Friday, October 31, 2008
too tired to post today.

summary:guides, shien and qianting.

got exam tmr morning.
hope i dont oversleep cos im spent after waking up early today.


Thursday, October 30, 2008
brighter, happier colours are so welcoming!
: D
cream cream cream.

a rich but ugly man went street shopping with a servant trailing behind him.
the servant was carrying alot of shopping bags.

they walked past a tattered stall, where a beautiful lady was tending to, and saw a sign that read:"get a kiss for $50!"

so he quickly took $50 and paid her.

she stared at him hard, and mumbled:"please wait a moment." before walking off.

moments later, the beautiful lady came back with a fat, pimpled lady who had a crooked nose, crooked and decomposing teeth, balding head, and slit-like eyes.

she told the other woman,:"lara, would you please tend to this customer?"

the rich man quickly responded and said to his servant:"Bard, please take my purchase."

everybody's done it except me.
________ it.
what happened to my RESOLUTION?????
i think ive got a twisted version of what "hardworking" means.
either that, or a twisted version of "determination".

Miss Foo once said:

(her wise words.)

old habits die hard.

first, you have the HABIT.
then you take away the H, and you still have ABIT.
then you take away A, and you still have that BIT to rid of.
then take the B away and yet, you still have IT.


but she says that it can be done;
habits can change.

just go step by step and destroy the last bit of it (lol, geddit?last BIT of IT)
take away the "IT" at the end and you'd have succeeded(:

ah, such a wise math teacher.
the 2 teachers who have made the most impact in my life are both ironically math teachers.
and yeah, i hate math.
but those two teachers, Miss Foo and Ms Fang made me like it better while they were/are here.

similarities of Miss Foo and Miss Fang.
-both not family-orientated(which seems cool)
-both have kinda big eyes(although i seem to remember Miss Fang having bigger ones)
-both can be fierce when they want to(duh.all teachers can.)
-both have F surnames
-both tell stories while teaching(yay,funn)
-both are dedicated to teaching and are very well-liked by students
-both are math teachers
-both are teachers-_-
-(ok, im like, running out of points)
-both have black hair
-both wear specs(uh,lol?)
-both taught me
-both made me like math better(although i dont love math yet.ew)
-both are really very amusing!

they matchmade me with Mathew(:

-Miss Foo never wears skirts/dresses. Miss Fang never wears pants/shorts when teaching.
-Miss Foo has short hair. Miss Fang has long hair.
-Miss Foo wears lots of white shirts. Miss Fang wears black.
-Miss Foo doesnt concern herself with temperatures much. Miss Fang's brain cells' optimum temperature is at 17degrees celcius and her fiery temper is dormant at 17degrees celcius too.
-Miss Foo doesnt want to marry. Miss Fang suggested that she wanted to go over to china because male population's higher and she has higher chances of being picked.what do you infer from that?hahahaha.its amusing.
-Miss Foo doesnt give "special assignments".Miss Fang is always prepared with those.
-Miss Foo doesnt resort to violence. but we all love Miss Fang's friendly pat on the back when we dont do assignments, especially if we're not the ones she's pattingo_o
-Miss Foo suggests supplementary lessons when she wants to spend more time with us. Miss Fang takes other teacher's lessons when the other teachers are on leave,LOL.
-Miss Foo teaches primary schools,Miss Fang teachers secondary schools.
-Miss Foo is now a principal of some school,i think. Miss Fang is still teaching math,yay!(lucky for math noobers like me!!!!YAY.yeah,selfish of me, but im glad for math teachers.)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008
sometimes you look back and realise,
all those judging,
all those stereotyping,

it all seems pointless.

living in the present is scary.
its like walking in a thick mass of fog.
you dont know if your next step will lead to a deep plunge for the underworlds below.

so some people choose to stay where they are.
some go back the the path they had just taken, down memory lane.
those are people who want to take the sure and safe way.

but those, are the people who never get out of the fog to see a clear, blue sky and rays of sunlight illuminating the world.

those who succeed in making their way out of the fog will feel the moist, sticky feeling on their skins evaporate.
it'll be replaced with a warm, safe feeling: D

and oh poor souls left in the fog,
you'll be all alone
even if there's a friend just beside you, you wouldnt be able to see him/her because of the thick fog.
you'll be cold, miserable,

and hungry

for the comfort of having friends who'll walk the fog with you.

walk the fog with me.

: D thanks to guides.

train home with lihui.

first time i ate a ______ that doesnt originate from the hotel.
: D

and yeah, i agree.
blog posts hurt alot of people.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
29) What is the surname of no.5? (teoee)

from lihui.

ahh.since when did my surname become "ee"?
reminds me of aunty ruth from pottery class:
"so your name is just ee???"
kangarooooo is muchmuch cuter,YAY.

today is a non-typical day.
ok, not exactly.
some things go as per normal,
like going to school and seeing wonderful friends: D

but today,..even the morning was holy.

i woke up late at 6.28am.
my alarm says:5.00am
my mum's alarm says:5.30am
my dad's says 6.30am


ok, and yeah, i rushed and took 2 minutes to reach the 3rd traffic light, which is cool cos i usually take about 7 minutes,
and after that, got up a bus.
which isnt anything special since i get up buses every school-day.

but today, i felt different!
: )
i felt bus-sick.
and i prayed like how Mr Goh taught me.
oh, Mr Goh's my MATH tution teacher by the way.
dont ask how he taught me how to pray instead-_-
i said,
in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, i command you, evil bus-sickness devil, to go far far away and convert into christianity.Amen.

this' the template that Mr Goh gave me.

and you know what?

and i grinned my way to grandstand after that,lol.
then saw jasmine(:

ok, first incident of the day elaborated.

next, went to meet ms ling.
tesia and i went to the foyer instead of canteen and got lost,
and when we finally found where ms ling was seeing all other chairpersons,
it was sorta late and ms ling wasnt very happy about it):
i wouldnt too, if i told my juniors to meet me at tuanbu and they go looking for me in the container classrooms.(example)
D: sorry.

ok, so year 3s know what happened.
and yep, went back to class to have cashflow games.
ella got out the race first and she was a JANITOR.
heh> : )
i was a police officer-_-(and out of jenn lihui xiaowei liying, most of them were doing the "hmmm????police officer huh??*wiggles eyebrows* to me when i told them thatD: )

hanxi got out next.
stephen gaped in disbelieve,hahahaa.
hanxi lehhhhh.lee hanxi got out the rat race...not bad,heh? : )
anyway, she's the last of the only 2 from 3k who got out.

i heard that 3J had a double winner.
tat jia(spelling?) aka amyy(spelling?) won both the rat race and the fast track thingy.

actually, there's nothing much about the game lar.
its just funny when i threw the dice so violently that i knocked everybody's rats off the rat race path.
even funnier when baxter came over to steal stephen's game-money, heh.
the best part was when baxter tried to ask tzyyshuan for $.
tzyyshuan hid her cash under her pencil case and just kept humming "uh","um", HAHA.
quite amusing.

ok, move on to next part of the day.
the cheer writing about homecoming.
really, 3k was miserable doing the cheer):
aww, but its over now: D

and presenting to ms ling and ms michelle yeo was...a different experience.
shall not elaborate.

ok, then can go home le.

first, i went to sit with some guides at the steps.the parade square one.

then,i went to obs course with jenn xiaowei and lihui.
we were "ouching" and "AHHing".

lihui sits near me.
i go into contact with her.
i cry "OUCH!so hott.woahhh"
to show that lihui's hottttttttt.
> : )

then the game continues and we start poking each other and shouting"ouch!*sizzle sounds*"
yea sounds lame eh?
but quite funny cos we ended up........

xiaowei runs over to lihui and says"ohohoh no, too hot."
she runs to me and says"ahh, cannot"
she runs to jenn and says"ohh, this one also cannot."

and we all do the same too.
so then they suddenly all avoided me together and we played

really lame, but we had fun.

then after that, we were all warm and sweaty le.
and then we went for songleader training in 3J.

kim,xiaowei,esther hong, yizhen, lihui, jenn,liying and i were there.

weiwei and her buddies were practising fancy drill outside, i think.

weiwei called me out and had that "ITS URGENT!LIFE OR DEATH MATTER!!COME TO O GREAT WEIWEIIIIIII"-look.

her default look.

so yeah, i got out, only to discover that i had been PRANKED.
by chen wei wei.

anyway, after that, weiwei had to leave so she waved bye through the window(:

and we brought the sec2s out.
to the grass patch.
and tested their volume.
: D
wah.they sing HIGHHHHH.
so high.
the frequency is quite great.
it resulted in some soft+high parts like "in the glooming" of "campfire's burning" song.
they did quite ok today though(:
just need more zest and seriousness.: D

then liying and i went to the canteen to look at p3 Gaia atc08's identity making.
p2's doing well.
but i think p3's fine too(:
im sure they'll do better for shorts/banner/mealbag etc(:

after nagging, liying and i went back to sl training.
yep, the day passed and we went off to the grandstand to slack after sl.
jenn watched volleyballers while the rest of us talked sai4.

oh, and on the way up:

me: lets go for a waterbreakkk.
the rest: ok.

so we walk to the tuanbu watercooler/dispenser.

and i spotted kim and yizhen and got a shock cos i didnt expect real life people to be there.
i waved.
they waved.
jenn and xiaowei stamped behind me and gave me a shock.

yizhen cried:" teoeeee.______'S NOT HERE LARR."

it was a sad day.
i dont fancy ______ that wayy lar puhleaseeeeeeeD:

well, at least shien,pearlyn,jenn,xiaowei,lihui,liying believes that i dont : D

ok, move on.

xiaowei and i talkedtalkedtalked.
and we all went home at 6:55pm.

in the train, we laughed abit again.
of course, i tried to stick to my resolution.

my resolution: TO BE QUIET.

: D

oh, then we got excited talking about horror.
hotel 626.
and i acted as the maid ghost in the toilet, climbing and scampering past the walls(train walls vs toilet walls)

while lihui tried to snap photos of my face.

in the end, we got creeped out by ourselves and liying was saying:"ehhh!!donttt.i still want to bathe tonight deee"


and we started singing past era's songs.
songs like barbie girl(1999)LOL.
and the tarzan one,haha!
and aiyai-ee-yai i'm a little butterfly~~
that song.

and some of britney's.
and the womanizer song(which sounds quite ______ to me because the lyrics are...o_O)

generally, had fun.

yay.end of day because i dont wanna talk about my dinner and bath and etc.

generally, today's a great day despite yizhen birding me.

one day, i'll bird her back.


: D

Monday, October 27, 2008
Puppeh and Wayne are friends.
: D
so are their owners.

you know whatr?
actually i cant remember if its derick or derrick.
its doub "r" right?
sigh.3 years le and my memory aint so great nee-more,.

i adjusted my computer time to 7:29pm now even though its actually only 2:30pm now.
heh,wanna know why?

cos the hotel game only starts from 6pm to 6am.
and i dont want to play at nightttD:

so yea,cheating-_-

and no, this does not spoil the fun cos im not looking for fun.
im just curious and i wanna know how the maid looks like.

-----------------at "7:39pm"----------------
eh, i took the ghosts' face.
not scary larh.___.
tsk, to think i got so spooked over derrick's description and went on to spook jenn and lihui too.

so qiao3.
i took the photo with my last chance(you get 9 chances to try take a photo of her face)
but i think i still died leh cos it said"try again" after that.

ok, now that ive seen the face, i'd like to reassure whoever tries to play the game that you dont need to fear seeing her face!

-no flies crawling out her eys
-no oogly eyeballs
-no decomposing face
-good complexion
-pretty hair
-cute dress/maid uniform that yatou from heitangmaqiduo wore
-no missing body parts to play with sound now.

aha.succeeded this time in taking her photo.
heh, her hair flew up.
she's a blondie.

erm, then i proceeded to this weird place full of stairs like the one in TM,
ya know, those non-air-conditioned-cemented-railed-staircases?
yea,and i tried clicking on some doors to get through, but erm,
i sort of fell off the steps and died-_-

lols,so lame.

whatever.i cant be bothered to fall down the stairs again.
skip it(:

im in a room.
and there's a baby girl there.

oops.ive just died again because i got distracted while blogging.

try again. supposed to sing a lullaby to the babe.
i didnt know that.
erm, i went to wake her up.
jeez.lost againD:

this is so difficult to playyyyy.

jeez.the babe has teeth.

skip it.
i cant do lullaby-stuff.

next checkpoint, i must keep my balance and walk quietly out the door.
kays, i woke her again and heys!she can walk!
: D
she got out of her bed-thingie and screamed at me with her little mouthful of teeth.

i think i'll just skip all to get a little idea of how the game works first(:

oh,its raining.
as in, really raining.
just as hanxi predicted.

how come i land in a toilet with a maid,
a room with a baby,
and a jail cell with a mental patient??

oh, there are markings on the wall.
i need those to break the code and get out of the room, i think.
1 deer,
3 eyes,
a spider(with 8 legs i suppose)
2 hands but only 9 fingers
4 candles
cant they test something less mathematical?

"click on a picture of yourself or a door to get out"
no wonder they asked us for webcams at first.
and lucky i didnt check the webcam box!
i wouldnt want my photo there-.-
cant find the door.
found some chiobus though.
yall should try it out.
heh> : )

eh, i needa check out le.
i think the game's ended.
now they're showing all the photos of others who have played the game.
most of them put their real names leh.
yay, im smart.
i didnt use personal information cept for email.
somebody else's smarter though.
he/she's called "chicken".
great name for a horror game-_-
kays,game over.

raining now.
nice weather to sleep,
school tmr.
i wonder what the school has in plan for us.

holidays sound so boring):
lets go out.
lets go jogging.
and lets eat zinc.

: D
lucky there's still guides.
if not, i'd rot at home and you'll be trying to take my photo next.
youve got 9 chances.
just kidding.


Sunday, October 26, 2008
derrick recommended this.
not for the faint-hearted.

dang.from the way he describe, i dont really dare to play.
its horror.
i was still ok about it until he started telling me about the maid thing-.-

and im still at the room/toilet where i'm supposed to take a photo of a female(eeks!) ghost in the face to kill her.
if not, she'll kill me!D:
but she's a maid leh.
female,ghostly maids are scary):

remember to click on the door when you reach the corridor of the hotel to get in.if not, you'll be engulfed by darkness and game over.
you'll know instinctively which door to choose.
no worries.

here's the link:

and i realise that i think of you first when im spooked.
heh, honoured 'not?

and i self-tried a quiz from zhou dynasty.
i thinks its cool.
guess who i walked with in the jungle?
i'm not telling though.heh.too bad.

kays,going back to play.
oh, and the hotel game's only available at night from 6pm to 6am.
no chance of playing in the morning.
sigh,the creator's just too smart to know we'd try it out in the morns.
>; )

i'm thinking of meeting up with guides for a sleepover so that they whole coy can hug each other tight when the scary parts come(:

and wait,jeez,
what am i doing?
i'm not supposed to be scared-.-
im just acting like a wimp.
back to playing.

i dont know why youre doing this leh.

whatever.youre not worth my time to ponder upon.
even though i thought you'd be nice since we're primary school friends.
lihui stopped playing the game.
i stopped too.
jenn's still trying the game.she'll prob go further than me cos she's brave.(:
the phototaking thing's really quite weird to do in the middle of the night.heh.

i have gotten permission from tzyyshuan to post this up, but not from vivyan.

(click to enlarge)

Enlarge also bak chiu tah stamp? Refer below.

Stage1: Tension Period/Mugging Period
Mood level falls gradually from moderate to low
Gradient of graph becomes steeper as it falls towards

Stage 2: Exam period
Mood level decreases as students face tension and nervousness towards exams. They are prompted to spend longer hours on mugging to achieve optimum results.
Tension period usually comes before mugging period. For students with high levels of procrastination, tension occurs 1-2 months before exams and then followed by mugging in just 1 week before the exams.

Stage2: Exam Period
Mood level falls to its lowest during this period. However, it increases towards the end of the EOYs exams.
Mood level is at its lowest due to high stress level and longer mugging hours in this stage.
Mood level then rises steadily in the 2nd half of the exam as students have already adapted to the exam environment and better coped with stress levels. They also anticipate the marking days , post exam activities and holidays more often as exam comes nearer to an end.
( teoee: i have no idea why there are 2 stage 2s)

Stage3: Fun-debt Period
Period of delay gratification. Mood level rockets up from below moderate to high.
Students celebrate the end of exams and mugging days. They enjoy themselves in this period as much as possible to compensate for the stress, tension and boredom endured in Stages 1 and 2.

Stage4: 2nd tension period
Mood level plunges from high to below moderate.
2nd tension period is alot shorter compared to the 1st tension period in Stage 1.
Students once again faces tension and nervousness, which is due to fear of obtaining undesirable results upon receiving back thier exam scripts.
Mood level rises back again in this satge as students calm themselves over their results and forget about their papers.

Stage5:Lax Period
Mood level rises to above moderate and stays rather constant.
Students have a more carefree mood, as they no longer need to spend time on academic activites, school work. They can slack and have as much fun as they want in this stage.
As the holidays start, mood level rises only slightly and then holds there as students have more or less adjusted themselves towards a lax environment.

will there be a stage 6?

anyway, got this from vivyan's.
its tzyyshuan/zixuan's DMTM, dunmanian mood transition model.
its going to scare the poop out of geog students and impress mspear bigg time: D

i wanted to ask zixuan for the original copy some days ago, but she wanted to edit it so i didnt get the chance.
and HOHO, it just so happens that ah V posted about it so i just copied and pasted.

sorreh vivvvvyan.and thanks,LOL.
i wanna go to the beachhhh with you lar.
but you wanna go with euuuuu right? D:
you euuu you euuuuu.

xiaomao aint got eh-nee-thing much to do with meee.

> : )

things to do during holidays:

-eat zinc
-wash hair with acid
-read hamlet
-pass eunice her cookies
-finish homework
-paint orchids
-do up a doll house (ah, the childhood dream)
-go to the beach/go swimmmm
-meet up with 6/10 :D

ahhh.where to get zinc?D:
this list will be updated whenever i think of something new i want to do.yippieh.

after watching an mv from xiaowei's blog,
i'd like to reinforce on how : D AQ is,hohoho.

neh, dont exactly fav wangzi.
and no, i dont like bbt.i think their songs arent exactly...pleasing.

but aoquan's nicest among
xw'd argue for xiaojie, jenn'd argue for wangzi.
k, shall move on to other topics that arent related to bbt.


piano was fine today: D


oh xiaowei, i like using brown and earthy colours,
but if you talk about colours alone, i like blue and green.
: D

all my primary school art pieces had brown in all shades in one way or another: D
the teacher told me that i gave her a warm fuzzy feeling.


hanxi was comparing hair colour that day when jenn leaned on me.
she said jenn's hair was sorta brown, while mine's black.
i dont disagree(:
and i think both colours are nice,hahaha.


i should use lemon juice to wash hair.
the previous time i did that, got scolded though.

but my vague memory says it was fun, so i think i'll try it again soon.

dilute it to save juices: D
dilute acids still has same pH anyway.
and yeah, it's the pH of lemon juice(citric acid) that attracts me,

nothing else i wanna say for now.
havent taken my chengyu book from the classroom yet.
shall see it again tmr.

tmr's a hol!!!
i can go for 6/10 gathering!!AHH.
i stupidly replied haolin's sms and said i wasnt going cos of cip.
but cip's in the afternoon DUH.

oh, and hey any 6/10 people who reads this, please go over to the class blog to verify time and venue of meeting place(:
(i think.i havent checked it yet)

oh, cant wait for cip.
i miss the lil' kids: D

oh.that means i'll only see the chengyu book on tues.
ah, thats not bad>: )

buhbye cya`

Saturday, October 25, 2008
1) Name somebody whose name started with E, L or Z: Esther hong.

2) Your relationship with him/her is: patrol mate;guides;friend;schoolmate;neighbouring class member;and we are tied by a baisheng(:

3) Your five impressions of him/her:reflective,loyal,deep,amusing,lovely

4) The most memorable thing that he/she had done for you: talked to me

5) The most memorable thing that he/she had said to you: "): ): ): dinner leh?):i miss you leh):):):" actually, she didnt say that verbally.she smsed.but still, : Dits memorable.hahaa.

6) If he/she becomes your lover, you will: what do you mean "if"?

7) If he/she becomes your lover, thing he/she has to improve on will be: nothing.

8) If he/she becomes your enemy, you will: take anti-depressant pills(sp?)

9) If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be: how would i know.

10) The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is: everything i can do.

11) Your overall impression of him/her is: very pia.

12) How you think people around you will feel about you?
they are entitled to feel whatever they want to(:

13) The characteristics you love of yourself are: i am ......(what a difficult question.i shall skip it.anyway, i love me.yay.)

14) On the contrary, the characteristics you hate of yourself are: i've just said i love myself la.anyway, i hate it that i'm so hardworking,heh>: )*sniggersniggersmirksmirk*

15) The most ideal person you want to be is: me.

16) For people who care for and like you, say something to them: i care for you and like you too if you are a girl/blood-related family/if i've told you personally that i like you.

17) Pass this quiz to 10 persons:
1. jennifer
3.esther hong
4.xiaowei's barley
5.numbers 123
9. fiona
(i know most of them wouldnt do this quiz, but still, i tagged for the sake of answering the qns below which I HAVE NOT BROWSED THROUGH yet: D)

18) Who is no.6 having relationship with? (liying)

19) Is no. 9 a male or female? (fiona)

20) If no.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing? (E4 and xiaowei)
OHCOOOOOL. i didnt expect this.i was sorta hoping for a no.7 and no.4 thing awww D:
i bet xiaowei's jumping for joy.lolll.

22) What is no.2 studying about? (lihui)
its eoeoys!!lol.the only thing she may be studying is about how to become a good botanist.(the plants people)

23) When is the last time you had a chat with no.3? (esther hong)
chat?you mean just rant nonsense?erm, quite long ago.cant remember.
if you mean like just converse, then yesterday during guides(:

24) What kind of music band does no.8 like? (treee)
i have no idea.ask lihui.

25) Does no.1 have any siblings? (jenn)
yeahh.1 blood-related brother and lots of non-blood related sisters,brothers: D

26) Will you woo no.3? (esther hong)
im tryingD: any advice on what i should do?any pick-up lines i should use?D:
how about ms swan's "if i could change the order of alphabets, i'd put "u" and "i" together"?LOL.

27) How about no.7? (E4)
no way.xiaowei'd get me for it.hahaa.anyway,im not interested to have an addition in my "personal life"(quoted from shien)

28) Is no.4 single? (xiaowei's barley)
i think so. eww.if not, then i wonder who the poor partner isD:

29) What is the surname of no.5? (numbers 123)
1---lee(i think?anyway, this is a common surname)
2---(too obvious if i list it)
3---(too obvious to be listed too)

30) What's the hobby for no.4? (xiaowei's barley)
erm, trying to eat swan flesh?(translate to chinese please)

31) Does no.5 and 9 get along well? (numbers 123 and fiona)
1---dont know each other well.
2---hmm,quite ok bah.
3---dont know each other well.
(please do not ask if 123 are humans/objects/organisations/cartoon shows/etc.i will not disclose the identity/name of item)

32) Where is no.2 studying at? (lihui)
anywhere in the world is posssible for learning because the world is just another school and experience, is the teacher: D
ok, the boring answer would be:-dhs

33) Say something casual about no.1: (jenn)
casual?o_oreminds me of a particular conversation.
anyway, jenn's hawt.

34) Have you tried developing feelings for no.8? (treee)
nope.not interested.i dont want to be a botanist.

35) Where does no.9 live at? (fiona)
shhhh.what,you wanna stalk her arh?this kinda personal information cannot reveal to you strangers deeeee.

36) What colour does no.3 like? (esther hong)
i've never asked.

37) Are no.5 and 1 best friends? (numbers 123 and jenn)
more than that.

38) Does no. 1 have any pets? (jenn)
yes,a panda.

39) Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world? (E4)
o_o to xiaowei.....maybe yes. to me....erm, just dai1 ba.

40) What is no. 10 doing now? (xiaowei)
still swooning over question 20.LOL.

yay.i'll go take lunch.byess.

a silver thread. says:hi
i say le!: D

ت Pearlyn- Come say hi. says: hi! you confessed you are not interested? haha. what did you say?

a silver thread. says: huh??
nonono as in, i said hi to you

lol!this is really funny.hahahaa.
anyway, yea, i've already mentioned that she understands the situation.
she was in the train with shien when i was defending my stand, remember?
hahahahaha.'d be great if she had asked "you confessed you are not interested? haha. what did you say? " and i had replied,"well, i just got to the point and ended this issue!: D"

but of course, i cant.DUH.

and didnt.

cos i dont even talk to the other party le.hahaa.

i'm going to stop posting about this stupid thing cos the person i wanted trust from has given it.
i guess all the fuss was just cos i was afraid you'd misunderstand.haha.

and by the way, pearlyn's smart!!: D

i cant believe i've just spent 7 hours replaying that scene over and over again.

oh by the way,
yingying hanxi and i are gna set up our own laudry shop.
hanxi can do the finance stuff for us, and yingying and i will wash clothes since we cant do math.


stuck in a mess.tangled.strangled.trapped.
the more i struggle, the messier it gets.the tangler.the more strangled.more trapped.

how did i land into this situation?

maybe it started with chairpersonship. did.

dang.rumours suck a hell lot especially when people are convinced its true.
and its worse if the other party thinks you like him/her too.

how to get outtttt.

its not as if i can just go think i like you arh?eh, i dont leh.not at all.
cos what if the other party says: huh?*blur*i didnt think that way.

and you end up being the paiseh one-.-?

off to kill ants,bye.

Friday, October 24, 2008
i've just reread the previous post.
realised i was abit too affected by that day's events, thats why had the notion of quitting.
for now, i'll just continue to suppress my need to be satisfied _________-wise.

today's guides activity wasnt so bad.
sure, it could have gone better,
but at least the sky didnt fall on our flag poles.

ok, maybe i shouldnt be contented with the mere fact that the sky didnt fall,
but...considering the emotionally unsound state of juniors(i wonder why?), it was ok(:

selina, june and tricia came back!
so happy to see them: D
we were half expecting them to give us a 2006-style PT and this sort of wonder+dread+excitement bubbled like froth from our mouths as we blabbed about our guesses on how they'd conduct the supposed-PT.

erm, in the end, no PT la,
but heh:D
it just felt good to feel that sort of positive dread that says:
"AHH!PT!!" and feel the expression that goes:



instead of the dread that goes:
"what. oh. PT. ok. ew."
and the expression:

-__________________- siannnn.


on the way home today,
trained home with qianting, shien,fiona,pearlyn.
qianting took the other train so it was just the 4 of us left though.

and yeah, we were just discussing abit of stuff regarding post-exam activities.
how entertaining it is: D
i'm not being sarcastic.
i'm sure we all found it amusing: D

its one of the hot topics to talk about these days.

and after that, shien asked about what she referred to as my"personal life".
ah.i'm sure nobody except jenn and shien believes me, but really,

i dontttttt.

please help me convince othersssss.

i dont want to keep going the wrong way because letting you

believe lies is just another form of indirect lying.

and somebody told me lying's illegal while jenn said lying's bad

for health.

ok, anyway, many of you might not know what i'm refering to.
it doesnt matter: )

pearlyn was in the train too, so she knows the truth: )

i dont know how to clear my name because i've let the rumours fly so far already without taking any action to stop it.
shien, 你责任重大,要还我一个清白呀!!!*boohoo*

if i like you, i'll tell you personally.
dont assume unless you hear "hi.i like you." from me.
DONT ASSUME, beep it.

see ya, byeeee.

oh, and regarding yesterday's post about loving whoever loves me too,
it only applies to girls and family.thankyou.

Thursday, October 23, 2008
post exam was good.
first half of the day :)

not going to elaborate on the 2nd half of the day.

all i can say is,
i've finally been able to keep to my resolution of being quiet.
numbness does things to people.

i'm worse than a quitter.
i dont even dare to quit.

when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

i give up on being tough.
although i believe i havent even started.

there isnt much to live for, is it?
but so what.
we still gotta live.

“ Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death” Act 5 Scene 5

i pity shylock.

i try to see the brighter side.
i try to notice your winning traits.
but all that trying makes me tired.

giving up is harder than going on.

i love jennifer.
i love lihui.
i love xiaowei.
i love liying.
i love those who love me.

i love my family.

and YOU .
you are none of the above.
even though youre meant to be family.
meant to be my 2nd home.
i dont feel at ease with you.

when the love is gone, only burden remains.

you suck.

and no, the above "you"s do not refer to any human beings.
it doesnt refer to anyone,anywhere,anytime,anyhow.
dont be too sensitive, please.
actually, im sure you can tell that i'm not talking about a person(s) right.
but just in case anyone feels insecure or offended by this post,

no.i am definite that i am not refering to you because the thing i refer to cannot read.

i'm going to think abit more and grouch.
and i'll spend my night imagining myself having the courage to quit.
(i wont, of course.)

i'm such a chicken.
pok pok.

by the way, lihui jenn and i saw a bread from breadtalk that said:"hen and ham"

i havent been able to sign in since days ago.
i'm not blocking anyone.
dont be sensitive.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008
oh, and yingying offered to lend me her book after she's done with it!: D

yay.i'm going to read.hohoho.
anyone else has books to lend me?LOL.
i'm going to be hardworking.


today was great.
really really seriously.

went hopping about TM and CS with jenn and lihui.
lihui and i were tempted at every single sort of food we saw(cept for those...umm....particular stuffs.)

i'm supposed to lead a healthy lifestyle and stop myself from floating in pools cos of my large surface area and lower density oil.

but just a few steps from the school's back gate,
we all succumbed to temptations.
urgh.we're all macbeths D:

weiwei was jidong today when her squadmate said hi to me.

anyway, we each moaned about not being able to resist temptations,
and after that, it became worse when we went to TM.
esp the breadtalk hunt.LOL.
i didnt buy anything though.
i've learnt my lesson and tried hard not to be tempted into proceeding with the delicious act.

we had a laugh about barley too.heh> : )
shant elaborate.

the one jenn wanted was out of stock!D:


we went past BaliThai.
heh> : )

erm, basically, i just couldnt wait to go home and have dinner.
especially since the shopping for denial trip.
(denied food,lol.)

heh.gna go.dinner's set.

chicken rice, heh,guides lol.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
vivyan has a wonderful time in the hall most times(:

i feel like i'm wasting my time there.
and its demoralising when somebody says:"WALAO.i only got an A!"

anyway, running in the rain with xiaowei,jenn,lihui and liying's fun: D
its just that i wonder why i even bothered to bring an umbrella to school

esther tackled this game in my phone, and she was determined to beat the high score.
(she did, of course,in the end.)
hahaaaa,quite amusing to see her attacking the game.
: D

who what when where why.

i feel like i let so many people down.
but i dont blame myself for not doing well academically.its not as if i did it on purpose.
you think i wanna fail meh?

its not that i dont want to do well, i just dont want it enough to spur myself into hordes of mugging.

lets share a story:

there was a man who could fish very well.he lived in a little village, with his wife and children, enjoying life, just fishing by the sea as hobby.

one fine day, a wealthy man paid a visit to him and said,:"with your skill, you could catch lots of fishes, and earn lots of money!would you like to take up my offer of being the sole supplier for my restaurant?"

the fisherman was interested, and he asked:"what must i do then?"

"you will fish day and night, even when there are storms, to deliver the fishes that i need, and i, in turn, will pay you."the wealthy man said in a matter of fact tone.

"then what?"the fisherman inquired.

"then after 7 years, you would have earned enough money to last you the rest of your retirement!you will be very rich." he tempted.

"what do i do with the money?"


"well, you could use the money to buy yourself a little house by the sea with your wife and children, enjoying life, just fishing by the sea as hobby."

moral of the story,

always know what you want and what you are working towards. whats the use of working so hard, only to receive what you could have had by continueing your present lifestyle?

actually,i didnt tell the story properly.its a bore the way i tell it.
go read your prev years' handbook.there should be a story similar to this, and i believe it sounds better from there(:


Monday, October 20, 2008

it scares me when i know i've really given up.
i had to attempt to emo over results, when all i thought was,
"who cares."

where is that kiasu sense i lack?
i'm just waiting for 23rd november,
and i think i'll grow up to become a director, actress,and consumer.

i direct my own movie, starring myself, and then watch the movie by myself too.

dang.i posted AGAIN.
i'm going to sleep.sent proposal le.its 9:51PM,
see ya.
(i wonder if there's 3rd lang tmr)
oh, and hanxi talked to a stranger in the train today.
and jenn and i saw a fascinating bug near the door.
the shell's real nice: D


i keep posting and posting.
i want to say something.
and everytime i post again, i hope i'll say it out.

but i dont.

i'm sure there are people out there who'll listen to me as i pour my soul (into thine ear, and chastice with the valour of my tongue, all that impedes you from the golden round.)out.
and yes, i'm thinking of you guys, loves.

i dont know.
i just dont feel right bringing you the burden that i carry,
because i'm sure you have more troubles than i do.
i just complain alot, thats all.yea,thats all.



actually i dont even know how to identify my troubles.
i just have this sour,squeezed,tight,suffocating sensation sometimes.
maybe i'm just suffering from malnutrition.
the obesse kind.



: D he's sooo cool.
erm, wait.gender above is male right?
i cant tell from the photo,
but i think he's a jewel in this world.
this is the amazing FANG WEN SHAN
aka the person who writes the songs for your idol, Jay Chou.
: D
he's so smart.he composes such cool songs.
and he's like the zhu ge liang behind Jay,
although i dont think Jay Chou's anything like liu bei.
(cos i heard liu bei's actually kinda useless and only manages to succeed by crying and whining to zhu ge liang for help?)
sometimes, we should credit the ones behind the scenes too.
even though we shouldnt forget the talent of any of them :D
blah.ignore me please.
im not gaga-ing over fangie.
i'm just being appreciative OKAYYYY?
> : )
anyway, i'm not trying to push all credit to fangie.of course, the lead(and only)singer deserves credit too.
but thats not the point.
the point is,
im promoting fangie(not that he needs it).
im just bored actually.
gotta go send proposal.

i realise i usually wait for others to talk to me online.
i dont usually initiate conversations unless we've gotta discuss a proposal...etc.

so if i occasionally talk to you before you say hi,
you should really wonder if i've lost my marbles.
its not that i dont like talking to yall,
its just that,
i dont have the habit of talking first.i just dont.o_o
and yea, thats not a good enough reason,
but at least its a true enough excuse.
usually, i just stare at your nick and keep chanting:talk to me, talk to me, talk to me
and hope you'll talk to me.-.-
i realise i dont even initiate talks with jennifer and yall know how we are,
so dont take offence at my lack of initiative.
as long as youre in my contact list, i treat you as a friend: D
perhaps more, like besties: D
and um, because of my lack of initiative,i.e.laziness,
i guess i dont usually add people either.(on msn)
yea, and i realised all these after talking to somebody who alerted me about this antisocial/lazy trend i've been keeping up.
thanks: D
the best thing is, she informed me about all these without sounding the least bit offensive.
she just asked:"heh, you dont often initiate talks do ya?(then got smiley here)"
and yep, thats how i started thinking and thinking and ended up posting.
kk, back to youtubing.
fiona said hot shot's nice.
heh, i think i'll watch it soon:D

p3 atc08


somehow, tired after a day of adventures.
shall read a 9-year-old book about dragons, and go to sleep.

Sunday, October 19, 2008
Kai Tian Chuang - Wu Yue Tian (Mayday)
is nice : D
heh, quite a cute song.happy bouncy rhythm.

Yao Gun Zen Me Le - Wang Li Hom
abit weird,but i like the way he pronounces some of the words.
like 声音在飘
the 在 was twisted till so cool.heh.

oh no. i forgot to buy tissues for tmr!D:



my pimped pic!
was abit bored.haha.
not much "objects" to insert into the photoD:
i could only make do with these.heh.

off to waste more time, bye.

the birthday bash during the chalet.
top to bottom, left to right:
ella,zixuan,vivyan,baxter,jiaren,chih siong,renjie
fiona,esther tan,yingying,huangching,songjia(in blue),zuoyue,weiwei
actually abit difficult to tell which is which row, but i'm sure most would only be interested to know where you are in the photo, so you can gauge from the list of names given there.
WanYing and Esther Tan look great,dont they?
k, lets talk about the food.
left to right:
orange syrup+sprite+water,
cups of the above mentioned,
chocolate cake(dont really know the name),
strawberry something cake(cant remember the name either)with chocolate pieces added,
paper plates,
lychee syrup
the syrup had alot of leaves in it because there was a balding tree above us,
the chocolate cake...i didnt like it, but others did.
the strawberry cake, i thought it was better than the chocolate one, but some people didnt think so.
oh, and the chocolate pieces is just leftovers from the bbq(used to dip marshmallows in).
the cake looked abit plain mah, but overall looks nice eh?: D
the lychee syrup wasnt as nice as orange, in my opinion.
yup, thats all.
the preparation was fun : D

Saturday, October 18, 2008
flutter flutter.
bask in the morning sun, dry your wings, and prepare for flight.

i musnt forget to bring tissues on monday.
or i could just get a paper bag and stuff my head in it lest i feel overwhelmed by the scarcity of marks.

[so you think you can dance?] is cool. those people really know how to spice up simple movements like the kick of a leg, or even the fast slit of a sharp glance. thats what i think, haha.

i want to watch Saw series (gore) with somebodyyyy.
or any other disturbing shows that others can watch with me.

kaes, gna go.
just before ending this post, i'd just like to point out that ...
erm, forget it.

i was bored and googled "pretty" into google images.
i expected to see lotsa photos of people, but instead, found this.
now i understand why math is a compulsory subject for most of us ._.

usan's read hamlet already.

recce was fun, especially with the enthusiastic discussion of gory and horror films(plus gory information about cannibalism) bravely contributed by shien, hillary, sarah, peishan. qianting and i had fun listening,lol.

and i never knew, but shien has affections for Bart too, other than Doraemon.hahaa.

and today, did a BangBang p2 cheer/song softly with shien, zhenling(:
the Doraemon one.

the back of the bus's really warm.

and shien agrees that the c---site has indeed turned smaller.
it used to seem so big, scary, and a perfect torture cell for lil' weeny sec1s like us.

now, its just...someplace with lots of grass and not enough slopes with suitable gradient for some Fun.

went with pearlyn to dhs hostel today, and we thought we were lost.
but then we were guided by pearlyn's instincts in the end and we finally destinated at the place of jihe!: D

actually, nothing fun happened todat except for the lovely discussion with shien, qianting,sara,sarah,esther,fiona,hillary,peishan.

k,i'll be off to find a green pen.

there isnt a green uni-ball DX 0.38 pen-refill meh?
popular said dont have.
ah, so sad.
then couldnt find the individual pens either.

i realise my language is getting more foul by day.
i keep seeking the s---er word appear. or just the root word, s--- in my previous-recent-posts.

i wonder if im an angry girl by nature.
so far, i dont feel teenage angst yet,
but who knows?
i might be merely suppressing it subconsciously.
geez, thats so qi guai.

oh, and sarah revealed something about justice in japan that surprised me.
i never knew.

somehow i might just look forward to 23rd nov.

sigh, i cant wait to do cip either.
miss the lil' darlings D:


so yep, now people wouldnt go "huh?" when i type "ttt" out of habit, expecting a grid-like smiley to appear.

all thanks to Lobo : D

sara and esther looked like a pair of monkeys when esther tried to pluck sara's hair.
permission gladly given by sara herself.
shien said she wanted to dye her hair white.she thinks its
oh, and her GOLD bottle is cool too, just abit on the non-aesthetically-appealing side.
ah, ps.
but at least its unique(:
andandand shien has cool braces that go:
qianting has cool IDEAS for the kind of braces shien could wear, hahaaa.

men-ya(door-teeth) both purple, and the rest, white.

took a few pictures of grass, toilets, trees, lampposts, cement, and halls.
: D

oh, i keep doing this:
saying i'll go and bye,
then after that, continue to talk and rant-.-

(did usan really read hamlet already?thats insane o.o i was just joking about reading it leh.boohoo.)

Friday, October 17, 2008

simple connections, complicated stories behind the connections.
and i think the brown one's a sucker, for punishing me all the time and tormenting my mental capacity.

but i wonder if i torment the brown smiley too.



closed contempt` says: AH im feeling so URGH ):

Wei Wei [玮薇] says: haha LOL

closed contempt` says: D: wouldnt you like to ask me why?

Wei Wei [玮薇] says: haha nt really LOL

closed contempt` says: T_T youve just damaged my ego chen wei wei

wouldnt anyone want to know why?hahaaaa.
not that i'll tell you if you ask.

you really do play your cards well dont you?
pulling the strings tight sometimes, and letting go suddenly, only to grab it back later.
keeping me in suspense, making me wonder if you'll cut the string,
if you'll let go completely.
this game is making me breathless.
if only i have that much control over you too.
youre an ambiguous case, and its giving rise to a love-hate relationship.
just like wanglung and his land.or wanglung and something else.

i hate it that you just KNOW i'll crawl back to you no matter how far you fling me away.
damn it.

spare me some dignity, if you please.

guides tmr.
see you,
and hope you see me too.



when did i say my piano was at?
hmm, 4:15pm arnd there right?

i feel like slapping myself.damn.
i'll bet she's pissed with me.she has every reason to.
i'll just work doubly hard and memorise the pink book by sunday then.
at least, i'll try to make up for it.for missing so many lessons and not doing my theory.

hanxi's so nice(:
i wanna go someday, but not today i guess.
yea, pro right,hanxi?-.-
i have yet to see your new house!hahahaa.
you have yet to see mine o.o
but i'll only start inviting people over if(and only IF) i manage to clean my house up.
actually, just my room.

gtg and mug piano.
its not the eoeoys for me yet.
piano left.
1st nov.

i wanna go find a part timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jobbie.
been trying since ages but
23rd nov going overseas leh.
2 weeks.
then after that relatives(dad's side) will be visiting a few days before i return from the trip to msia(yea,my dad will be here to welcome them first),
and he's got stuff planned for me to do already, so i wont be able to get away to work.

ah whatever.guess in that case, he'll just have to continue feeding me with pocket $.
i dont like taking $.

23rd nov.

look on the bright side: i'll have fun with my relatives.

teoyee hasnt come over since long ago.
ive told you before right?
my cousin, same age as our yr5s.
which is like 2 yrs above me.
both of us used to take pride in drawing birthday cards for others.
and she always draws bettter than i do(duh), so i often copy her work(yea,i fit into the irritating kiddo-cousin role).
even though so far i only remember trying to learn how to draw the CNY fish she drew years ago.

she's smart too, besides being artistic.
when i was in p1, in msia,
and i got 1st in class,
many teachers made a generalisation that teo-family kids are smart.
(im so glad they dont know about my current'll change their opinion.D: )
she's always the top few in class.

oh, and being in the same class as my male cousin was fun too.
can get a ride home from school easily(LOL).
and keep each other updated on homework(right-.-i still ended up getting caned for not doing my math worksheets in the end anyway because i didnt bother asking for homework list)

ok, actually the most fun part is ratting each other out about the stuff we do in school.
he'd tell on me about buying candy.
i'd tell on him for...(i cant remember what unjust stuff i did to him.but i'm sure i took revenge on him for telling on yea, im no angel.)

i think i've mentioned mugging piano just now.
kk, im going.

ive just reread my past posts.
and i find that i dont really understand what i write.

its like,

from line 1 to line 2 of my post,
there are so many in-between thoughts that i didnt pen down.
so now, when i reread those sentences again,
i find no link.

maybe thats why my essays suck.
cos i dont link my thoughts together on paper.

got piano 1 hr later.
and i'm feeling URGH AHH ohhh~ oowiee...etc.
1) i didnt practise at all because of eoys and chalet(thats an excuse.i wouldnt practise even if i had 1 month of hols)
2)i didnt do my theory homework and exam's on 1st nov.
3)i dont know how to do my theory homework.
4) i think i'll just go there and piss my teacher off because of the above mentioned.

and gosh, even though i've slept 3 days away during the chalet(yes, i slept and deleted smses and tied hair and watched tv while the rest went to www-.-), i still want to sleep now.

feeling too touched (if you get what i mean,) makes me sleepy.
i shouldnt have watched Joy Luck Club.
it's almost as touching as 1 litre of tears!

its 3:03pm.
i'll go nap.bye..`

ive just finished watching joy luck club.
its niceeeee.

so touching.aww.

going to watch the drama lihui's watching too.
yay,spam shows from now on(:

of course, i'll be mugging for next year's eoys too.

3k chalet.

first day, bbq.
2nd day wildwildwet and bbq.
3rd day, check out, cycling.

all 3 days rented dvds.

Alone is a nice horror!(:

thats all to it.
i'm going off.bye.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
and i realised weiwei called me too

i cant believe i fell asleep.

i mean, yea, i do that all the time,
but it was important that i stay up yesterday.
which is practically just about 3 hours 55 minutes ago since its 3:55am now.

because i need to do the chalet proposal,edit the time etc and the chalet is TODAY.
kim asked:"WHAT?your chalet still need proposal one arh?why go gl?"

actually im not sure why there's a proposal either.
its not as if anyone made me do it.i just did.O_O
maybe to make it seem more real? time to dwell on that.
and dang, i,i mean.....i slept off blogging at the class blog now i'll have to make sure everybody listens during the chalet.
and dang too cos there isnt a dvd player there.


and really sorry to those who talked to me but i didnt reply on msn.

i replied offlined msg to the...about 14 of you?
sorry if i forgot to reply too.

see, i woke up with If i Let You Go-Westlife drifting through the night,
and i thought,


i dozed off with the computer on,

and when i nudged the mouse abit, the screen came alive and it was burning furious orange at me!
the whole task bar was infested with blinking orange lights,
and my first thought was,


i mean, that's not a thought, but that's the first thing i did.


and i really have to wonder,...most people knew i'd already fallen asleep when i didnt reply after awhile.
like WanYing asked "are you asleep?"or something to that effect at 9pm+
and ah chih didnt even bother saying hello or whatever. he just cut straight in and asked if i was sleeping,

and how did he know?

maybe weiwei told him.
cos weiwei was talking to me halfway when i suddenly stopped replying-.-
even though i warned and said i was gna fall asleep ANY MOMENT.

dots even went to count the number of hours i slept.LOL.
didnt know you were so bored leh.hahaha.

anyway, i'm making a big issue of it by blogging-.-
i should go do up proposal, print out, and PACK.

hope to all that you'll feel better after eoys.
ignore whatever's happened last week because whats done is done!: D

see you`

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
date with mathew.

after that, was walking out of school with jenn,hanxi,fiona,usan,lihui,xiaowei,
when usan asked: eh?i thought chairpersons were supposed to meet or something?


and yea, i rushed back.
halfway, saw huimin and jesslyn!
huimin(hweemean) invited me to the 2A gathering at Ben&Jerry's,
as did Karen some days ago(:
i was beaming from ear to ear cos of that, hahaha.
the offer's really so touched.'

then i was feeling really : D and i told hweemean i'd try to make it, cos something waws bugging me.its important, but i couldnt remember what.

and then, i went for chairperson's meeting in the hall at 11am.
contents shant be disclosed here.refer to 3k blog later after i post.
announcement will be made during chalet, tmr: D

talked with tongtong(chairperson of 3M) and she's really sweet!
she's really funny too.i just felt bad for being such a boring person to talk to.

after that, went for 3rd lang.

reached a little too early at 12:30NN+
so i walked from the moelc to bishan's junction 8 again.

decided to scout for lunch, but only mananged to find a drink.
walked around in fairprice, looking at japanese snacks, milk flavours, rice brands,...etc.
and while i was looking at some japanese bottled food, somebody cried:
"i'm going to skewer you!"


AND INDEED,i was correct.
shiyi was there too with shujun and their other friend whom i cannot name.
i was a little stunned at first.i thought i was hallucinating, so i glanced at shiyi and went back to reading the ingredient labels of the bottled stuff.
then later, when it dawned on me that it's AU SHIYI MY TREASURER who called,
i swished around and scanned for her presence again,
but she was GONE.
gone with the wind.

i have no idea how.
3 of them.
just like that.

then i left that place and on the way up the escalator,
somebody cried:

and i thought,"AH.shiyi!!!> : ) "
and turned,

again, i was stunned. and i was holding the banana they gave me.
so, feeling abit shy, i waved a little, smiled a little, and thought,
hey, today's not a bad day. i keep seeing people : D

then i walked to the bishan library, hoping to enlighten myself with knowledge.
: D
i went to grab a book,
which said:"a list of dates".
it was in the "popular fiction, dont miss out!" section.
but i was really -_- with the book cos it was about a list of "bgr-dates" instead of "historical dates" or "bad-day dates".

i was expecting a story about how this teenage think his/her life is horrid, and how he/she has a mum that nags, a dad that goes on a vegetable-abuse protest...etc.

but instead, i got 16 chapters, each chapter a vivid description of the "dated", "wanted-to-date","almost-dated"...etc experiences of a 15 year old who thinks of nothing besides dating.

so, being grossed out,
i went to the 3rd level.
i was freezing cold by then.
and anyway, i got chased up a seat by the librarian because i was sitting on the floor.
somehow i cant concentrate when i read while sitting properly.
anyway, i kept checking for the time every few minutes,eager for time to pass.

ok, back to the thing about going to the 3rd level.
i was climbing the stairs, and then on the 2nd level, i stopped.
i wondered if i could go up another level.
and when i started walking up,
2 guys stared at me and nudged each other.
i thought they were probably thinking:HAHAHAA,what a noob.doesnt she know there isnt a 3rd floor?

but later, i was a lady coming down, so reassured, i continued my way up.

when i reached the 3rd level, i went browsing through the shelves.
a large gang laughed at me because i was just wandering around, feeling lost.
how do i know they were laughing at me?
as in, ME?
hahaha, thats obvious.
they were doing that "eye-wiggle-brow"thing in my direction.

anyway, i ignored that and chose a book about elegance.
i stood outside this "silent reading room" for 32 minutes before i entered, because the word"silent" scared me.
i thought it'd be like living in a vacuum liddat and was afraid that when i opened the door or stepped in, ALL eyes would be on me.
i didnt want that attention, yea,no thankyou.
but i didnt want to risk that person coming up and chasing me to a seat again if i sit on the floor.

his voice kept coming back.
i heard him say:"come, sit on a chair like a princess!dont sit on the floor!dont you feel much more comfortable this way?"
and i was smiled and said "thankyou"over and over again, and nodded my head like as if i understood the rest of the things he said.
i couldnt hear the rest because he was trying to lower his volume so much that i just couldnt catch the sound wave frequency anymore.

anyway, sorry i drifted away from my 14th Oct journey.
ok, after i went in, i started reading, but i havent gotten 1 chapter when i felt sleepy already.i was aching from the stiff chair.

so i went to the toilet to wash my hands before i left for moelc.i went to check if there was hamlet in the library too,for fun.

after washing hands, i rushed out,
and by the time i reached the first floor, my hands were shaking, i was shivering, and my teeth were chattering so much i thought the librarian would notice me again.
the temperature was giving my human molecules too much kinetic energy that they started vibrating(making me shiver).
either that or they inactivated my brain cells cos i couldnt think of anythng besides:must get out to warmth.must get out to warmth.must get out to warmth.

ok, so i went out,
and walked to moelc.
and i saw esther and hillary sitting at the busstop.
they saw me too.
we waved.
i was thinking,its a great day yay, cos i keep meeting people.

so yea, i went inside,
and saw kimberley,
and we sat for awhile.
talked abit,
and she said she saw nicole leaving after checking her papers.
and i thought checking papers started at 4:30pm,
anyway, kimberley accompanied me to my class and i checked my papers.
overall failed.

then kim's teacher wasnt there yet and she had to wait till 4:30pm.
i smsed hanxi to ask if they were still going out,
and she said no.
so i wanted to wait for kim, and perhaps see if 2A's still at Ben&jerry's.
but then home called, and i told my mum i'd go home and eat.
so yea, i left.
i was feeling sick on the way back.
not sick physically,
but i just felt...unwell.
like, psycologically.
emotionally unwell.
i dont know how to describe la,
but its like you feel as though nothing you do will cure you of that feeling.that sense of URGH and submission to fate.

so yea, walked back home,bathed, had dinner, and blogging now.
and oh, at the moelc, i suddenly remembered that i havent gotten the styrofoam box from ghim moh for the chalet.
its either we do without it,
or i go back to ghim moh tmr.

shall post on 3k blog later tonight.
i'm tired.

p.s. oh by the way, i forgot to mention that on the way to moelc,i remembered that i cant go for 2A outing because of 3rd lang,
so i smsed huimin about it and apparently, she already knew about the getting results back thing,hahahahaa.

Monday, October 13, 2008
its not helping.
really, its not.

and i dont care if the date goes horribly wrong.
i'm going to dump mathew anyway.
our relationship has too many problems that i can't solve.

why must math be a compulsory subject?

hi!just woke after sleeping yippie!
: D
i'll just nap abit after dinner, then study.YAY.
just abit of napping only.


i more day to the prom.
i'd better get some beauty sleep, if not i'd have bad brain complexion tmr.

oh, and i find it strange that on the eve of the prom,
my prom dress(textbooks) go missing.
(i can only find the Amath one)

Lady Macbeth must have hidden it in jealousy cos she wasnt invited to the prom.

i'll just hafta find it after i sleep.bye.

Sunday, October 12, 2008
#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^^%#*^%#%$@$@&&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!( IM MENTALLY UNSTABLE.BEWARE.#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^^%#*^%#%$@$@&&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^^%#*^%#%$@$@&&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%@8#&#!)(!(%#!^&*(%#&%^#&%^##@&#^&^$#*()!@#$%^&*()#*%

jeez.i'm going crazy.sorry.

i cant study at all when i'm i end up getting more stressed because i cant finish studying.

and yes, i finally realise how much (much means its uncountable) chem topics i havent gone through, how many cations and anions i need to make friends with,


i still need to date Mathew.
cos tuesday's the big prom and he's bringing me there!
i must prepare for it!!
gawd gawd gawd.
(if you havent realised mathew is not a guy, you probably havent been reading my posts eh?)

stress makes me lie in my bed and think of demon encounters
i'm a boy at heart.

ok, i may have just lol-ed, but im so not laughing.

im plagued by headaches.
i'm just....tense.

ok,maybe i'm not stressed/
i'm just feeling panicky.
and perhaps a little restless.
and erm, ........

actually stress is just an excuse for me to lie on my bed all day and shout:
and of course, imagine demon encounters whereby i'd (censored).

i sit and 呆 the whole day away,
and i just keep thinking:
i should have studied.

(5 minutes later)

i should have used the previous 5 minutes to start studying!oh noD:

(and i spent about 30minutes wholeheartedly regretting wasting those 5 minutes)

oh no! why did i waste my time regretting!i should have started la!ok, i should start now.right now.right this moment. i'll just inspire and motivate myself.

(and i spent 4 hours thinking of motivational quotes and the best one i can come up with is: " more hardworking. " and thats hardly motivational at all)

ok jeez. why did i waste my time blogging??!!!

i should have used that time to study chem.
oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

ok, i should go now.

jeez.i need to become exothermic for awhile.
too much pent up energy during exam periods.
i'm only at the first few pages of chem tb,
which is conveniently the content pages.

k, i'll go study after my headache goes away.

1. favourite quote?
"out!damned spot, out, i say!"

2. any current crazes?
yesyesyes,westlife!(not the guys, just the song.sorry to fans out there.)

3. Whats your favorite number[s]?
most even numbers, especially 2, 22 and the odd one out(geddit?) 23.

4. What is/are your favorite color[s]?
blue and green. actually i like all colours cept for neon pink.its gross.

5. Least favorite color/s?
neon pink.

6. What are you listening to?
westlife-If i let you go
westlife-My Love
westlife-i lay my love on you
westlife-swear it again
westlife-when youre looking like that
all american rejects- dirty little secrets

yesyesyes,all at once.concurrently.
heh, play abit of this, pause abit of that, and so on.

7. Are you happy with your life right now?
i have no life. just lots of chem notes that have gone missing on the eve of chem eoys.

8. What is your favorite subject in school?
either language arts or biology. LA, i think. cos can act out funny roles like Lady Macbeth.

9. Do you shop at malls?
i dont like shopping.STOP TAGGING ME WITH GIRLY TRAITS!> : (
i only buy stuff when i have to.and i feel embarassed when people catch me walking through a mall.hows that?-.-

10. Where do you wish you were right now?
in your arms.(jenn promised me a non-e-hugg: D)

11. What should you be doing right now?
chem-ing or dating with mathew.(yes, i still think math is ew.)

12. Do you have a crush on anyone?
guess not.
dont want to join in the game of <3<3<3
unless you wanna invite me to the game?hahahaaa.
i'm not going to break the rules.

Can you blow a bubble?yessss.if i see one floating before me, i'd blow it awayyyyy into the skyyyyy.hohoho.

Can you roll your tongue?yessssss, why would you wanna know that?*wiggles eyebrow*

Did you ever want to be a doctor?yessssss: D but i'm not cut out for it.too bad aww.

Do you like roller coasters?i cant see whats so thrilling about it if there're handrails on it-.-

Do you want to be a firefighter?nooo,sorry,im not that selfless as to run into a fire, trying to save someone else, knowing that i'd be crying for someone else to save me later-.-

When was the last time you bought a clothing item?p4 i think. for national day.LOL. other than that, most recent is buying coy-tee lor.but that's compulsory mah,doesnt count.

What was the last thing you drank:coke, and i'm still drinking.

bottoms?my brother's PE shorts,LOL.yesyesyes,i CAN fit inside, excuse me.

Tattoos?yessssss,i've got your love tattooed in my heart~~lalala.(no i dont.i'm just pretending.let me fantasize la can?-.-)


with what?
with me, well, ok la.if only i could be a little less stupid, laazy, ugleh, disgusting...but overall, i'm good with who i am(:

with what guides is now? eh, no.dont make me elaborate, i'll hate you for it.seriously.

with my family? think so.i just feel so URGH because i cant say "i love you" to them for fear they'd think i'm gonna comit suicide or whatever(because they watch tv and think when people say weird things like that, its supposed to be a subtle farewell.)

with westlife songs blasting in my room? YESYESYESYESYES.hahahaha.

with friends? well DUH.

1.Do you hate liars?of course not.i dont hate you.really, i dont.(heh)

2.Do you prefer "sensitive boys" or "tough guys"?
where did the option for "sweet guys" go?!"sexy" would suffice too though (heh),nah i'm joking.cant stand cocky sexy guys,eeks.(unless they're sweet too, of course.)


4. Do you prefer blonde or dark haired boys?bald guys.(LOL,I AM SOOOO JOKING OK?!)eh,i dont discriminate la.

5. What have you done in your past that you regret?i regret regretting.

6. Do you have a guy best friend?no.just friends.

7. What do you want to be when you grow up? i'm already grown up ok??!(chucks my soft toy at you)

8. Did you ever have your heart broken?
eh,nope. i keep it safe in my ribcage. aint gna give it to anyone anytime soon.

9. Have you ever wanted been someone but you knew you couldn't?no,hahaha.i love meeee.
*glares*you wanna be me dont you!?
*smiles*nah, i'm joking.

10. How are things between you and your parents?
things?well, for one, i'm in my room and they're i guess the door's between us?

11. Do you like your life?YES.i wanna pass it on to someone else, but i cantttt,awww.

12. What is your favorite love movie?i dont exactly watch movies,and even if i do, i dont remember their names.-.-

13. Do you forgive or forget?i dont forget, i just ignore. i only forgive if you apologise.

14. Has anyone close passed away?ah hiong aunt): this year.she was such a kind soul.i didnt attend her funeral though.we're countries apart.

15. Have you ever had a good feeling about something and it turned out you were right?YES!i think.although i cant pinpoint any incidences.

16. Do you ever wish you were famous?no.its stressful.just look at britney spears.

17. Do you wish you were a boy?hmm...never thought of it, but i guess its not bad huh? at least you dont get aborted in china when there's the 1-child policy.and anyway, i wont disgrace the female population that way,hahahaa.

18. Do you hear a song that reminds you about him?
i'm not going to answer this.

k, chem.
WESTLIFE gazooooooom.

"i'm never gna say goodbye
cos i never wanna see you cry"

"i'm never gna treat you bad
cos i never wanna see you sad"

"just a smile and the rain is gone"

"there's an angel standing next to me, reaching for my heart"

"nothing's gonna change my love for you"

"i wonder how, i wonder why, i wonder where they are"

"so i say a little prayer and hope my dreams will take me there,
whether skies are blue, see you once again, my loveee"

"i dont wanna live my life without you"

"am i supposed to leave you now, when youre looking like that?"

"i cant believe what i just gave away, now i cant get it back"

"i dont wanna forget you, i dont even wanna try"

"youre like a storm against the window"

"we could be more than just amazing"

"i'm all out of love"

"but if i let you go, i will never know, what my life will be, holding you close to me"


(uen fang aka cornelia and i. and YES, stop asking, she's wearing pants._.gawd)

i lay my love on you,
its all i wanna do

: D
gosh,i love this song.

drinking coke zero.
it's got carbonic acid.
havent finished revising chem, but started.yay.

WANNUNG!!!look at this! so cute!!!: D

Saturday, October 11, 2008
"Its never a quiet train ride home with Teoee, Hanxi, Usan, Xiaowei and Lihui. Unless Teoee is sleepy and Hanxi's down with examination stress and the shy part of her took over her. Usan, as usual, how sane can she be when she's planning to start on next year's stuff -.- zz. Xiaowei and Lihui, always looking wrong-.- Don't really need to elaborate la k. Haha :D"

-quoted from jenn's blog resolution is to be quiet!really!
i'll stick to it on monday.yesyesyes i will.
anyway, i needa rush home again on mon for tution

havent started on chem.

honoured by vivyan: D

so saddddd, why must i have 3rd lang on tuesdayyyyyyyyy 14th oct 2008


blog hopped.
and i know its not about me,
but its about somebody who's close to me,
and i'm feeling T_T because of what you said.
even though you added that you missed me.

ah whatever.i still like you though, even after this(:
because sometimes, i understand when somebody pisses you off and youre only pissed at that person, not the whole world.

i'm such a goody lil girl: D
definitely not your typical-teenage kid.
even though yes, i lock myself in my room and my room looks,feels,stinks like the rubbish dump.
just like what storybook teenagers are depicted as.
: D
im so guaiiiiii.
i like blue and green.
pink can be nice sometimes, but there are some gross shades that i dont like.
(blue and green has disgusting shades too, but i'm not refering to THOSE colours)

ok fine.i'm just biased against typical-girly stuff/traits.
i realised i'm totally out of clothes.
as in, go-out mode kind of clothes.

its obvious when i have to resort to wearing school based stuff out.
not that i go out often.
yay, all hail cooping at home!
i'm going to stop cutting my hair.
i told my brother i had lice.
and that was about 5 years ago.
he still believes it.
its the ultimate way of chasing him out my room.
and i fling my hair about.
he screams.
he runs.
he gets out: D
this is not supposed to be comical.its the hard truth of life.
i want to be vain.
if only i had the qualities to be vain,HAHAHA.
it kinda puts me off when i try to take a photo with my friends and i dont know why,
and the photo ends up as:
my friend and a monster
instead of
my friend and i

gawd.i'm so saddd.
hi teoee.
hi teoee.
i love you you know?
but it seems like i'm the only one.
awwww, youre so blind.
yeah, love is blind, and lovers cannot see.(quoted from Merchant of Venice)
heh, who cant you see?
everybody else who cant see me either. becaise light goes both ways, so does <3.

throughout this chunk of words, i keep thinking of people who've been around me lots,
like guides, like 3k, like 2A, like some 6/10, like dhs, like brothers(scouts) sisters(guides) cousins(st johns and npcc)...
ok, maybe not so many cousins.
like family: D

awww, vivyan's such a sweet and prettaye sexxaye Mrs B---.
its her birthday on 14th oct!!
she'll be turning 6 x 10^23 years old.
i love my parents and brother dearly.
especially about the "brother" part?
heh.actually he really bugs me alot. ESPECIALLY when he asks me to practise his english oral examination(i could have just said oral, but i know how people like you think.heh.i just find the need to be specific.ignore if you dont get it) with him, then after that goes off to play maple and waste my effort DRAWING a nice picture for him to practise on.

AND THEN the best thing is,
i'm sacrificing my mugging time for HIM to mug for oral examinations.
and he doesnt appreciate it.
(ok, maybe i wouldnt be mugging,....but there's always a possibility!-.-)

but still, family's family.
hey lihui, didnt mean the thing about the ugleh elmo.
was just joking: D
it aint ugly.

even though i really do think apple elmo's cuter: D
people are appalled when they get B.
i cry myself silly with joy when i get C.
D: this is what life did to me.
i'm still moooning over the blog hopping thing.
but i'll get over it.
it'll just feel weird if i see you again face to face.
i wonder how many people actually visit this place.
but i'm not going to put up a web counter because i dont like those things.

songjia and ruonan gave me this.
bottom right corner: "you stepped on my toe!" and other blue pen markings are done by shiyi.LOL.

the ones in green by songjia,i think.
and the consent form ought to be provided by ruonan.

at first, i went o.o
i didnt get it.
then after that, i realised that they were giving me the awards listed below.
3)physical fitness
4)uniformed group(!)
5)staff well being(huh?o.o)
6)student all round development
7)teaching and learning.

dont believe me, take a look at your own consent forms.hahahahaha.
its really kinda amusing.

just posted in 3 other blogs.
this is my forth.
ahhh,i wanna post in the 6/10 blog tooooo.

ok,im being extra.


anyway, its saturday.
havent started studying.yay.

im restless. where to fly to now?
need a hug.

heard hua tian cuo by wlh on the radio yesterday

and i was sent into deep wavelengths of nostalgia

(the rest of the post has been drafted and will only be for teoee's reference lest she gets into trouble by posting, and lord knows how many times she's gotten into trouble for posting her thoughts on a PUBLIC blog)

self-conversation with teoee.
ignore if youre going to study chem or math or for next year's eoys.
(sorry, i drafted it up again the 2nd time. i dont really feel like posting my internal conversation.)

two more papers!
somehow i feel excited for others too,
they have so much planned after eoys.(so do i,lol.)
-esther's got her hit awards,
-wannung,karen and...(the list goes on) are going for...erm.something.sorry, i forgot what it is.but i know its an event: D
-jenn's going to hunt for it and i'm going with her: D
-i want a 6/10 outing.
-i want to see uen fang!who's called cornelia now by the way.
-ah!i want to play badminton with annabelle!
-YAY,i feel like looking WenYi up and teasing her,HAHAHAHAHAHAH.
-ORCHID OUTING?(ive asked esther and fiona about it, and suggested 24th, after initiatives(ew), but esther wants it on 25th o.o and fiona says its because of the hit awards thing.hahaha)
-usan's going to start studying for next year's eoys!
-3k's chalet!

i saw 11:12am yesterday,
and 11:10am now.
some people think i look at the time all the time because i'm a guide and we ji4 shi2 alot,
but somehow,..i think there's more to it.
i thought i'd see 11:12am again after typing out the above.
surprisingly its 11:11am.
but whatever, doesnt matter much.

i miss ANZIO.
funny coming from me huh?
since i've never really expressed anything for 1A/2A.
but haha, some things, no need to say so explicitly de larh.

anyway, im going to sleep.
cos posting 3 posts and drafting them, only publishing the 4th post,
is tiring.


get one from cbox!
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