Saturday, October 22, 2016
nat king cole, Unbelievable

my lifestory background music rn. i'm a disney world girl. not a princess, just a girl. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016
i keep coming back to blog because i wanna talk but got nobody to talk to hahhahaha

haha i feel like i have no reason to wake up leh. like. nothing to really look forward to in the day. what can i look forward to...?
i have too many clothes but no clothes to wear at the same time btw. idk how that is possible but yes, its happening. plus i have no occasion to wear them. i hardly leave my desk/bed except to forage for food at the nearest ntuc.


and i ate super a lot of seaweed. like i bought $10 worth of seaweed, travel packs and all, and ate 3/4 of the entire stock in a day. and now i have cramps but i still eat cos my mouth needs to munch on something, i miss having a cca.

miss having classmates! miss my aki gang too..cos i hate travelling to school haha now that i have no studio to camp in. shared studio sucks. i want designated spaces to hobo comfortably. haiz 'residence' ownership, plis.

haha oh fff i just realise why i was so chill the past few days. ive forgotten that i need to do smth for studio lolz haha im gna be ded na0.

omg 2010 hahaha

Friday, October 14, 2016

i remember listening to this in sec1, though i had probably already come across it before already in primary school?

how much have i changed since then? not much.

my lifestyle is somewhat the same, my personality too, although ive had less opportunities to exude my bubbly persona since fourth year aki. which, of course, is a pity, because thats my strength.
hahhahaa yeaaa you likey me, i knows i is miss popular *wades through everybody's protest-vomit doing the princess wave*

today i full on slacked. i'm on pms, and i keep flaring up for the smallest reasons, so i decided to waste all my elevated stress by crying non-stop from japanese dramas. (editor's note: it works. my mood is better now though my eyes crackle from the dryness)

Image result for 1 litre of tears konayuki meaning
ok this pic is cheesy af, but Asou-kun looks cute so, ok, here he is. Aya-chan is cute too.

i watched 1 Litre of Tears again and ofc, cried more than a litre once more.
this is my ultimate tear jerker. please, watch. its based on a true story.
the actress, Erika, has weird eyebrows in the show but she is otherwise so fitting for the role..the perfect-except-for-one-unfortunate-thing role.
also, the jerk senpai is acted by the same guy who acts L in deathnote. his grin is so wide.
i think i've said this before in all my previous rants of 1L of Tears, but Asou-kun is so -_- when you first see him, but you will identify with him one! the act jaded but actually still has a heart somewhere kind..turns out he's the most sensitive one anyway. i think if i were anyone in the drama, i'm him. in my family i'm Ako-chan though - the grouchy one who acts shit at home but when other kids say anyth bad about my fam, they gon get it.

ok i am mostly Ako-chan.
also, i have a thing for Asou-kun. but. you alr know that.

to date, my crushes include Asou-kun, Kyouya, ..ok i think thats about it.
not gna include all the random teachers i only spazzed over so my girls and i can well, spazz. like mr kcw hahaah tbh i dont even rmb how he looks like anymore. i only like him cos he taught with charisma and his wife very pretty. hahahaha but he nvr even teach me before. just in mass lecture.

i really feel like im 13 rn.

anyway 1L of Tears is not some crappy romance ok.
the most touching scene (imo) is a family scene when Ako-chan r-a-m-p-a-g-e-d ahha
Image result for 1 litre of tears konayuki meaning
oo and the last pic is of Aya's doctor. cutie patootie.


i want to feel myself again. although i was lame, i think i was most aware of who i was at age 13.
at 13, i was constantly trying to understand myself.
now, i'm just thinking about how to deal with issues that arise. how to deflect crisis, ...just trying to maintain status quo because so many things demand my attention now, and introspection is a luxury the millennials cannot afford.

now i'm just struggling. struggling not to resent responsibilities that have befallen me, struggling not to fear future obligations. but well, nothing really escapes the current of societal pressures so...lets let the tide carry us wherever.

at the end of it all, i'll see everyone again and whew, it'd have been a crazy ride for sure :)

Monday, October 10, 2016
i love God :)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

when will this not be relevant


get one from cbox!
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