. i dont know what kind of result i'm looking for.

then during consultations i am suddenly asked things that i havent considered, like what i want to do, what is my next step, what will i explore, what models/drawings etc will i make?

and i feel compelled to answer on the spot because theyre questions that i'm supposed to know i must ask myself de. but the thing is, i never actually know.

i'm always caught unaware and unguarded and its my fault because i should be prepared.
prepared for what, prepare by what, i dont know. just, prepared.

its like, moe just gives me a deadline, asks me to find a project myself, and thats it.
then i suddenly have to know what i want to work on, what to start with, etc, and yet, not have a definite end in mind cos i dont want to restrict myself in terms of creativity and exploration. i'm going around in circles.
and its a very small circle too, cos i know that i'm not progressing in my coursework.

just so you know, i dont regret taking art though.
im interested in it.
especially sova.

during gp today, i was dozing as though i was on drugs; jerkily and clumsily, cos i did try to keep awake. i pinched and whacked myself, tore at my eyes, etc but they didnt work cos i was really so tired. yet the minute Mr Cave showed images of europe, all the duomo, La Pieta, paintings etc, i suddenly felt very awake.

physically still sleepy la, but its like, my mind just freshens up.

sigh. likes europe.

well ya but anyway, Jackson Pollock, you are wrong.
art is not about the process. its about the end.
if your product is not appealing, its worth naturally falls.
if it is a far cry from your intended look, it is a failure.

H2 art makes me feel so stressed. i'd rather have bio test on 3 chapters every week in replacement of art's gruelling sessions.
you think its just that 2 slots in my timetable? nooo, misters and missus, there are compulsory studio slots embedded everywhere. before i even think through what i really want to work on, i find myself rushing some craft to show that i had done 'work'.

thinking is not work. its not concrete, and its not visual.

ok i will stop talking about art now because i havent done my work and talking about it just makes me sound stupid.

i havent even studied for bio test because ive spent all my time reading up junk, sifting through them to find relevant art stuff that i feel is worthy of telling Ms Gao about, and then finding that i dont have much to talk about because what i read up doesnt neccessarily link to my work/train of thoughts.

i feel so sorry that she has a student like me.

happy thing number 3: (the real one)
i had mass pe today and ran with jasmine (plus kajun near the very very end).
jasmine's so lovely(:

happy thing number 4: i saw adeline today and exchanged numbers with her:D
i miss p2!
been singing patrol songs during my supposed h1 extra chem lesson.

happy thing number 5:
TOMORROW IS, no sorry, today, IS THINKING DAY!!!!!:D

im not a yul/yal, but it'd be so cool just to jingli again. sigh:\


didnt sleep a wink. did the art thing in preparation for consultation.

spent the rest of the day at piano's (before that i was sleeping), as well as at jenn's, doing bio (excruciatingly slowly and unproductively), eating, and playing with dabian (aka tofukey), and watching very little tv.

not sleepy, surprisingly.

mass pe today. do not run beside behind me, i may not lead.
do not run before me, i may not follow.
do not run beside me, i will fall asleep and crush you.

oh, and btw my challenge is not working cos im doing things too slowly. havent even started on evolution for bio, and test is on wed but i end lesson at 7 on tuesday, and monday noon/evening is definitely not enough.


i will not be late in meeting jenn and pearl today.
ive always been late, so i go to school with a >< face most of the time.
today shall be different :D
so glad i didnt sleep yay. so i wont NOT wake up on time.

will sleep today/tonight though, cos that annoying pimple on my face is proliferating (LOL) like a cancerous cell; uncontrollably.
need sleep to inactivate it.

and i have no/non-obvious eyebags yet. am gonna try to keep that status quo for as long as i can.


Sunday, February 20, 2011
Day what? Day3?

ive kind of lost track of the days. havent been very focused.
i think this challenge is not working for me.

neeway, just wanted to mention that i havent listened to chinese songs for a long long while.
felt weird hearing some on the streets this morning.

listening to spears' hold it against me now.
i still feel that mandarin songs are more romantic in nature than english ones.
and korean songs have nicer beats.

going to jenn's with pearl later.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

much feedback on the inappropriateness of my if-i-dont-do-homework-consequence.
i will not do anything about it as of now because i cant think of what to replace with.

forfeiting dinner is the most impactful way, i think, because the effects are immediate, and apparent.

that'll make it easier to keep focused.

1. chua and esther tan said that its unhealthy
2. i will cheat if i am hungry

so i need something else as forfeit.
of course, the most ideal is to not have the need for forfeits cos i'd do my work everyday,
but i dont.

i usually do a very little and insignificant bit only before i sleep.

so how.
i'm gonna have alot on my plate, so if i dont start being disciplined, i'm gonna regret it. hard.

and anyway.
i didnt do my homework yesterday.
need to do bio prac, study for bio test, and do art.

oh, and i realised i have piano theory test coming in march.
i am so dead.

wants a sabbatical.

Friday, February 18, 2011

i didnt finish my homework. only managed to do GP before i slept, thinking
"i cannot sleep. i have work. i cannot sleep. i have work"

so took late breakfast in school today, then no lunch. didnt go for dinner with chua either.

hopefully can finish my work tonight although i'm already feeling the sleepiness.
gotta do chem tonight, as well as bio practical, and copy notes into sova journal.
tomorrow do art coursework stuff the entire day,
and study bio with whatever time i have left.

my part1 notes' with baxter.
cant study till monday.

yup. thats my update for day1.
see how tonight. will update tomorrow.


Thursday, February 17, 2011
i researched on how to form a habit.

i am going to give myself a 30 day challenge, and publicise my goal so that i'll find it harder to back out.


Im not gonna be ambitious and add in 'study' or 'revise'.
just 'homework' is good enough to start myself off.

(my subgoal is to eat breakfast everyday.)



i will start today.
ending date is 18th March 2011.


there, i've typed it.
no backing out now.
i'm abit scared.
what have i done D:

duly signed,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
friendship day was a packed day.
chem test was...-.-
art was quite alright, except that i now have a rather difficult task of making water out of no water. hahaha. quite cool, but tough!

thanks friends, for your cute little gifts. and chen, i got the yellow cookie leh hahaha. you still go tell me not nice LOL. i havent eat yet.
she bu de ttm ):

the cards all very cute, the chocolates all squashed, the candy still intact, the thoughtful photo album from esther hong with all our P2 orchid photos inside so niceee, gan rennn(':
(oh but the chocolate's squashed though, esther. ps.)

the pens with cute bunny cap came in useful cos i lost my wow-pow pen today ):
sadness. it could have made friends wtih bunny-pen.
the ink colour's sooo niceeee!<3
the other pen with the cool comb function thing, i havent use yet. but i'll bet its ink is amazing too. thanks so much pearlyn, love your gifts! (i havent eaten the gummies yet)
amazing wrapping and drawing tooo.

jenn gave me a bottlefull of pink and purple candyyy. the bottle is jin ko ai leh! reminds me of the big orange bottle that my papa gave me for christmas (sadly, lost. come back someday bottle) haha. imma bring it to school so that i can stay hydrated x) ahhhh cuteeeee bottleeeee for cuteeee jenn's cuteeeeee friend (ahem, coughs)!

laiping gave very prettily wrapped chocolates :D must have taken her long to do it up gahh hao yong xin ya, xiexie!

oh and yiting gave esther fiona and i sticky candy that they bought herself/themselves (as in, not ordered from homa's fund raising thing, i think. cos they were different looking stickies). thankyouuuu i was really surprised, its so unexpected!

(oh no, i shouldnt have gone into detail of the gifts thing, cos now i feel compelled to mention everyone but its 4am in the morning (i slept at 830pm last night while texting, lol.) and i havent done my work...can i just list your names?)

thanks esther tan, amanda, huihan, yongjing, jovina, hanxi...

oh hanxi i must mention! her card's soo nice!!x)

chua (oh wait i must mention this too. she gave some fancard looking thing with our photos hahaha. sweet! albeit unglam photos hahaha)..


ohh baxter!
my 6c45 angel (he claims).
he gave this art voucher thing so i can get $10 worth of art materials :DDDDD
such a thoughtful person whee.
wasnt convinced that it was him at first cos the writing on the card seemed too nice compared to his usual chicken scratchings (ps for describing it this way), but because he sounded so i-really-am-your-angel!!! so ya i believe him liao hahaha.

and and chen says she's my 4K angel but she didnt bring the stuff yesterday D:
so i cant write much about it here.

ya sorry i really need to go liao. its 5am now.
goodbye, and thanks thanks sorry all those whom i didnt mention.
xin ling le D:


P.S. thanks mummy, for helping me with the banana muffins (which jasmine hanxi pearlyn chen gave a thumbs-up to!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011
things at hand right now:

1. friendship day preparation: gifts and whatnots (:
2. 2 art essays that i have blanked at for a few hours already (research also cannot research sia. how does Chng Seok Tin address address the issue of man and his environment in her art? i dont even know what the issue is, let alone how she dealt with it. plus, need to compare with tang da wu's issue with the environment too. while i know that he's upset about what humans are doing to animals, i dont really see how he addresses it, and whats different about his approach compared to chng seok tin. sigh.)
3. chem test tomorrow. like what jenn said, "drop to h1 already still don't study?!"
4. bio test on wednesday. i see many people studying already, but i'm not even near studying.
5. consultation for h2 art coursework tomorrow! I havent prepared enough, cannot maximise the consultation. and i havent finished reading the 3 books that i borrowed about art, so very good. i shall once again be unprepared for consultation, and Ms Gao's gonna think that i have no interest in my coursework when actually all i wanna do is to spend my entire life working on it.
6. i have to wake up early tomorrow and reach school at 705am for friendship day sc stuff, and i'm afraid i wont wake in time so i doubt im gna sleep tonight with all the above stuff to do too.
7. i shall have no break to study for chem tomorrow too cos got art consultation (which is compulsory la, not that i book consultation even though i'm not fully prepared) as well as sc duties.

the good thing is, doing this post up has helped me feel better about myself cos i didnt hit #10.
yay. imma try to work on those 2 art essays again. ttyl.

P.S. i know wan, han, and (probably chua)'s like me now. why are we always liddat man. whyyyyy.

tomorrow is seriously fday leh.

by the time i woke today, half the day was gone already.
i woke at about 1430h.

settled some admin stuff here and there with regards to friendship day duty, checked my email, asked about art essay etc.

but havent done the 2 essays yet, nor done enough research on my coursework stuff. chem test tomorrow and i am anything but prepared.

bio test coming soon too.
oh sigh. playing catch-up is the last thing on my wish-list.


Saturday, February 12, 2011
yesterday, i found that i'm not the only one who has had a bad start in 2011.
i wish us all luck, friends.

Daniel's leaving ):
i think we'll all miss him. He's the best lab technician i know besides Ms Raja and Ms Siti.

i dont feel like doing anything at all today.
but ive got loads to do.
especially for art.

GP test was ok. i didnt plan. just went straight into it.
dont think i regret doing that, cos if i had, i wouldnt have finished in time.
econs quiz became open-booked, so i didnt do that badly. but then again, i didnt read the ontes before the quiz so by the time i flipped through it for answers, the test had already ended.

i only did the front page, which is like, 2 questions only LOL.
not counted though. wont affect year-end results. luckily.
still got time to brush up then.

charmaine's angel has been asking me to pass some candy to her.
so i pass to stephen, who's in the same class as her, out of convenience on the first day since i didnt see jo.
then on the second day and (third?) day, i passed it to him too, cos its already become some sort of partnership thing.
then on the last day hor, the angel passed the candies to me after flagraising so i didnt see stephen, but i met jo instead.

so i passed to jovina and said "JOVINA!!! pass to stephen to pass to charmain leh:D"
"why dont i just pass to her myself?"
"cannot! cos ive always been passing to him. if she suddenly receive from you, very weird."

then that smart girl just ignored me, turned around, and passed it to charmaine who happened to walk past.

oei. thanks ah.

see la, what if charmaine thinks im her angel now? if stephen had passed them she wouldnt suspect me cos i'm not very close to him.

jovina all your fault la.

but i'm really not her angel.

and jovina! i can imagine you laughing at this.
dont laugh D':

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
today mrs chang said we will write about our friends in about mid-april.
those who have qualities that she hadnt notice, those who have helped us, they'll be rediscovered by her through our writing.

i know who i want to write about.

appreciation should be made obvious, if not its not worth much, is it?(:

on a sidenote, would you correct a cow if she has been eating the grass on your side of the field?
or just let her be, because cows cant, and wont bother telling the difference anyway?

lol. there are so many things to kuxiao about on earth.

changed blogskin cos the previous one got destroyed. lol.

cny havent even end yet. i'm already broke cos of:

1. unimbursed reimbursements from sc and ss
2. lack of s'pore angbaos. only 1 from jenn's mama
3. i used that angbao money to pay for some art materials (darn expensive. i only bought an eraser and less than 10 pieces of paper )
4. i approach people whom i owe money to, and pay them (LOL)
5. i feel paiseh approaching those who owe me money, and they dont approach me (LOL too)
6. i have to wait till the end of 2011 before i bug amanda (sorry) to reimburse me for paying the same amount of class fund as everyone else even though of the 4 subjects, i only take 2 common ones with them (and i heard h2 chem got alot of notes alr. wts. i didnt receive any.)
7. i had a meal with chua hans and their friend even though there was no special occasion
8. i do not have a ferris wheel turning in my direction to bring wealth in.
9. i havent been actively switching the positions of the wealth-inducing gold (fake) toad that my dad bought some years ago.
10. i get spamed with adverts on my tagboard even though i'm not paid for them.

who wanna gimme money?
dont gimme birthday gifts, gimme ang bao can?


Monday, February 7, 2011
Happy Birthday Teo Yen!
stop staring at your computer. stare at me instead.

i am much more shapely. hahahahahaha.

Ok sohlee ah, first-timers to this blog, do not be mistaken by my unsupported claim. the only shape i am is round.

today, celebrated cny. the concert was good. 6c45 classmates were great.
4k mates were great.
guides mates were great.
ms kuah was great.
mrs chang was sporting and joined our 6c45 game.

went to jenn's place after cny celebrations, drakon cny fun!, as well as sc meetings.
her mama is so cutee! I like playing with her mum.
didnt see jennifer over the past few days.
misses much :D

i walked around the mall trying to get him a present but what i wanted to give was a little expensive, so i ended up buying him a cheaper, but still fun alternative:D (albeit less useful?)
got him toothpaste! kodomo strawberry flavour!
and some other random thing.

wanted to get him goggles too but i didnt know his specs degree thing well enough to make an informed purchase lol.
goggles (the good ones) are so expensive): boohoo.

anyway, met him and my parents at the coffee shop near our place, and i talked to him about things like how he used to like strawberries alot (i was testing to see if i got the correct toothpaste flavour for him. if not i'd go exchange it.), power rangers, jackets, piggy banks, watches, and playing cards too (these were distractions. so he wouldnt find it weird that i asked about strawberry).

then i talked to him about celebrating birthdays in secondary how people start to share presents and stuff..

then we went home, and lied to him about buying him a banana cake instead of his favourite durian cake.
when he smelt the cake and said it was durian, we told him it was the smell of whipped cream.

then ate the cake, opened the presents, and now here i am!
he's preparing to sleep cos its late.

im going to sleep too.
cant be bothered with anything else.
i was so sick after i returned from cny celebrations in msia last night that i took a pill and dozed off (cos it caused drowsiness) without attempting any work.
today, i thought about what has happened recently, end of 2010/start of 2011,and i figured that i'm so angry that i cant do much work anyway, so fml, i'm going to help life screw myself even more.


(ok i dont think i really meant that. after im done being pissed, i'll probably put my life back on track so that i can focus on screwing hers up when i'm free.)

i make me sound so scary. lol.

and i will set my alarm to wake earlier so that i can do abit of homework before school tomorrow.
i'm honestly too spent today.

if i were to die right now, i'd use my last breath to utter ", bitch".
i thought you were a joke. but now i see that youre beyond that.


get one from cbox!
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