Wednesday, July 30, 2008
i just felt like saying your
as a follow up of Jennifer's post,
here a few pictures i like too:

such an artistic portrayal of the great beauties of p4/guides/dhs aint it?

BANGBANG!yes, i <3 this picture: D


what a nice picture: D
gina and jocelyn, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

songleaders for combined UG campfire.
(some names are unknown,so i shant name all, if not you'll know whose name i forgot.)

YAY JENNIFER AGAIN!nice heart right?
we didnt include the bicuspid valves or ventricles...etc though.

so prettayeeeeeee.

k,going le.
WE "K" FOR 3K!(care)


Tuesday, July 29, 2008
filming with WanYing(DADA),HuangChing,Ruonan,and gang is fun: D
especially with sicko ruonan acting funny NYAHAHA.
yikes,im ERB junior.ykesyikesyikes.

After reading Wannung's($2 nung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) blog, i realised that she's right,
in order not to emo,
we shouldnt think so much.
: D

anyway, i wonder if 3K wants a......***** ***!!!!!: D
shall consult weiwei first.and the rest of the class comm.
3k is a democratic class: D

and im sure ive just failed my CA5 japanese test again today.

i feel like writing a story.
: D

k, gotta admit, i was emoing+sleeping+reflecting in the bus ride just now,
and i thought, hey, im sorry for lying to 3k.
even vivyan agreed that i was convincing.
so sad eh? know how to talk BEEP but dunno how to take action.
oh wells.

i like the 'im a little teapot'song.
i like 'a sailor went to seaseasea to see what he could seeseesee'song too.
: D


i saw zhenling!: D
i saw usan!: D
i ran with lihui!: D
i went home with jenn!: D
i saw hanxi!: D
i saw fiona!: D
i...didnt see esther D:
i got hugged by qianting!: D
i saw sara!: D(abit)
i saw shien!: D(abit)

this morning was funny.
i was with jennifer at the grandstand, and lihui just came,
so i was hopping over to spy on her from above,
but SHE SAW ME!):
even ks saw):

luckily, i dont aspire to be a detective when i grow up: D
i just wanna be a disney princess(right, usanny?NYAHAHA.)

pp's going to support me when i perform my first opera, right,pp?
btw, pp=pencil person.

Esther's Quiz

Esther's quiz.from her blog. linked.
created with
You scored as Visual&PerformingArts

You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in the Visual or Performing Arts (e.g., Art, Art Education, Art History, Ceramics, Culinary Arts, Dance, Drawing, Fashion Design, Film, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Marketing (advertising), Music, Music Education, Music Theory, Painting, Photography, Theatre).
YES,luckily art stuff doesnt involve much math or critical thinking.hahaha.





























yikes. no surprise that i scored 0% for math-.-

all those stuff that needs IQ instead of EQ, ha, i guess i didnt score very well.
there's a really funny song called the Happy Song,

it's a fast song, and i cant really catch the lyrics, but it has a gay tune: D

"these are my love handles, and this is my spout"

"i am really special cos there's only one of me..."

"im so happy, i can barely breathe..."

Monday, July 28, 2008
pp was in a bad mood today):
i aspire to be a disney princess
or an opera singer: D
assembly with hanxi and usan was strangely violent
after they decided to tell me the "flower story" with extra 'demonstrations',
i realised that growing flower was such a painful experience.

3K won the msp quiz,
thanks to shiyi, yangge and jinzhao.

hanxi pushed me so hard i practically flew off the floor.
: D
but luckily hanxi has a neck.
a sensitive neck.
a sensitive neck that i can tickle.
> : D

usan, however, is strangely invincible.


esther tan suffered abit sitting in front of me.
the girl beside me,(3L,i think), got the worst of the side effects of sitting beside a girl who's constantly trying to escape from the grasp of HENG USAN and LEE HANXI.

i'm going to sit all the way in front from now on.

shiyi was so cute today.hahaaha.

awww,so sweet.

everything at home is sweet.
i'll probably get diabetes or something similar.
i dislike gooey chocolate milk.
and so far, all chocolate milk's been goey.

support originality!
support decent WHITE milk!
cow's milk.

bottled lime juices tastes like a pure concoction of chemicals.
i mean, forget the citric acid,
but where is the other aspects of proper lime???
and they should really make up their minds whether to make the lime juice sweet or sour.if not it'll end up like what it is---WEIRD.

jennifer's servant is getting quite tanned, no?
or maybe that was just the lighting.

a teeth is a piece of mineral.
are there any teeth collectors?o.o

it's 12:12am.

hey, its getting late.
i'll just go study jap until i fall asleep,
CA5 tmr!
valencia(sp?) also havent started studying.
but then again,
she's smart.

i must buck up.
buck up.
buck up.

gotta go.

zzz,lihui's duper hardworking.

i cant believe she posted that up.
i mean, yikes, you did that to impress him,
but i dont think he's any more interested in you than he was before.
and youve sacrificed not only your own reputation, but also our reputation.
please, stop shaming yourself.

k, i probably shouldnt blame you.
i mean, love is blind mah. so self contradicting.
she probably doesnt even know that the whole world's read her post.
especially the sec3s.

Sunday, July 27, 2008
i admire lady macbeth.
at least she knew her role in life, even though it was a path of evil.

what is the purpose of existence.
and what, does it take to do justice to that question?

i feel queasy before every run, before the sound of a gunshot, indicating that the race has begun.
and i dont like feeling queasy.

i received a note, saying that i was "eternally optimistic"and that "people's opinions don't matter to me"
but i suppose both arent true,
however much i wish to be like that.

i want to be a 4.0 student,
why give me the looks of a nerd but not the brain?

ironically, i love my life : D
i love it so much, people should hate me for it.

^i am strong, when i am on your shoulders
you raised me up to more than i can be

procrastination is a drug.
i need to go for rehab.

every thankyou i say is sincere,
just because you cant feel it doesnt mean its not there.
just because you cant see it doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

"if you cant see it, it's not there"
is a lousy theory.
people who believe in it probably dont have any brains,
since we cant see their brains,which, proven by their theory, doesnt exist.

"failure mothers success"
failure only seems to produce more successful counsellors and successful depressed souls.

i dont apply that disgusting word to myself, no matter how well it fits.
i believe in myself(:
or perhaps, i believe in what i used to be.

but what was i?

everybody has their different versions, different distortions of memories.

the word "hi" or a simple"hello" means alot.
its just so sad that people act so miserly about saying them.
a sincere "hello" may mean so much.
it can say, for example,"i am really happy that youre here."
or it could suggest"youre worth the few seconds i used to say a hello,and perhaps even more"

i chew on food and nibble on snacks all the time at home, but im rarely hungry.
i just feel like filling this weird empty space with whatever i can find.
i can only translate whatever psycological needs i have into physical needs.
like sleeping, eating.
basically pigging out.


it's 10:10pm.

i'm not looking for 11:11pm anymore.
lady macbeth is so smart(:
i dont think she loved macbeth though, maybe thats why they're barren.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

If there's a prize for rotten judgement
I guess I've already won that
No man is worth the aggravation
That's ancient history,
Been there done that

Who'd'ya think you're kiddin'
He's the Earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden
Honey, we can see right through you
Girl, ya can't conceal it
We know how ya feel and
Who you're thinking of

No chance, no way
I won't say it, no, no

You swoon, you sigh
why deny it, uh-oh

It's too cliche
I won't say I'm in love
I thought my heart had learned its lesson
It feels so good when you start out
My head is screaming get a grip, girl
Unless you're dying to cry your heart out

You keep on denying
Who you are and how you're feeling
Baby, we're not buying
Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When ya gonna own up
That ya got, got, got it bad

No chance, no way
I won't say it, no, no

Give up, but give in
Check the grin you're in love

This scene won't play,I won't say
I'm in love

You're doin flips read our lips
You're in love

(Shoo doo, shoo doo)
You're way off base
I won't say it
(She wont say it)
Get off my case
(Shut Up, shut up)
I won't say it

Girl, don't be proud
It's okay you're in love

At least out loud,I won't say I'm in love

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
A Whole New World
Kiss de Girl
Be Our Guest
Go the Distance
I won't say i'm in love
Colours of the wind
You'll be in my Heart
Under The Sea
Hakuna Matata
Circle of Life
Make a man out of you
I just cant wait to be King
Can you feel the love tonight
Part of Your World
Beauty and the Beast opening song
Something there
Arabian Nights
Friend Like me
A Dream is A Wish The Heart Makes
Son of Man
Lesson Number One
A Girl Worth Fighting For


life is so fragile.
today is a day i will remember.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Disney songs are lovely(:
Aladdin has a rich voice,hahah.
Colours of the Wind is nice too.

qianting hugged me today : D

i said i'd sleep for 5hours and wake at 10 right????
i did right?????????????/!!!!!!!'s 1:56am.
i just woke up.

hi.i think it's unfair that i dont tag at esther's when she tags at mine o.o
but then i dunno what to tag about leh..
zzz zzzz.

thanks to YINGYING,RACHEL,and ESTHER TAN YING WEN(hello,ex-seating matey!)
i have sold all 3 kitkats!WHOOHOOOOOOOO~
THANKYOU heeeeeeeeeee''''''''


i think i'll forget about studying for chem.too complicated.
shall focus on physics.
but first, needa do jap compo.
eh,maybe sleep abit more first.
it is quite late in the night already after all...
yay come on, brain development,whoohoo.

i promise to wake up by 3am(:

oh and jennifer, hi(:

Monday, July 21, 2008
yes,i'm still in contact with my primary school friends YAY.

was grouchy this afternoon when i delayed myself from going home.
so many tests tmr, i havent started studying,
and before i study,i must sleep for at least 5 hours beforehand.

if not i'd just slack.

so i wanted to reach home early, sleep early, wake early, study early, and sleep early again.
instead of:
reaching home late, sleeping late, perhaps not waking until next morning, and the end.

seriously, its dangerous once i sleep after 5++pm.
i tend to continue sleeping till around 4++ the next morning.

i was grouchy about going home later today.
anyway,shall slack for awhile, then sleep for estimated 5 hrs, then eat dinner after waking up, do jap compo, and study, if i'm still awake after doing compo.

no time leh.
not enough.

forget it.
im just not meant to work hard.ever.

i must attain the never-ever-studied-at-home-but-do-fine state again.
i've lost it ever since post-psle.sigh.

k.shall stop ranting and go sleep.
i'll wake up at around 10 at night.

oh dang.i'll be missing dinner):
but oh no, i'll prob only have 2 hours to do jap compo and study phy+chem.
cos i sleep again at 12 these days.sigh.

AKAKAA,im really going le.
5 hours starts from now.bye.

Sunday, July 20, 2008
& hi freefall.

memory is just like honey.
sweet, but comes at great pains to harvest.
and we're often trapped by the sticky honey of a memory.

i want to move on.
and throw away burdens.
yay, grow taller without anything weighing me down.

hi shorty.

judging from his latest post, sean seems to be balding-.-
opps =x

for geog students:

in the recent years, it has been proven through statistics that the population of many developed countries such as Japan has been declining at a rapid pace, and soon, the population would not be able to support itself as the aging population grows while the young are too few in number to be able to sustain the economy and the demands of the old.


we should all migrate to japan and produce at least 6 children per couple so as to increase their population-.-

start a Manufacture-In-Japan

note: the above is not a representation of the opinion of the majority. it is simply a tool for crapping.please do not take it into serious account. for more accurate information, you may seek professional help or research from more reliable sources. thankyou for your kind understanding.

Saturday, July 19, 2008
long time no update.
computer decided to go on strike-.-

but nevermind, seems like you guys have gone on haitus from coming here too(:

the patch design was ruined once i started painting,
but oh wells.

i thought the pre-painting was still ok(:
sounds familiar, 2A07 and 2E07 people?
yea,Ms Wee's great quotes,

Pride In Work.


im sorry i was so disrespectful towards my own art(-.-) piece.
hi teoee has PIW.yay.

<3 BangBang <3 BeanBean <3 fiveters

OH, and xiaowei says its lollipop day on Sunday(:

EDD was ok.
anglican high is imba.

i saw uen fang/cornelia!she was also in patch designing!haha(:

Ms Ng's our new guider!(:
the idmi mentor for 3k08, and relieve(issit?) for BP last lesson.
cool eh?
i wonder if she was a dhs guide o.o

oh wells.
oh and huangching has a tendency to
ruonan's very nice!!
yay,sit beside her,haha.
and yay, esther TAN sais she misses me leh!
uber honoured wakakaka.

esther hong went to watch yoga today.
at bugis.
and 'nice' sarah wee went with her. hahahaa.

oh, and sarah's very observant.
she saw something that none of us

today's a special day.

hi. im wols.

bang loi bang loi bangbang we like it

pltc p2 bangbang stand by me
hello, isolation. how's life?

Monday, July 14, 2008
Whenever You Remember lyrics

When you look back on times we had
I hope you smile
And know that through the good and through the bad
I was on your side when nobody could hold us down
We claimed the brightest star
And we, we came so far
And no they won't forget[Chorus]

Whenever you remember times gone by
Remember how we held our heads so high
When all this world was there for us
And we believed that we could touch the sky

Whenever you remember, I'll be there
Remember how we reached that dream together
Whenever you remember

When you think back on all we've done
I hope you're proud
When you look back and see how far we've come
It was our time to shine
And nobody could hold us down
They thought they'd see us fall
But we, we stood so tall
And no we won't forget

Whenever you remember times gone by
Remember how we held our heads so high
When all this world was there for us
And we believed that we could touch the sky

Whenever you remember, I'll be there
Remember how we reached that dream together
Whenever you remember
Yeah, Oh
We claimed the brightest star
And we, we came so far
You know that we, we showed them all
And no they won't forget

Whenever you remember times gone by
Remember how we held our heads so high
When all this world was there for us
And we believed that we could touch the sky
Whenever you remember, I'll be there
Remember how we reached that dream together
Whenever you remember
Whenever you remember
Oh, whenever you remember

This was the sec4's song for passing down 08.
it made me think of what they've struggled through, what they've experienced, and how it seems that all is lost now.

but no, i refuse to let things be.
40th batch will never give up so easily.
nope, we'll remember, forever.

let us claim the brightest star together again;

Sunday, July 13, 2008
the most complicated words in the dictionary are you and i.

you is both a singluar and plural word.
i is singular.

and yes, i is always singular.

i still remember when you told me you couldnt bear our separation.
when you said i was your best friend.
i remember saying we'd still see each other in school.
im just wondering if you remember too.

and i miss having a best friend to rely on.
lijuan, i havent forgotten you, and i know you havent forgotten me either.
i'm glad i came when i was a p2 kid, if not i'd never have met you.

youre one of a kind, truly.
youre the only person who understands that even though we havent seen each other for ages,
even though we splitted class in p4,
even though you and i are in different schools now,

we're still friends.

youre the only personwhose number i can remember without referring to anything.

i remember in p2, before recess:

teacher: ok, 2/9, line up in twos hold hands and go down the stairs slowly.
christina: teoee, can i line up with you?
me: *hesitating cos i usually go with lijuan, but then it seems mean to say no because she was asking really politely*
lijuan: teoee, who's your best friend?

and i lined up with lijuan.

this sounds selfish and silly,
but we were just p2 kids, and things like working together as a class or whatever just didnt register in our minds.
all we knew was that there was an unwritten rule, best friends do things together no matter what.

but the thing i really like and miss about this incident was the confidence in which lijuan had.
the confidence in my answer.
she knew who i'd end up pairing with in the end once she said that, and i love the way that things are so clear between us.
that we didnt have to worry what each other were thinking because we both knew that we were best friends of each other.

now people are just too caught up with being nice to everybody and we mostly end up as free moving electrons.
not that its bad, but i just miss the good ole days.

sleep is such a precious word.
i want to see myself exhaling it gently,
then holding it with my two hands,
cuddling it,
smoothing its softness,

tinting it with warmth
feeling the fabric of my blanket engulfing me

i don't want to dream
if not i'll never wake up.

What's the purpose of having millions of students studying the same things for ten years?
adapted from esther hong's blog.

i want to work smart instead of working hard.
but the school system is set in such a way that you have to work so hard that you cant think of ways to work smart.

anyway, the 10 o'clock news says that children should sleep more for brain development.
i'll bet mine's undernourished.

for example, they give so much homework and assess them with grades but yet, those pieces of homeworks are somewhat irrelevant to build up our knowledge about that particular topic.

like chinese. that reflection piece/diary homework about going to malaysia was really quite a bore. i dont feel any different after writing that few chunks of chinese words.
and i dont even know what the chinese textbook is used for.
we hardly open it in school (nor at home)
in fact, i dont even remember when i last saw my book. all i know is it's cover colour.

they should make chinese something like language arts.
ya know, just have an in depth study of ONE particular book for a whole year instead of making us do yue du bao gaos.

in bio, ms chua said that milk has almost all the nutrients that we need.
maybe i should just live on milk and milk alone.

plus some carrots or apples.some hard fruits.
if not i'd end up with weird looking teeth-.-
and anyway, milk doesnt have fibre-.-

so many tests next week. all so sudden, and quite shortly informed.
only 1 weekend to prepare.
then yesterday had campfire.
today 1 day left, but i heard from fiona there's still chinese speech homework(i cant remember about what, somebody please tell me by sunday 9pm) and bio(but i seriously just cannot imagine what bio homework there is.

chemistry feels like german lessons.
sorry, but i dont take german,i take japanese.
which is also as foreign as french.
and yet, i dont take french.

oh,by the way, there's jap CA5 coming soon.
1 weekend to prepare for so much.

i know school life is good.
and yes, i do enjoy school life.
i love going to school.
i just dont like staying there for so long per day, and still having to go home and "home-school"
(do homework)myself after that.

sorry for blabbing so much.
its just that because of all these education and stuff that's supposedly made me smarter,
i've grown to reflect alot.
isnt that what yall aim to achieve?
to mass produce a chain of reflective machines?

yep, and so i'm reflecting now.
reflecting upon the education system.

o.o maybe your plan backfired and someday, we'll get too smart for you.

by the way, isnt global warming caused by "smart" people?
they invent things like cars,for example.

smart eh?
cars make people lazy.
so they turn fat due to lack of exercising, then they'll go for slimming courses where they're smeared with chemicals inside out and expected to be slimmed down afterwards.

cars are environmentally unfriendly, even though there are less harmful cars nowadays due to "smarter" people. the invention of cars brought about deforestation to provide infrastructures like roads...etc. see? less trees to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen.

ya know, i could go on and on, (i already have,)
but i've got piano lessons.
piano exams coming soon. many tests and exams.

guide seniors are all so pretty.
what happened to us?o.o
genetic modification or something?
or is it just simply that beauty comes with sehness?

genetic modification examples:
squareface,waater,the hulk, and other weird "fragmentations of nature" as quoted from Macbeth lectures o.o


THANKYOU for your "jiayou for campfire" sms.
youre the only one who did that(:

and THANKYOU for your jiayou tag even though you couldnt make it):

the above are two different people. :D

Thursday, July 10, 2008

: D

ok,thats all i came to blog about.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008
i cant find my lollipops.
i've misplaced my supply):

oh where, oh where,
can my lollipops be,
oh where oh where
can it be?~~


hi.i havent done my holiday homework.somebody please scan me chemistry eoy papers.sigh.

ahh, i want my lollipops):
now i can only rely on some milk flavoured hard candy balls.):
tastes nice.hokkaido product.
but i still want my lollipops.sigh.

oh, and i prefer vitagen over yakult.ha.

Monday, July 7, 2008
people who put down others dont know what they're talking about.
they are not aware that by doing that, saying things, probing and intruding into other people's lifes,
they could ruin somebody.

this poor girl has been humiliated so many times. her personal life published on so many newspapers. and this ignorant society just continues hurting her, even laughing and insulting the intelligence of her fans.

i dont see whats wrong with her, really.
i think her songs are great.

anyway,i'm not going to mention any names here.
cos some maniac may just decide to spam me hate mails for saying all these.

but really, the way society works is just so disgusting.

im not her fan,duh.but i dont hate her or whatever.
not like you guys, you no lifers.

k,forget all these. but i think it's sad that while people are jailed for littering or something, the rest of the society who have made somebody go crazy, made somebody attempt so many suicides, are still free.

dont try to guess who im talking about.
and actually, im not involved.but this really gets me thinking.

when i was four, it was all about what i want.
and i am fifteen now.

i'm fifteen.
shit.i dont know what to do with this sudden realisation.

Sunday, July 6, 2008
Was too tired to blog these few days.
have lots to catch up on, but suddenly, it doesnt seem important for me to register my past in black and white.
the only important issue is regarding the 'past' that my juniors can feel nostalgic about. the 'past' that i can give them.that we can give them.

and for us to give them a proper past, we must start by preparing for the future.

i was racing with my shadow last night.
i kept wanting to win it, but when i finally do,because of the lighting, i feel a sense of loss.
for no apparent reason.
i just felt like making my shadow go in front of me again, then i just stopped halfway while walking, and stoned.
then after that i decided that i had to go home sooner or later-.-
so i hurried on and hey, i realised that because i moved on, the lighting changed and my shadow shifted from behind me to beside me, and finally in front of me.

i dont know why i'm talking about this, but then again, i dont know alot of things.
sometimes,i dont even know what i dont know.

usan,shien, the raw chicken was really great. did you guys bond with the toilet?
haha,i didnt leh.luckily.

i dont want to ruin my studies, eunice.really.


Kaspersky. weird little software.but at least it serves its purpose. more google.

oh,and i cant type chinese. stupid.
thats the end. i dont know how i'll manage to do all those chinese assignments like the yue du bao gao or the malaysia trip report thing.-.-

youth day celebration was good.
thankyou wu lao shi, for helping us buy the chicken rice(:

person A is really very sweet.
as kimberley mentioned during songleader training yesterday 5thjuly.
i wonder how she's going to take the news when it's released.

shien blames herself for it, but i think that nobody is to be blamed for this. things just happen sometimes.

there's something wrong with my priorities.

i may be investing too much in guides.
i feel like i'm doing things, but the things i do arent productive enough.
and i'm neglecting alot of other things which should be equally important.
as eunice says, life isnt about what i like or dislike sometimes.

i was reminded of Mrs Chin's PL.
the one she mentioned during a stayover a long time ago.
her pl encouraged her to do well in studies too, even though studies and guides are generally quite different things.
and i didnt know mrs chin was a company leader o.o
thats pretty cool haha.
wu lao shi pointed this out to me yesterday.
hanxi was surprised i didnt know that.haha.

Mrs Toh is 3k's new form teacher,
she's very nice and fun! but seems strict too.
theres no such thing as comparism between mr tan and her. humans are all unuique and different.comparing them is doing injustice to god's creation. so strong all the time.
nobody really knows what she needs.nobody's ever asked.

but i want to know, and perhaps help,
either that, or i'm just being irritating and invading her life or something.

nevermind,ignore me.

i had alot to blog about last night on the way home.
but because of the google attack yesterday night, i've gone to sleep and forgotten what i wanted to say.

till next time,bye.
i'm going to go family bonding.haha,

Friday, July 4, 2008
i've done something terrible, and i'm really sorry for it.
you may not know if im apologising to you, but it doesnt not even sure if you blog surf.

sigh,xiaowei is right.

i'm to blame. should have just kept my mouth shut.
i feel like saying something to you, but the words just doesnt come out.

Thursday, July 3, 2008
伍思凱 - 分享

时间已做了选择 什么人叫做朋友
偶而碰头 心情却能一点就通
因为我们曾有过 理想类似的生活
太多感受 绝非三言两语能形容

担心会犯错 难免会受挫

与你分享的快乐 胜过独自拥有
好友如同一扇窗 能让视野不同

与你分享的快乐 胜过独自拥有
好友如同一扇门 让世界开阔

nice song about friendship.
im trying to get in touch with my parents' generation.
starting with songs.

i am aware that juniors, friends, parents,family,teachers,and seniors plus strangers may be reading this blog.

but i think only guides would be truly interested.
cos guides understand guides best.

i love guides.
and i promise to pump 30 every morning before i go to school.
unless i'm running late,then i'll return double at night.

yay.train up.thats the way.hahaaaa.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Hi.i was glad when zhenling came today. And seeing shien in the morning was great too.
Yay,guides. obsessed.


get one from cbox!
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