Thursday, April 30, 2009
omg i saw this on the net and i thought,


jess: teoee, why arent you playing ball?
teo: i hate balls ):
jess: oh ya! no no, that is bad ):

: D
ahahaa, long-thing is so cute!

and if you havent noticed,
you as in the readers: D,

i hate math.
i hate balls.

two favourite quotes of mine.
though i'm trying to like math: D
(just not trying hard enough)

there are things i dont know.
but once i know them,
i just feel better.
(be it good or bad news)

sorry to lihui, my phone alarm'll ring at 530 everyday.
even on weekends(though i never do respond to them then)
just off my phone?: Dhaha.

k,off to do more jap.
i feel abit sad knowing that i'm quitting.
sigh. at least its for the better of my studies...?

but then again, i feel sadder knowing that i have to go for 3rd lang every thurs and face the dread and fear of being #$&#$-ed
(but ever since i told jenn that i'll quit once she scolds me, she's been controlling her temper very well O.O i suppose its God's will/ hint for me to continue?)
it really is a cool coincidence isnt it?

but i think it'll be better for me to stop whatever's gone wrong.


tan sheng han's birthday today right?????
tanshenghan, youre the most male-auntie i have ever seen/met!
jiayou in being the SC head: D
and dont feel sad that girls fleet to your SC vice head instead lollol.
HAHA, joking nia lah.
cya soon nehx.

esther(tan)! let us talk: D

and esther(hong)!...
nothing.i just miss you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
i may not like pw that much.
but i seriously like my group members: D

they're so responsible! : )
and caring,funny, blahblahblah...etc.

hope all goes well for esther (tan).
-your punchbag

reached home at eh.

took lihui's car: D
dropped my phone in her car-.-

blame my retardedness.

hope jenn stop aching; D

hope hanxi has fun tmr balling: D

hope usan enjoys studying for next year(!!)

hope xiaowei sees 1149pm today(:

hope liying enjoys tmr(speech day!)

hope we can finish pw soon and ace it!: D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

曲:游鴻明 詞:陰`德 編:

盼不到我愛的人 我知道我願意再等
疼不了愛我的人 片刻柔情他騙不了人
我不是無情的人 卻將你傷的最深
我不忍 我不能
我知道愛 要緣份
我不問 我不能

song from 1994.
haha,maybe use it for the chinese homework thing.LOL.

dont say anything you dont mean.
i hate it.

when i start thinking that i live in a big, mansion-sized house,
its because ive lost something.

where is my long ruler?):
and more importantly, protractor.

Monday, April 27, 2009
thankyou esther tan, for the really cute plaster thingy today: D
ive never owned pretty plasters before,hahaa(though i hope i wont need to use them)


me: ma, wanna go PTM this year?
mum: -.-
me: want not?
mum: -.- (shows the wanna box me look)
me: okok.dowan loh.
mum: i'll go if your teachers are models, and if i can just go there but not speak to anyone. just tell your teachers my breath stinks.
me: -.- so extreme.

now you know where i got my "very drama" genes from.

bumped into 2 people today.
and totally daoed the 2 people today.

i am so unfriendly):
shame on me.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

from this... (face painting-.-supposed to look like chicken pox)
(the vietnamese wife look)

to this.

(the phillipines maid look)

maybe the next time the 3 of us take a photo together again,
i'll have the slave-in-poverty-look

ok,when i first started out the previous post, i hadnt wanted it to be about guides.
cos i knew that i'll probably just rant about something that i felt was disappointing.

so now, i'm gonna make up for it and talk about something else.

ok.yesterday, uh, was saturday.
oh had cip in the morning.
it didnt start out as a good day.
at all.

woke up late, and had to run to mrt in 5 min when i usually take at least 12 min if i run/brisk walk.30min if i walk-.-

reached bedok(lucki i didnt miss the train.waited for 1 min only), and daphne told me that the back of my coytee was drenched in sweat(ok.mighty eww.i dont usually sweat much de.i just turn red when i run.haha.and that's very disturbing too.)
half ran half walked to hanxi's place to catch a ride with her(and her dad) to whampoa.
some ulu place-.-somewhere like ghim old estate.

was reminded by jenn that i had pw meeting later with my project mates at 2pm.
and i hadnt brought anything with me.
(i was late mah, so i just threw on some clothes, grabbed my card and phone and rushed out.and the worse thing was, i almost couldnt find my card-.-wasted like 3 min looking for it.)
ok, so i had to go home and get my thumbdrive after cip/guides.
and that'd mean i wouldnt reach NLB by 2pm.

so was smsing my group member to tell them that i'll be late, and to tell them what they could do in the meantime.

then stoned in hanxi's car.
(hanxi can read a street directory O.O i'll probably read it upside anything but street smart.)

reached whampoa cc, and got off her car.then her dad sped off to work.

limped around for awhile. no idea why, but my left hip bone had a crack crack sound(no, its not broken.i didnt do anything too vigorous.this probably happened just to make my bad morning worse.)
oh and xiaowei's shoulder hurt.she doesnt know why either.
so there.two hurting people who have no idea what had happened to them.

then i suddenly realised that my pocket was rather light, and viola!
my phone was gone.

ok, so im proud of myself for not being too dramatic and whine+cry+moan about how my parents will kill me and how i'll never live to see another day and how all those smses meant sososo much to me and etcetc.

i just went, o.o phone's gone.
and hanxi asked me to go see if i dropped it anywhere along the road.
so jenn went to look around with me: D
i kept looking in the trees.
abit retarded.dno what i was doing-.-

it wasnt there, so i cant remember who, but someone asked me to go look in the rubbish bin.
uh, too dark to see the insides of the bin.
(it was possible that i had thrown my phone in. cos hanxi gave me a sweet: D and i went to throw the wrapper away mah, then might have just thrown the wrong thing.i wasnt in a proper state of mind, as you can see.)

then someone suggested that it was probably in hanxi's car.

ok, so then this incident was set aside and we chatted in a meeting room with JieJie Pamela, Angeline, catherina, and siuyan.

then went delivering food to whampoa residents.

went to four houses, and had a talk to with the last old man.
went to his 1room+1hall house.

on the way back from delivery, stepped on phlem.
usan made a great deal about it):
and that, was an added item to my list of bad-stuff-that-happened-today list.

it was really quite gross.

then ended the cip with chitchat about tall, dark, handsome men(quoted from Pamela jiejie), and Dolly Parton(?idk what the surname is...) and the imbalance of some uh, body structures, and talked about penguins and marriages(esp Ms Ngau's!) and etcetc.

then went home to get pw stuff.

and went to NLB, children's section, and saw stephen and songjia sprawled on the floor,LOL.
quite funny.
i took some photos with ella's cam(:
hope she can send me,hahaha.

the 3 of them, ella songjia stephen fooled around with the rocking-horse-chair,
quite funny too!

and then i saw simin!
: D

then went home.

and had pizza for dinner.

and did pw till 2+am.
(and talked to esther hong, then sent Ms Ngau proposal, then talked to the antjuice-drinker, then uh,...nothing
then slept.
then woke up this morning and was late for piano.

then thats all(:


piano this morning.

i really have no idea whats wrong with me these days.
i just cant wake up on time.

anyway, after piano(my sight reading pissed the teacher off),
was walking back home,
saw michelle teo.the p7's junior.
lol.our shoulders nearly brushed against each other.we were that close.
but we didnt acknowledge each other.

i just felt sick of waving/saying hi to juniors before they say hi to me.
its not the way things should be.

yeayea, me and my duapai-ness.

ok, this is not directed at michelle ok.i just happened to see her and reflected abit. i'd have done the same if i had chanced upon anyone else. so its not about michelle ok.

but really, it seems that even in school, the seniors are usually the ones who wave when we see other guides first.
(not all of them do that, of course.there are some really sweet girls who'll wave even though they are miles away when they spot you too. but in this care, i'm refering to the majority.)

the worse and most disgusting situation is when we wave AND say hi, and we're this close to touching each other, and those juniors dont even look at you. or better yet, look at you, then look away.
and yes, i have 2 people in mind right now even though this is for everybody to see.

i know nonguides read this too.
and i'm sort of washing dirty linen in public.

but heck, even if i dont mention it here, dont you think people(non-guides)'ll still notice your rubbish attitude?


its really sickening that we didnt teach you guys how to change ABCDE from theory to practicals.
again, our fault.
so i hereby apologise for not teaching you well.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i'll miss them.
i'll miss us.

heck, i already do.

i dont feel like i've done enough.
but i'm passing down already-.-
along with 40th batch.

and everything has to end this way,
with my patrol still talking among themselves during patrol corners,
with my sec2 not cheering or singing,
with my sec1s chit-chatting during jihe even though the first thing we taught them was the rules to follow during jihe such as not cutting patrols(ge xiaodui), kaolonging,not talking,etc.

the only conclusion i can come up with is,
they dont respect us.

perhaps on the 4th of july,
p2 orchid will be the only patrol with dry eyes.
the only patrol still talking among themselves,
the only patrol not singing,
the only patrol still chit chatting as we jihe.

we're now left with 1 more jihe to plan.

maybe some juniors may care.i know i'm being unfair by accusing everyone, but we're a patrol, so we'll take responsibility for everyone's actions.or lack of it.

around the time before eunice's batch passed down,
eunice talked to me online.
i joked and said "am i supposed to cry on that day?bring onionso.o"
trying to act tough, pretending that i wouldnt cry.
"you dont have to if you dont want"

no idea why i said such a stupid thing.
what an asshole i was.
ironic thing was that i was already crying for their batchs' passing down in yr1(when wannung and i sat in the bus to 3rd lang, i teared and wannung was rather surprised because their passing down was 1 year later-.-)
i was irritating and very annoying as a junior.
(probably as a senior too.)
if i were a senior of me, i'd want to box me up and stuff me head-first into the rubbish bin.

and i remember when i was a sec1, gina and jocelyn taught us patrol and company songs, and we refused to sing.
and they said,"you'll know how it feels like when you get your own juniors.we were like that too."

yeah, and i really did know how it felt when my first batch of juniors came in.

i thought,
sorry gina and i know how it feels like to have uncooperative juniors.
sorry i was so difficult.

: \
and haha, the yr3s had their taste of that too when their first batch of juniors came.

the yr2s this year are blessed with outspoken juniors.
sec1s are even more outspoken than some/most yr2s.
good for them.

yr2s, please get each other to cheer and sing la.
keeping quiet during guides is anything but impressive.
atc should have changed you into the guides' mode.
didnt it?

or maybe it was too much of a failure, too slack, too easy to go through, so yall didnt see the importance of working together and cheering to motivate each other in order to accomplish good stuff.
yeah, thats probably it.

blah.idk whether to post this.
i'll flip a coin.
if its in favour of posting, then you'll know which side the coin landed.
if not, then you wont even know that ive flipped a coin.


oh, and by the way,
we're passing down.

jiayou for pltc, michelle, crystabelle and yiting: D
you will survive!!

hi.why are you offline?

alot of people are more than just friends.


li(e) lao shi says its not good for 16 year olds to engage in these sort of things.
i agree.

but mummy met papa in sec2!
set bad example):

mummy was a popular girl.
i just know it.

pretty, artistic, good swimmer, jolly, fun: D
(and i saw a photo of her when she was young--in school--,standing in the corridor, with 3 guys peeking at her from behind a door!really cute photo: D)

papa was an optimistic guy who really knows how to write love letters(i read them when they were out).

and both of them were lame-.-
met in sec2.


(but lucky they did what they did.if not, where would i come from?O.O)


Thursday, April 23, 2009
sometimes idk if its a blessing to be born in this century.

next time our children'll be reading fairytales and magical stories of how "holiday" was a sacred ritual performed by people from ancient times.
or worse yet,
maybe they wont even have time to read story books.
it'll all be about facts, facts, and more facts.

compassionate people who really love children will not bear to let them arrive on this physically and mentally polluted earth.
all who lands here, dies here.
there is no escape.

i hate pw.


im putting my homework and chi file aside for pw.

but not anymore.
(: i guess i'll need help: D
gonna leave the rest for yall to do k

i cant wait for retirement.let 60 come quick.

> :' (
ok, i'm being unfair.
: D

think positive.

byebye!: D

this sucks.
im busy too ya know.

maybe getting skewered by shiyi isnt such a bad idea after all.
at least i dont have to live to see all these stuff killing me bit by bit.\
life is damn sadistic.

im feeling like a tzyyshuan today.
): hi tzyyshuan.if you read this, tell me how you managed to survive 16 years under so much #%&%$#&$# stress!

wasnt in test mood today.
flunked geog.

but decided not to say anything about it.

20 years down the road i may still regret doing badly, but i wouldnt blame it on just this test(:
think positive.

i thought i had alot of time.
never knew 5 min passed so quickly.
things in my head never reached my paper.
they were just waiting to drip from the tip of my pen.

my resolution for 30 days and beyond: D

esther sang the cutecute song today!
i forgot the cartoon name again, but i used to watch that show too!
"growing up is not so tough"
: D

with mommy and daddy, and finding my way.
the song.

if you dropped a hair every time i think of you,
you'd be a baldie by now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 was not a bad day at all(:
except that i was late and missed the bus.

but today was not a bad day, overall: D
i shall try to keep this up for at least 30days(minus the late thing). was not a bad day: D

thanks hanxi for your speech bubble!i wrote one for you too, it said:
"sorry hanxi weiwei and fiona, because this note is for shiyi....(and other stuff below)"

: D
only 1 speech bubble): it wasnt enough to express what i feel towards you!(mushy mushy)
i wrote the thankyou note to jovina for letting me play with her turtleD:
: D omg she's so polite!she come say thanks for the note leh!: D

thanks weiwei, for your note too: D
fwenfwen togethar yeah?: D

shiyi's note was the cutest.
"...cheerful to the point of idiocy..."
HAHA,sounds just like her when she talks to me: D
the language of love right,shiyi?(HAHAHAHAHA!!)
(can imagine shyi giving odd looks and telling me how disgusted she is)

jenn's note/letter was the longest and most substantial: D
she's said all the things that i wanna say to her too!
to sum it up,

esther (tan) aka the punchbag(teoee) owner wrote me a separate note too!
it was uber sweet woots!: D
thanks for ranting with me: D
and letting me hear you rant.
i love it that youre always willing to tell me things, simply because we're friends: )

in all, friends made my day perfect: D
(i made it slightly imperfect by turning up late.)

k, gonna go do jap compo.
BYEBYE AND alamak.geog test tmr.
i dont need to study already.
doing 2 jap compos is a feat ok????


Tuesday, April 21, 2009
strange smells in the bus ):
jenn and hanxi had blocked nose, so my bizi bore most of the trauma.

this morning, had an encounter with 3 poorly mannered kids in the bus.
jenn and i were thoroughly #$&%$# by it.

boys should seriously shut up in buses.
quiet boys are cute(r).
noisy, AA boys who like bullying each other and waving to strange girls (jenn and i) are just plain annoying.
just because yall are prolly some angmoh sibei pro de chaokia doesnt mean you can brag your superiority in a public bus sia.
why keep announcing crap in the bus?
i kept hearing the word "ass" and "nuts" in the bus trip, while jenn heard f words.
> : (



2.4 was not bad today(:
weather was good.
i cant wait for post-exam activities.

shall work on pw.bye.

Monday, April 20, 2009
there was this thing that an alien said to me.
i didnt understand it.

but jenn did.

omg she speaks alien language! X.X

HAHA.i am amused.

" TeoEe looked scary"
-quoted from a junior's blog.

HAHAA.i am very amused(;

and to think i wasnt even trying to look scary today, HOHOHO
<3 guides

went to school with jenn today, as i do everyday.
sat beside an old lady.
and started chatting with her.
or rather,
started um...listening to her life story regarding her daughter and granddaughter.
her daughter was from dhs too.
and she's now a doctor.

godsend: D
actually, do i want to be a doctor?O.O
or something more expressive perhaps?: D

jenn was how to my encounter with that lady.
more of like, very good leh teoee.
jenn almost sat with her de lor!D:

i dont regret sitting there even though it mean that i had to to a stranger: D
because then it meant that there's a vacant seat beside jenn for...

maybe i should engage in more conversations with strange old ladies next time.

ok blahblah school and stuff. so today, nothing interesting happened.
sat behind stephen, beside weiwei and baxter, and near mdm arfah for assembly.
why the strange arrangement?
haha, cos bax and steph must be near mdm arfah, and wei and i usually sit at the end of the row too so...
and today, got separated from hanx and fio cos...idk why-.-

watched performances today put up by students.
indonesian dances and stuff.
1st dance: i thought it was by japanese-.-
2nd solo dance: i thought that person was dutch.
lol so paiseh to mistake those people's nationality especially since an indonesian's sitting right in front of me-.-
even worse since mdm arfah was there to witness my um...slight ignorance.

wei teased me as we got out the hall.
she almost mentioned some BEEP name when BEEPBEEP was within hearing range.
luckily she caught herself in time,
and switched to teasing me about BEEEPING BEEP instead.
-.-eh weiwei, see lar, BEEP got BEEPBEEP already, and BEEPING BEEP's got nothing much to do with me lar, so your teasing subject's totally IRRELAVENT!D:
out of context beep!

reached corridor of class.
then saw some hooligans sitting and loitering outside 4k.
was just about to tease weiwei and say "eh wei, your junior is it?HAAHHAHAAA"
when i realised its MY juniors-.-
lucky i caught myself in time HAHAHAAA.
i was rather amused by the sight of them waiting for fio esth and i outside 4k,hahaa.
: D cute juniors wheee.

after that, went to 4S, where they returned whatever they owed.

then stayed in class and studied bio.
well, SORT OF study bio...
according to yingying, i was stuck on the same page for quite awhile.
couldnt help it! was busy smsing crystabelle and receiving smses from zhenling D:
(regarding guides lar)

after awhile, a very unproductive while, jenn called and said she was outside i went to find her.
apparently she said"outside scouts tuanbu" but ive got selective hearing you see, so i went to "guides tuanbu" instead.
(and saw yiting and gang)

ok, so i went to look for jenn outside scouts tuanbu, but didnt see her.
so i thought, nvm, go ask hanxi.
and when i looked in the cc direction, VIOLA!
jenn was there.
apparently, "outside scouts tuanbu" can mean quite abit of distance, not as in directly on their tuanbu

ok blah and bleah, sat at the canteen and took lunch.
then chen teck came.
then we went to look at the UG well wishes mahjong paper.
got abit worked up, the 3 of us D:
especially chenteck.
because of some stuff-.-
it was rather upsetting.

went back to sit in the canteen and then chenteck went to get his bag, and came back with his bag plus other np friends
then jenn and i left because i wanted to go home(tons of jap!).
the rest stayed behind in school.(prolly to wait for cough-ahem-cough)

took bus 14, and halfway through, realised boshi's in the same bus.
not that i kow boshi, but well, at least i know by name?: D

thne took train, reach home, bathed, and now i wanna have dinner.


oh btw, i realise i may not like assembly as much anymore.
i used to like it because i got to see people that i like,
: D
but now i see no point.
because i see those whom i like all the time!
especially during guides: D

and thankyou xiaowei for helping me copy math!
(copy as in i do on scrap paper, she copy my work on nice paper for me without asking for anything in return and without hesitation!)

oh and hans if youre reading this,
i think im getting it too.
o.o either tmr, or sometime these few days.
i see tell-tale signs.

but if i pray hard enough, i probably wouldnt bring it to level camp: D
(trying to be subtle about my subject topic, but hope you understand what i'm saying!: D)

i'm feeling the impact of global warming.


havent been able to sleep on a dry pillow without the aircon these few days.

Saturday, April 18, 2009
so i went reading archives.
and i realise that i havent renewed my <3 to jennifer.

I, Teo Ee, NRIC number SXXXXXXXX, loves jennifer ong ren ting, whose NRIC number i do not know, forever.

forever would be a very short time if it were spent with you(:

sorry for being cranky and weird, plus um. stoned, and cold, and,...uh, this and that and those, and i dont know, and ....blah.
: D

ok.abit random-.-
please dont be traumatised.

"hey jie, i wanna ask you a question."
"what is it."
"how do you do this question?"

6. 5579+6=___
7. 538653+6748=____
8. 67487+5637856=_____
9. 34252+533=_____
10.10 000-11=_____

(the questions 6 to 9 are made up.question 10 is real though.adapted from st hilda's primary school worksheet.)

"which one?"
"what is ten point one zero zero zero zero minus eleven?"

"-_-do you even know what you're asking?"
"thats the question number, you idiot."


guides yesterday.

i have piano lesson later because i missed it the previous sunday.
uh oh.

i fell asleep yesterday without doing anything, so didnt manage to change my subject combination choice.

bio chem lit geog.
aiya, as long as bio is there, i'm happy: D

quite a good mood this morning: )
woke up at 8.30am.
optimum time for waking up(:

daphne couldnt believe that i'm an I.
do i look like an extrovert?O.O
(ok i probably do.but i like being by myself too ya know.)

i avoid alot of people in school ):
which is why i like staying in class during breaks(:
cant stand the thought of being in full view of every stranger and non strangers in the canteen or any other public places.
at least i'm comfortable in my class(:

got my trigo math test back.
i'll have to say, even though it was a single digit score,
i was really quite : D to receive that set of marks.
i mean, gosh, its TRIGONOMETRY.
the most ^%&%^*$( part of math!

got my chemistry paper back too(:
i'm probably the only person rather badly.
either that, or the only one who failed.
why do i think so?
eh you see, everybody got up the teacher's table where ms ng was seated to get their chem paper back right,
then ms ng just passed them theirs without a second glance.
but when it came to my turn, she asked "so what happened?"
while i smiled, shrugged, and went back to my seat.

so special huh?-.-

wellsxh, nevermind.
im still feeling good today.
no idea why.

i saw a guy wearing a shirt that said "PEACE" the other day.
i think i shall name my adopted girl-child Keace(:
(the good thing about not having a spouse and still having an adopted child is, there's a higher chance of that child given the name that you like,hahaha.)
Keace Teo.
uh, sounds...-.-
not very nice.

how 'bout Eeace Teo?

um...Art teo?
cool leh.ive never come across anyone named Art.
but her schoolmates'll probably make fun of her name.
and what if she turns out to be a really...non-artistic kid?O.O
contradict her own name leh.

Easy Teo?

zzz. if i decide to adopt a boy,

call him Mumbai.
Mumbai Teo: )

i shall go do the infiltration graph thingy.
then send to hanxi so she can include her other set of data.

Thursday, April 16, 2009
i reviewed these past few days' events,

and something the UFO said sort of stuck.

like a hammer in the soil or something.
something that shouldnt be there.

it said something that reminded me of north and south korea.
still korea, but north and south.
get what i mean?

idk what i'm supposed to think, do, say.

hanxi was really funny today.
"so many idiots in the world"
geog was fun; D
i like the infiltration thingy.
(sort of)

i wanna eat ___ and ___.
havent done homework, havent practiced piano pieces.

anyone who has ever run a race will understand

once you fall behind someone, it really takes alot of effort to believe that you can overtake him or her.

and once you have that belief, you'll never overtake your competitors.

life's like that.
a race.

and i dont feel like i can catch up anymore.

everything's going way too fast. come and go, ebb and flow,
where's the sense of belonging.

where's my lane?

yay i diddnt do any work at all.
i can go eat shit and die liao.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009
i was having alot of fun doing geog project after school today.
even though i was by myself,
it had felt really good(:

finally, away from all those theory, away from time constraints, away from definite steps that one must take in a practical, away from trying to guess whats in a solution, how high is the voltage,...

(: i like having time.

after school, went to see Ms Ngau with usan.
discussed abit of stuff, and then usan went for contingent thingy while i went to do geog infiltration thing.
got a tin can from drink stall uncle(kindest in dhs!), and decided upon a hypothesis.
then went to some part of dhs and tried to push the tin can into the soil.


so i started jumping on the can to make it go in.
used up all 78kg of me(:
but i was super elated when i managed to anchor it in the ground.

while i was jumping on the can, a little boy from PAP(i saw his uniform) ran over to me with 2 tennis balls and said," jiejie! why are you jumping?"

"haha, i'm trying to make this go in!"

"what?why?" he said as he fingered his tennis balls.

before i could think of a simple answer that he'd understand, one of the 2 balls dropped and bounced away, so that boy went after it.
then from a distance, some lady called"nicholas!get off the road!"


my first thought was
HAHA hanxi.

2 jap compos, math differentiation extra prac(thats compulsory for me cos i got <3/10 for the prev test),math example 1 and 2, chi file, jap file, bio abstract, chem worksheets(2 of them), physics assignment 4(and3!),and guides proposal...geoggeoggeog...etc.

im going offline after this.
cant stand it.need to sleep.

: D

hope you'll always be happy at work(:
esp since youre in the office alot more than youre at home(:
(just like i am in dhsD: )

all the best to you... : D
and only the best!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
haha, i know i'll regret saying this.
really, i will.

but still, gotta say it


D : <

i wanna float to an island and live there with a pet monkey.
for now.

the rope that binds us together didnt snap. we didnt become distant overnight.
it was gradual.

that rope was slowly untied.

thanks weiwei; D

i don know for what, but there are times when you dont need a specific reason to thank someone.


liying, hanxi, jenn, lihui and i(random order haha) saw someone by the name of yeoh mong han in the bus today.

: D
lihui was the first to notice what was happening when i went O.O and laughed.
then the 2 of us kept laughing.

jenn noticed it quickly too. her reaction was calm.

liying couldnt see that

hanxi lagged(cos she didnt know what we were laughing at at first) and then laughed.

in all,

lol i dont know whats my point in relating this story, but nvm.
whats' typed is typed.


Monday, April 13, 2009
met an alien friend today.
lihui still remembers Mrs Thomas!!
Jennifer Thomas is the daughter of Mrs Thomas. i went home with her today.
Jennifer Ong Dear kept daoing her):

today is a stupid day.
i did alot of stupid things.


hey, miss ya you know?
talk to me sometime.

i wont box you.

doing homework at night.
ella with me.

another chi ren.
foolish enough to leave homework till the last minute.
foolish enough to chiong it even though the attempt is futile.

foolish enough to laugh about that.

i love fools.

Sunday, April 12, 2009
whoops!happy belated birthday to chai ning, born on the 10th of april!
haha, jiayou in guides; D

Saturday, April 11, 2009
dark is the absence of light.
evil is the absence of good.
hate is the absence of love.

each of the three above cannot exist without its counterpart.

if there is no dark, nobody would appreciate light.

why is it that at night, people admire the stars but not the dark sky around the stars?
we all want to see the good, the outstanding.

but why is it that people point out each other's flaws, but rarely our strengths?
we all want to be the star amongst the dark sky.

i dont make sense to you, thus i am stupid.

maybe we are all insane, and all we do is to cage up those who are sane in mental hospitals.
who knows.

i see my importance in your eyes.

(the dates and address above etc)

Dear Mr Motivation

Re: Complaint for non-puntuality

I am Teo Ee, a year4 student from dunman high school, and am writing to express my displeasure towards your lack of punctuality.

I have hired you 24/7 since year1, but you have yet to arrive. I feel that this is an act of dishonouring our pact and would like it if you could make adjustments to your schedule to make time for me.

I hope that we will not need to terminate our partnership because i am aware that you need me as much as i need you. Without someone to motivate, your existence is redundant. Therefore, i sincerely hope you will consider my complaint and take necessary measures to heighten your sense of punctuality.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Teo Ee

to have a taste of your emotion as a bitter droplet of tear.

where to next?

my penpal yohannes agustinus!: D
from st joseph's institution.


i suddenly thought of the those who had quit guides, be it this year, last year or 2 years ago.

kimberlyn, clara, clarissa, sijia, crystal.
(from p2)

maybe what people mean by "once a guide, always a guide" is that once you step into our family, even for a day,
you'll always be remembered by other guides.

(haha, it was really cool to have been emcee with my ex-patrol mate during orientation: D fate is really funny)


ive just destroyed the ozone layer by falling asleep for 2 days without shutting the computer down.

Friday, April 10, 2009

lihui and i caught sneaking out in the backyard!D:

LA PW meeting wasnt very productive today.
i need to be a better leader.

if not my group will do badly for LA.

we cyber bullied songjia):

stephen summarised part of my report this afternoon into some slides,
ella kept us on track by pointing out that we need to think of how to counter the BMI problem,
i referred them to the BMI problem.
songjia came up with the agenda with me last night(or was it 2 nights ago), and is continueing with the powerpoint slides now.

weiwei's sending me ACE.
i cant wait!!: D(to receive the whole file)

where is my carrot?: )

aim for the stars, because even if you fall short, you'll still land on the moon.

create history ourstory.

today is a friday.

you know, they often say that moments before you die, your whole life will flash past your eyes like a film.
maybe you'd like to know that life is a very short film.
while guiding life is even shorter

not because we pass down after 4 years,

but because it only starts when youre 13.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

1)treat each other as equals
2)treat each other with respect
3)understand each other's need to be an individual
4)accept each other for who they are
5)should support each other
6)shouldnt be selfish and should think for each other
7)will not bring each other down in order to see an illusion of self-worth
8)dont need to prove their friendship
9)dont order each other around
10)always doubt themselves before doubting each other
11)see fault in themselves
12)are sensitive to each other's feelings
13)dont gather other best friends from all over the place and then demand that you make them your best and only friend
14)listen to each other
15)talk to each other
16)may lie to you, but you will always forgive them because they must have lied for a good reason
17)trust you
18)encourage you
19)appreciate you
20)think about each other every now and then even though they are very far apart
21)remember your birthday, and even if they forget, they'll definitely make up for it
22)dont ask superficial questions eg. asking a question when you dont really care about the other party's answer
23)try to solve each other's problems even though they themselves may be under more stress than the other

one should not impose one's values and priciples on another.

its like a fat man deciding to slim down, so he tells his anorexic friend to go on a diet with him.
its wrong.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

xiaowei and i : D

forever BANGBANG!

pltc was one of the highlights in my guiding life.
and it still is(:

sorry for giving false hope. i hope you'll heal overtime. please heal.
xiaowei,): we did something really bad didnt we?
sigh, how to compensate?

haha lihui's an introvert too!
lol at my twin!HAHA.

: D

i'm just glad friends like these are not impossible to find(:
i am a very blessed and lucky girl.

went hanxi's place for scrabble.
too educational to excite me: \

hanxi and jenn are extroverts.
i'm an introvert.

i wonder if youre an introvert too.
if not, why dont you say i love you.

i'm willing to cast my introvert self away to reply something smiliar if you'll say it first.

or maybe not.
why dont you just stick with i like you instead.
at least that has a little bit more truth in it(:

my siti and maria ate up my physics textbook last year.
tsktsk, naughty!D: <

so many birthdays back to back.

i finally passed belated present to tzyyshuan le.
havent pass jo and wy's.

talked to esther tan today.
my chi ren(;
we dont talk much in class, but we understand each other in many aspects(:
we have similar perceptions, we have similar views on some...thngs, basically, we can communicate with each other.

i realised jenn and hanxi dont eat kimchi.

i want to continue jap.

i felt like smsing you today even though you know how much i hate smsing.
(its a known fact that i dislike smsing: D )

esther hong and i have an unwritten agreement to go for a buffet dinner; D
(because of the talk today about how our quiz results show that we're indecisive and that the best sort of meal we can go for is a buffet, where we dont have to spend 20min looking at the menu)
hope can gradually gather more comrades to go too(:
in the near future(:
(nowadays too busy sia, got recession summore.must wait for a pretty important event to go eat?lol.)

jenn and i <3 mspear.
do you <3 her too?: D
so cute right?????: D

tmr must rush for 3rd lang.
dismiss at an ungodly time of 230pm.
grape lah.

i hope i dont sleep tonight.
heck care about hei yan quan.
its just the destined fate of dhs-ians.
right, mdm/ms/mrs/ low/loh?
: D

bye.chiong jap.
wasted too much time today.

i fell asleep last night halfway through cme-ing and this morning msn had a problem.
so uh,

to those who talked to me, sorry but i didnt see what you wrote.
talk to yall next time?

and charmaine, sorry!! its really stupid to have fallen asleep while googling images-.-

): bad habits die hard.
take away the h, you still have abit.
take away the a, you have that bit.
take away the b, and you still have it!):

today's your special day, haha.
all the best in studies and hope that sweet 16 will be the time we ace math!: D
thanks for 4 years of friendship through dhs junior life hahaa.
<3 anzio.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
xiaowei said something really (: today.
thankyou for looking for me specially this morning: D

ACE filming went ok; )

thanks for all the times youve appreciated me: )
youre a really cool friend to have, all the best for this your 16th year in this mundane world!: D

passing down soon.

Monday, April 6, 2009
as we sing the old sweet song on the moonlight bay.

Sunday, April 5, 2009
i never knew you as someone so sensitive (in the good way).
to think ive always referred to you as the jerk-.-

haha.i guess i took my shades off and finally saw you for who you are?
or am i wrong once again.

youre smart.really. dont think otherwise(:

and anyway, you wont know i'm refering to you, cos i havent talked to you since years.
and you probably think ive forgotten you.

i never forget friends.
or classmates/exclassmates in our case.
or maybe classmates+friends?: D

and i think youre not reading this but nevermind(:

high school is a chore and a whore.
worst combination ever.

yay f the world and all their busybodies: )

may the world burn to ashes and hedgehogs rule the earth.

jack and jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water;
jack fell down and broke his crown
and jill came tumbling after

Saturday, April 4, 2009
ugly and stupid.

i prefer ugly.

btw i wonder who qian was talking about.
that sec2.
and how come fiona knows o.o

gah im always the last to hear of news or upcoming events/trends.

my resolution.
i ought to keep it.

resolution #1) keep quiet
#2)sleep less.

i think i'll break #2 now.
its 1027p,, full day with guides since 621am(supposed to be 610 but i was late.sorry.)

i ought to have pumped 55 for that):

lucky hans fetched us to school and we reached at 6.43am.
7 min before jihe time.


tired.piano tmr.didnt practice.

i want to be hardworking.

(i want to sleep for now.)

Friday, April 3, 2009

sorry for bumping into you after school.


today was not eventful, but i guess it wasnt that bad.
i just hate finding out that im INFP instead of ISFP.
to think i was marvelling at how accurate the ISFP thingy was until i found out(after checking my memo) that ive remembered my results wrongly.

i'm really quite glad to have the afternoon off(:
finally, reach home at 4pm.
earliest ever in dhs life: D

i am happy.


i understand.
even rainbows may fade off after some time.

i was just too naive to believe it could last.


lihui and i were talking this morning.
it really is quite sad isnt it?):
i feel a little compelled to find out what kind of a person she really is myself.
ive heard so much.
but i want to know instead of judge based on what ive heard.


i miss wannung.
again. are you?(:

the note you wrote me on 23rd feb.
i disagree with it.
youre the best mate ive got in dhs(:
youve never judged me.


i shall go le.bye.
(keep the rest of the afternoon to myself.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


eh hans, now you can go see the bus stop guy too.HAHAA.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
i woke up feeling pretty angry with myself this morning.
didnt study chem, didnt do chinese, didnt prepare for zuowen(which is why i li ti-ed and is sure to fail and make li lao shi so so so angry with me)

today, i am determined not to make the same mistake again.

i will not trust in my body clock.
no way man.

i dont trust you teoee,
you lied last night.

you said,:"just a little rest.lie down only mah.."
and you said"1 more minute and i'm up and ready to work!"

but one minute later you were sleeping.

hours later you woke up and got angry with yourself.

tonight, you shall not sleep early.
tonight, you shall do jap.
today, you shall....try to do math.

its not even 9pm yet.
my eyelids are closing.

shutting down........



get one from cbox!
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