Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Rant ahead(:

Lost it, lost it. Lost my art notes....albeit its just about Chuck Close.
The OneNote file that i had carefully crafted so that i can maximise my understanding of the syllable is gone in my dead C drive although i had saved it in D...and there's no D drive. How can that be.

Spent days perfecting that Chuck thing ...long ago. So i cant remember anything there liao.
Researched, found model paragraphs, did some samples of 3 works of each artist...ok actually just one..but having to go through the arduous process is upsetting.

Havent gotten over the blue mildliner that had gone missing a few months ago...before prelims i think. When i first noticed its absence while reading some notes (oh hardworking me), i thought i couldnt ever function without it and couldnt continue studying because other coloured mildliners just wouldnt cut it...
(sorry pearlyn and jenn i think i hadnt told yall that the blue mildliner yall had given me is er..gone.)
what? did i hear you say "excuses, excuses.."?
It is legit alright. Blue is a very important colour!

Now this is a more urgent issue.
Actually i could just do a new one but considering that Art A Levels exam is tomorrow...i might not have the time. Especially since i slept at 6pm yesterday and woke near noon today (hangover from double killer papers bio and econs)


dramatic me just has to add this line...
i can't go on....

Alright time to re-do. I cant just study off the notes or the summaries that Ms Teh had sent because summaries dont work for me unless i make them myself, so there's only one thing to do.

Repeat the mistake, and Make OneNote again.
After all, i only have one more day to fan4 cuo4 before i never type "Chuck Close" again.

(unless i get into uni and can take art or something! Oh sweet horror.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Monty python and the holy grail. Might want to watch it after a levels:) I don't usually like to make plans for post-A levels cos I don't want to seem like I want A levels to end, but really, this comedy seems too ridiculous to ignore.

"strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is not a basis for a government!"
Hahahha the defiance of the peasant and the helplessness of king Arthur is just too cute.
I don't think I can understand the movie entirely, because it has a lot of references to historical events and stuff like witch burning, of which I am not familiar with, and it's also about Marxism, if I'm not wrong. I know zilch about Marxism.
I'm just hoping the layman jokes can keep the comedy going for me.

The killer bunny is a terror.

Saturday, November 12, 2011
Hello. I am in the midst of A levels.
A Level #1, i mean.

screwing up doesnt feel as miserable when you dont study (ref. prelims),
but when youve mugged, it incites a resentment that, if projected on a tree, could burn it more quickly than a stadium of people staring at it and imagining it can.
(youve heard that theory about the tree right? Ask google if you havent.)

Perhaps A level #1 is the only A level i can experience since being a private candidate has a pre-requisite of being a wealthy kid.

I wish i could do my papers again. Am capable of so much more.
perhaps i have to create my own success...without great certs as a catalyst.

Thursday, November 3, 2011
Feel quite bad killing ants in my house. They have families too and their lives matter; it isn't about how big or small they are. Yet they keep crawling around my room and periodically attack my food so I am inconvenienced and I have since started to kill them upon sight.

I think that's not right, so like any other lost souls looking for answers, I consulted google.
Didn't help much I think.

A levels are coming! I usually like exams but too much is at stake this time and that takes the joy out of it. Pretty sure I'm going to screw up, but honestly I should get used to it already.

Econs is a goner. I feel rather sorry for it cos I actually like the subject.
Feel kind of let down by the school's response to some stuff, but perhaps I should have realized sooner that school is business, and the more inelastic party will bear a larger burden.


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