Monday, June 30, 2008
esther made me laugh at this today:

毛毛雨 轻轻地落地

and she heard it as:
毛毛雨 轻轻地落地
早晨see shuai ge弹的曲

will our juniors even experience the same process that we had in guides?
-ng lihui, linked, guides 40th batch

this sentence, this phrase,
scared the wits out of me.

are we to become the selfish batch?
the batch that kept all the joy out of guiding to itself?

no, i dont want to feel like i'm standing on a blade of grass.
so insecure and unsteady.
and also depriving that grass from photosynthesizing.
oh,sorry.random fact.

but really, i want to be sure that the 40th batch can ding3 guides up, even if we suck at ding3-ing twinkles/leg raise/...etc.


I love it when I’m all alone in a container classroom.
Isolated, but of my own free will.

I love the way how time is a lost concept when I’m there.

At least, that’s how it feels, until one of the school staff comes around at 6pm to chase me

That’s what happened today.
I want it to happen again. As in the staying part, not the being chased out part.

I met Eunice on the way to the mrt station today. It was sort of funny.

You see, I was just basking in my own thoughts, wishing that I could stay in 3J by myself for a while more until I am completely filled with peace.whatever that may mean,

Because while I am there, in 3J, by myself,I feel whole. I feel like I belong to myself and that I have no duty to duty to myself,even.

It’s like expanding a set of wings that had been given to me at birth, by unraveling the chain that has bound it tight until then.

Okok,back to my topic.
See, I was noobing towards the mrt station, glancing at my surroundings with only a flicker of interest, and not really absorbing what was happening around me,

And I saw a row of cars.
Lots of rows of cars.
So I thought, hey.i think im in the carpark.

then I saw a middle aged lady unpacking stuff from her car trunk and tried not to wonder too much about what she was doing.
Im a busybody, you see.too curious.

Then suddenly, somebody called out : “teoee!”

And I got a shock.
I thought, I know that lady?oh no. she must have seen me staring or something.oh-uh.

Then I turned to apologise to the lady and ask if I knew her, and aha,
Luckily before I spoke, I saw Eunice first.

Then I lagged and stoned, before realizing that I ought to have waved or smiled already if not I’d deem myself unfriendly or
But really, it was a relieve to know that that carpark lady hadn’t called

And sigh, I spent my afternoon meditating in 3J haha.
I went home alone, still dazed, and really, I wasn’t planning to wait for anybody when I stayed back today. Well, it really doesn’t matter,lol. But im just clarifying.hahaa.


Sunday, June 29, 2008
i love my 届!♥


毛毛雨 轻轻地落地



lets not bring ourselves down before others do.
thats what yizhen taught me.


mummy reckons i'll die from smelling too much kerosene.
so im ventilating my room now.but i think i've just shortened my life by 30 years.

that means if i live till 70, i can comfort myself of having a 100year potential of life.yay.

the world is wonderful.

<> First or last, Slow or fast says:
<> First or last, Slow or fast says:
my dream will ans all my doubts

can it do that, really?
i hope we all find release in dreams if we cannot in reality.

> First or last, Slow or fast says:
define seh
xoxo says:
xoxo says:
why so sudden
<> First or last, Slow or fast says:
cos i was asking myself
<> First or last, Slow or fast says:
and i realise i am no longer able to ans tt qn

im not sure if any of us can.

xoxo says:
seh is when you have an aura that others can see, a reason for others to admire you by, a term to label true guides.

well, at least that was what i was taught to believe. but at least i tried to give what i thought seh means.

<> First or last, Slow or fast says:
wad is true guides
true guides?
xoxo says:
they're anything but us.
xoxo says:
thats all i know.
<> First or last, Slow or fast says:
anything but us.
xoxo says:
<> First or last, Slow or fast says:
anything but us.
<> First or last, Slow or fast says:
anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.anything but us.

anything but us.

> First or last, Slow or fast says:
<> First or last, Slow or fast says:
ur post makes me emo

uh,sorry. they make me emo too. i cried twice while posting the What Is Passing down after posting What Was Passing down.anyway,ive removed that post.


Saturday, June 28, 2008
somebody please ask me why i feel such affection for jennifer.
somebody ask me why i feel so at ease with xiaowei.
somebody ask me why i laugh so much with zhenling.
somebody ask me why i enjoy being with my patrol mates fiona and esther.
somebody ask me why i smile when kimberley talks to me.
somebody ask me. just ask me.

i feel affection for jennifer because she feel affection for me.
i feel at ease with xiaowei because she feels at ease with me.
i laugh alot with zhenling because she says amusing things and i enjoy being with her.
i enjoy esther and fiona's company because we're patrol mates and we'll always stay together no matter what.
i smile when kimberley talks to me because i want her to smile back.

and i want somebody to ask me because i want to answer.

"the photos.

they tell us all about the happiness they gave us,but it tells us all about how we couldn't return it to them.

and what we had returned,are disappointments on their big day,which was supposed to be a big night.


-xiaowei, 40th batch guide sec308 p4 jasmine true.

What was Passing Down.

1.It was an event that should highlight the four years of our seniors’ guiding life. was a showcase of appreciation for what the year4s have done for us. was a celebration for the fact that Guide has happened and will be carried on for other future guide generations. was a night to have girl talks was a night suitable for seniors to give last advices on ways of improvements was a night for a last convey of wishes was a night that should be complimented with tears.tears that say, I’ll miss you when we
baoshu and realize that youre gone. was a moment in which we realize the guide coy rests on us was when the truth dawns on us, when we wonder if we will kua guides or make guides move on to a higher standard. was, something for year4s, something between girls, something that makes our piaing together concrete, something that should last even after the celebrations, something that stays alive in our memories even 60 years later,something we can tell our grandchildren about, cry about, laugh about.

i dont want to baoshu and realise that they're not counting us in.
that whether we're there or not, it doesnt matter.

guides is a chain of baoshuing, and the chain of number ends at our batch.

Thursday, June 26, 2008
but luckily i dont spew vulgarities. have a clean daughter.
and luckily, i dont spam hate messages at my family except for when my brother has done something horrible like eg. let his friends eat my chocolate collection and then cut up my art homework.

guess my parents are special. they dont have the slightest bit of technological barrier with me.

sigh,elders nowadays...tsktsktsk.

getting too modern.
im going to make my adopted child listen to songs like tian mi mi and Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You that kind of oldies songs. so that they dont become too modern at first and are in touch with their innermost nature.HAHAAA.
i'll teach them to invent their own games and lead others in it like i used to with my cousins, and if possible, let them live my pri school + sec3 life-sec3 results life.
cos i think it's great.

i love my life.YAY.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
class outing today.
yay,i promised myself to go home and emo today cos i cant understand chinese.

me: hi.erm,is this bus going to seaview condo?
bus driver:(in mandarin)huh?this is going to zhong hua you yong gong yu
me: huh?o.o
teachers in the bus:he means we're going to a swimming complex
me:huh?o.o oh sorry.wrong bus.

mrs toh: hello.the bus driver just called me.he says there are 3 of your friends sleeping in the bus already!
me:huh?o.o ok.
mrs toh:k,i'll give you the driver's number.

i called driver.
4 times.
the m1 customer is not responding.please try again later.
apparently i didnt follow the phone lady's instructions after the 4th call.
i called mrs toh again.
she asked me to keep trying.
i asked the bus uncle if his number was what mrs toh gave me.
he said it wasnt.

then mr ken found me and said the driver was unsure if we're going swimming or bowling club.
and i o.oed again.-.-

then WEIWEI CAME!!!!!
and she talked to the bus driver.and @&(*$&* i realised that seaview is NEAR the dno what gong yu-.-

kk, then after that, flustered and all,
i decided to keep to myself and reflect upon my stupidity.cheeks burning like siao.
hi. 我是华人.

Then hanxi thought I was chanting something when I wasn’t and called me ki siao-.-

I was prepared to spend the rest of my day as a mushroom tamaki.
Lol.but turned out that the waterbombing was fun.
And abit violent.
Hanxi, im a good friend eh?

Fiona hanxi and I played with the bags of water.
Fun splashing it down people’s shirts.
But cold at night.
PRCs left earlier cos of hostel curfew.

Chen lau shi and mrs toh’s welcome ceremony was water bombing.

And then ella wanying vivyan huangching and I had a competition.
The beehoon eating one.
We were all full like mad and laughing so hard its difficult to eat.
AND THEN ahahaaaa, the game stopped cos most of us felt like vomiting already-.-
So full!!!!

Then swam, and stoned and truth and dared and messed up.
Overall fun and YESYESYES almost whole class went!


Clay modeling is fun.
Hands very cold after handling clay.jesslyn said im cold

Took bus 31 with hanxi jovina wanying huangching chihsiong back.
And wore hanxi’s skirt.
I want to sleep.

And hey bus uncle,sorry.i didnt know that zhong hua you yong gong yu is actually the seaview condo in Chinese.
I guess I kinda pissed you off.
Yea.i apologise for my stupidity and ignorance.

Oh and im unwell.Caution:never ever compete against food eating with end up like me, so full that you feel like puking-.-

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my father's day present to papa!actually got 6 sides de,but lazy to upload.anyway, this is one of it.hahaaa.

the stuffs on the lid are 2 stars, 2 carrots, 2 hearts.

i was trying to make a vegetable pile but not enough colours.i only had yellow and red,and made orange sad right?LOL.


Cassandra took it when we had INFORMAL evaluation over lunch after walkaton on saturday.
this is in J8,food court.
she sent me her edited version-.-
whats with the lightning clouds?
very fierce meh?lol.hahaaa.

so funny.

oh and by the way, i knew when you took it cassandra.


evaluation is serious stuff leh,haaha.dont be so obvious when doing that next time.if you decide to attempt a next time, that is.


kk,gotta go.class outing tmr!

gotta go plan games.yay.buhbye. lovely room.

hi papa.
if you read this blog,please leave a tag.

How to prepare and taste celery juice

1. prepare a bunch of celeries fresh from the market.amount depends on personal habit.
2.grab hold of the celeries by their stalks, and stuff them head-first into the juicer.
3. plug your ears against their screams of agony.
4.keep chanting: im sorry im sorry im sorry...
5.after a million sorries or so, you may remove the juice from the juicing machine.
6.transfer the juice into a cloth bag.make sure the cloth bag is non-coloured in case the dye runs.
7.filter the juice out to remove the little particles
8. pour into a cup and place cup to mouth.
9. take a deep breath,then hold it.
10.and sip a bit of the green liquid,rolling it back and forth in your mouth,running it over every tastebud.let the bitterness seep into your teeth and then swallow if youre able to.

the end.

Monday, June 23, 2008
i saw wannung today!
so happy,hahaaa.
then this morning ran 3 fruitful sweaty rounds with peishan,xiaowei and lihui.
yesyesyes,it felt great after that run.HA.leo zhen ling ditched us.
and kimberley wants to grow fat(she said so herself) so she doesnt want to run with us.

lalala, went for clay modelling elective.
FUN but tiring.really exhausts people mien.
Mr Benjamin seems nice, Ms. ruth seems wise, and ms wong is funny,hahaa.
i sat beside jesslyn, diagonally across to esther friend aka monkey aka jieyi,opposite tat jia aka amy,behind huangching.

huangching was opposite chua liwen and beside jennifer.jennifer faced tingyun,who was beside get the picture?hahaa.

after electives, got guides interview.i dont think the interview made a difference in the final decision because they asked me things that they have already asked and already knew.after that went home with fiona,esther,hillary,pearlyn,kimberley,liying,sarah.


Sunday, June 22, 2008
wannung! Dream come true is cool.
but i like Listen to my Heart too.the chorus.

listen to my heart~
looking for your dreams~~

hahahaaa.oh, and KOGEPAN is nice!10 episodes of 4 minutes each only.very cute,about a burnt bun who feels rejected by customers and other pretty buns.hahaaa.

start from episode 1 bah.
although i like episode 8 most.
the starting not very nice,but the last few episodes are only nice if you watch the first few.
cos must first understand what happened to kogepan.


stolen from iimelda:

1. Name : Teo Ee
2. Birth date : 23021993
3. Current status : online
4. Eye colour : white and dark brown
5. Hair colour(s) : black
6. Righty or Lefty : righty

1. My heritage : huh
2. Fears : myself,and quoted from TKAM"you have nothing to fear but fear itself"
3. My weaknesses : tactless, and i dont usually stay on task.
4. My perfect pizza : hawaiian

1. My thoughts first waking up : OH NO.IM LATEEEE!!
2. My bedtime : i dont sleep in beds. i prefer floors.
3. My most missed memory : whats the use of memories? it only traps you in the past,like a fly stranded in bread dough.

1. Pepsi or Coke : i cant tell the difference.
2. McDonald's or Burger King : mcdonalds.esp the one in bras besar.
3. Single or Group dates : i'd rather stay at lifer.
4. Adidas or Nike : no diff.
5. Tea or nestea : no diff.
6. Chocolate or Vanilla :depends
7. Cappuccino or coffee : cant tell the diff.

1. Smoke : no
2. Curse : i try not to.
3. Take a shower : no.i take showersss.
4. Have a crush : no
5. Think you've been in love : i thought wrongly,thats all.
6. Go to school : yes, see those who care.people like jennifer,hanxi,peishan,lihui,esther,zhenling...etc.aiya,you know who you are.and you know if you dont.
7. Want to get married? no
8. Believe in youself : whatever.
9. Think you're a health freak : no

1. Drank alcohol : yes
2. Gone to the mall : yes
3. Been on stage : yes
4. Eaten Sushi : yes
5. Dyed your hair :

1. Played a stripping game :yes
2. Changed who you were to fit in : if only i could.stupid.

1. To be married : im married to guides.but i'll be divorcing after sec4 passing down.
2. To get a job : anytime.

1. Best eye colour : you mean to say my guy'd have more than 1 eye colour to choose from?
2. Best hair colours : anything.
3. Short hair or long hair : if i'd wanted long hair, i might as well get a girl.

1. A minute ago : typing.listening to boa-listen to my heart. watching kogepan,recommended by charlotte yr508.
2. Hour ago : smsing hanxi. eating breakfast. trying to make myself devoid of feelings.reading kim's post about the disgustingly rude junior.
3. Hours ago : sleeping.feeling excited about tmr because of peishan's sms.THANKYOU.YOU MADE MY DAY AND DAYS TOO.
4. 1 month ago : preparing for june holidays.
5. Year ago : same day same time, i was feeling anxious about school the next day.

1. I love : those who love's obvious who you are,and if you dont,its obvious too.
2. I feel : like laughing in your face, then spit.
3. I hate : those who hate's obvious who you are,and if you dont,its obvious too.i hate math.math hates me.
4. I hide : from myself.
5. I miss : being happy for at least 3 consecutive days.
6. I need : to make myself devoid of all feelings. to be steel hard so that you cant pierce me.

Saturday, June 21, 2008
2nd last day of holiday, walkathon at bishan.
It ended at 10++am.

After that, PATROL LUNCH!
Ate at the modern food court.

The food there is like expensive-.-
Average is $5++
Then quality also not say very good…

Michelle and yiting went to the western stall and got themselves chiciken chop,I think.
The bbq sauce is actually chilli+ketchup, their mushroom sauce is flour+water.
both sec2s left 5/6 of their plates full.


Then their drink, also very ex.
Yiting bought watermelon drink to wash her mouth of the horrible chicken chop taste, and she decided to throw that $2.20 away too.
I wonder what she bought next to wash off the watermelon taste next,hahaa.

Kays, esther hong, funny.
She bought tiramisu, then some peanut pancake.
And after that, her proper meal.
And funnily, after she finished her meal,
Fiona and I laughed quite a lot,lol.

Then saw fiona’s mum.
Woah,they look alike.hahaa.

After lunch, talked abit with sec2s and sec1s.
Sort of an evaluation, but an informal one.

thenthen we went to the first, just Fiona esther and i.
Then suddenly we heard a voice
And viola, michelle and the rest of the patrol emerged!!!

Then we saw this toilet lady(cleaner), who was a little big in surface area,
And I said: “hey, look.i think she cant button her shirt,lol.”
Cos really, her shirt button at the end was unbuttoned.and the other buttoned buttons looked like they were going to burst open too.
And michelle said: “no lar, your collar button also never button wad.but it doesn’t mean that your ____is too big right?”

Kk,it doesn’t sound funny here-.-
It’s wow that sec2s can strike a balance between juniorship and friendship.goood.yay.

Hahaa,anyway, we went to play gachapon then.
Ya know, the machine that you insert $1 coins into, then you turn a knob and a ball will roll out.
Then you open the ball and retrieve the toy inside?
So dang fun!
Esther spent a lot there and she kept getting the not so nice toys.hahaa.
Andand she bloopered herself then when she didn’t know where to get the ball after turning the knob,hahaaa. Rachel laughed like some mad person-.-(hi Rachel.don’t take this too personally.there’s nothing wrong with laughing then,k? since its not jihe,haha.)

Very niceeeeeeeeeee.
Its sweet,haha.

Sung by a 3 year old.
The comments in youtube are quite wise when you read more into it.

Today esther pointed out connie the 6 yr old singer to me, so I went to youtube her.
And some comments about her were just so disgusting!
People who don’t know how to appreciate her found faults as simple as “she only knows 1 song”.
Puhlease, she knows lots of songs if you actually bother to search further-.-
And then I saw this reply(not by me,im not a member.)
“why are you dissing off a 6 yr old girl like that?she has a lovely voice and she’s brave enough to share it.”

Im not really her fan or whatever but these remarks are kind of thoughtful aren’t they?

Her singing sent shivers down my spine.
You should listen too,hahaa.
(that’s just a suggestion.if you don’t want you can just ignore the line directly don’t have to fuss about my demanding people to listen to her.)

anyway,if youre reading this,lobo.
Im going to move back to hello lobo
You don’t have to know why,
But im just informing you.yep.

Oh, and after buying stuff for decorating album, I went home.the end.
And hey,
Im proud to say that HOME, is really the perfect home for me.

Friday, June 20, 2008


我好不容易才能与他们交谈,really,i used to treat them like as if they had germs.
i avoided them and now,when im finally coming to terms with the fact that girls and guys are ultimately just the same inside,you have to hurl the threat of friendship at me.
if you can threaten frienship so easily, then i really wonder who's the one not taking 友情seriously.


我只是交了多几位新朋友, even if they're girls,大家就以为我喜新厌旧,觉得我对你们的态度变差了.

i dont understand.
and i dont want to understand.

maybe we should just 让不开心的事沉淀.

The Bridge and 1 Litre of Tears are the only shows which i find touching.
The last mimzy is quite nice too though.

a liying and teoee version of romeo and juliet.
the guides style, teehee.

i just realised that if i had made my url,
i wouldnt have had to worry about the availability of url.

i mean,
not many people'd create blogs with only their name mah.
especially if you have english names that are quite common.

and how many people called teoee do you guys know?


basically i like creamy lollies.

uh,sorry for the previous post.
it wasnt very nice-.-


yes,i tore up his entire handbook into small little pieces

and yet, my anger's not sated.
brothers suck a hell lot.

since everybody's so scared of parents' complaints nowadays.

i dislike smsing to a flickin large extent.ive told you before.lots of yous.
i am not going to reply any smses that doesnt require a reply or are just idle talk from 11:00am today onwards.

its 11:11am now.

but so what?
it'd still be 11:12am sooner or later.
flick everything man.

Thursday, June 19, 2008
songleader today was fun.
we talked alot about guides and incidents regarding waater and squareface.
and, transition glasses too.

i dont know whats wrong with this computer,
but it's spamming google windows again.
just by typing"hello" now,i've been spammed with 12 windows.


i read mail halfway the page also jump to google.
i want to have a good talk with my sec2s and sec1s:)
havent really talked to them for so long.
to think when i was a sec1, we used to meet up after school so often just to sing,cheer,talk,train.

k,i dislike being spammed with google.
(i miss zhenling)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

readers may not know who i'm refering to,

but thanks all the same

for being wise

for being understanding

for knowing that change is the only constant

for accepting

for letting me know that its not the end of the world yet.

i really want to thank xiaowei

for everything

really,really everything.

shien and usan are great sources of entertainment

squareface, internal bleeding and heal me jokes...etc.

not to mention their great theory of "people smart mah!"

its all very funny.

not exactly humour because humour is funny no matter who says it,

but its funniness.

you can say the exact same thing as they did,
but people would still choose to laugh heartily at what they say

haiya, it's just the feel thats different.

anyway,its taking me ages to post this because halfway through typing,
the page will just jump to google.
and when it jumps,
whatever i hadnt managed to save will just disappear.
but i cant save every 3 words i type right?-.-
so irritating.
im gonna go liao,got songleader training today again,

zzz, i keep messing up.
nan ping wan zhong song will suddenly have she'll be coming round the mountain actions-.-
zzzzzzz, im not focusing hard enough.

but sigh, who can?
we cant manage to convince the guiders to let POP be an overnight event.
or rather, they wouldnt let us convince them because parents complain that there are too much guide activities,

it's our job to convince them to make POP overnight,
and it's their job to convince the parents of making it overnight too isnt it?
why is it that they are attempting to convince us to NOT make it overnight?
the roles of guides guiders and parents are all mixed up.

it's like building a structure with straws instead of spars,
it's only a matter of time before the whole structure kua.
and forgive me, but i dont want our batch to be respopnsible for that.

kaes,im fed up with google interupting my posts.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Today was great.
it's been one of the best guides sessions since a long time ago.

a long time ago was when we still had PT every other week instead of reducing it to less than once per month or something.
a long time ago was when we could have overnight POPs.
a long time ago was when guides still had true guides, and not some cheap immitation like me-.-


i was really afraid that i'd oversleep today, so i set 5 alarms,asked my parents to wake me up, and asked for 2 morning calls.
yesyesyes thankewwwww
weiwei offered to gimme a morning call at 6am since she was going for npcc kayaking too.

kays, then last night, was busy preparing guides u because i had only received the message just then.
lucky i had it quite prepared already then, just needed to polish badge abit more.haha.


(thanks weiwei and usan for the morning call:D
usan's call was especially funny. suddenly somebody called me while i was in the lift and said a tiny"hello?" haha,very weird sounding.
and anyway, i thought she wasnt going to call me but she did o.o
thanks, both of you:D )

luckily,my body clock went out of sorts and i woke up at 5:31am!hahahh!
only 31 minutes past schedule.LOL.
and to think i slept at 3++am

i was sososo worried last night that i prepared almost everything in advance:
-wore coy tee to sleep
-wore long socks to sleep too(in case i accidentally took the for-school ones)
-tied my hair in case im really late cos i overslept and have no time
-packed all my stuff, bags, guides u...etc.

hahaha,then in the end i had a hard time sleeping because i didnt want to crumple my shirt and didnt want to mess up my hair either.Loi.

oh, and i was afraid i'd get too comfortable sleeping in the sofa, then oversleep, so i slept on the floor instead.

the activities today were mostly running and staying in boys/girls/leg raise style.
the evaluation was numbing but tong4 at the same time.loi.
we mass changed 7 times from guides u to coy tee to guides u to coy tee to guides u to coy tee to guides u to coy tee.

first time we had 10minutes to chou mu and change.
then after that 5min.
then 4min.
then 3min.
then 2min 30s.

oh and i asked for time extension without jingli-ing.sorry.

then we went to have our lashes tested.
and i realised im really slow with tripods.
the rest of the lashes still average timing. but not as tight as the standard one is supposed to be.

and and thanks esther.
i asked you to help me bring shoe white then in the end didnt use.
so 不好意思

k,im going to go.bye.

1) What would you do if you had a million dollars?
2)What would you do if you had 1 day left to live?
3) Its the end of the world and you can only save 1 more person other than yourself. Who would you save?

i got these as journal topics when i was in primary school.
except for the last one which i heard during the p6 farewell party.
so yep, for 1 and 2, i'll post what i wrote then in my p4/p5 years.
3, i'll attempt now.

1) i would use part of that million dollars to hire 2 guards.
they'll keep watch over those million dollars so that they wouldnt get stolen by villians.(at that time, i assumed i'd get the $ in
then after that, i'll spend a little of them by donating and helping those in need. then i'll split the rest of the money among those whom i love. and since i've used up that million dollars,i'll sack the guards i hired back then.

2)if i had 1 day left to live, i'll act as mean as possible. i'll scare my neighbour's cat, do naughty things, make my parents angry, and ignore my teachers. i'll make the best use of that million dollars i got back then and i'll tell everybody that i hate them.
i'll make them angry with me
so that they wouldnt be sad when i die.(:

3)who would i save? hmm, when i first heard that question, i though:
i dont want to save myself.i'd rather just go along with the rest.
whats the point in living all alone?

but now, it seems like a selfish decision.

how will the world rebuild itself if everybody dies??

haha, so i think i'll let 2 others take my place.
those 2 others will be a midwife and a farmer.
(olan and wanglung lol)

liddat then they'll be able to get food for survival, and the midwife will know how to help increase the world's population.
(of course, the farmer must help too.haha.)

thats all.buhbye.

Monday, June 16, 2008
100 questions quiz.
WARNING: this may get boring.hahahahaha.

1. What's the connection between you and the last person that called you?
weiwei called to talk about idmi and class outing. our connection?eh, she's....mine!lol.
2. Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
Yep. rarely though.
3. What happened at 10am today?
Sleeping, lol.
4. When did you last cry?
so long ago, i can't remember.
5. What is your favourite thing to eat with peanut butter?
6. What do you want in your life right now?
more self control.hahaha.
7. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains, or just put on your hood?
Guides wear ponchos lah. But i prefer doing stuff in the rain(:
8. What's your favourite thing to have on your bed?
me of course!
9. What bottom are you wearing now?
10. What's the nicest text in your inbox say?
): ): ): dinner leh?):): ): i miss you leh.(esther hong)
11. Do you tend to make a relationship complicated?
hmm. do i?quite abit,i guess.
12. Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?
13. Wad was the last movie you caught?
D; how alarming. i can't remember-.-
14. What are you proud of?
i just made my mum laugh for 2 hrs straight.o.o
15. What does the oldest text msg in your inbox say?
oh and i think u did well for campfire as a songleader and in your skit too.Good job!(22.11.07)
16. What's was the last song you sang out loud?
Dora the explorer song
17. Do you have any nicknames?
小艺(uncle&auntie), teo(only WanYing uses that), dinosaur(junior called me that D: )
18. What does your last received msg say? Who was it from?
NO MORE CAMP LIAO:) (wenzhong)
19. What time did you go to bed last night?
i slept on the bed's a little occupied by stuff.
20. Are you currently happy?
21. Who gives you best advice?
Samantha. she said: WHAT?!youhavent started??go do your homework NOW!!!!!!!!
(whether i heed the advice is yet another matter.)
22. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
nope. it tastes nicer on cake.
23. Who did you talk to on the phone last night?
littlest Wei.
24. Is anything bugging you right now?
yep, why is it that i have a lack of self control????im supposed to spend my holidays WISELYYYYYYY!!!): BUT IM DOING THIS QUIZ INSTEAD. and for the 2nd time too.
25. What/who was the last thing/person that made you laugh?
mummy.i laughed when she laughed.
26. Do you wear toe socks?
socks are for feet, not toes o.o
27. Who was the last person you missed a call from?
28. Have you ever had your heart broken?
nope. "once broken considered sold!" ol, ever seen this sign in gift shops?-.-
29. What annoys you most in a person?
the intestines, i suppose.
30. Do you have a crush on anyone?
31. Have you ever done cociane?
32. What is the colour of your room?
this colour!
33. Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollars?
no.i'd send somebody else to do it.
34. Do you believe in the saying "talk in cheap"?
whats that?
35. Who was the last person to lay in your bed?
the bed's occupied by too much worksheet,textbooks,clothes,towels,bags,toys..etc.there's no space for people to sit/sleep in it.
36. Who was the last person who hugged you?
Jennifer!!!! hmmhmm,wonder who's the next?:D
37. Did anyone see the last person you kissed?
38. Do you have a life?
of course. if not who's typing?o.o
39. Have you ever think someone died, when they really didnt?
40. What's the reason behind your profile song?
profile song?o.o
41. Who was the last person you saw in your dreams?
not telling=x
42. Last time u smiled?
havent stopped smiling since 3 minutes
43. Have you changed this yr?
in some aspects, yep):
44. What are you listening to right now?
45. Are you talking to someone while you're doing this?
nope.i cant talk.i've got food in my mouth.
46. Do you walk with your eyes open or closed? but it doesnt matter does it? there's no difference even if i close it-.-
47. Is there a quote you live by?
"i hate math"
48. Do you want someone you cant have?
nope.i have everybody that i want le(:
49. Have you ever played an instrument?
50. What was the worst idea you had in the week?
they must have been equally bad, cos i abolised all of them and settled with sleeping and slacking my way through holidays.
51. What were you doing last night at 11pm?
discovering myself.
52. Are you happy with your love life now?
if i have a love life, i think i'd have died in it.-.-
53. What song describes your love life?
The funeral marching song :\
54. Does the person know that you like him/her?
yes.but i'm not sure if i know it myself,lol.
55. Who always makes you laugh?
ZhenLing. ZL is ZL, hahaha.(ZhenLing is ZiLian)
56. Do you speak other language other than english?
57. are you blond?
58. What's your middle name?
try finding the midpoint of teoee.the point of origin is
59. What are you doing tomorrow?
SKILLS TRAINING!i scared later i oversleep.sigh.
60. What do you think you are like?
61. Who will you choose to die with?
nobody should die, the world's a wonderful place:D
62. Where have you been today?
in my mates' hearts :D
63. What game do you play often?
"scouting is a game" i guess it applies to guiding too.
64. Who are you missing rite now?
i'll miss those who are missing me.HA.
65. If you have to choose between friends and love, which will you choose?
friends=love how to choose???
anyway, if you mean that love, then i suppose i'd give both up cos if they really cared enough for me, they wouldnt make me choose between them,eh?
66. What are you doing right now?
doing this quiz, thinking of people, listening to 黑糖秀
67. Which primary school are you from?
Junyuan Primary School(Singapore)
School number 2 二小小学(Kuching Sarawak Malaysia)
68. Name 3 colours that you like.
69. What emoticon do you like to show?
the "ttt" smiley!
70. What is life to you?
a game.a search. an experience.
71. If you have something troubling you, what will you do?
i'd usually prefer to 没出息right?):
72. Who did you last chat with in msn today?
Jerome,just some randomly dashing guy.HAHAA.(12yr old cousin)
73. Who do you admire the most?
74. Which month are you born in?
75. How are you feeling right now?
76. What is the time now?
77. Where are you now?
physically in my room, on a chair. otherwise, im still in my mates' hearts:D
78. What colour did you use to dye your hair?
I don't dye my hair.
79. Why are you doing this test?
waste my time.
80. What do you do when you're moody?
uh, i make myself look moody,i guess.
81. At what age do you plan to get married?
at the age when he/she proposes.
82. Who is more important to you now? Boyfriends/Friends?
i'm only left with 1 choice leh,lol.
83. Do you think you have enough confidence?
confidence to do what? depends bahs.
84. Who is the person you trust most?
trust is a mutual exchange.if you trust me enough, you wouldnt doubt my trust for you.
85. will you love your crush/bf forever?
nope. forever is very long, i'd probably live a portion of forever only. anyway, if i really love that person that much, i think he/she'd be my husband/wife this question wouldnt be applicable.
86. If you ever have a dream come true, what would it be?
i dont have a concrete dream yet. i like to keep my options open(:
87. What is your goal for this yr?
to keep my goals.
88. Do you believe in eternity love?
long-term love yes but eternity? haiyo, no la.
89. What feeling do you love most?
of being loved of course,haha!
90. do you really think its global warming now?
are you suggesting otherwise?
91. What feeling do you hate the most?
of being hated.duh.
92. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
its not friendship if you dont cherish it.
93. Do you believe in god?
94. Who cares for you the most?
not applicable.
95. What do you think is the most important thing in life?
Believing in myself.
96. What'll you bring to a fight?
wits and tear-drops.
97. What have you regretted in your whole life?
i regret regretting.
98. What would you feel if no one no longer cares for you?
i'd feel like now._.
99. What if your stead two-timed you?
i'd two-time him too. ok maybe not. i'd probably befriend the other party and we'll both dump him together.
100! Love with a guarantee of heartbreak, or nvr to be loved at all?
love with a guarantee of heartbreak= you love that person but PERSON DOESNT LOVE YOU. nvr to be loved at all=PERSON DOESNT LOVE YOU.
whats the difference?-_-

i can't wait for tmr. YESYESYES.
: D

Ran abit with ZhenLing and Peishan today in pasir ris park.
i was late by 1 hour 15 minutes.
zhenling woke up 40 minutes after 'jihe'time.
peishan arrived 1 minute before jihe time.

and she waited for 1 hr 15 minutes-.-

im afraid i'll be late tmr for official guides jihe.
skills training.
it's only from 8am to 1pm though.
and i bought baisheng le, BangBang, so yall dont need to go buy.
oh, just to inform those who dunno:

tmr jihe in coy tee+PE shorts
jihe in PLTC patrol
will have lecture
each patrol bring baisheng

today the 3 of us BeanBeans did abit of pumpings, restrestrest, talk talk talk about PLTC,crap crap crap about POP, and etc.
daphne couldnt make it cos there was a sudden bsp proposal due tmr.
shujun had SC camp today.

then after that we ran abit.

we decided that since we're getting the full blow of PT/skills training tmr,
and we're expecting it to be hiong cos yr5s planning,

we'll just 'warm up' today.LOL.
later today self-PT too hiong then we end up aching all over tmr,lol.

i really really adore BangBang.

can get to work with Usan ZhenLing Shien Daphne Xiaowei again!

kays, peishan and zhenling both went back home to chiong homework le.
i think i'll start with something less hiong la.
homework is quite overwhelming.

maybe i'll start with my portfolio.
hahaaa. shall do introductory page.LOL.
i go spam videos first.

Sunday, June 15, 2008
i really hate you. i'm careful with my choice of words. i dont use love sparingly nor declare hate frequently.

but really, this hate for you.
it's just so intense.

i hate you so damn much.
i hate you even more than i hate using vulgarities.

i feel like asking you to _____off.
but no, i dont hate you enough to waste my first '___' on you.
youre not worth that.
im not going to ingratiate myself to your level.

you flickin' creature.
i really hate you.

1) What would you do if you had a million dollars?
2)What would you do if you had 1 day left to live?
3) Its the end of the world and you can only save 1 more person other than yourself. Who would you save?

these are just questions that i have come across in my primary school days.
Do attempt them, i wanna see your answers,hahaa.

i've attempted them myself, a long time ago when the world was still round.
( by the way, the world's no longer round, now it's spherical.)

after WanYing's tag, i realised its been long since i spoke to:


sigh, especially my POOP gang.
Pupil's Organisation Of Progress gang,hahahaha.

NERD= New Experimental Radiational Device

and the Napoleon's Donkeys going hee-hor!!

kk, just feeling abit nolstalgic.

so pardon me if i piss you off or irritate you. really,i dont mean it.

Xiaowei says: All the guides are getting antisocial this year.

yea, i think it's true.

but i dont care.

i dont like changes.
especially changes in people.people like me,haha.

its difficult to attain a balance in things such as relationships...etc.
for example, you don't join a click and there are 2 ways people can assume:

1) youre confident enough to be on your're friends with everybody.
2) youre an antisocial and nobody wants you in their clicks.

that's just an example. and NO,im not refering to anybody or whatsoever ok?
ive already stated it clear, this is total fiction.

just some random terms and phrases:
-an orange in an apple crate
-a bee in an ants' nest
-...nevermind.they all sound the same-.-

in summary:
-my EQ is low
-my IQ is low


xiaowei and i talked till 2:00AM exactly.
it's 2:01AM now.

we talked about alot of things.
crapped alot too.

why isnt POP overnight, as it has always been until this year?
i wouldnt be surprised if next year, my batch wouldnt even have a proper POP.
maybe they'd just jihe us, and declare us officially passed down or something, then dismiss everybody.

iimelda's famous(i wonder if she knows its famous) quote:
...actually i cant remember the exact words, but its something like:

we can give them time extensions, but who is to give us time extensions?

anyway, it refers to their passing down,yeps.

so haha, since plan A cant work, we might use plan B(:

plan A:BEG the guiders to make it an overnight event
plan B: ask for hourly time extensions to last through the night.

but then xiaowei pointed out that if they dont give us the time extension, then plan B cant work.

so plan C: *ahemahem* actually we just crapped alot about sadistic stuffs.s i cant really tell you about plan c. anyway, it's never going to work.

plan D: ------------------no plan D yet.sigh):

are we to fall into the trap of Fate? or are we able to change it?
interpret ityourself.
it has poetic meanings ok. just refer to your poem package(LA) and read the poem in slang.ya know, the one about a bomb going to blast during the war so that lady in the poem decided to swank with a sergent?hahaa.
it said: if Fate is to fall on us
i think.
and as Fate refers to the bomb, the Fate that i have mention refers everybit to however you wish to interpret it.
kk im confusing you,nevermind.

anyway, xiaowei and i also talked about ATC08.
how we're going to plan it,,,etc.
hahaaaa, we're going to be checkpoint leaders!



xiaowei says that if we land in the same patrol/same checkpoint, our juniors are going to die terribly cos we're both sadists when it comes to guides.

i just hope that our sadistic talent wouldnt go to waste.
ya know what i mean, guides.
ideas are supposed to be used, not kept or rejected because of a minor setback.


its not that we dont understand the pressure that they face from parents...etc.
We Do.
its just that we dont understand why they cant handle the pressure differently. Why cant they fight it instead of giving in?

it's 2:36AM.
i'm going to bathe.bye.

Saturday, June 14, 2008
haha, introductions:
pink shirt big guy: my papa
red shorts girl clutching a baby's bottle: me
weird blue boy: stranger/my first love

i wonder who this guy is. if you happen to chance upon this and think you may be him , please contact me. :D

hahaha,my first love.lols.

i'm in a better mood now that my brother's asleep.haha(:

i shouldnt blog when im not in a good mood.

Friday, June 13, 2008

i woke up this morning with the theme song of barney blasting in my ears-.-
bad start to a

then after that, rushed to the tampines library for a birthday bash cip(packing goody bags) and also to meet pearlyn.
hahaha, i thought i was going to be late, but AHA, i reached 1 minute earlier! : D

and the sad thing was, they had actually cancelled the thing on the 13th June, and called to inform everybody else except the two of us, pearlyn and i, aye.

pearlyn said: wah. i chiong here after chiong my malaysia trip homework leh(the chinese one)
me: come youre chionging all the homework now?


i admire her mien,sigh.
then after that,

me: no cip le, you going home? or staying here?
pearlyn: going home. continue to chiong homework.


ive never seen somebody so determined to chiong,hahaa.

anyay, after that, i went over to tampines mall to get abit of materials.
haha,making Daddy's day present!
: D
no pictures here, cos blogger's image button's not functioning.

when i was young,
i think it started when i was 6 years old,
i had a goal.

it was to make my own doll's hose.
DIY, using my own materials.
i remember when i was 6, i drew a colouring book for my mum.
the book was titled"my family"(i know i know, lame-.-) and inside were all those pictures of cottages and stuff.

the typical house i drew:
-cottage that snow white and the 7 dwarfs lived in
-a tree on the right side
-a path leading from the door to the outside
-a car on the left
-my whole famiily lined outside the house(dad in tie and holding ring, mum in dress, brother with 3 strands of hair, me with 2 pigtails)
-and lots of grass, clouds...etc.


yeayea, very fancy, i know-.-

yep, and when i was older, around 9 cos i was in pri3,
my ideal 'doll's hose' became sort of practical.
cos pri3 remember we learnt about all those electricity and stuff?
i had the idea of actually installing those cute tiny lightbulbs(got see before?around 2 cm in height) that we used during experiments, in my doll's hose.hahaa,
then i thought of building switches..etc-.-

and then, after that, i switched my focus on those spanish toys called pinatas.
kays,i attempted a few times but failed-.-
i just ended up spilling glue and newspaper all over my room,
and i wondered how Neil from the show Art Attack could always manage to craft so well-.-
(see la, kids watch too much tv-.-)

i also attempted other Art Attack's crafts but all quite ugly cos i didnt know what kind of materials he used then i just sui bian add stuff of my

then up till sec1, still trying pinatas-.-
sec2, decided to make a sculpture at home(didnt work)
and now, sec3,
i wanna go back to that old dolls house dream(:
hehe,and since i now know someplace called art friends thanks to guides a few years back,
i can get the materials i want!

for now,
im gonna go back to making that D' day present,sigh.

but then again, holidays are almost over-.-
no time to spend wisely sad.

guess what i'm doing now?

im thinking.
what else?hahaa.

and cassandra keeps sending me virus links-.-
go fix your msn lar, every 5 minutes got your virus link pop out,lol.
anyway, havent heard from you for a while, Dark Detergent Cass (:

kays,haha, i'm gonna go think/slack/make presents/chat/slack summore le.

a piggy game---

hahaa: D

Thursday, June 12, 2008
Hillary is funny.
she looks so normal and sane to most,

but she's actually 100% maniac inside.
really, pure crazy.
just go over to her blog, its so funny,haha!

Anyway, i woke up at 3pm today.
cool right?
i had this super cool dream, and i thought hey, why not stick to my health plan and exercise abit?
then i started running all over and stuff in my dream.
well, people often say "mind over body"

to think i believed them):
i woke up with spars in my head and somehow my body's not catching up with the mind exercise that i've just had.

Sunday is coming.father's day.
and my dad was hinting about it all afternoon...

dad: aiya, i've got too much money.why dont you take $50 and go shop or something?
me: i hate shopping.its girly.
dad: youre a girl you know? try to act and behave like one. look at the way you sit! so undemure!tsktsk...anyway, you can go shopping on saturday with mummy.
me: why saturday?
dad: why not saturday? it's a good day!
me: why suddenly ask me to go shopping?you've never worried about my feminity before-.-
dad: thats why im starting now.
me: too late. the damage's done.
dad: tsktsk.


dad: do you need a calendar?
me: neh. i dont ever check them.
dad: aiyo, you must keep up with the time and know what's going on! kk, i've got 5 calendars i brought home from the office. take them ok. plan your time well.
me: orh. just leave them on the table.
dad: must read them ok!!
me: orh.
dad: haiya, i'll flip them to the correct page for you. see? this is today.
me: mm. (trying to get the spars out of my head)

and then he left and mummy came over.

mum: Ee arh, sunday's father's day.
me: oh, ok.


i can get something when im out with Jenn on friday. teeheehee.

oh, speaking of which, i still owe lotsa people birthday presents.

作詞:劉德華 作曲:高楓 編曲:江建民

哦~ 寧靜的小村外 
有一個笨小孩 出生在陸零年代
十來歲到城市 不怕那太陽曬 努力在柒零年代
發現呀城市裡 朋友們不用去灌溉 花自然會開

哦~ 轉眼間那麼快 
這一個笨小孩 又到了捌零年代
三十歲到頭來 不算好也不壞 經過了玖零年代
最無奈他自己 總是會慢人家一拍 沒有錢在那口袋

哎喲 往著胸口拍一拍呀 勇敢站起來 
向著天空拜一拜呀 別想不開 

哦~ 他們說城市裡 男不壞女不愛 
媽媽說真心愛 會愛得很精彩 結果我沒有女孩
笨小孩 依然是堅強得像石頭一塊 

哎喲 往著胸口拍一拍呀 勇敢站起來 
哎喲 向著天空拜一拜呀 別想不開 

funny song:D

Splitting headache reminds me of spars, haha.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
what an exciting day(:
i like lobo.

baxter's just accused me of being horny.
but zhenling says im not :D

today's still nice anyway, (:

stars are always there even though you can't see them(:


get one from cbox!
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