Sunday, March 28, 2010

funny shiyi strikes again.
i like asking her about her dp.

Saturday, March 27, 2010
there came a sudden decisiveness that should have come earlier.
i dont know if its too late, and i regret.

telling myself that 10 years down the road it wouldnt matter doesnt help
because what i'm doing is, i'm living in the present.

man's constant struggle with time.
perhaps i'll use this as my theme in artworks.

Thursday, March 25, 2010
jenn and i saw a bat in the mrt carriage today :D
yesterday was a xiaoming day.

Definition of a xiaoming day:
A day when everything goes wrong.

eg. xiaoming woke up in the morning to find that he was late to school.

He rushed out of bed, discovered his half-eaten dinner the night before (he fell asleep halfway through dinner), couldnt find one side of his sock, realised that his uniform hadnt been ironed, lost his hair rubberband (xiaoming has long hair) and had to find another, hadnt checked his dhsmail, hadnt done homework.

He grabbed a tomato for breakfast, rushed out the door. People stared at him in the lift while he struggled to tuck his shirt in. The lift stopped every 2 floors. He then ran to the mrt station to meet his friend (they go to school together). He made his friend late, and they had to cab to school because they couldnt squeeze up 2 buses. Oh, he also tucked his shirt in and tied his hair in the lift, with all the other passengers staring.( the lift stopped at so many floors sommore).

went to school, left class too early because he didnt receive the message about meeting time being changed (for investiture), had an awkward investiture, then went to print photos for investiture guests but had to leave at 3.30pm for meeting with teachers over mso (math science olympiad) which lasted until 6+pm.

signed up for bio talk at NUS alumni house, thought it was 630 when it was actually 6, and reached late. didnt catch anything, and left soon after reaching. (i went by Mr Chia's car. he gave me a ride). Wandered my way home even though i was quite lost.


dont ask me why xiaoming was wearing girl's raised court shoes.

he got asked if he was attending a meeting at the bus stop because of the weird attire he was in.
now why was he in this set of weird clothes?

because he left his school shoes in the conference room and it was locked when he went to retrieve them at 6+pm.

reached home, didnt finish dinner even though he survived on a tomato for the entire day, BECAUSE HE FELL ASLEEP halfway.

the end of a xiaoming day, until he wakes up the next morning and realises he's late once more.
(and he forgets to bring ezlink card but only realise that when he reaches the mrt. he also forgot his tie pin. plus, he forgot to go get his shoes back, and he's currently wearing a backup. yucks. oh, and...nevermind. it'll never end.)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010
baby i am down down down with fluuuu
oh~ oh~

hope i dont sneeze during the investiture.
coupled with sore throat, i'm sure i'll feel the best tomorrow.

met Mdm Arfah on the way to lecture today:D

Sunday, March 21, 2010
i do this every holiday.
school starts tomorrow.

1. biology summary
-water properties
-cell organelles
-cell membrane

2. by 21st mar: decide if want to sign up for talk (bio)

3. study art test

4. econs 3 articles and tutorial

5. catch up on econs! what's ped etcetcetc

6.check for homework that ive missed out.

7. art essay

8. study chemistry

9.catch up on chemistry
-every single topic ):

10. biological molecules
-study and make notes/summary

11. gp week 9 and 10 etc quiz

12. mso
-rubberband powered toy car
-update proposal
-meet teacher ics
-include prep timeline

13. reply mjc about investiture

i highlighted the ones ive done in this colour.
these are the urgent ones.

what i did during the holidays:
sat- met ruonan to borrow investiture attire
sun-ruonan came over to d/l LA film, then 5c45 outing
mon-sc camp
tue-sc camp
wed-sc camp, then cr filming, then ikea with xiaoyu to source for investiture souvenirs
thurs-cut hair with jenn, did microscopy summary
fri-science society camp/course, then cr meeting over dinner. reached home at 1117.
sat-design mso booklet, asked shenghan about mjc, read art notes (2 pages, ie 8 slides) and fell asleep at 7pm
sun-blogging, planning to continue studying art, then chem, and do econs homework.

ella also havent done her homework yet.
(info last updated when i met her on fri)


to think my original plan for march holidays (and every other holiday before this) was to "study study study"

i think i'm too optimistic xD

Friday, March 19, 2010
had cr meeting over dinner today.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

funny conversation with shiyi.
(see jovina in my dp! we took it on the bus.)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010
went to jovina's house at 830pm today.(offically yesterday since its 143am now)
stayed till 1145pm because her parents werent in.

jovina, you're my star player!

Saturday, March 13, 2010
those with the yearbook, read Mr Sng's foreword.
i found it very touching.



get one from cbox!
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