Sunday, January 22, 2012

yikes. im just like that 18 year old guy. the sharp stings had started after my long jog this noon.

i'm still blogging. its an ancient past-time compared to all the new online social platforms these days.
ive never thought to switch to wordpress or livejournal etc...the admittedly cooler hosting sites.
its not worth the trouble since i like posting nonsense anyway.
i like to post things that people dont care about, like the time that i wake, the food that i eat, and my random thoughts as well as dreams. its really like a diary. i dont capitalise the first letter of every first word of every sentence and i dont use good english although i try to sound coherent, and yes, i do think the content of this blog is inferior to the inspiring thoughts of others in their online journals, but nevertheless i'm comfortable like this.

if i am to die soon, i'd sell all my things and spend all my time earning money so that i can afford my parents' retirement.

i want to paint.
the good thing about taking Art as an academic subject is that the hours spent painting and drawing is for a legitimate cause. One doesnt have to feel like one is idle or that one should be doing something "more purposeful". Time is specifically set aside for creation.

it's different now.
when i want to paint, i think, "ah, i should really get down to spring cleaning if i have the time, tsk."

Saturday, January 21, 2012
I think i have a brain tumour in addition to diabetes. The diabetes is diagnosed by my mother, based on claims that i eat too much sugary foods.

The tumour suspicion is due to my personality changes, slipping grades, headaches, and a ruptured eyeball last friday.
Perhaps "ruptured" is an exaggeration. There was a red streak, as though my cappilaries had exploded after hours at the office desk.

I had blogged about a dream this morning but because i think they often bore people, ive drafted them for my own reference.

In summary, it had had an Al Gore message about saving the world as we know it from impending doom, as well as a somewhat biblical reference to the destruct of the modern world by flood. I had eaten scorpions that had tasted like prawns, kept ants as pets, as well as talked to gypsy-like women in the After-flood (A.F.) era. When the world was replaced by a rural global-village sort of place, rather fit for the dinosaurs i might add, some of us lamented over the technologies that nobody else would believe in (only a group of us remained) and we feared that one day, they will be so far back in our minds that we may relegate them to mere fantasies, legends, or even myths.

Today i woke up after 10am :D
Gave myself a long bath, then went out for a jog until 3pm.
Alright thats not exactly true, i had jogged until 130pm and then sat at the grand stand to watch videos on my phone until 3pm.

It was really nice being on my own.

There were some blue collar workers pushing heavy machinery onto the field as well as digging up soil. Their cannoned yells of instructions that had merged into rather incoherent noises reminded me of pioneering days/scouts. Not in a bad way. It was actually quite cute haha.

went to get lunch, then slacked online, and napped till 730pm because the exercise and meal had had me down. Or perhaps it's the fatigue that comes with diabetes.

woke with a headache and other stuff that had prompted me to read up on brain tumours, then had dinner and watched How It Works with my dad. Learnt how steering wheels, chocolate, instant pizza machines, incense cones etc are made. Rather interesting.

Oh, watched Japan Hour too. The hosts were two cross-dressers. My dad says they're popular Japanese comedians.
When one of them had gotten onto a cable car thing (the ones that look like flying benches?), he almost zao geng-ed from that short orange skirt. My mum had been rather alarmed but her reaction was met by a disinterested response from my dad, "he's a guy. nobody cares."

I've made exciting plans with Linda, and am bainianing Hanxi too.
i've also watched 4 series of The Big Bang Theory save for some random episodes here and there.

Little birdies are meant for befriending. Anything more is uncalled for.

I think i'm no longer an INFP.
I dont feel as in-touch with my thoughts (maybe its the tumour!) and feelings, and i can actually feel some sort of restraint when i try to be more creative. The restraint is logic, i guess, and i kind of appreciate it, but i also miss the times when i used to make less sense.

i think i've located my tumour.
Time to research.

Sunday, January 1, 2012
It's been an year and i'm glad 2012's here!
This year had started on a great note cos Wan had given me a wonderful surprise by showing up suddenly!!!
We toasted a Carlsberg at my doorstep and exchanged some (perhaps awkward) new year greetings haha.
talk about having the booze and the lady eh? *sleazy look* i am so lucky.

Reflections on 2011
1) Could have done better. So much better.

Reflections on 2012
1)...some sushi'd be great.

This year, i hope to be able to continue keeping in contact with some primary school mates, i hope to spend more money on my family (christmas gift giving was a personal disaster), and i hope to have just as much quality time as i had had in 2011 with my haopengyou-s.

FunDayOut with Jo was extremely fun and refreshing! We went to Giant and Ikea yesterday and had grand adventures. I had woken at 3pm and was thus late:\

Jovina and i got ourselves a trolley and gave little soft toys tours in Giant. She had picked many weird but cute things like a green elephant, a grey and purple moose, a green frog with strange eyelids etc, while i had opted for a brown moose, a grey doggy cushion, and a pink ladybird that jovina had discovered hidden beneath the green and purple elephants.
During the tour, jo and i also looked at children wear and LO-AND-BEHOLD they actually have her size!!!(and mine, for some other selected pieces). She was adorable in the one-piece denim thing(: something like overalls...or perhaps it IS an overall, im not sure.

We had dinner at Ikea after spending many hours lounging on sofas in the showrooms chit-chatting about stuff like prom, and it was pretty relaxing. She was fascinated with the ice-cream machines at the hot dog place hahaha.

We also lazed on the couch(in another showroom) and watched a funny youtube video about a 4 year old chinese girl. jovina laugh until i started to laugh too despite having watched the video a dozen times already heehee!

i talked a lot during our entire outing. not sure if i had been ranting.
but that seems to happen a lot with people whom i like to hang out with (unless i happen to be sleepy/tired).
oh well..

the 6/10 class outing was really good too. just saying(:
i liked stoning with familiar people who are in fact very much strangers to me since the last i saw of them(regularly) was about 6 years ago.
its like hanging out with characters from a dream. you kind of know them, but you kind of dont at the same time.

its fascinating(:

time to sleep. its 4am.
lol i dont even remember staying this late for is one special day indeed.
(thanks to wanying, and thanks to my family for the wonderful meal)

my mum's cooking is legendary.



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