Sunday, January 31, 2010
i wonder if it was even there in the first place.

haha, sounds emoz, no?
i'm talking about the bisected cadaver of an eight-months pregnant woman, reportedly the grand finale of the exhibition, lol.
i didnt see it lei.

4K breakfast was good.
5C45 lunch was fun too.
Jasmine has been obsesssed with the idea of bursting belly buttons since year2A.

me: its very sweet. (refering to lunch in an eeks way)
pearlyn: who? who's sweet? (gives the "must be me right?MUAHA" look)

pearlyn ah. tsktsk.

felt super tired at 1500h+.
slept at 3am the day before mah.
so i walked to the library after body worlds (nearer than my house is to the mrt) to get to sleep more quickly.
seconds after resting my head on an armchair, i got chased off by the librarians.
"no sleeping in the library."
so i had to walk an even longer distance home before i surrendered to the bed.

slept till 11pm.
would have continued if not for jenn's call.
woke, went online, and finished the SC email that all candidates had to compose.
finished at 2400h.
1 minute late.

haent done piano stuff.
havent done homework.
havent done anything yet.
missed pottery lesson today.
off to sleep again because its night time.
bed time.

p.s. ive forgotten to take dinner. again. jeez.

Saturday, January 30, 2010
mass convo-ed with 4K.
2i<6 (4K), where 4 is to be treated as a single entity with K.

sent emails to the teachers(:
quite happy with them (the emails, i mean.)

4k breakfast tmr, 45 lunch tmr.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

a tease and a disappointment.

he alternates between the tv and the computer every single day.
my disgust for him amazes me.

why do i even care anyway.
especially if he doesnt.

back to work.

are there any sleepless pills out in the market?
i am in dire need.

blogging relieves stress(;

(it says: vote for teo ee)

dad: ee, i helped you campaign.
me: ?
dad: check your farm.
(he took over my xxxville account)

too much time.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010
today's really not my day.

1. woke at 5am to do Art worksheet.
2. supposed to meet jenn at 630 cos i need to reach school by 715am, but i woke at 630 cos i fell asleep while buttoning my school uniform.
3. i even dreamt that i had prepared all my school stuff and was setting off already when i suddenly plunged into reality.
4.was late by 3 minutes, i think. lucky 158 came quickly.
5. became noctorious in bio class cos i was careless and stuff
6. couldnt concentrate or catch up during chem lecture
7. etcetc

but today is better than yesterday!
: D
in a much much better mood since this afternoon.

CCA ended early, day was slack, had fun with shiyi, had an amazing time with jenn as we hung the PowerPuff Rolls bighead figures!
met my cute cute juniors who asked us for campaigning stickers.

ruonan's going to school tomorrow!
have fun!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
in a foul mood.
if your mouth were a door, i'd slam it shut.

mentioned AEP Italy trip to my dad.
the cost put him off.
i sort of expected that, and i know he'd let me go if i expressed a desire to,
but i dont want to take advantage of his love, and i dont want to go overseas without my family anyway.
its horrid knowing that i'll have fun elsewhere while they're back at home, living their routine.
yet a little part of me's impressed by the programme.

museums full of expression, full of people's stories.
the architecture. the place itself.
there's so much Art.
getting the chance to see Mona Lisa..gosh.
the only thing im not really excited about is disneyland.
i mean, sure. its the highlight to alot of others.
but to me, it disrupts the whole uncommercialised feeling that i had initially.
i just want to sit in the leaning tower of pisa and, idk. paint?

silly isnt it?
i dont belong to the 21st century at all.

technology doesnt impress me.
the lack of it does.

jeez i'm still in a foul mood.
been at it since the second half of school today.
i just want to sit in my bed (full of rubbish on it) and cry.
why did God put people like you, and people like me together?

today jovina told me she missed me, and i felt very touched.
she is a very real person <3

i'm so grateful for jennifer's presence : )

bye. to hell with whatever's bothering me, even if it i have to go to hell for wishing this too.

Monday, January 25, 2010
AHHH the powerpuff rolls trailer is so nice!!
i like xD

yingying uploaded it on facebook le.
watch watch k?

: D
i keep replaying it hahaha.

Sunday, January 24, 2010
teoee spent today and yesterday prep-ing for campaign with
yingying, jennifer, fiona.

just to emphasize on our names so you'll know which names to tick in the voting slip.
HAHAHA. (respective house colours shown)

i like Powerpuff Rolls (our Campaigning group name)
its a combi of powerpuff girls (because of our respective house colours) and toilet rolls (cos we wipe your troubles away).

shall get to work again.

Saturday, January 23, 2010
since we have to join the graffiti play thing, ive decided to change my facebook account settings haaha.

met hanying yesterday when xiaowei gave me some files (thankyou!!!).
xuhong gave me some chocolates haha. yum.
talked to esther tan last night: D
and visited zhougong.


Friday, January 22, 2010
i'm running for SC.

haha. dont worry, i'm surprised too.
i want the experience of being an sc, but the idea of campaigning scares me a little.

i should have asked jovina to teach me how to be bhb.
i didnt go home with her today leh.
she smsed me to ask me but i couldnt make it.
very sad):

but i went home with jenn and she told me something interesting.
met zheng lao shi at the bus stop.
she was talking to sherman.
then she talked to jenn too while i hung around a distance apart and felt left out.
(i dont know zheng lao shi mah)
then jennifer hor, she laughed at me leh!):
because i looked as left out as i felt.

kk i'm off to discuss stuff and go sleep.
pottery tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2010
by the way, the time stated after each of my blogposts are accurate hahahaha.

bus-ed with JENN and HANs AND more.

met JO in the morning!


life is a tease.

i read through some junior's posts, some batchmate's archives, and my own.
guides has changed alot.
because we had changed alot.
yet, i wouldnt be able to decide if its for the better or for worse, because change encompasses both pros and cons.

when i first joined, i thought i was never gonna get used to guides.
my first mass change experience was quite a horror.
when i forgot to bring my badge in year1, i thought it was the end of the world.

then when i got my first batch of juniors, i was worried that i couldnt be a gina or jocelyn to them.
it was different in year 1 because at that time, i only had myself to think of.
as long as i gave my best, as long as i showed respect, all was well.
yet, from year2 onwards, it became our responsibility to make sure others, juniors, give their best too.
that was admittedly tough, because i couldnt tell if their best was really their best.
i wasnt matured enough to understand that everybody's the same.
everybody wants to pia, and i shouldnt discredit their efforts.

having a new batch join p2 was weird.
i thought i was never going to get used to crystabelle, michelle, yiting and clara.
(i had alot to get used to.)
i couldnt even remember cryst's name at first.(heh paiseh ah)
i had to make do with crucible-.-
but now, p2 is synonymous with their names (which i remember, of course.)
oh, and i kept mixing claire, clara, and clarissa (who quit soon after) up.

subsequent batches of juniors made me feel weird too.
(initially la.)

accepting new juniors, each with a different individual personality, each with a different batch personality, is a challenge.

ok. why am i ranting about this.
i dont have a purpose for posting.
anyway, revisiting other guides' blogs had made me think about guides again.

xiaowei, my thoughts are discursive.
hahaha.fleeting, random.

i used to think that the tradition of adoring our seniors ended with me because i could never be them.
but perhaps, just perhaps, i thought wrongly(:
after all, i did give my best.

i really love p2.
everytime a junior waves to me, i brighten up.
they remember me: D

ok. i'm in senior high.
sec4s are abandoning their blogs in preparation for sec4 life (or no-life).
i should be doing the same.
and more.

ruonan, i'm feeling it now D:
gosh i regret spending the past hour typing this post.
thinking took more time than typing.
gosh gosh i should mug!
and i'm exhausted again.
but its already 9pm!
(i start feeling sleepy at 930 these days. then i drop asleep without warning...ok actually got warning la, but i'd be too tired to do anything but ignore it.)

i dont like going on msn le.
talk to you guys long long later, or in school.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
talked to weiwei today.
talked to juniors today.

these talks have been very rich in content, though sadly, i am not to speak of them.
:D ah my juniors are so cute!

i hope i'll get a great pw group.
though i cant imagine any group better than my year4 pw one:
in register order, Ella, SongJia, Stephen.

i'm really worried now. oh manz.

art was quite fun today.

CCA tomorrow.
i'm tired tired tired.
(almost slept during the lecture part of SOVA)

Monday, January 18, 2010
sorry for the qimei post earlier.
now that i dont feel so half-jug-empty anymore, im tempted to do away with the post.
yet, its mean to myself.
like erasing the part of me that i dont like.

so i've decided to leave it there.
gosh teoee, i'm so kind to you.
look, i'm not ashamed of you even though youre an embarassment to me!

lol just kdding.
i quite like me, actually.
and no, i joke about being 78kg, but i dont fret over my weight.
after all, big is beautiful.
look at all famous paintings!
the females depicted are always rosy and fleshy.

ok. really going to pack for tomorrow's lessons.

being sunburnt is not fun at all.
art lesson was not as fun as i thought because guess what, the pressure's already set in.
seated with a whole class of art people, i really feel how much i dont belong.
maybe i expected too much of myself.
i'm just not cut out for anything.

PC period was good.
5C45 is a really good class. it was a productive PC period.
vivyan's my vice chair: D

its barely the start of the wait. its only the first day of school, and i'm already feeling very un-ish.
un-settled, un-engaged, un-etc.

i almost slept in my first ever senior high lecture.
lucky i remembered yuhding's note, and took to his advice. i managed to last through the lecture.

while i really like 5C45, i also miss 4K.

i talked to vivyan during the amazing race and was heartened by some things she said.

i've always felt inadequate. still do. but i guess i've got more reasons to feel otherwise.
i am a lucky girl, after all.

biology is becoming chem-ish.
i. hate. it.
that adds on to the list of subjects that teoee'll flunk.

jenn asks me to run for SC with her.
looks like fun. but looks even more like saikang.
it'd be a good experience, i suppose, but i'm a little unsure because
#1. popularity counts. for me, it equates to zero.
#2. time management counts. for me, its like asking a peacock to eat a lion.
#3.need to promote myself. i cant do it. modesty gets in the way.(LOL)
yet if i miss this chance, i'll probably never be an SC.
missing out on a good chunk of something called 'life'?

i'm glad that i dont take math (at this moment).
hope i'll still feel this way in years to come.

the mass dance this morning would have been a success if our cohort had played along.
i feel so sorry for the seniors.


i'm actually abit excited to start science society.
finally, an intellectual cca.LOL.
hope i can mask my ignorance for 2 years.
let me be the Phantom of the Science Society.

guides trainee days, you are very much missed.
i want to do shengqiaoooo.
(guides is actually a rather intellectual cca too)

heather thought i was in dance society.
ha. me?
the physically challenged one?

wannung, where are you.
its been so long, i dont even remember how mimio looks like anymore.

huang and sam, i havent written cards yet.
cant pass you gifts!
soon, soon.
gimme the weekend bah.

ive got a cool GP teacher.
yay. Ms Huda.

off to do other stuff.

Sunday, January 17, 2010
it is 9.57pm.

i've been fighting sleep since 931pm.
i'm exhausted from running around for the whole of today.

first piano, then hunting for alteration service in tampines, then to the library (overdue books-.-), and to buy blue slippers (all so ugly), and dinner, then grocery shopping, and finally home sweet home.

pottery lesson yesterday was ok.
painted a fish ornament, glazed some plates, and made a pot.
my pot wasnt perfect.
its dimensions were not according to the guide given.
so i got really put off, and lost interest.
my mood peaked slightly only when the teacher decided to help me patch the pot up.

my brother did a puppy face today in an attempt to get me to stop disturbing him.

gonna sleep.

Saturday, January 16, 2010
i like patrick more than spongebob.
i like ernie more than elmo.
i like kimbum more than gu jun pyo (or the jihoo that every other girl's crazy about).

lihui once mentioned that i have a tendency to like antagonists.
i just feel that antagonists deserve some appreciation too.
it feels more right for me to balance everything out, yknow.
all the attention cant possibly go to the leads right?

sometimes i feel that my life is just a conquest spurred by the need to feel appreciated.

my timetable owns yours.
eg. monday. my first class starts at 11.15am and school lasts till 0645pm.

#1. i do not take math. i am left to my own device through the morning while others are cosining.
#2. i take art. everyone else is left to their own devices at 415pm while i analyse paintings and try to figure out what the painter's sick mind was contemplating as he or she drew.

all the dhsmails about h1, h2 math makes me feel very nervous.
its as though i'm eavesdropping on the math people.
i get the feeling that i'm missing out on alot of stuff just because i dumped mathew.
but it wasnt going to work out. really.
clinging on to him wouldnt make things easier for either of us.

hopefully Art-hur'd make up for the loss of mathew.

i'll be doing absolutely nothing from 9am to 1115am.
bless you, math taking people.

it is 1.11am.
i'm very distracted. feel like saying "shut up". but problem is, the person in question's my mum.
its not that i dont like listening to her. just that she's speaking to herself, actually.
whatever she says requires no response. even when i comment, she ignores me.
i should suggest that she speak to my textbooks.

she tells me that all guys are evil.
while i do not disagree, i think that females are equally evil.
perhaps more.


Friday, January 15, 2010
orientation was amazing.
love the late night talks with 4k girls.

yuhding: eh, how come youve got homa glitter on your face
me: i slept with a homa person last night
yuhding: oh the avatar kind? under the tree?
me: -lag- ...

jovina ng.
all your fault la.
you passed your "homa wisdom" to me.
must 负责任! D:

WeiJia a.k.a Mary is so cute!

today's a smile smile day.
broke camp, popped the sparkling juice bottle in 5C41, had a sweet walk for lunch, reached home, and napped till dinner time.

heavy breakfast kills my appetite for the rest of the day.
orientation camp equates to breakfasts that are the portion of my dinners.
vivyan keeps calling me the skinny girl.
she says she's determined to make me gain 2kg so i'll regain my 80kg form haha!

mass dancing with huangching is really fun.x)

i took a photo for xiaowei.
will post it later.
(if i remember.)

off to slack.
pottery class tomorrow.

p.s. the kong ming deng (lantern thingy) looked like a jellyfish last night.
it made me feel like spongebob.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
oh my goodness. i miss you so much.
kept staring at you for the whole of today.

dinner with jenn, hans, and jovina was a sleepy affair for me.
couldnt finish my food nor drink.
african children hate me now):

went home with jo and i was more than willing to take the bus.

war game was so fun!
very tiring to run around, protecting 2 bags of water.
i thoroughly enjoyed the mud.
didnt visit homa or kirin. so kexi.

ok. talking to whom i'm missing now.
shall bid blog goodbye.
need to pack for camp!

having left the best for last:
happy birthday samantha!!!!!!!!
pass you gift when lessons start.

Monday, January 11, 2010
drakon drakon rarh rarh!

dinner with jovina was a blast.
we kept doing the homa zhao pai move, and the drakon rarh-claw move while buying food at the tampines food court.
then we talked about houses, and related each other's day to the other.
super retarded, just the way we like it!

shall be dinnering with her again tomorrow.

we bus-ed home today after a heavy meal.

i met sally in the bus!
she did well for jap!
she's the kind who sleeps in class, doesnt do her homework etc de leh.
its such a miracle she ALWAYS passes her tests.
and not just pass.
ace it too.
i'm so happy for her!

on a more gloomy note,
i think it sucks that you hug a bear to sleep for years, and now that you want a new bear, start finding faults with your old bear.
i dont know why i'm doing this.
saying things, but masking their meaning behind random analogies.
maybe its because i want you to take the hint, but also make the hint more subtle so you wouldnt feel embarassed or something.
or maybe i'm just a coward.
well anyway, i'm just saying that you shouldnt xi xing yan jiu.
sometimes bears have feelings too you know.

that aside,
i had wonderful orientation group leaders (ogl) for my wonderful orientation group (og).
ive got vivyan: D
i miss 4k.
i miss ruonan.

i'm happy to be in 5c45.
happier than i'll be in other classes, i think.
i'm very happy being in drakon too.

an ogl remarked that vivyan and i look a little alike while playing double whacko today.
i felt as though i'd received a compliment hahaha!

ok. goodbye.
i feel repulsed right now.
if i were a bear, i'd vomit cotton wool.

Sunday, January 10, 2010
the day before school starts.

samantha told me that ruonan has jiaodai-ed her to pass me something.
i suddenly realised i wont be seeing ruonan tomorrow and it upsets me.
i'm already starting to miss her.

i'm touched that you left me something before you leave for another school.

sam and i intend to meet her up on her birthday: D
i sincerely hope school doesnt get in the way.

my brother devoted some nights painting this flower.
we're on a painting craze. at least, i am.
he hasnt completed yet. i've done 2 already.
this is a photo i got online, by the way.

i got this photo off google too. compare it with my painting:D

the drawing stage.( i did not use tracing paper ok?!)

i cropped and adjusted the brightness. it was fun painting.

again, fron the net. hibiscus.
i know. it looks wilted. i wasnt in the best of moods while painting this, and it reflected off my work ok.
i was gonna throw this away halfway through painting, but my mum persuaded me to fill in blank spaces so i did.
which is why it now exists.
i crerdited the painting to my mum and i.
working table.


(photo not available due to indecent exposure as pointed out by lihui herself)
the day at lihui's place.
my pretty twin: D

her pink panther, my brother's Mr Bean Bear.
we had a little tea party ahahahaha.

4k teoheng day. dinner with esther: D

whoots, mini skirt. hahahah.

yeoch singing.
:D niceeeee.
i had a dream last night.
it doesnt make sense. in case you dont want to read, its coloured.
(lol. i'm not making sense.)
due to orientation being hours later, and due to the fact that i hadnt sent farmville gifts to my dad, i am going to talk about the most important part only.(which is not as short as you'd have liked)
i was having dinner with my family.extended, i think.
a fish dish was served.
the plate was made of glass. filled wtih water and little ornament fishes.
i dont know how, but a little blue fish jumped out and leaped all over the table.
i kept trying to catch it in my hand.
i wanted to throw it into the sea(we were eating at a place where i could just lean from my chair and look directly into the sea) but a waitress saw it too.
it jumped into an empty soup bowl, and the waitress poured boiling water(from a metal kettle) into the bowl as i screamed for her to stop.
nobody stopped her and i got really angry.
i could totally feel the fish being boiled alive. it was inhuman.
so i raged, and smashed a few tables here and there before stomping off.
the anger felt as though it was expanding in me, and my pores had clogged up or something. i thought i was going to explode.
it as if my blood had evaporated due to my heated temper, and was making me feel very dense.
i stormed up a concrete slope, and my brother and dad came to fetch me back.
then suddenly some metal wheel looking thing rolled off and grazed my dad's ankle.
we all ran.
i ran away from them cos i was bringing them bad luck.
if memory serves me right, i had some card that had a foreign word printed on it.
'acio' i think.
this cloaked figure told me it meant death.
in order to stop bad things from happening, i had to pass the card and the foul luck to someone else by touching them.
(i think some musical started playing. the dream became a series of montage and a song played.)
i went into a building, and it was really cold and empty.
then i saw a guy.
it was just the 3 of us. the cloaked figure, the guy, and i.
the cloaked figure urged me to pass the card to that guy but i couldnt.
i felt really alone, and appraoched that guy, hoping to make friends.
but he was wary of me.
i started sobbing really hard, and said that i just wanted a hug.
i really wonder how anyone can sob this hard.
i've forgotten the rest of the dream.
panic, when i hadnt woken up earlier to practice piano, sent my mind to a state of shock.
chunks of the dream fell off my memory patch.
in all, i mentioned these 2 scenes only because it felt very intense.
the way the little blue fish felt in my palm, struggling, squirming,and slipping out,
and the way a sob could leave you giddy, etc. to sleep.goodnight.
teoee, if youre reading this from the archives, i hope you remember how this dream really went.
i didnt do a good job of describing it properly.

it is after 2400h and is thus sunday.
but let us pretend it is still saturday.

pottery class. made a cup using the wheel. fun. glazed previous pieces too. also fun.
started painting at 6pm and finally finished it at 0138am.
painted an Orchid.
the drawing took longer than the painting.

now i've got an Orchid to match with the Hibiscus i painted some days ago.

i like painting at night.
i always end before 2am.

might post photos another day.

piano tomorrow.
supposed to do a mock test on my own, but i havent finish reading through my theory book, and consequently havent start on my mock test yet.
havent practice either.
it gets old doesnt it?
i keep saying the same things and i never attempt to change the situation.

i dont regret substituting piano time for painting time though.
at least not tonight.

will wake earlier tomorrow to do test.

senior high.
i want to be antisocial but i dont think i will.
i keep thinking i should channel my focus on studies and place less emphasis on the social aspects of senior high, but the thought of being so sensible, being so qianru, doesnt seem me.
yet perhaps i could just do it.
maybe i dont even have a choice cos this isnt something i can decide independently.
on other days, i'd be all against 2 years of talking to books alone.
tonight is such a different night.

what a horrid way of looking at SH.
i dont even know why i bother to post things that show how horrid i am.
well. at least now you know.

going to sleep.

Friday, January 8, 2010
today is a lihui day.

went to her place in the afternoon and watched "horror movies".
i brought Micheal Jackson's "Ghosts" and "The texas chainsaw massacre" or something.

we watched the chainsaw first.
it was hilarious!
its about 5 friends who ended up at this house where a cannibal lives.
then one by one, they're hunted and killed.
the way they called "JERRYY!" was funny. especially when lihui mimicked them haha!
by the time the 4th person died, we decided it was enough, and watched Ghosts.
the way they die is so boring.
the cannibal wears an ugly mask, runs around with a mechanical saw, and tears people's body up with it.
thats all.
either that or he bonks their heads.

Ghosts is funnier, in a way.
Micheal Jackson's supposed to conjure spirits or something.
it reminded us of pokemon.
"i choose you!" and the ghosts appear HAHAA.
then when all the ghosts have appeared, everyone breaks into a dance.

truly horrifying-____-

in the end, we watched Phantom of the Opera.
i liked the singing even though they sang the same few tunes over and over again.
they talked by singing too!

lihui and i had cheese omelete, dragon fruit, cai tao kueh(?) and ice kachang for lunch.

then we played with Elmo, Spongebob and Mr Bean Bear.
Elmo became evil. he's the cannibal from the chainsaw film.
he takes lihui's comb in his mouth and uses it to saw Spongebob and Mr Bean Bear.
Then he eats 'em.
elmooo hungryyyyy.


i just did the most embarassing thing i've done in the whole of today.

-ring ring!-

me: hello?

caller: um..hello..i am looking for...zhang yi? zhangyi is it?


caller: hello? are you zhangyi? teoee...?

me:..hahahaha are you lihui???

me: 0_0

the caller's my OG facil or something.
called Yi'An.
at first i thought it was lihui, calling and trying to speak in chinese, so i burst out laughing.
plus, she pronounced my name wrongly.
it was so funny until i realised the caller's not my twin.

i've just helped myself set a great impression on a stranger.
great start to SH life.
(i'm still gonna box wang ruonan.)

oh just saw weiwei's tag on her blog.
got reminded of what esther told me yesterday.
i just wanna say:

wang ruonan. i want to box you lahhhh.

how could you leave for vj????
no, scratch that.
how could you leave for vj without telling me?????

actually you've mentioned your intention before, but i didnt know it was a done deal yknow.
i. am. so. going. to. box. you. miss. wang.

read through esther's recount on her blog.
pictures and all.

its such a joy reading her posts because i'm reminded of things that i had forgotten when i blog.
like, i forgot to mention that we met Mae and esther's friend, Dawn at PP.
i also left out the fact that we crossed a traffic light 3 times, counting our steps, in the middle of the night, for fun.


maybe that's the purpose of blogging, esther.
to add on to your post,
i think blogging is a way for 2 people to relate their experiences, and to see how different each perceived the day to be.
the things we focused on in our posts are different, even though we're doing a recount of the same day.


lazy to kup and post the photos you posted in butterbread.
might do it later today or just, later.

sorry to readers who feel deprived of visual aid!
i'm promoting imagination!(i know. lousy excuse for my being lazy.)
ok. bye.

yesterday was a 4k day.

supposed to meet esther at 1300h but i woke at 1255h so we ended up meeting at 1323h.
supposed to walk around T1, but we decided to have lunch at KFC first and subsequently went to century square instead.
upon reaching century square, we realise that popular was in tampines mall so we went to tampines mall.


esther got a pencil case from popular.

oh. i met michelle.
or rather, she saw me while working at secret recipe. i didnt see her. opps.

on the way to popular, we stopped outside a dvd shop (i think?) and watched Coraline.
now we both like Other Mother. (at least i do.)
esther was struck with the idea of having button eyes. hahaha.

at 1500+, we went to paya lebah to meet yeoch and renjie.
then went to teoheng.
songjia and huijing came directly from school after co.
nobody kaisang-ed initially.
some didnt even till the session ended.

the way yeoch pronounces '有' when singing, is really nice.
sexy voice.
i like huijing's singing too.
she sings like most female singers. high, girly and sweet.
i dont know about the rest. i couldnt hear esther, renjie didnt sing much, songjia just groaned about not kaisanging hahahha.

songjia really brought the mood up though: D

esther and i took a short walk and decided to do what songjia does for opening vocals.
we'd yell 'HA!' every few steps.
quite funny hahaha.
and it didnt help.

maybe following songjia was a bad

esther and i walked to parkway parade for dinner.
we sang on the way there, finally getting into the mood after teohenging.
after dinnering with sushi from Giant, we got a strawberry milk tea each and sat at this playground, talking into the endless night.

there were occasional periods of silence, but it was the comfortable kind.
neither of us feeling the need to fill the space with words.
partly cos i dont think there was much space between us.
i wouldnt say 没有距离,cos we each like some personal space for ourselves yknow.

sounds abit contradicting doesnt it?

we talked for hours, and only decided to go at 2300h+.
reached tampines at 2346h, when the last train had already left.
esther was stranded with me (she missed her stop when we took the bus back, and decided to send me all the way haha)

her parents fetched us home in the end.

it was a special day(:
4k is so dear.

i feel like painting.

going for a horror movie date with my twin later.
picnic-ing at her place.
our long awaited date yay :D
(i suddenly wanna go to hort park too, lihui.)

Monday, January 4, 2010
today's my personal success.

1. i woke up on time without any morning calls.
2. i cooked lunch and didnt burn anything.
3. i remembered how to get to the istana park.
4. i assembled my attire and was well prepared last night.
5. i remembered to bring everything i needed to bring.
6. i made a to-do list last night, AND FOLLOWED IT.
7. i thought jin lao shi, samuel and i did pretty well today.
8. i managed to help my brother with his english (a little).

when i reached home, my brother had just come back from playing with his mates.
he was bathed in sweat and i managed to get him to take a bath without procrastination from his end.
then i got him to read me a compre passage, all the while stopping him every 2 words to correct his pronunciation.
mine's not good, but his is atrocious.
i made him pronounce the 'th' and in the end he got so paranoid, thinking i'll make him repeat a sentence until he could speak properly, that he read everything with a 't' as 'th'.

which means a sentence like this:
today, my mother and i went to the market.

becomes this:
thoday, my mother and i wenth tho the marketh.

try reading that aloud. it sounds ridiculous.

it was tedious reading that passage, but i think he improved slightly.
at least he doesnt read 'medicine' as 'meh-dee-suhn' anymore.

it is an acomplished day.
i hope to have tomorrow to myself, but i doubt i'd be free.
yr3 orientationnnnnnn

saw many guides today while being stationed at the istana park.

while waiting for the groups to come, samuel and i sat at this area where alot of construction was taking place.
the air was so polluted.
we noticed that the 2 pigeons there had RED eyes.
must be because of the abundant irritants in the surrounding area.

i saw a pigeon pooping, but thought better than to point that out to my partner.
i mean, its not a nice thing

then jin lao shi came.
she's so approachable. it was easy striking conversations with her.

it was a good day.

k off to wash school bag.

Sunday, January 3, 2010
just a quick post before i have to leave.
going out with family.

spent today sleeping.
woke 1hr before piano lesson to do homework, thn went for lsn.
reach home later, had lunch, and slept.
just woke at 538pm cos my dad asked me to go out for dinner.

the end.
that's my sunday.

jeez. what a pig.
(read more about sleep debt online. )

Friday, January 1, 2010
class outing:D
went home with wanying and jovina.
it was a laughing trip. we talked about funny things like the new generation of twiitszx.
we should start a Guide to Recognising Twits in 2010 book, haha.

wanying sent me to the lift lei!
(as always, heehee)
i'm super shuang!

jovina finally got to pee when we reached the mrt station, LOL.
she ren-ed from ecp to tampines.

tzyyshuan vballed today!
i got her gift in the gift exchange activity.
its a Darlie toothpaste pencil case with Obama's face hahaha. (the hei ren)
RenJie got mine.
soft toy tofu and soft toy flower HAHAA.
Jo got a set of stationery from renjie.
Jiaren refused to open Esther's gift cos he wanted to surprise himself at home (LOL)
yeoch got...whoops.i cant remember.
wanying got...a hookable thingy from Jo.
songjia got...something from zuoyue and zuoyue got somethng from songjia(:
i cant remember what those are.
Esther's waiting for her gift. someone forgot to bring something hmmmmmm>:D?
(i cant remember who that someone is. zy? or sk?)

bsp people gave us chocolates :D
" it's damn nice!" The Jovina Times

played pass the parcel game with a balloon.
had to burst them D:
then needed to retrieve a slip of paper and do a forfeit(:

went to the sea with Esther and walked towards the water, doing the pink panther song.
then when a big wave comes, we'll squeal and scramble to the shore xD
when we joined the group again, we realise they thought we went emoing hahaha.

had a game of dog and bone too.
had to catch a water balloon and hurl it at the opponent.
only songjia got wet (her kuzi longer).
jovina got zammed cos of poor aiming.hahah!

had dinner.
ordered weird stuff and had a new year feast.
kangkong, ou jian, fried rice, bbq chicken, sugar cane, ...that's all, i think.

i wonder how Jovina stands me.
i made her get food for me throughout the dinner heehee.

i dont know if ive forgotten to mention any part of the outing...
but anyway, i've got to go!

xplore stuff.
bread to toast, paper to paste, emails to read.
(i only came to blog while memory's still fresh,. i am not appearing offline-.-)


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