Tuesday, May 31, 2011
looking through old photos for art now.
all the photos of my little brother reminds me how cute he is, actually.
especially since he's in msia now, unable to annoy me by annealing his eyes to the computer.

i wished for a didi when my mum was pregnant.
glad my wish came true.
glad the didi i got is him.

(i'll probably scratch my face off wondering why i typed this when he comes back from his vacation and irritates me again. hahaha. the joy of sisterhood. boo.)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
tmd. what kind of * is this.
i spent more than 5 * hours on it and you return methis sloppy piece of *.
cant believe i have to bring myself to thank you for this.

you dont think i know what youre busy with?
well *, i've got the same issues at hand ok. we're gonna take the same tests, babe, yeah wow, so youre surprised that i have tests too?

i dont know why i put up with this. youre the one who needs this. not me. and i'm only doing this because i know you need it.

so stop doing crap and come up with somethng decent.

Sunday, May 15, 2011
yesterday i watched a horror about a cannibal called Eater.

I watched it midway, i think, when he was capture and placed in the jail cell. When i was overwhelmed by the suspense and stuff, i quickly messaged wanying cos i thought it was gna be the best horror i'll watch anytime soon.

then wan replied instantaneously and said she was watching too!
it was really exciting to watch the same show and comment at the same time, like "ahhh the girl's gonna dieeee" or smthng to that effect.

i do remember wanz telling me the girl was doomz, and i was as hyped up as she was cos REALLY, THE GIRL WAS DOOMZED!! THE EATER WAS LOOSE AHH!! AND HE...he looked abit like Snape.

the ending, however, was lame.
the girl knew she couldnt escape le, so after having her hand and ears chewed off, she quickly rushed to some storeroom and ate rat poison so that the eater'd die when he ate her body.

wanying and i sent the same kind of message once the ending was revealed. wan was like "??? she sacrificed herself." (something like that, i cant remeber the exact words D: ) and she commented that the eater looked like marilyn manson.

while she sent that, i was busy typing a message about how the ending was not nice, and that the eater looked like professor snape.

i think not.

it must be the eater's chants affecting our thoughts!

sacrificial death doesnt really work in horrors, eh?):

to be honest the plot was quite cliche (until the end where we had the unexpectedly lame ending) but it was scary cos the audience (us) knew what was going to come, and it frustrates us that the female lead couldnt see it!!

and there was a scene where they flashbacked to the eater's past crimes. thats when the female cop (the female lead) was readingthrough the eater criminal's report.

it was really sick.
he tied the starving (skinny la, idk if she was starving), victim (lady, of course. female screams are more dramatic) to some chair in his shed-looking place, and she kept yelling hysterically. so he clipped her tongue off using some pincer looking thing that my dad has. yknow, those blunt tools, usually with orange handles?
then he boiled and ate it. the tongue, not the pincer-tool.

she was still alive, of course.
her tongue looked like pig's tongue. the ones that you find in kueh chap.


it hasnt been a productive weekend.

Saturday, May 14, 2011
i forgot to mention that some vendors came down for healthweek in DHS. they have some machine thing that'd determine your fat percentage, muscle mass, etc.

and it costs $5.

seriously. why would i want to pay $5 to let someone tell me i'm fat.
i'd rather spend the $5 getting yummy food and growing fatter.

linda shares the same sentiments haha.

i tried to enlarge this, but it just gets blurred.
i found it really funny hahaha.

loved the EDS nite performance. Amanda was so darn pretty, and Esther had such a sweet voice! Cassandra was...cassandra's usual self, and yingying was demonic when she was in that cage lol.

Esther's mum recognised shenghan but not me.
upsets much.

went home with shenghan and tzyyshuan. they hit off really well. wow, i wonder how tzyy can stand him, really, hahaha.

ok gotta go. need to do science society stuff (dont worry linda, not with the president LOL) and finish it before i have to go for SC!

yea, officially pass down le, but we havent had a proper regeneration yet.

oh and yesterday i found out that my essay scored highest in class!
quite embarassing to have my essay zapped for others, but i guess i'm glad that i did well(:
hope i can keep it up ><

lagging so much in studies. Boy, do i need help :\ *says in cowboy tone*
Got to trust that God will lead me somewhere.

signing off,
the agnostic one. as of now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
oh, and i remember in yr3 shiyi asked ruonan and i to do a survey thing about first aid.
"what do you do if you get stung by a bee?"

my dear ruonan wrote "ask for God's help"

i thought it funny at that point in time, but now, i see that she truly has a point.

God is good to believe in.
(i cant say the same about religion though.)

today, the library was more packed than usual cos of the sweltering heat.
we horfuns took out height and weight today.
t'was ok la. not much change in my statistics...
which is rather strange cos it doesnt account for my ballooning size.

to those who feel down cos of your body measurements, i assure you, youre pretty and thats what counts. yeah you. actually, just you. bet youre not reading this though, ninny.

ms gao was encouraging during studio today.
i now know that i should work on colours more cos i do watercolour better than pencil drawings:)
i'm not too sure how to break free and truly explore whatever i have at hand, but i can only try.

ahh, today is a positive day.

dinner with chua after weeks of postponing it. we discovered an eyeball lady(!).
the rest of the content is too chaotic for proper disclosure. thus i shall not attempt to narrate our conversation.

bio cancelled today.
had more free breaks wheehee.

rain this morning was extremely pleasurable.
chao shuang de! :D

econs test tomorrow.
i should at least read through my notes.

i have taken an interest in speaking mandarin.
though i'm not very good.
i just like the sound of it.

k shall go find my econs notes.
tata, love.

i hope i can wake in time to go to school with jenn tmr.
ive been late/need to go school early so many times that i feel like eons have passed since we last met!
misses much(':

ahhh. 1230am now.
maybe i'll sleep.


*p.s. today jas and i didnt manage to meet after H1. but i'm glad i saw her before econs yay.

Monday, May 9, 2011
oh, and i'm unhappy with my piano theory results.
wl. i shouldnt have double checked.
if i hadnt, i would have gotten that distinction.

just 2 marks.
lost because i changed my answer out of inecurity.


hai. ok. i concede that its my fault for not being sure of my piano materials.
i shall tell my parents about it later today.
they're napping.

wish i could nap too haha.

the stadium beckons.

happy mother's day. belated.
havent done much this weekend. but then again, whats new.
gonna go jog now. too fat for my own good. not that one jog'd help.
shall do art when i come back. been dreading and procrastinating till today.

had cr meeting this noon.
chatted with the yr5s on the way home.

meeting again next saturday.
its not the end of SC.
not yet. especially for cr.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
i'm a reincarnation of Slack.
dont know how to save myself.

the door to the counsellor's always closed. so uninviting. i dont know if i should knock, cos she might be seeing someone else inside.zzz.

what happened to the relatively hardworking teoee from 2010?
help me find her please.

Sunday, May 1, 2011
feel ugly.


get one from cbox!
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