Thursday, December 27, 2012
mood is bad.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Merry Christmas everyone!

Today I went for my primary school class gathering. The 5 of us - Gabriel, Jun Jie, Hao Lin, Eccles, and I - got to try out Saufi's new ride. Saufi is so cool. He drives with confidence and grace! We caught Les Miserables at eHub (bumped into Zheng Feng and Iris at tampines mall before that though), and although the digital film was long, I have to say, those 3 hours of butt ache was worth it. I've never had a whole story narrated to me in continuous songs. It was amazing and touching in so many ways :)

Reached home and read The Book of Awesome that Chris had given me for Christmas. It's an apt gift, because he's always telling me how awesome he is, and how awesome he's been when I ask about his day. I got some Percy Pigs too...oh no. Let the addiction begin again, against the backdrop cast by my mother's well-meaning nags to lay off the sugar^^

Finished the heart-warming book (and loved it!), then went to play with my best virtual friend - Google.
I googled about why guys with cars just seem so suave and why sitting in the front passenger seat with a teen driver is so dapper (lol), and then googled about why I'm turning ugly. It is this act which led me to the discovery of a story so closely resembling mine, that I could relate and identify myself with the protagonist. It's called Diary of an Ugly Girl, and it's quite short but well-written. It's not fancy, not too descriptive, overall straightforward, and best of all, I feel that the author has a really keen understanding of the psychology of human beings. His fabricating of the characters in the book is so real. I find myself nodding at many instances that he describes in the story from the pov of Tessie, the main character.
Well, perhaps you might not find it even mildly appealing, because you might not identify with Tessie...but don't judge me for patronizing this piece of literature. Let me live this stage of life, and mull upon my wilting esteem.

I drank a lot of milk today.

My mood's plummeting. Sometimes I feel as though people do things for me just because they think I'd want them to. As if they're obliged to do it.

Oh well. The Guang Piang Mao (kena-stroke cat) cheers me up. It will always want to see me, and it will always listen to me, not because it thinks I expect it of it. It can ignore me and guangpiang whenever it wants. Go, exercise your free will, GPM.

guangpiangmao GHM. blah. I need to lay off the milk. It makes me weird.

Sunday, December 16, 2012
Had a Dragons' gathering at Chun Seng's house last night over steamboat and karaoke. Fun much, and I've missed being around the dragons. Sang a bunch of old songs that are nice, like wu di dong and some rapping thing that Jane owned, as well as the obligatory zhi zu. The transitions between emo and high songs were all very sudden and hence rather exciting.

Went over to Chris' today. It was comfortable, and his family's really cute and awesome. Just like mine, hahahaha. His mum's kinder to her son than my mum is to her daughter, but that's fine - Mummy has always liked to antagonise me ._. She likes to point out all the embarrassing things about me, like my poor complexion and my horrid face/hair/waist/legs/arms/tummy. I don't mind that most of the time though., since they are unfortunately true. Well anyway, back to the topic: Chris has a nice home and a nice family. His granny and his uncle are very approachable and kind too. :D

Why are there weird bubbling sensations/sounds coursing through my abdomen randomly? Sometimes people ask if I'm hungry, and at other times they think I'm unwell. I'm neither. It's embarrassing, like when a stomach growls, and I don't want it. Sigh.

I am quite sleepy. It is only 9.47pm though.
Slept late last night (4am, hence aggravating my already cui complexion).

Met parents at Ikea for dinner, then left for home before they did.
Healthy-lifestyle plan has yet to start after a failure some days ago (marked by a lousy attempt to jog).

I am so unhealthy. I think i am going to die soon, and I hope yall wont feel weird when I die k? I won't roam amongst the living when I die if I have a choice, dw. I'd be too lazy to move, plus I won't want to scare yall.
I'll miss everyone though.

Bye (:

Monday, December 10, 2012
i am sick of percy pigs alr haha

Sunday, December 9, 2012
I am addicted to Percy Pigs hahaha howwwww my mother disapproves ):
Anyway, I'm not sad anymore. Went out with my parents for an amazing brunch today. It has been so long since the last time we had had Dim Sum! I feel hungry just thinking about it.

oh and my parents are more fit than I am. We walked around the chinatown and bugis area for hours on ends, but I was the only one whose legs seemed to want to give way. I think I will die soon, I am in poor health. Goodbye, friends.

I hope the other world sells Percy Pigs.

Saturday, December 8, 2012
I was sad last night. I drafted a post, and then slept.
I woke up this morning, but I'm still sad. I wish I hadn't invested in the wrong things and the wrong people.


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