Thursday, September 30, 2010

hahaha had fun with pearl and jenn today.
pator with chen tomorrow.

after her csc paper ends.

cant wait.
chen weiweiiiiii jiayou!

i cant wait to go painting with vivyan either.
then crash jo's house.
then go for dessert date with jo.
then meet Anzionians for ice cream.
then 4k chalet.
then 5c45 chalet.

oh. pw.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
was feeling slightly lousy today.

so i went to get myself an ice cream.
people always eat ice cream when they're feeling lousy right?

after eating it, i just felt lousy, broke AND fat.
plus, i dripped some of it on my tie.

talk about being noob.

ive had fun these few days.
i mean,i talk as if promos are over (for you maybe) but no, i've got an art paper tomorrow.

yea i had fun throwing jovina's turtle up the hall ceiling after chem,
i had fun looking at mr alan tan during the chem paper,
i had fun studying out till late at night with my classmates,
had fun getting tutored by yongjing,
replying jovina's sweet messages asking me to crash her house (!!),
looking at plants in the cc, as well as bellydancers, AND HUGGING PILLOWS,
talking to pearlyn about pot-bellied old men (the POM-POMs)
buying bubble tea with pearl, yong, viv
and going for promos.

i love exams:D
(oh, i get to see mr koh during econs promos too. heehee.)

gosh. cant wait to cut hair with pearlyn and jenn tomorrow!

oh and thanks to those who wished me luck or encouraged me during promos.
especially random people. haha, got 1 whom i bu ren shi somemore:D

art now.tata.

Sunday, September 26, 2010
oh man):

i'm going to borrow some time off my chem day to do some bio.
at least bio 读了还会pass. chemistry 有读没读都一样的。

havent started on art revision proper yet.
writing the sova essay thing last week wasnt counted, cos it didnt feel like studying.

a goal without a plan is just a wish.
don't wish for the impossible, teo.

Friday, September 24, 2010
platonic friendship is possible.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
jovina's the sweetest girl ever:D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
i googled "how to pass chemistry"

this is what i got...
"For an introductory chemistry course, you need a good, solid, high school level of math proficiency"


Wednesday is an econs day.
Tuesday (today) is a chem day.

i really dont want to do chem in case i forget what ive been learning for econs the past few days.
no good to switch your mind to another subject, yknow. haha.

but my chem's so bad. got to do better, because there's no way it can get any worse.
only 1 direction to go when you've hit the bottom right?:D

Mr Alan Tan
you wont need to stab yourself with the lab scissors if i study for this promos.
i meant, if i study hard enough.

sinful bed.
i should be locked out of the house.

i dont sleep in school, but i totally pig at home.

Sunday, September 19, 2010
today feels like a great day.
i keep dreaming of weird things.

the opposite of real life.
or perhaps a prediction of the future:D

piano soon.
i'm very nervous. havent studied.for promos. lol. no link to piano.

vivyan said she slacked the night away, so she's gna study till her eyes drop today.
i was watching BONES and another random american show last night.
maybe i should study till my eyeballs shrivel up and fall off like dried prunes too.

i'm such a gross girl.

does anyone like gross girls?

guess it doesnt matter.

i woke up today, thinking about this person, who never fails to make me unhappy.
yeah. i hope your brain shrivels up and sticks to your eyeballs like raisins on a panadol.
stupid small-eyes.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

all the best for promos.
Hope GP went well for everyone.

My classmates helped me book a chem consultation slot cos they thought i needed it.
HAHA so sweet:D
Thanks guys.

i feel like 5c45 is really a family.
no pun intended for the class-couples.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Art and Thieves

First of all, thanks 5C45, for helping me when i was in a desperate situation for art. I'm really touched (':
Thanks hans and Wans too, for asking me about it.

Secondly, stealing is bad.
Just because you feel like you need the cash, doesnt mean youre the only one who needs it.
thieves are lousy. boo.

So friends, dont let lousy people make you upset!
we could meet up someday after promos to make voodoo dolls.


Sunday, September 12, 2010
i don't know what to do.
i just spent 2 hours lying on my bed, imagining how i'm going to fail art.
i know there's the rubrics, i know there has been consultations, but i really don't know whats expected of me.

i need to experiment, to generate ideas, to come up with a reason for everything, why i choose a wooden base instead of bronze, why i use red instead of pink, why i want to portray myself as this instead of that in my art...

i need to express my ideas visually. to draw. to take photos. to make.

i need to figure out what my identity is.
but what if i don't know.

"identity" is a tough theme.
i absolutely hate it.

it's so personal, and abstract.

i'm going to fail.
why must art be understood.

Marcel Duchamp was a Dadaist.
he randomly took a urinal and made it art.
now it's world famous, and people flock to the museum (ive forgotten what its called. the pipe one in Paris) to see it.

why cant i do the same.

broke my curfew today because i saw the time wrongly.
i thought 23:xx was 10pm+

my curfew's 11pm.

my dad's abit unhappy.

plus, i didnt complete what i planned to do.
because i didnt plan.
my schedule got screwed when i substituted 2 econs days to do art.
and i still havent completed art.

i got pranked by pearlyn and yongjing.
i was sitting in the community centre alone, cos the library was packed, so i didnt join pearlyn, vivyan and yongjing.
then at 9pm+, the library closed so i asked if they wanted to come over.

moment passed, and nobody replied, so i assumed they meant 'no'.

then this weird ringtone (a personal joke between the few of us+weiwei) started playing out of nowhere!
It couldnt come from anywhere else because, ahem, i made that ringtone. as in, uh, i...uh. it was my voice. lol. so i thought vivyan they all must have slipped something in my bag the other day at the airport.

then i started checking my bag furiously. fumbling like mad.
after sooooo many repeated ringtones (i was so embarassed), it finally stopped.
then i saw yongjing's phone underneath the chair.

after which pearlyn and yongjing emerged from a pillar, complete with sinister laughs.

i was taking my sweet break from studying leh.
shouldnt have told them i was at the cc right. hhahaha.

then yongjing the ungentlemanly thing refused to budge from my chair, and i didnt want to get another one cos i didnt want to ask from the ah peh nearby, so pearlyn got up to take a chair for me..

she couldnt stand the sight of us bickering over the chair.
ah, cute pearlyn.

oh, yeah. then we started testing each other on bio. pearlyn had a cool set of notes. super colourful!
she didnt stay long though):

vivyan didnt come.

but then yongjing and i forgot what CGTPE stood for, so we called her and i got to hear her voice over the phone!

i love vivyan, like i love jovina. love pearlyn too. and je...

i'm seeing jennifer tomorrow!
excited much.

heehee meeting at 11am. i hope i wake up.
i dont usually wake up in time for piano. hope i can tomorrow. wake up, i mean.

eom eom.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010
tiring day.
art drains.

Monday, September 6, 2010
Vivyan saved me today!
Loves my dear vivyan.

Wanted to go library and study at 9am with the tampines library gang (yongjing and alex) before meeting the rest of 5c45 at bedok. We arranged to meet at 845am and line up outside the library so that we can grab seats (LOL), but then hor, all of us were late.

i reached at 9am, about the same time as yongjing.
Only to realise that the library opens at 10am.
(as forewarned by my mum. i chose to ignore her warning, shucks.)

Alex wasnt even there. We suspect he knew that the library opens at 10am-.-

so we went to the nearby macs and sat till we met 5c45 at bedok, at 10am.

In the end only hweetze taoqin jamela baxter yongjing vivyan and i turned up for the bio mugging session, but it was still fun:D
jas was sick):
idk what happened to the rest..

Went to taoqin's place and managed to finish the 1st out of 4 parts of bacteria and virus notes.
(yes. spent the entire day on that)

left at about 630pm to meet my parents for dinner at city hall.

Ate, then my family went home.
i decided to stay at macs to study awhile more cos i hadnt progressed much with bio today.

(ok, over-dramatised, but whatever.)

a 20year old looking chinese guy in white shirt, quite fair, spoke in fluent chinese, has a chinese touch screen phone with a styler, quite skinny, with large tattoos all over his arms, approached me as i sat alone in the fast food restaurant.

"excuse me miss, could you help me with this? i want a ringtone, but i dont know how to adjust the settings. could you help me do it?"
(speaks in chinese)

"orh ok."
(takes the phone, sees that its all in chinese, and fumbles with it.)

"this should be it."
(hands the phone over after messing with it for quite awhile.)

"oh, could you call me to test it out?"
(gives me a number)

(calls, and it works)

"oh, can. thanks.

do you mind if i sit?"
(gestures to seat opposite me)

"uh. no."

(sits for awhile, and blasts music while i give an annoyed face cos i wanted to study)

" you're still studying/ in school?"
(i dont know which he referred to. he said "ni hai zai du shu ma?")

(said without glancing up from bio notes)

"oh. do you have a boyfriend?"

(...thinks: omg he's a biantai!)



(2 mins later)

i'd better be going. "

then i continued studying.
but when i started daydreaming/ stoning about 15 minutes later, i saw him standing at a corner of macs, looking at me.


i was thinking "shittttt he has my numberrrrr. so stupid, go zuo haoxinren for whatttt?!"

so i smsed vivyan to tell her who to look out for if i'm kidnapped for murdered, then she asked me to walk around in a crowded area until i lose him.

so i did.
then i ran home.

Thanks to vivyan's smart suggestion!

if i ran like that for 2.4km run, perhaps i might finishthe run in 11minutes leh.

plans to study at macs=fail.

going to school tomorrow.
dont know what to do for art.

Saturday, September 4, 2010
Today was an unplanned 5C45 outing day!
Even though we dislike the name 'horfun', gotta
admit, it has stuck to us.

Met many people today. here's the recount.

1. How i woke

One fine (to)day, i woke up at 530am to stop my alarm.
The next time i woke, it was 9am, and i smsed weiwei to tell her i'm meeting her.
She praised me for waking before 12pm.
The next moment, it was 2pm.
I woke to her phone call, and realised i was late.
Supposed to meet at 2pm. library.

2. When i met up with Jas and weiwei

The library was too packed, so we met at the mrt station (i was late by 48min), and eventually settled in Tampinews north CC to study.

Weiwei kept watching videos on her phone, so we only wrote 3 lines of bio notes in about 1 or 2 hours.
I couldnt stop stoning, so i only finished copying pearlyn's chem notes (i havent been copying in lectures) and one bio chi-question.
Jasmine was on task, but she only did about 4-5 math questions.

3. When Taoqin and Hweetze came over

Yongjing was in the library with alex. Tao and Hweet migrated from marine parade lib to tampines lib because it was too packed, but tampines lib was packed too so they sat on a ledge. Yong informed us of their plight, so we asked them to join us at the CC.

They came over, but there were no seats ( cos the study room was only for members and i didnt notice that till they arrived, my bad) so they went to the cafe-like area and sat near old men.

Wei felt guilty for videoing so she started to be serious and did 2 pages of notes in

4. When we went for dinner

Hweet had curfew, so she left.
Wei and Jas had seafood at home, so they didnt join us for dinner.
But wei jas tao yong alex pearl and i walked to tampines mall for dinner together.
it was a 5c45+weiwei event.

Pearlyn happened to go to the library too, and saw yong and alex.

We bumped into zhenghui at tampines mall.
Then vivyan came and joined us.

So the few of us had dinner at ljs.
After dinner, all left except for yong and alex, and we went back to the library to study
till 9pm.

5. At the library

Met WANYING! Then wanz said she met peh too, so i went to say hi.
Then studied with my classmates.

Wanz and peh left earlier.

We left when the library closed.

So in summary, even though i only planned to meet weiwei and jasmine today, i ended up meeting hweetze, taoqin, yongjing, alex, pearlyn, zhenghui, vivyan! Then wanying and junjie.

All 5c45 + one weiwei+2 random bennu people :D

Wonderful outing.


could tell the batter was Jasmine.
Right, 5C45?(;

Thursday, September 2, 2010
dont want to go to schoollllll.
i woke up this morning thinking yesterday was a dream.

shouldnt have watched inception. lol.

next up, nightmare in class.


get one from cbox!
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