Tuesday, March 31, 2009
bad day.
morning, woke up, realised never do homework.
stepped on my p6 farewell party trophy(the one with all the stupid pointy stars) and had a deep cut on my heels(was walking backwards).
couldnt find socks.
when found socks, couldnt find plaster.
used paper to prevent blood from seeping into socks.
went to school.
thought i was late, so ran to mrt.

had PE.
ran around.
and around.

thankyou hanxi for the real cool sandwich; )


i cant remember the last time we stood beside each other as equals.
nowadays youre always sitting on my head.

i really like you alot.
like you so much that i feel abit disappointed i'm not homosexually oriented.

sad thing is, you probably dont know how much i admire you.

all yous are different yous.
and you.
i'm so disappointed.
i dont know the least about you.
you didnt give me a chance.
or maybe you did.i was just too cowardly to take it.


which is stupider:
1)smart but act stupid
2)stupid but think its smart and act stupid
3)stupid and act smart
4)smart but think its stupid and act smart
5)smart but think its stupid
6)stupid but think its smart
7) dont understand the above options.


i saw some people today with really weird fashion sense.
a bunch of guys(teens) in tm were wearing caps, but really high.
its as if theyve stuffed tissue under their cap, and then wore that above their heads.

i thought they looked abit like mojo jojo with his long brain.lol.


Sunday, March 29, 2009
A Walk To Remember
i like the idea that something so strong could exist.
to know what that 'something' is, watch the movie: )

Slumdog millionaire
i like how raw it is. scenes of young children's eyes being dug out to double their begging potential, jamal managing to escape from all the danger that he had met(though just barely),...etc.

: )
most of all, i guess i may like happy endings after all.

Saturday, March 28, 2009
i cant access the dhs mail):
how 'bout the rest of you?

my papa also couldnt view the page leh.

1 hour piano per day.
i ought to play 14 hours to make up for the past 2 weeks then?D:
will somebody please offer me magical beans that'll make me play well? ttt.

my blood pressure's increasing.
i havent learnt my pieces.
and i had 2 weeks to do so.
march hols + 1 school week.

but what was a holiday was not at all, and "school week" speaks for itself.

"practice 1 hour per day"

i'd be lucky if i sleep 1 hour per day.
(i'm lucky on most days.)

Dr Tan'll predict my blood pressure shooting up.
i dread lesson tmr, and i regret taking exam.

k, gotta relax and let my blood pressure fall.
deeeeeeep breaths.

Friday, March 27, 2009
dinner with hanxi and jenn.
western meal, steak etc.
cool eh?
; D

had a really terrible headache in class today.
i think there's something wrong with me.
diabetes? lack of iodine consumption leading to thyroid problems? improper draining of aqueous humour from the eye, resulting in increased pressure within eye that may lead to optic nerves being damaged and a blur vision/ eventual blindness?

its been ongoing for some days le.

maybe i just need to sleep more.

havent practised.
wah grape, no time leh. i really dread piano now):
esp exams.
3rd lang also very stressing leh.

i want to sleep lah.zzz.

Thursday, March 26, 2009
i had every intention of quitting, and was formulating my plan to get the withdrawal form after lessons when HEY sensei was in a good mood today!

she didnt scold ANYONE today.
and was pretty kind to me.

so i took it as a sign from god that i shouldnt quit just yet.

bio test was good.
but i think i'll be really disappointed when i get the results back.
its just a nagging feeling that i wont reach my expectations.
ive never felt it before.
but then again, i've never held expectations.

jennifer kindly lent me her math formula sheet for revision today.
thanks to her, i might not get a kosong out of 30 for math(:
thankyou jenn!
but still, i dont think i'll manage to score a 2 digit number.

li lao shi got angry today,
but i really appreciate that she had kept her anger till the last minute before the bell rang.
she was really trying not to spoil our : D mood during lessons.
even though she wont be reading this, i just wanna thank her: )
and of course, say sorry.
before she decided that we really didnt deserve the kind attitude she was giving us,
she was really nice(:
from here onwards, dont read unless youre a damn bloody busybody.
just scroll down till you see red.

knew it. youre a busybody):

its confidential.

(ok.continue from here)

if you hadnt broken the rule and hadnt read the white-text but really want to know what the thing's about, can ask me personally.
i'll tell you what its about(wherever i can), and give you a free personality quiz too.
youre result will be You Are Not a Busybody.

*i dont intend to offend anyone by the white text.if you feel that you have been verbally attacked by me, please notify me so that we can sort things out. there was original text there, only meant for a specific target group, but i felt it wasnt appropriate for me to post them here.so i went to delete it. it was not intended to be used as a tool for tricking you guys.

call yourselves "curious" if you want to.

blah whatever.

anyway, xiaowei said i have hard bones ( the protruding hip-bone part)
must be all the calcium ive been taking( from milk)
: D

weiwei said bye to me before she left for cca today!: D
but not to huangching.(we were waiting for 3rd lang bus)
so huangching complained while i gloated.
a ); and a ^^

and my emcee partner waved too: )

hanxi said bye before she left class: D

sorry hweechian and jinzhao.i'll send jz the thing by fri,sorry that im so irresponsible):

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
i suddenly remember somr incident in p1.
back in malaysia( a city,btw. i'm not a kampong girl.), when i was a p1 student.

there was once in class when somebody came to give my class an eye test.
the one where they showed you alphabets and you had to close 1 eye and read it?

i did perfectly fine, but some of my classmates didnt.

tester: what letter is this?(refers to letter 'W')
boy from my class: E
tester: ???
my form teacher: he can see perfectly fine(talks to tester), he just doesnt know how to tell E from W.

the reason i did ok was because i'd already learnt abc in my kindergarten years in singapore.

ok, random memory flash.

i forgot that i had forgotten to blog about this yesterday under the list of things-that-went-wrong-day.

jenn: i feel like biting someone:\

something like that happened.
just really really randomly.

and because it was so random, i didnt know how to react except to burst out laughing!XD

jenn reckons she was a vampire.
( lol sorry.i make it so unfunny here-.- but when it happened, i really found it funny!)


today was not a bad day.
today was a generally not-bad day.

i passed physics: )

but then again, the whole class passed-.-

and then, i got together with my LA group for the campaign thingy, and ella said i was serious!
and to think it was only yesterday(the not very good day) that mdm arfah had told wei and i that pigs would fly before i could maintain serious!

ok, andand i didnt oversleep today and didnt need jenn's wake-up call: D
but that's cos i slept at 8pm yesterday.

AND li lao shi was in a good mood!
she makes me happy when she's happy: D

oh, she let us have an open book spelling and idioms test: D
though im still gonna fail cos um, i didnt do so well...(but i'll only know the results on another day, and the bad results dont count into today's activities, therefore, today is still a not-bad day.)

ok, AND THEN, after school i went home with jenn and hanxi and i looked at the poster near the bus stop and commented,

teo: that old guy looks spastic.(refering to a rollerblading guy in the poster.no intention to insult or offend the guy, just a passing remark.)

hans+jenn: *looked in the poster direction and burst out laughing*

so i was stunned. i couldnt understand how a spastic guy can look so funny.

apparently, they saw some other guy(real and living one) instead of the spastic guy(in the poster) that i was refering to, and had noticed that the real guy was in a rather...unflattering outfit. it was t-shirt and tight fitting shorts that um,...flaunted his... assets?

at that point in time when hans and jenn were laughing, i hadnt seen anything cos somebody's head was blocking my view(thank goodness).

hans: eh teoee, NC16! only you can see!(shields her eyes with her hands)
teo: ????

hans:(points to my bio textbook) its in here too.

HAHA.ok anyway, i saw what they saw in the end.
nothing much to say, except that people should really learn to be more modest.

(and i think we embarassed that person la!laughed so loudly-.-he went to cover himself up with his red coloured bag thingy leh.)

ok, so after explaining the whole story, my point is that today's a not-bad day not because we managed to embarassed somebody, but because we got to laugh(:

laughing is good.

the only not-so-good thing today was that i spilled something on my school blouse):
ohno.the estherhong syndrome.

bio and math test tmr.
shall give up on math cos i totally have no idea what trigo's about.
really sorry, ms fang.
really sorry to teoee too.

but not sorry enough to make me give up bio instead.

tmr'll be a yin-yang day.
yin being math, and yang being bio test.
and more yin being jap.

kk, gtg sleep/nap.byebye!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
today's the typical alot-of-things-go-wrong day.

-did LA report till 3am+
-slept at 430am
-woke at 548am
-had bad hair day
-felt my eyeballs exploding due to accumulated pressure(blame it on the lack of sleep)
-smacked in forehead by shuttlecock during pe
-couldnt stay awake during chem even though i tried really hard not to sleep
-on way home, caught a sneak peek of an NC16 scene in the bus
-saw a pervert-looking person with hand spasms

starting at 0100am on the 24th march 2009,
i was already off at a bad start---doing LA pw.
i wouldnt call it chionging, because i was really spending most of my time surfing the net for irrelavent stuff,

but still, doing homework EARLY in the day is just not good.

so i finished my written report at 3am+.
and when i tried to print the docs out, i realised thr wasnt enough ink, so i had to change my font colour to grey, then i proceeded with the actual printing.

for the first 15 pages, i used some pieces of paper which were too thin.
i realised that the paper was not suitable for printing double-sidedly only after i saw my text and images overlapping each other.

ok, and then i thought:"aiya, doesnt matter.just let the whole doc be liddat bah."

and it just happened that i ran out of that kinda thin paper and had to switch to the next thinnest, which is really quite thick.
so for the next 12 pages, i used the thick fat paper.

overall, it looked...mismatched.

ok blahblahblah so i printed my report, and it was about 3am++already.
(note: this 3am++is later than the previously mentioned 3am+)

i talked to ella, who was also doing her report, until 4am.

and i remembered promising jenn i wouldnt sleep at 4am because i dnt want to oversleep.
so i thought i could last through the night without sleeping.

in the end, i just scooted around the house and drank 1 and 2/3 cup of milk.
i fell asleep before i could finish the last 1/3 cup.

after i closed my eyes for only half a fraction of a second, my alarm rang.
it was 5.30am.
my phone nagged at me with that stupid alarm ringtone.

i snoozed it.
then i rested again, but didnt sleep.
was waiting for jenn's morning call before i finally dragged myself out of bed.

when jenn's call came, i lugged myself head first off the bed, and knocked myself on the floor.
then i grappled in the blinding light for my school u and stuff.

when i was done, i had this weird feeling that my eyeballs were exploding.
felt alot of pressure within the retina, and blamed that on lack of sleep.

was expecting bloodshot eyes but didnt really get it.

anyway, then i got inside the lift and headed off to the mrt station.
i saw, from the scratched and disfigured mirrors in the lift, that i was having a really bad hair day.
its those kinda days when you feel like shaving yourself bald because you really cant stand the sight of those limp stuff that sprouts from your scalp.
either they're limp and dead, or they're electrified and looking rather excited.

ok blah with the bad hair, and move on to my journey to the mrt station.

i was walking rather briskly.
then i reached the train.
then i heard an announcement saying something about mrt trains.
but i didnt pay attention.

anyway, then i met jenn at tanah merah mrt station, and heard the announcement again.
it was regarding some train problems that had had the trains(starting from the one right after the one i took with jenn) hogged up for 60min.

ok, for this, i'll have to cut some slack on how bad my day was. at least i wasnt directly affected by this mrt thingy.

blahblah then at the control station, jenn saw our bus.
we decided to make a run for it because the next bus'll be a looooong time away.

in the end, we missed it by a few seconds.

by that time, we were both sticky and disgusting due to the humid air and really wonderful run.
plus, jenn was sleepy and i was in a too-sleepy-to-sleep state.

ok blahblah then another bus came and we took that.
it was cold inside.
which was good cos we needed to cool down.

slept in the bus.

reached school, and my sec1s(most) didnt come look for me to submit consent forms.
only a few of my sec2s came.

blah then bio lessons, and pe.
pe was ok.
except that i was very inactive during badminton today.
i just didnt feel like playing anymore after all that stuff in the morning.
and then i got smacked by the shuttlecock right in the forehead while daydreaming.
it woke me up for the first time that morning.

then went back to class.
then lessons.

li lao shi was very jovial today(:
i really like her when she's like that: )
though of course, i havent forgotten that she dislikes 4k alot, and i'll always remind myself that i probably shouldnt make life a tragedy by liking someone who doesnt like me(i am 4k, 4k is me).
i really like 4k.

anyway, back to my horrid day.
i couldnt keep my eyes open through chem lessons to fill in blanks in the worksheet ms ng gave us.
nothing was going in my head at all.
i couldnt even remember if i was writing in english.

i tried really hard to stay awake, so i didnt really sleep,
my head just nodd violently and involunteerily down from time to time.

i resorted to doing zhan ma in class, but it was difficult to do so without looking like i was in need of a pee(cos the chair was obstructing me).

so i decided to pump with my arms on the side of the chair, and my front facing the teacher.
but i thought that looked abit weird too so i just shook my head from time to time to chase clouds of sleep away from my mind and stop them from fogging up my brain.

finally, chem was over and then came geog.
in the time ms pear took to walk into class, i raced to hanxi and instantly lost any intention of sleep.
then i raced back because ms pear was starting lessons.

then geog lesson ended and we went home.
the guides.

in the bus, saw abit of uh...weird stuff.
people with hand spasms(got jenn and i laughing like mad cos it looked wrong), people with alot of lip action(got everybody's !!!response), and people who were just there and looked funny.


(sorry.gtg for dinner)


Monday, March 23, 2009
: I

its rather sad when teachers ask
"so how was your holiday?"
and the class groans.

even sadder when the teacher admits that his/her holiday had been ): too.

Sunday, March 22, 2009
i suddenly discovered a profound liking to LA PW.

i know_-_
half the world's going "WHAT??!"
but strange things happen, ya know.

there's just too much chemical reaction between my project work and i.

National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign ; D

(lol.i havent finish yet.not even half done.)

Saturday, March 21, 2009
rock climbing today.
best part of the whole activity was that i got to see more of p2 year3s; )

and hanxi and xiaowei are very good belayers!(sp?)
yay: D

esther's rock climbing skills are cool o.o
liying's very fast.
lihui very hiong.(i think she climbed the most number of times among us?lol.)

usan and i played 5 stones while slacking.
usan and her spidery long legs.

shien climb till very xiao1 sa3. like it doesnt matter even if the wall crumbles into dust.


Friday, March 20, 2009





MY BEAUTIFUL PLAN FOR MARCH HOLS WAS rest, homework, study,rest,rest,homework,study.


): ok.cant afford a really long rant that i want.
gotta make do with this.

si hannnnnnnnnD:




wah sai.



i still thought like got a few months to do de leh.


and i still spent my day researching on useless things like fruits and the benefits of bananas etc-.-
totally no link to my campaign.


-end of rant.shall go write si han-

Wife to maid: Kayla, i have reason to suspect my husband of being with his secretary.
maid: it cannot be!you are just saying that to make me jealous!


question:in law, why cant a man have 2 wifes?
answer: in law, it states that no man should be punished twice for a single crime.


no common topic for us both.
is that why.
or is it that we're not searching.

well, i know im not.

not searching.
not because i dont think youre important.
not because i think you think i'm not important either.
i know we both want.


you have your friends.i have mine.
even though i want to be part of yours and you, part of mine,
its just difficult.
its tough being so greedy.

and i'd rather we stay this way, hanging, rather than take the chance of either one of us falling.
because no matter who's the one falling,
we both have to bear the same distance between us.

i dont want to lose whatever i have left.
and no, i'm not talking about you.
even if i am, dont confront me.

because i'm a $#%^*(# coward.

Thursday, March 19, 2009
There is a small piece of meat, and a large bowl of rice.
the meat is of very good quality, and tastes great.
the rice is not very tasty, but very filling.

if you could only choose one of the above, the meat or the rice, which would you choose?

to help you, lets pretend you are not very rich, not very poor,
not very hungry, not very full,
cannot sell/trade any of the above,
cannot take half of each,
cannot refuse both,
likes both equally,
and is in a dilemma.

if you need more help, you could also change the question from
"if you could only choose one of the above, the meat or the rice, which would you choose?"
to "if you could only choose one of the above, the meat or the rice,for your friend, which would you choose?"

: D
no sitting on the fence unless you want the fence to poke your rear!

TeoEe has a bad hair day life.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

nice huh? : D
boiling water the guides way

identity crisis doesnt just apply to those in our generation.
it happened lonoooong ago too.
just that people were too busy farming, and had too short lives to bother thinking about their identity.


banana+wholemeal bread(:


they are just perceptions.
or are perceptions real too?

its something that i cant hold on to,
something that i cannot see, cannot hear,
cannot confirm with physical senses.

what is the definition of real?

1.true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent: the real reason for an act.
2.existing or occurring as fact; actual rather than imaginary, ideal, or fictitious: a story taken from real life.
3.being an actual thing; having objective existence; not imaginary: The events you will see in the film are real and not just made up.

.just 3 definitions i got from dictionary.com

ok, so whats the definition of True, of existence, of fact, and actual?
is imagination real?
if its not real, how can it exist?
whether things are true or not depends on whether we believe it or not right?
something we deem as truths may turn out to be false in the future.

in the past, years ago, people thought the Earth was a cube.
they said, that's the truth.its a fact.

but now, people have realised its a sphere.
so the previous truth is now false.

perhaps someday people will say the Earth is actually shapeless, because it is mostly made up of water, which has no definite shape.
and that'll become the actual fact instead.

): so whats real and whats not?

“是。 ”

my brother takes shifts.
he guards the tv in the day and activates the computer at night.
what a hardworking kid.

have you heard of anyone who fails in primary school?
in Singapore?

fail more than 1 subject?

if not, come view the amazing brother!
on display 24/7 either in front of the tv or computer.
free admission.
offer valid till he's old enough to stop studying and become a beggar out in the streets,
so hurry up!

-end of advertisement-

Monday, March 16, 2009
you havent changed.
not in my opinion.

its just that the fragile balance of the 3 of you have been slightly rippled.
every balance is hard to achieve, but with such a strong foundation of love and care for each other,

i'm sure yall will fall back into shape(:

it wouldnt end like this.
you'll always have me to fall back on anyway(:

and i'll try my best to make it better,k?
love, to you and from me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009
i never knew what i never knew until i knew.
i had nothing until i had something which i thought was my everything.
now i have nothing again.

The more you take, the more you leave behind.
what is the thing you take and leave behind?

i spent yesterday night thinking about passing down.
i was gonna blog and emo over it , but then i decided against it,
thinking its only march, too early for that.

but then i just bloghopped a moment ago cos jenn changed her blogskin and asked me to go see.
and after reading jenn's posts, i went on to visit others' blogs.

and i saw xiaowei's post.
about passing down.

i guess i'm not the only one who sees the day of passing down looming on us.


was watching some videos on bbt's graduation ceremony.
no, im not a fan of bbt.i just happened to chance on the videos after listening to wo ye hen xiang ta and dang ni.

anyway, i personally thought aoquan's graduating moment was rather touching(:
(its because of these videos that i suddenly thought of passing down yesterday night.)


Saturday, March 14, 2009
scored lowest in japanese class.

"youve wasted 3 months." my sensei said.

"ive wasted 3 years." i thought.

dont say "i told you so" to me, cos i dont regret wasting those years.
at least now i know more than i did,
and that'll make a difference some day.

everything happens for a purpose.
i am here Today and not any other Day,
i did This instead of That,
i am Me instead of You,
because of that(:

只是 那时的他
是因为你 才开始飞翔


當你的眼睛瞇著笑 當你喝可樂當你吵
我想對你好 你從來不知道 
想你想你 也能成為嗜好

當你說今天的煩惱 當你說夜深你睡不著
我想對你說 卻害怕都說錯 
好喜歡你 知不知道

been listening to these today.
like the tunes(:

well hello to all geog students yr409.

isnt this a nice welcome to google a day after the geog test?; D

calderas and stuff-.-

Friday, March 13, 2009
today's jihe was good.
im proud of p2: )
i'm proud of you.

jiayou, and keep up the attitude!: D

to my sleeping orchidites/ orchidites in a coma i.e. unactive:
please decide whether you want to wake up any time soon.
if not, let us know if you want an1 le4 si3.
medical bills are accumulating ya know.

welcome, chin yee, into p2: D

Thursday, March 12, 2009
my general learning outcome of the bloghopping activity that i had just done are:

-if youre good at a particular subject and love it to itsy bits, dont say that those who dislike it suck because people who say these kinda things are unkind people.

-dont scold other people's parents on your blogs even if you think they probably wouldnt see it because when they do, rest assured youve hurt them successfully.(and if you did realise that the general public can view your blog posts but still decide to scold others online, then all the best to you in becoming a person worthy of respect)

-dont post impulsively about something youve recently judged, because when you finally realise that youve judged wrongly and want to take your words back, the damage would have been too severe already.(ive committed this crime before but i shall not refer to it now in case i remind any of you about my mistake.)

generally, bloghopping is something very CME-ish if you reflect after reading(:
be a reflective person(like me,LOL.)

: D
all the best in becoming a better person.byebyee

emails from facebook.
none of which concerns me-.-

70 in all.good right?

dreamt yesterday of some stuff.
woke up, and slept again, only to continue the previous dream.
woke again and told myself i wanted to dream of you.

and i did.

you said, "i really want to go study with you overseas.."
and i said "where are you gonna go?"
"you know where."

and i thought, "india."

lol.random dream. but at least it was about you.

Mr Loh is a rather interesting math teacher.
he teaches math by introducing some weird songs and analogies(;
even though this drags the duration of lessons quite abit,
at least its interesting(:

we're learning on eye functions and stuff for bio.
ms koh taught us that people get short sighted ness or long sightedness cos of their eyeball shapes.
ms fang has unique eyeball shapes.
i wonder if thats why she's so observant.

walk past her without your badge, and thats the end of your life.


jennnn, are you still sick?
get well soonnnn: D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
chem was great, really.
"did you study?"

whats the point of studying something you dont understand?
its like asking me to read german books.

chem tutorrrrrrr

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Extreme thirst (only after PE and after i get home.and its not extreme anyway.)
Extreme hunger (all the time cos i'm a pig)
Frequent urination (i dont like going to the toilet.especially school ones.eww.)
Sores or bruises that heal slowly (havent gotten any for quite awhile already.most recent injury's a teeny scratch from the LT fall tumble.)
Dry, itchy skin (nope.)
Unexplained weight loss (how about unexplained weight gain?-.-though im actually quite sure those junk i ate explained it all...)
Blurry vision that changes from day to day (not that frequent.it only happened on a particular friday no for apparent reason.)
Unusual tiredness or drowsiness (it is unusual in the sense that i do get enough rest, but i'm tired so frequently that this has become a common thing to happen.)
Tingling or numbness in the hands or feet (when i stay in a position for too long.)
Frequent or recurring skin, gum, bladder infections ( i dont have it.)

i probably dont have diabetes yet.
but i really wonder why i can sleep >12hours a day sometimes(without nightmares etc that may interrupt my sleep.) and yet wake up all tired and unrested.

i dont think laziness can have That much impact right?
: \

knowledge is not just about truths, it is also about the lies.

give thanks.

Monday, March 9, 2009
i was youtubing a video on meditation, and uh, as i followed the directions of the video,...
i fell asleep.
not that i had needed the meditation steps to do that-.-

anyway, the last i heard the video saying was..."as you relax, you will cease to breathe..."

lol, luckily i'm not that good at following instructions.

i wonder if you were ever serious.
if you were, and at least that what it seems like, i apologise for treating you unjustly.
but i dont regret doing what i did if it was the only way to shorten the pain.
shorten your pain.

yesterday was just another day.
as was today.

Sunday, March 8, 2009
ok, ive made a mistake.there are actually 8 chapters tested for this coming phy test.
good lord):

and to think i thought it was only 5 because i though "thermal energy" was just 1 topic.

anyway, i've decided to study phy more quickly le(:
shall start studying later.
tution now):

so far, i still have 7.5 chapters to go(:
yay me.

havent started studying for trigo2 AND 3, nor studied for geog.

ms pear is very cute: )
i like geog wheeeee

just watched chi bi 2 with my family.

aiyayayaaaaa people last time were all so smart):
and their threshold for pain is like....O.O

about 5 arrows can pierce through their bodies and yet, they could still survive and yell stuff like "kill 'em!!!" or "WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!!"


lotsa people said the jin-dno-what-name's very shuai, but uh, i think he looks like any other old guy in the movie-.-
zhugeliang's so smart: \
his geography very good leh.
he knew when the winds were going to change direction and stuff.

they movie didnt explain where hua tuo went in the end, and why he left before caocao launched the final war that he lost in.
oh, caocao didnt die,btw.
oh yar, and how did huatuo end up working under caocao arh?o_O

xiao qiao abit redundant only.
i mean, sure, she distracted caocao by brewing tea and etc,
and using her beauty to lure caocao into his doom,
but i bet zgl would have been able to think of another way to distract cc without endangering any of the higher officials' lives.lol.
she was pregnant but still risked her life, pingan(her babe)'s life, and her husband(sunquan is it?i forgot his name)'s life(for i'm sure he would have comitted suicide if she had died.)

and the uh, whats her name arh?
that tomboy. the princess.jun zhu.
she had a friend right, the fantong(rice bucket)...i forgot his real name..
aw D: so sad leh, he died. even though he's abit retarded, he was such a good friend.

ok, this is not a very good movie review.
its not even a review, actually,
just a totally boring rant.


to conclude, chi bi's nice(:
its like deathnote.strategies upon strategies.
taking one step before the opponent.
a war of wits(which caocao lacked.)
and a display of ambition(which liubei lacked)


HAHA, its so funny that i could get hooked on Esther's blog songs while she also says that mine keeps swimming in her head

mutual addiction,lol; p

love my patrol mates.

i'm studying at an immensely slow speed.
yesterday, throughout the whole 2hour bus/taxi journey to whampoa cc for cip training, i had only read about 3 to 4 pages of my phy textbook on pressure.

there are about 5 topics tested, by the way.

and oh, not to mention that other than the 2 hour bus ride worth of studying, i hadnt had any progress since yesterday cos um, i watched a pretty cool documentary on how the Earth will look like 100 years after human extinction.
gah, i love discovery channel: D

there'll be math,phy and geog test next week.
math on tue, phy on wed?, geog probably on fri cos thurs' a holiday set by the school in celebration of the smartye A level students who scored straight As.

wah sian.dhs has been carrying out the tradition of a one day school holiday when students do well for A levels...

but what if when it comes to our batch...
our juniors dont get to enjoy the annual holiday?):

zzz, nvm.
shant think too much.
focus on physics first.

ohnooooo,i didnt practice on my piano again.zamzam, sure get scolded de, especially since piano exam's in sept and its alrd march but i havent even familiarised with my first piece yet. in fact, i only know how to play with my right hand. zzz, cant seem to make sense with the left hand movements, LOL.
neeways, i'm seriously gna go phyphyphy-ing. do theory later,tata`

Saturday, March 7, 2009
drinking milk now to prevent osteoporosis in the future: D

shiyi says i'll grow extra bones if i drink too much milk.
tsk, such a pessimist,hahahaha.
aww shiyi's so cute ;D

going to school every morning with jenn is really nice: )

thanks for the chocolate today, hans: D


i mirror your affection.


arrogant donkey.
): <

Friday, March 6, 2009
COJ with p4 shuriken was great(:
really proud of them(:
working with xingjie was fun too(: felt pretty comfortable conversing with him: D

usan and kangrui's station was the station where most funny things happened,LOL.

overall, i felt p4 was a winner, and is still a winner: )
after all the effort they had put in..

Thursday, March 5, 2009
eh, why this taste a bit healthy

HAHA.funny: D

had a bite of esther(tan)'s blueberry filling pancake looking thing today(:


Wednesday, March 4, 2009
gosh gosh! i met ruiting at bedok today!
lucky me YAY: D

miss you, ruiting: )
long time no see.

i wanna sleep.
byebye nightey.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
usan, lihui and i have clean records.
i'm not sure about hanxi though,
but even if its clean now,
i bet wouldnt for long because your-dog-excreted.

>; D

Sunday, March 1, 2009
i reread all our past conversations and smiled like a moron once again.

long time no talk to you leh ):

too bad there's no such thing as once broken, considered sold in love.

make your heart as cold as steel, and as unfeeling.
steel doesnt break easily.

tinman from wizrd of oz is steely, lol.

i feel like there's a war going on at home.

and no, i dont mean that my parents are fighting or whatever else your imaginative mind assumed from the first line of this post.

what i meant was,

my house has a shortage of food.
and it feels just like war,
when everybody scavanges for anything deemed edible.

1 litre of tears episode 6 is the most touching part of the entire show: D
whenever i need to release some pent up feelings but cant,
sort of like a constipation of emotions,
i watch 1 litre of tears lol.

and then i cry my guts out and go to sleep, tired after the whole ordeal.

sundaysundaysunday leads to monday.
i am going to chant "i am good in math" before i go to sleep today,
and then i'll pump myself to sleep.

watching 1 litre of tears again.

growing up is like getting colour blind gradually.
or selective colour blind.

we see black, white, and grey areas.
we discriminate against the black, we worship the white.

what the hell.

i hate growing up.

fell asleep yesterday.
i hate that stupid habit of mine.

"It was greed that had caused Macbeth's downfall.discuss."
now changed to "It is the inability to resist sleep that will cause the downfall of teoee."


cos i fell asleep and didnt do my theory, nor practised, nor did my homework.
(nor switched my computer off before i slept and wasted electricity, thus destroying the earth and burning a hole in both the ozone layer and my father's pockets.)

the two most dreaded days in my week are thursday and sunday.
of course, i dread wed and sat too because they mean that thurs and sun are just less than 24 hours away.
thurs: 3rd lang
sun: piano

dread 3rd lang because i'll end lesson at 6+pm and i dont like going home late.
and because the i have to fear that the teacher'll call me up to answer questions or to read a passage that i cannot answer or read.
and of course, because if i dont submit my homework, i get scolded in japanese.
which is worse than if it were in english or chinese because then i cant give appropriate response when i dont understand what she's scolding...

and piano.
i dont find time to practise everyday.
the most i can do is to practise on sunday morning, just before my lesson.
tsk, how will there be time to practise on a normal day when
1)i reach home at 8pm average
2)by the time i bath and eat, its 9pm
3)by 9.30pm i usually fall asleep already.

hi haolin.
thanks for your kind sms, but please dont ask me to sleep early anymore.

ok, and because of my lack of practise, i cant play as well as i ought to.
so yeah, i dread doing things im not good in.

i dread math jap piano chem phy.
(i like math lessons, i just dislike math.)

ok so i dread alot of things, but im too stubborn to quit 3rd lang nor stop piano lessons.
i just keep hoping that as long as its there, it can wait.i'll hold on to it until i can manage it.


end of rant. i'm gna go prepare for piano lesson.


get one from cbox!
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