Saturday, February 28, 2009
lets smile together.

why are you so angry and upset these days?

nobody wants to be a villian.

I must declare that I HAD EXERCISED TODAY.

today, had project work with hweechian and jinzhao.
supposed to meet at mountbatten food centre, and i didnt know how to,...

1)i went to tampines bus interchange to look for bus 30
2)i couldnt find bus 30
3)i thought ive seen "mountbetten road" sign when i go to school every weekday morning
4)i decided to try my luck and take bus 14
5)i ended up lost
5)i saw 3 "mountbatten road ahead" sign posts but didnt reach until the 4th sign appeared.
6)i got off when i first saw"mountbatten road" and landed myself in an ulu place, sandwiched by rows and rows of houses and pools.
7)i walked from the weird place till i saw somewhere familiar i.e. dunman high school
8)i ran around dhs twice to find a bus stop with bus 30.
9)i ran past the bus stop with bus 30 twice, and walked past it once without realising that i could take the bus 30 there.
10)hweechian said the bus stop's behind the hostel so i went there.
11)i gave up and wanted to take a taxi there.
13) i wandered about, hoping to catch sight of any available taxi.
14)i wandered to the bus stop where peishan always goes.
15)that was the bus stop with bus 30.the one i ran past twice and walked past once.
16)i decided not to take it because it wasnt behind the hostel.
17)i walked summore.
18)i decided to take the bus from that peishan bus stop.
19)i asked the driver if he was gonna go pass mountbatten food center.
20)he mumbled something that i didnt catch.
21)i said "huh?"
22)he nodded.
23)i took the bus.
24)i reached and hweechian found me: D
25)i was very late.
26)jinzhao wore green.
27)we ate 3 kinds of food.
28)the kway teow shifu treated us to 2 plates of kway teow.
29)so kind: D
30)we shared 1 bowl of noodles afterwards.
31)we ate rojak and jinzhao was especially amused by the jellyfish ingredient: D
32)jinzhao obsessed about the jellyfish.
33)he drew it all over his notebook.
34)we went home.
35)i took bus 10.
36)i like bus 10.if only i could take bus 10 home everyday.
37)i watched tv in the bus and it asked:"why did the boy bring a cushion on his first day of school?"
38)what do you think?: D

39)when i reached home, i saw pizza scattered over the dining table.

40)i am full.


: D
bitter gourd: we must be happy...
potato #1: he seems more unhappy than we are...

caption: it is easier to preach than to practice

: D

Friday, February 27, 2009
thanks yingying, for your belated birthday present!: D
they have saved me from falling asleep several times today and have given me sugar high wheeeee~
: D

today was rather eventful.
day in school. morning practised roll call.
got to parade square, yingying gave me zip lock of candies: D
got to class, definitely failing physics pop quiz + physics all year round.
had financial lit. paper back.
0 out of 30.
highest in my class scored 21, highest in level scored 24, from J class.

after school,guides.
initiative was sushi making, taught by Mr Ong, stephanie's dad, and Mrs Ong, her mum(:
plus two other shifus: D

i had finished rolling a makisushi roll(those with the cucumber inside), but hadnt cut it into bite size yet.
then it was 1630h already and qianting and i had to go for the COJ briefing so we rushed to finish our sushi(so that we can eat it we paid $$ for it ok,LOL)

then we didnt have enough time to cut le, so...

me: ms tang, we need to go for the COJ briefing but we havent finished cutting our sushi can we just eat it this way?: D *waves the long roll of sushi to and fro while saying this*

ms tang: teoee! can you not be so unrefined?! still wave it around somemore!no, you must cut it! if you continue being sooo....(unable to find words to describe my disgusting act of swishing the loooooong sushi roll around)....-.- do you want me to give you a punch???!

qian and i laughed so much when she said that!HAHAA.
first time that i see someone express such intense emotions towards the abuse of a sushi roll, LOL.
especially since it came from ms tang, hahaha!
gosh, i had such a fun time this afternoon: D

ok, so went for briefing.i'm counsellor for p4(:
they're quiet.
uen fang's brother is in this patrol!
yichen: D
hi yichen, i am your sister's gooooood friend from junyuan primary!

ok, after briefing went back to sushi making.
the rest had already started making and EATING yummy sushi with tuna spread, salmon etc.
eh everybody was crowding around the nicenice sushi):
and i didnt want to squeeze with the rest,

so i ended up in a corner, chewing on carrot strips leftover from the lesson.

shien: eh teoee, why are you in such a pathetic state?
teoee: *chews carrot strands and gives a hungry look*

anyway, i wasnt really that ke lian la-.-
i like chewing on raw carrot strips/bars(:
crisp and healthy(:
but mainly cos its crisp. dont really care if its healthy.

crisp and crispy different hor.
crisp is fresh and light, and crunchy, and full of goodness.(eg.carrots,lettuce...)
crispy is light and crunchy, and sounds rather unhealthy.(chips, fried food...)

anyway, after sushi making, esther gave a speech and thanked our sushi-teachers: D

we jihed and had patrol corner, then jie san.

oh yar we had roll call too.
due to space constraints(this new school compound is not suitable for UG activities.its meant for the performance/sports CCA de) and other limitations, we had to modify the roll call procedure abit.

uh oh, and after jihe, went home.
i was abit high, dno why.
daph and jenn were dead tired le but i was highing away, singing, hopping, etc.
jenn said i looked like im a lovestruck girl who's getting jittery over her date or smthng-.-
i dont want to be that kind of girl.

daph was too sleepy to say anything,LOL.

i didnt sleep throughout the bus journey even though BOTH jenn and daph bet i'll be the first to get knocked out.
i tried to tell them that i wouldnt because i wasnt tired, but they wouldnt believe me, hahahaha.

anyway, i'm gonna turn in le, byebyeeeeeeeee

got project work tmr with hwee chian and jinzhao: D

Thursday, February 26, 2009
WanYing and Huangching gave me yet another Kinder (Joy+surprise): D
two eggs in 2 days.

: ) thanks!
(oh and the toys were grasshopper thingy and 1 rubber tongue/worm looking thing)

kk.gna do jap.bye.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Long Overdued Thinking Day 09 Photos

yiting michelle and crystabelle.
stole this from facebook.
no idea from who though, paiseh.

unidentified object kicking me down the stair's railing awwww.
(identified after several experiments as liying: D)

gay trio.
jenn me hanxi.

jenn: 我生气了!
teo: 妈妈,不要生气嘛... ...

Ultraman to the rescue!!!!

xiaowei and i look into the far horizon...

a photo with lihui 大美女: D

jenn and teo: 你太 naughty 了!
hans: 啊!别骂我嘛): ): ):


P2 BANGBANG guides!: D
usan xiaowei me shien
daphne zhenling
: D

a photo with the heng kia last year...

a photo with the heng kia this year...
(tried to reenact the previous photo above...but failed horribly. we stood on the wrong sides of each other, and i forgot where to put my hands.-.-)
whats hanxi doing?!
LOL.nice hand pose.
lihui and i run towards each other in an embrace...
and this is mid-embrace...
censored photo of girl-girl physical relationship.
i.e. hugs.
the standard dhs pose
point to the sky!!
beauties: D
daphne(left) leaning on wrong person's shoulder(mine), according to hans and jenn.
40th batch dhs guides!
lots of lovessssss
rare photo with pearlyn.
the STONED look.
pout and puffy(:
thats all.all uploaded by hans/lihui on facebook.
just decided to post them here for fun(:
permission's been granted for me to have the photos(:

happy birthday esther hong: D
hope you liked the present we gave you: D
hope you like the people who gave you the present too.LOL.
hope you had a great birthday,
and hope you'll have many more great birthdays.
: )

Monday, February 23, 2009
happy birthday selina!
happy birthday michelle!
happy birthday Saufi!

hope all of you have a wonderful year ahead(:
then when your next birthday comes we can renew the "all the best to you" pact again: D

similarities between the 4 of us born a day after Baden Powell, on the 23rd Feb
-Selina, Saufi, TeoEe were from junyuan primary school
-Michelle and TeoEe are from p2 orchid
-Selina Michelle TeoEe are in dhs guides
-Selina and TeoEe were from blue house
-Saufi and TeoEe were from the same p6 class

selina said we're fated : D
wheeee so honoured.haha.
she's so seh(:
hope she did well for her exam today: D

thanks to dearest,
Hanxi, Jenn, LiHui, LiYing, XiaoWei, Dots, Sharon, Jasmine, Adeline, YingYing, Rachel, Jovina, WanYing, WeiWei, Fiona, Esther Hong, Esther Tan, Sheng Han, Jesslyn, HuiMin, Tzyy Shuan, Poh Kah, Yi Zhen, Xing Fang, 9726****(whoever this is...), junrong, nicholas, My Dad, zhou hong, Hao Lin, 9627****(sorry,dont know you either), Dearest Lobo, Crystabelle, Uncle Teo Khang Tai, Michelle, Auntie Lily Teo, Aunt cecilia, Yi Ting, Karen, Heng Guang, wenzhong, Phoebe, vivyan my sexy wildcat, Sara, 4K'09, dhs guides, Ms Fang, terence, Ella, WanYing, HuangChing, Ruonan, Selina, baxter, Keith, Cassandra, Ruo Ting, Usan, and several other unknown numbers which i didnt reply to(paiseh), Mr Yeo, Zheng Hui, Kiara, Qian Ting, Samantha, Wannung, Kiat Shing, Kang Rui, Daphne, Hui Xiang,Sze Yuen...

sorry if ive missed you out.

the above are either people who have said happy birthday, smsed happy birthday(which i didnt reply to because i was rushing chinese homework this morning), called me to say happy birthday, given me a present, sung a birthday song, or have any other sort of indications that they remember its my birthday today.

paiseh if you sms me and i dont even recognise the number.
very sorry on my part. please leave your identity around so i can pick it up and say thanks sincerely(:

谢谢 jenn and hanxi for the pretty sweater,
谢谢 yiting michelle crystabelle for the pair of shoes and the stickers that expell bad omens(:
谢谢 lihui liying xiaowei for the pair of spoons and Little Miss Giggles shirt
谢谢 dots for the Little Miss Chatterbox and "friend" doll plus the sweet keychain
谢谢 ruonan and ella for the 50cent eraser, LOL.thanks for the price tag too.
谢谢 esther fiona and p2 for the cake(:
谢谢 Ms Fang, 4K, guides for singing the birthday song

谢谢 WeiWei for xiaopok the piglet whom you refused to let me name as xiaopok(dont worry weiwei.i have no idea what i'm saying either.)
谢谢 shiyi for whacking me on my birthday: \(and telling me someone cares for my grades)
谢谢 selina for replying to my sms really nicely and for being so seh
谢谢 Lobo for
asking if i want anything. i want you(:
谢谢 Dad for trying to make today a happy day(:
谢谢 teoyen and mummy.
谢谢 jenn for the post dedicated to me. I LOVE YOU LOTS TOO: )

谢谢 esther tan for announcing my birthday on your nick,hahaha.
谢谢 esther tan and shenghan for mo gui xiao mei
谢谢 samantha for the lovely card and chocolate bar
谢谢 ella for the banana and milo drink
谢谢 usan for the vacuumed bear in a zip lock bag: D
谢谢 haolin for whatever youre going to pass me on sunday: D
谢谢 WanYing and Huangching for your kinder joy thing+the grasshopper/tadpole thing: D
谢谢 mdm arfah for saying happy birthday.
谢谢 everyone who doesnt dislike me: D

might upload photos next time.

was a little down today after school.
no idea why.
was just worried that i make people irritated with me.

went out for dinner with family.
had not much appetite and let my brother have the rest of my dinner.

reached home and had a cake(:

jenn's childhood songs are addictive, LOL.
lucky ive got Close To You to occupy me now, if not i'll be bao bei dui bu qi-ing~


Sunday, February 22, 2009
what a crude word.

when the spark of love is gone, all that's left are the responsibilities.

heyheyhey its thinking day
heyheyhey its thinking day
heyheyhey its thinking day
all over the world it's thinking day!

in mexico, its thinking day,
in canada, its thinking day
in (any other country) its thinking day~~~
all over the world its thinking day!

hi. happy thinking day to all guides and scouts worldwide.

yesterday we celebrated thinking day in Singapore.
at the kallang indoor stadium.
dhs guides had won some awards: D

lihui and fiona met my friend, (now also their friend), Mrs Thomas.
she ate 8 burgers yesterday.

lihui had her simple pleasures in life (lol.process:going to the toilet)
while fiona and i had lunch with mrs thomas and initially mr thomas too(:
mr thomas left after lihui sat on him unintentionally.

kallang macs was crowdedddddd.
people mountain people sea mien.
the public was there, the guides were there, the caucasions(sp?) were there, the npccs were there, the brownies were there, and the macs workers were there too.

its our last thinking day.
as in, for the yr4s.

so lihui and i took the chance to high ourselves.
we sang and danced and made noob lyrics like the gako gako geko tooot tooot or smthng similiar when singing the muted version of gako the frog.
we werent supposed to sing "piong" you see.

anyway, it was quite weird to high among ourselves when the yr1s apparently stoned and imagined themselves sleeping.

after the celebration, yr4s went to take a batch photo.
then we splitted into 2 groups and zi highed+ spammed photos.
jenn and i got scolded for climbing on higher level grounds.
"do you know the consequences?"

theory wise, yeah, we know we might fall and stuff,
but theory wise as well, i thought it was rather difficult to fall down a plateau-like structure.
but thanks for the concern, man in black(:

hanxi and i took some pretty gay videos.
we reenacted the Indian Dance video on youtube(the one i linked in one of my posts),did the Swish Swish dance(invented by hanxi), and etc.

liying and i did another version of a particular photo we took last year(:
shall do a comparison later.

practically gayed with lihui liying jenn hanxi daphne xiaowei(:
usan left home early.
veryvery early.
she was sooooooooo cute yesterday!!: D

anyway, gna go.byebye.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

i have no idea what happened,
but smiles to all those who are sad: )

everything will be fine. self expectations are always the culprits of stress, not societal expectations (even though that plays a part in creating self-expectations because self is a subset of society).

everybody's doing a good job.
either that, or has done a good job.
in whatever they do.
(i'm not refering to any specific event. i have no specific reason for posting this.actually, this is specifically posted for the sake of not being too specific)

(: cheer up, yea?

Thursday, February 19, 2009
< : D

polite patrick.

gosh im so happy: D

i know its in the middle of the night and blah blah,
and i'm probably just being weird and emotionally unstable,


: D

everytime i think of what you say, i cant help but smile.
: D
youre adorable,hahaaa.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

chem today.
im definitely gonna score for it.
finished wayyy before stipulated time.
had answers totally different from everybody else.
maybe i'll be the only one who passes.
who knows?

left a few questions blank only.
maybe um...just 8?


i'm not taking jap o levels, mabel-san.
i dont want any certificate saying:
congratulations to TEO EE
you have failed the japanese o level exam
or whatever similar.

i didnt fail bio.
and i saw my results wrongly(:
but i still didnt fail bio.
if not i'll be failing Every Single Thing.
and yeah, it is that bad.

i keep making mistakes here and there.
knowing what i shouldnt know, not knowing what i should.

have to finish jap compo and jap compo corrections.
plus jap worksheets.

4k,LA journal
1) film's main purpose is to entertain
-write smthng about that.agree or not.
2)personal page


please dont disappoint mdm arfah lest she loses her humour.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
whats the use of saying "if only i could start all over again"?
you'll just end up making the same mistakes.

ox year 09 sucks.

Sunday, February 15, 2009
A young couple decided to wed.
As the big day approached, they grew apprehensive.
Each had a problem they had never before shared with anyone, not even each other.

The Groom-to-be, overcoming his fear, decided to ask his father for advice.
"Father," he said, "I am deeply concerned about the success of my marriage."
His father replied, "Don't you love this girl?"
"Oh yes, very much," he said, "but you see, I have very smelly feet, and I'm afraid that my fiance will be put off by them."
"No problem," said dad, "all you have to do is wash your feet as often as possible, and always wear socks, even to bed."
Well, to him this seemed a workable solution.

The bride-to-be, overcoming her fear, decided to take her problem up with her mom.
"Mom," she said, "When I wake up in the morning my breath is truly awful."
"Honey," her mother consoled, "everyone has bad breath in the morning."
"No, you don't understand,. My morning breath is so bad, I'm afraid that my fiance will not want to sleep in the same room with me."
Her mother said simply, "Try this. In the morning, get straight out of bed, and head for the kitchen and make breakfast. While the family is busy eating, move on to the bathroom and brush your teeth. The key is, not to say a word until you've brushed your teeth."
"I shouldn't say good morning or anything?" the daughter asked.
"Not a word," her mother affirmed.
"Well, it's certainly worth a try," she thought.

The loving couple were finally married.
Not forgetting the advice each had received, he with his perpetual socks and she with her morning silence, they managed quite well.

That is, until about six months later. Shortly before dawn one morning, the husband wakes with a start to find that one of his socks had come off.
Fearful of the consequences, he frantically searches the bed.
This, of course, wakes his bride and without thinking, she asks, "What on earth are you doing?"

"Oh, my," he replies, "you've swallowed my sock!"

Yesterday was valentine's day.
i woke up at 6.38am and thought: OHNO i'm LATE!

and i rushed to school.

i reached at 7.30am and was one hour earlier.

time miscalculation.

leadership training started at 8.30am, and that was how i spent the first half of valentine's day with weiwei.
we were seated in the LectureTheatre1/2 and Mrs Khong(or Kong?idk) gave us some lectures, some games, and some quizes.

after the leadership training thing,
i went off and met up with esther (tan) and shenghan :)
they gave me a mo gui xiao mei!
魔鬼小妹 is a bear: D
soft and nice to huggggggg.
thanks for the vday/bday present,dears: D

we went for lunch, and after that, esther had to leave at 3pm,
(esther made a veryvery nice scrapbook out of the photos we took in school!)
so shegnhan and i went around looking for the place where moguixiaomei was born.
we walked round and round and met siti kumarian : D
i almost couldnt recognise her,lol.

and shenghan said that he has seen me make my way home from school several times le,but in all those occasions i have never realised who he was-.-
ok seriously blind to my surroundings when all i wanna do is to go home and get either dinner or sleep.
probably the latter-.-

we met many of his friends, and even his vice-head of SC(:
he's the head of SC.the eh?

i only saw jiamin(year4),hahaha.

when we met shanghan's friends,(they're all from over the world.veryvery interesting: D),
he introduced me as his gf(lol!) and i found it funny when his friends started saying stuff like:
"eh?what happened to your japanese gf?"
"that's the one from japan?"
hinting at another girl,hahahaha.

shenghan kept asking them not to get him into trouble,hahahaah.
ke ai people from all over the world: D

oh, and he was lamenting on how his vicehead is so shuai that when they hang out together, all the girls fleet to him,leng luo le shenghan,hahahaha.
i cant remember what his friend's name is, paiseh-.-

anyway,he had a function later in the evening/night, so we ended the search(oh moguixiaomei's nationality ended up being artbox) and he insisted on walking me home(:

oi dhs de,
like msfang said, learn some gentlemanly behaviors la!
看看 guys from other schools, tsk, -.-
i was so impressed by him lorh,LOL.

the concept of ladies first seemed to linger during our prischl trio reunion(:

oh, and i'm gonna gao zhuang to esther):
MOGUIGEGE bully me lehhhhhhh.
made me walk from tm to cs then to tm again and cs when we went home(me to my home and he to my void deck then back to the bus interchange to meet up with his function mates)
just to find moguixiaomei's place of origin.
heh > : )

after i got home,
i bathed, went online, and fell asleep.
in front of the computer again.
i'm so terribly sorry):
if there's hell for sins like this (i.e. sleeping in front of the computer while being online therefore daoing many others),

i bet i'll spend eternity in it):

im feeling sorry for myself too.
missed a chance to talk to Lobo on vday):

oh and ly, i posted le.sorry!!
sam(antha), sorry!i'll do the mask.reallyreally sorry that i didnt stay up to discuss the costume stuff with you):):):

and sorry to all whom i hadnt replied an sms to cos i SLEPT.

i woke up at 5.30am.

wasted my time till now, 9.03am.

gotta go for piano later.
havent done any homework, havent studied for chem, havent do NE costume stuff, havent do up the shirt(esther fiona i'll do it tonight!!), havent kissed moguixiaomei, havent dig for breakfast.

havent done piano theory, havent practised piano
havent register for piano exam.

k.i'm soooo going to die):

Thursday, February 12, 2009
sometimes, life is stranger and harsher than fiction.

oh calamity!i havent done any vday presents for fday!

uh, how 'bout a hug tmr?

hans gave me coins too leh!so kinddd: D

today huangching and i came up with a lovely name for someone(:
: D

forever friends?
eh, keep guessing.

saw jasmine in the morning!sharon too!: D
happy start to a typically untypical day(:

qianru hugged me in the morning: )
hanxi said she'll hug me another day-.-
i havent hug jennifer!!(but ive got a lifetime to do that: D)
i wanna hug hanxi.
ella have me a hug and jumped away afterwards._.
weiwei hugged me: D
i havent hugged fiona or usan!
esther hugged me halfway, then ran off to catch up with her classmate.

a huggy morning because me sng had mentioned about free hugs and friendship/valentine's

cugc tmr.


finally, somebody's willing to buy guides coupons from me.phew!

thanks: D

i havent heard from cas for quite awhile.

i promised esther i'll finish my homework tonight.
i'm going to do it later.

no, i'll do it now.
ive got guides u to prepare too.

ending off with a lobo(:
< : )

today is the day my toaster died.
byebye Mr Toaster.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

that was me o.o
rehearsing at home (in bayshore.not the current place where i live) for my kindergarten performance item thingy.

i sang the thing wrongly.

anyway, i wasnt the one to upload it.
probably my dad(:

: D

k, after this i'm gna go back to thinking about msfang.

i think i may want to start keeping a diary.LOL.

back to the olden days.

watched shrek with usan in the bus again today.
i like Cookie!!!

and i went to read up on the lollipop song.
its On the Good Ship of the Lollipop
: D
by shirly temple i think.

so famous, so young.

hans didnt comment on my pancake):

jenn's gna go buy materials tmr(:
im going too wheeee

people donated coins to me so that i can gather enough money to "sell" the coupons off.
guides coupons made me resort to collecting numerous 5cent coins):
wanying had alot of them: D
she kindly donated lots to me!
and jenn gave me $1
samantha too!
shien gave me a bunch of coins: D
(she seemed abit down today): )
qian, daph all got gimme some coins i think(:

thats all i have to say today(:
i'm going to go off haha cos im tired.
blogging destresses me(:
thats why i blog so

sometimes i just want to stay at home and do nothing.
if i have another holiday, i'd rather spend it all at home.
home is where the heart is, after all.
home home home.
why cant you let me stay at home? ):


happy birthday zhenling!: D


sometimes people pretend, people lie.
try not to take offense.
its usually not others that they're trying to lie to.
its themselves.


i had a touching chinese lesson today.
i read a touching passage about father.
and another about father #2.

the jue chang passage is actually a letter from son to father.
i thought it was more emotionally intense as compared to the other one about the father who was hated by his whole family because he was incompetent.

): so sad.


i'm going to send weiwei the thing.

Monday, February 9, 2009
14th feb.

morning with weiwei.
afternoon with esther tan and tsh.

dhs in the morn, jyps in the afternoon.

i needa start preparing for exams.
ive lost my applicant number by the way.
needa go to the music place thingy and request for a new one-.-
if not, cant register for exams this year._.

anyway, wanna sleep.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

see the dent in my fringe?

that was my first try at being a hairdresser.
and it was in 2000 year: )
and that was my uniform: D
i like.LOL.

i got my tadpole eyes from my dad.
my dad has baby tadpole eyes.


practise makes perfect. Which is why nobody's perfect.


-happy birthday teoyen(:

-yesterday was kim's birthday.

-i went home with jenn, liying, lihui,daphne, usan, xiaowei yesterday.

-we found a cartoon version of a teacher(!) in xiaowei's bio textbook, page 41.(guess who!!)

-usan and i went mad on the way home.

-we talked about Blue's clues and usan commented on how irritating the people in the mailbox were(HAHA!)

-i like Mrs Salt and Mr Pepper, but usan doesnt.she thinks they're rather stupid,hahahah!(i only like them cos they look cute.)

-usan drank alchohol in the bus (LOL.personal joke unless youve seen her drinking yourself.)

-usan played a game called Save Kitty. She purposely moved the cat near the razors and cut its head off in the game._.

-there's also a weasel game thing. the weasels look like biantais.

-usan and i sat at the back of the bus, and we had mobile seats. i.e. the seat cushion could throw you off any moment.

-the two of us listened to some songs and acted like drunkards/drug addicts/mentally unstable kids by nodding our heads in exageration to the tune and rhythm.

-the end.

ok, other than that, we had guides!
this coming batch looks promising,haha.
at least, judging from p2's year1s, its what i generalised..

p2's new members are Shanice, Danna, Amanda, Pohka, and Crystal(:

in the month of feb, i have come across several birthdays.
1. 4k feb babies celebration!
2. p2's celebration for yiting: D
3. my mum's birthday the day after yiting's O.o
4. kim's birthday, even though i'm not involved in celebrating it.
5. brother's birthday today.

today is only the 7th Feb and ive already come across 5 birthdays,LOL.
so hiong.
birthday rush,hahaaa.

i almost forgot to mention,
HANXI and i came up with the Swish Swish Dance!
: D
quite fun,lol.
nono, Very fun,hahaa!!

anyway, gonna go.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
jennifer and hanxi and usan: D

i'll be spending valentine's day(christina's birthday)with weiwei,hahaa.
dont be jealous k?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
i agree with esther tan.
they're all jerks.

just like me.

i slept in bio yesterday.
weiwei had to bang my table to wake me up for the pop quiz.

which was really POP if you ask me,
cos i only realised its a quiz after submission.

not that it matters.

met jas,nic, and yeochih on bus 12 yesterday too.
: )

stayed back with weiwei after school while waiting for p3 to finish patrol activity.
didnt go tution hunting with hans and jenn in the end.

shit.gtg for schl.bye.

to-do list:
-ACE sbc question
-copy jap corrections
-study kanji
-chem worksheets
-guides ex-banner
>looking for my colour pencils,YAAAAABABAAAA

-geog worksheet-pack bag
-pack tie
-do jap homework (if not i'd have to write another letter)-find out what jap homework i have first
-LA individual written assignment
>and lots of what-nots
-guides nyaa reflections
-guides atc reflections
-guides environmentalist badge
>watch the movie about...smthng environmentally friendly
>write a reflection about it
-buy mum's birthday present by tmr night because tmr's her birthday
-sell guides carnival tickets
-practise piano cos exam coming
-redo piano theory cos i did everything wrongly today
-exterminate ants
-compile my scrap notes into a proper, subject-based NOTEBOOK (abit difficult because its not high on my priority)
-phy reflection
-guides cip reflection
-guides new skills reflection
-guides physical fitness record sheet (nyaa)
-bring thermometer
-do correction for matrices and hand up cos i got B
-STUDY the midst of my rant i forgot about it.
-chant:"i hath murdered sleep."

Monday, February 2, 2009
ah, to add to my to-do list:

-some old scraps of chem wosksheet.

oh, and i didnt get below B for math matrices.
i got B-.-
but still gotta submit correction hor?
: D

assembly today.
cant wait!: D

to-do list:
-guides ex-banner
>looking for my colour pencils,YAAAAABABAAAA

-geog worksheet
-pack bag
-pack tie
-do jap homework (if not i'd have to write another letter)
-find out what jap homework i have first
-LA individual written assignment
>and lots of what-nots
-guides nyaa reflections
-guides atc reflections
-guides environmentalist badge
>watch the movie about...smthng environmentally friendly
>write a reflection about it
-buy mum's birthday present by tmr night because tmr's her birthday
-sell guides carnival tickets
-practise piano cos exam coming
-redo piano theory cos i did everything wrongly today
-exterminate ants
-compile my scrap notes into a proper, subject-based NOTEBOOK (abit difficult because its not high on my priority)
-phy reflection
-guides cip reflection
-guides new skills reflection
-guides physical fitness record sheet (nyaa)
-bring thermometer
-do correction for matrices and hand up cos i got lower than B(WHAT?I FORGOT ABOUT THIS!LUCKY GOT HANDBOOK.TSK.)
-SHIT.STUDY the midst of my rant i forgot about it.
-chant:"i hath murdered sleep." LOL.guess who i chanted to,hahaaa.

"teo ee you are a robot"

hahaha.this person is so funny.
its a statement, not a question leh.
like, no room for debate de.

i am a robot.

Sunday, February 1, 2009
shiyi gave ruonan and i a first aid quiz last year.
i suddenly recalled, and wanted to talk about it.

so hi.i'm blogging.

on shiyi's quiz:
What do you do when you have a bee sting?

ruonan's answer:
ask for God's help.



im all !#$#^&*() now.
because i have alot to do and i am not going to get much sleep tonight.
and i have to go over to dear dhs early in the morning.
earlier than most of you HA.
ok,not true.
alot of dhs ppl still go to school at normal time instead of the supposed before 9am thing.

tsk, can sleep but dowan sleep.

way too fun lurh.

i have tons of stuff to do.
wasted yesterday,
spent today doing lame stuff.

yesterday: slept during day.woke at night to watch ylbfb.slept at 7am, and...

today:woke at 10.45am today.
1045-1100 travelling time
1100-1200 piano lesson
1200-1213 travelling home time
1213-1330 campaigning for mothers to give their daughters tingxie
1330-1345 emoing because campaign unsuccessful
1345-1514 lunched, wrote an english letter explaining my non-submission of homework
1514-1637 napped
1637-1908 tution spent talking about non-math stuff.wl.i was thinking of my to-do list throughout the whole lesson.urgh.
1908-2024 dinner
2024-2138 translated english letter to japanese
2138-2143 called junior to inform her of tmr morn
2143-22min ago continued japanese letter
22min ago-now sent the letter(had trouble attaching it), and blog.

to-do list:
-guides ex-banner
>looking for my colour pencils,YAAAAABABAAAA
-geog worksheet
-pack bag
-pack tie
-do jap homework (if not i'd have to write another letter)
-find out what jap homework i have first
-LA individual written assignment
>and lots of what-nots
-guides nyaa reflections
-guides atc reflections
-guides environmentalist badge
>watch the movie about...smthng environmentally friendly
>write a reflection about it
-buy mum's birthday present by tmr night because tmr's her birthday
-sell guides carnival tickets
-practise piano cos exam coming
-redo piano theory cos i did everything wrongly today
-exterminate ants
-compile my scrap notes into a proper, subject-based NOTEBOOK
(abit difficult because its not high on my priority)
-phy reflection
-guides cip reflection
-guides new skills reflection
-guides physical fitness record sheet (nyaa)
-bring thermometer
-do correction for matrices and hand up cos i got lower than B(WHAT?I FORGOT ABOUT THIS!LUCKY GOT HANDBOOK.TSK.)
-SHIT.STUDY the midst of my rant i forgot about it.
-chant:"i hath murdered sleep."

nice to-do list eh?
: D

most important on my list should be:



my mum refuses to let me study.
i asked her to gimme tingxie today,
and she cried: "yay 我要去看戏了!"
and hopped into the living room, where papa and teoyen were already glued to the tv.

and left me,
cold and isolated with only my chinese textbook for company.

"just you and me, textbook.just you and me."

then i went out and said "whey, 给我听写 leh. 你不给, 我就没有办法只好 fail 给你看 lor。"
*i shrugshrug*

*my mum shrugshrugs*


养不教,父(母)之过 leh.
then she asked me to go ask papa to gimme tingxie.

he always come #$&#(* me and purposely read in weird accents: \

like the last time i asked them for help with the zuohe chaoji ahma holiday assignment,
my mum kept claiming that her chinese sucks, while critisizing mine.
then my dad said he very pro in chinese de,
and started speaking in angmoh-chinese accent(which is just to #$&%$ me cos he can obviously speak in chinese-chinese accent de lor).

so helpful of them right?
i live in such a good learning environment.

as i type this,
they are spamming movies outside.

shall go spam ylbfb.
(i havent started on homework.and i'm going to fail chinese tingxie,definitely.)


i think still can tie leh, this length.

in case you cant see the text,
i'm saying that
i hadnt cut my hair and if you had already expected this at the start of the post,
i understand you might still be mad ive just wasted your time.
my bad):
too bored already.
thats sort of the reason why i saved those photos as "boliao", "boliao2" and "boliao3".
yes i'm lame and stupid and retarded.


get one from cbox!
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