Saturday, December 25, 2010
spent christmas doing really meaningless stuff. supposed to go out with family but idk what happened haha.

read fml, tasteofawesome, slept (in excess), ate tons of chocolate (oh no).

reading my free subsciption to Mike Geary's Truth about Abs email.
havent been reading for awhile, since the last time i did EoM for PW about obesity.
time to dig it out from my hotmail cos i'm really gaining.

havent gotten round to start reading the procrastination package that i subscribed to (free again) during Promos hahaha.
talk bout procrastination.

just read xinmsn and saw Zzen Zhang's wedding photos!
shuai ttm! Fiance so pretty too.
Dont really like the photos cos i prefer postcard styles instead, but its said that they went to 3 different places to have them taken. cool.

Reading Santa's celebs naughty list too (gosh i love reading junk. dont get to do it as often) and read about celebs abusing drugs, their spouses, etc. cant be bothered to remmber their names..

then i moved on to read about Selina Jen. She's better now!:D
so brave.

I also browsed the hottest men thing but of all of them, i only found the first one, Ryan something, attractive. (his photo was what made me browse the article anyw.)

yah. back to mike geary.
i want to watch more I'm Paris Hilton's New BFF.
bimbos, catfights, girls...
so fun to watch.
vivyan liked it too! but the last time we discussed, she was watching a different season from me.

Mike Geary emailed an article about cell phone radiation dangers.
i'm gna move my phone far away now.
it causes testicle cancer or smthng, and reduces sperm count when placed in pockets.
i know i dont have these (junk, i mean, not pockets), but he said females probably are in danger too.

motherhood says "stay away, cell phone"
plus, weiwei and i were just chatting up.
we want to become each other's child's godparents (although i'm the FAIRYgodparent), so for her sake, i'm leaving the mobile on the other side of the room.

my child's gna have many godparents in the future.

...oh actually no, only chen and jenn's booked those roles.

i think some people want to marry late cos they wanna be their friends' bridesmaids.
chen said married people cant assume those roles.

i'm probably not gonna marry.
i'll adopt a beautiful angmoh child and go round being a bridesmaid then.
hm in this case i guess its safe to bring my cell phone back to my side.

back to Mike Geary.

Merry Christmas 2010!

Got some amazing stuff last night.
1. un-screwed hairrr (subjective topic)
2. lots of chocolate!
3. some carrot facial wash thing from sri lanka
4. toy dog! i'm gonna call it Scruffy.

Got my family some amazing things too.
1. red watch
2. bracelet to match mum's earrings
3. bamboo charcoal socks (LOL)
4. lots of chocolate! (and some disgusting mint that was neither soft nor hard candy.)

Got an amazing dinner that my mummy prepared.
1. gingerbread bells and girls, proudly decorated by my brother and i!
2. fruit cake that they're having for breakfast now
3. banana cupcakes!
4. a large chunk of pork thing.
5. another large chunk of herb meat thing.
6. salad (without mango this year though. so sad.)
7. many strawberries that were actually sweeeet
8. 2 large sausages each, 1 cheesy, the other herb-y
9. campbell soup (salty thing)
10. rouge merlot wine from my trip to europe! The barrel kind. quite cool to open the tab and see everything flow out.
11. shucks i'm hungry.
11. (sorry, #11 again cos i wasted the above blank) Grape Sparkling Juice
12. other food that we gave each other a gifts (chocolateee)
13. i almost forgot, rosemary buns too.

after waking for at 6am+ for so many days for cca (SS or SC),
i suddenly couldnt sleep in today.
woke at 7am (abit later than usual), but felt really refreshed.
then i thought i was shortchanging myself of a chance to pig, so i went back to sleep and tried to dream.

i dreamt of some random outing with fiona, chen weiwei, zhenghui, yingteng, clarrissa (i think), jennifer, chunseng? (i dont know. zhenghui was there so i think chunseng was too)...and other characters that i cant remember.

how random is this group of people?

narration of dream. skip if in hurry:
we were walking through a rather empty mall.
then chen saw a large advertisement for $4.20 ajisen set meal (i think i dreamt this cos yesterday clarissa huihan yijia cherise they all went to ajisen for lunch after lab) and the whole gang rushed over, leaving fiona and i strolling behind.

zhenghui was prouncing around the empty parts of the mall, doing nothing much in particular. as usual.

then the gang went ahead without us and i asked fiona if she was joining us for lunch. she turned, about to go home, but then turned back again and we tried to catch up with the rest.

the guys lagged behind.

then we went to a place where there's a small platform on lots of water.
and i saw this lady in red floating face-down in the green waters so i screamed,
then the rest started screaming too but they were pointing at a twig floating on the water, near the platform.
i thought they were abit strange.
oh, speaking of screaming, i think jill was there too.

then i remembered the lunch thing but nobody else seemed to intend to take lunch, so i just kept quiet.

then i sat down (everyone else was already seated) and jennifer twirled me around 360degrees playfully, the pivot on the end of my spine i think, so i almost tumbled into the disgusting green water (with the red lady's corpse!).

then i grabbed yingteng on my right, and jenn on my left, and we all almost fell into the water.
but we didnt, cos we did a sort of stomac crunch thing and lifted ourselves back onto the platform.

yah end of dream. i never got my lunch.

when i started the post, i actually just wanted to say this:
i googled 'emo look' cos there's a christmas thing for SCs on sunday evening, and the Dragons are supposed to dress to the emo theme.

you know what.
it says that emos have very very straight hair.

Thursday, December 23, 2010
managed to save my christmas.
mood is lifted to epic proportions:D

-rushed out the house at about 925pm.
-reached tampines mall at 930pm (yes i know wow. ive never beaten the record of 7min before. usually take about 15-20min to walk)
-bought everything in about 20min
-walked home in 20min+

just in time before the mall closed.

got everything that i planned to get. stuff that i think they'd like.

God helped me. Thank you.
I may not believe in religion, but im sure a higher being exists.

got to reach school by 730am for science society tomorrow.
same as today.
at least tmr is a half day thing.

caught 11.11pm.

tonight is a good night.

had an urge to post about today, but suddenly felt that there was no point.
yeah. merry christmas eve's eve.

couldnt find time to get my family gifts.
yea. ive just ruined my favourite season.

it may not seem a big deal to you.
but to ruin what ive looked so hard to is just. i dont know. it sucks.

i saw christmas as a day of restoration, a sort of salvation.
to let me know that my life's not diluted to mere ccas and school.
guess what Ms Scrooge Teo learnt this christmas?


whatever. enjoy the holidays, guys.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
choices that youve made in the past always comes back to haunt you dont they?

sigh. i want to visit jenn too. go out, have fun, eat, sleep, eat again..
want to find pearlyn. eat, talk, talk talk, uh...ea..t..alk...

i cant even make it for the first day of my first ever chalet with my first ever 5C45 cos of commitments. (ey i havent told anyone yet cos i just found out today.)

couldnt go cycling with hans and chua, cannot stay for the entire christmas thing at chua's place...


but i brought this upon myself, so i'm just complaining for the sake of complaining.
everyone needs an outlet to rant, no?

when i took 196 from the school bus stop on tuesday, i met Mr Seow.
He asked me something like hows my holiday and stuff, and then he asked me something about social life and i said "what social life? wo shi de ming ren leh."

maybe its quite a blessing that my brother's not coming.

...oh well. at least i can still spend the christmas with my family.
i love christmases with them, and i'm so thankful for a day off that i could cry right now.
spending time with people whom you yell at daily, and who yell at you daily too, is a really touching experience.

spending time with those whom youre always too busy to even yell at, is even more precious.


i cant wait to be able to mug mug mug everyday for A levels without having to care for anything else like ccas, cips, social life..
to think people dislike exams.
they dont know what they're missing.
exam period's the only time when youre untouchable.
i loveeee it.


been having sharp pains the entire day.
wanted to see a doctor but i was so spent today that i just went home and slept till 9pm.

tomorrow onwards i'd be too busy to visit liao.
hope they go away after i wake.

need to reach school by 730am.
tomorrow's gonna be a bad day.

discomfort is contagious.
it radiates from me and i hate that. pff.

Sunday, December 19, 2010
so tired after cip. partly cos i slept at 3am+ yesterday.
was having a Bs and Flowers talk with Chua :)

going to sleep soon after checking dhsmail.

and i really need to get my exercise regime going.
the rate at which i'm growing is really D:

hope to fit into my skirt when school reopens.

gosh so tired!
i change my mind. no dhsmail tonight.

Friday, December 17, 2010
i love listening to this CD with all the grade 4 piano exam pieces in it.
makes me happy :D

i was trying to choose a good song to focus on from each section (there are 3), and the faster ones are really light and cheery so i like them.

this is not the end of the story, but ive drafted the rest of my post because there is a twist, which leads to a rather bitter post.
people always have nasty comments about bitter posts dont they?
its as though its a crime to feel down sometimes.

it makes us self-obsessed, silly, and attention seeking.

(ok sorry this post still seems to be turning bitter.)

so yeah. i'm just gna remind myself to check my drafts the next time i want to review my teen life.
the entire one. not just the happy, cheery days.

yups. piano tomorrow.
i cant wait to wake early and try out the new pieces!
then cip with hweet amanda pearl.
gonna be an exciting day.
i think the next post will be full of happy recounts.

oh, and jenn's back!!
so is weian!!
weian, get well soon..

<3 all of youuuuuuuu.
yeah and jas+chua i miss you too :D
(the insane, and the more-than-insane)

Thursday, December 16, 2010
in chronological order:

i went to jovina's house last night and we talked to chen! ate dinner that i brought from home, and drank her soup. ate her biscuits toooo.
laughed at her photos, laughed at her, saw iris in one of the photos.
she hasnt changed at all since p2!

jo gave me a pretty thing from japan.

i flipped through her stickers and saw Mr Men and Little Miss ones. Then quized her on the characters' names.

she anyhow call the characters names hahahaha.
Mr Daydream became Mr Cloudy (haha just because he was in the shape of a cloud!), Little Miss Trouble became Little Miss Brown...omg.
She mixed up Mr Bounce and Mr Happy too, though thats a common mistake cos they look the same as long as Mr Happy wears a red cap..

flipped through her postcards too, and saw a reaaaaaally nice one!
colourful, cute, and messy.

then she wrote the postcard to me on the spot.
ahh it was so sweetsxsh wor.
i read it this morning in the mrt:D

haha yups. then left at 12am.

today, i woke up really late!
pearlyn met me after going to the dentists', and we read stuff at bras besah's macs.
tried to do abit of work too, but wasnt very successful.

then we went to walk around at raffles place in the late evening and looked at pretty stuff.
i saw this lady trying out a black dress.
it was soo pretty on her!
pearlyn asked me to go compliment her, and i think she'd have liked it, but i was really shy and didnt):
i hope she overheard my conversation with pearlyn though, so that i could indirectly compliment her.

we walked abit more, and pearlyn seemed uninterested ):
so then we went to fish and co. for dinner.
we planned to have a good dinner cos we've been pretty deprived thus far.
we usually go to food courts, fast food restaurants, or starve. so tonight was a really special night!

no fish and co in raffles place, so we went back to tamp.
sat facing each other and ordered gooood fooood.
the waiter kept smiling at us. we thought he might have assumed we were lesbians.
so we discussed and kind of wanted to play along.

we planned to say stuff like "dear, come let me feed youuu." and "mrs chang disapproves of our relationship.." but uh. shy people like us didnt execute our plans.

oh, the both of us tried out 123456789 facial expressions in the mrt train cos there was reflection on the glass.
we did the surprised face, the angry, the grandma, the qianbian, the niu mo wang, the sad, the shocked, the halloween, the um...twist mouth one, etc.

didnt really notice the people trying not to stare..

i laughed so hard during dinner that i almost had diaphragm cramps. couldnt stand straight or breath/speak!

felt abit drunk even though all ive had was iced water.

oh, my dad let me sip his german beer some days ago.
just wanted to mention that its really nice!
not something that you drown your sorrows with, but more of something that you can appreciate, like fine wine, but a little less obnoxious.


i cant get BABY YOURE A FIREWORKKK~ out of my head.

oh yeah pearl and i sit in macs all day, hoping to hear justin bieber's songs cos people hate him and we dont.
we think his songs are niceeeee.
so what if he sounds like a girl. at least he sounds like a girl who can sing!

and anyway, i think we just dont like doing what the rest of the world are doing.

i was imitating a scene from I am paris hilton's new bff to show pearl in macs.
then this man looked at me straight in the eye from behind pearlyn, and he seemed annoyed.
maybe i was laughing too hard and it offended him that i was so loud and obnoxious.

he was annoyed when we laughed at the s'pore style xmas song that macs was playing over the radio.
but dear man, it was funny!
really! note the lyrics!

"on the x day of christmas singapore gave to me...HIGH E-R-PPPPPPP!"
the highlight of the song!


jogging tomorrow.
hope to wake in time!

jenn's coming back tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
fell asleep and woke at 1230am!
so i adjusted my clock to make it 14th instead of 15th, and voted at the allkpop thing. hope it works x(

i didnt do work today. all i did was copy 1 paragraph worth of newpaper as GP intro.

i'm so hungry. gimme food.
eating scones.
i hate scones.
so dry ):

Sunday, December 12, 2010
i wonder if there are pigs in mexico.
lol, kind of a sudden thought, but amusing nonetheless.

butlerweb jokes are soo nicee :D
most of them are funny. haha.

today is a bad day cos things arent going to plan, since i didnt have a plan to start with.
zen me ban?

i wanted to do GP, but alas, my social life calls.
i'm meeting pearl.

missing so many people right noww.
jenn's flying today, weian's coming back on 14th (LOL the day my kfc vouchers expire), chen's coming back on the 18th, jo's already back (but she's one whole HDB block away from me!)...

): come backkkk.

Saturday, December 11, 2010
i was at (where articles about really weird and odd things are posted), reading the 8 worst breakups.

1 was that the girlfriend forgot that her boyfriend was overseas, and thought he was avoiding her on purpose. so she sent multiple nasty emails to him, saying how angry and hurt she was, then how horrid the relationship was and stuff, before breaking up.

yikes. talk about being impulsive.

i wanted to jog today, but i think i strained my calf when i went swimming with hanxi 2 nights ago. walking itself is already a challenge x(

oh, the swim was so spontaneous. i like.
hans and i were just at the ogl dry run when we suddenly wanted to swim the very evening. right after dry run.
so we did, from 745 to 9pm.

i didnt really swim. hanxi did many laps though :D
i could only propel myself with my arms cos i was practically disabled otherwise. hahaha.
i only did 1 legitimate lap. the rest were all bogus cos i only played 'water mahjong'. so embarrassing hahaha.

the dry run the following day was happy-hours with drakonians.
alyson (sp?), jiemin, justin, liying, minyi, nicholas, zhouhong and i painted our wonderful domokon (variation of domokun) and our 2 masterpieces.
hweet and i danced to hilarious songs.
jiateck ...i didnt actually talk to him lol cos he was quite busy with both ogl stuff and volleyball.

jiemin's epic.
no other words to describe her.

minyi hugged me before she left!

oh, hanxi has a sexy swimsuit O.O

jennifer jasmine pearlyn. where art thou.
hey wanz, our 'art-day' kind of didnt


i was going to sleep, cos i'm really sleepy. and i was drunk from sugar cane juice too (LOL).
had a chatty and amazing dinner with jiemin samuel justin and liying, talking about 'buckets' and 'dayung sampans'. inside jokes.

reached home just an hour ago.
bathed and used the new dove conditioner!
niceeee and soft nowwww.
havent been using conditioner for quite awhile already.

kk nights.

Monday, December 6, 2010

macarons taste sooo good.
i didnt go look for a nicer picture, but none'd do the taste justice anyway.

lasted through the night. cleaning my room.
havent found my ic yet, but found loads of other stuff like
eg. adeline's medical certificate
lol. i keep things like that. guides things.

i spent time making sure i separate the reusable paper from the recyclable ones.
i'm a tree-hugger.

there are things that i have no use for, but cant throw.
like the yearbooks, the dhs doll that i lucky drawed from the mooncake thing i think. or cny.
cant throw plastic plates either, in case 45 chalet needs it.
cant throw secondary textbooks either in case my brother's using it.
there are some really nice decorations, but they dont look nice cluttered up in my room. yet i cant throw them away cos most are gifts. i have to keep them near me.

there's also this desk. yeah the one i'm using now.
wanna throw it away cos its ugly, and because i have one longer desk right beside me. i could just shift the computer over and give myself more breathing space.

but ive spent time with it and i shouldnt be ungrateful to it just because its ugly.
so i guess i should actually throw the other long desk away, cos it takes up more space, is only occupied by a (spoilt) printer now that ive thrown all the other stuff onto the floor to facilitate cleaning, and has also spent less time with me.

yet sorry, im just too superficial. long desk please-.-
aiya, both desks la.
i'll just breathe less.

sleepy liao. still have to do some work tomorrow.
meeting shimin at 11am:D
then go down to the lab on tue and wed,
orientation dry run on thur and fri.

havent started on homework :\
but i dont think the other SCs have either, so...LOL.

guess i should sleep now. if not i wouldnt wake up in time to meet shim.
bye (:

listened to this the entire night, btw,
"i'm only gonna break break your
break break your heart"

tune's so catchy. sounds like something ruonan would sing to.
or maybe its just cos she sang heartbreaker to me when we were seatmates, so i get the impression that anything about breaking hearts=ruonan.


Sunday, December 5, 2010
random things to say:

1. i like melon candy :D
2. i like hacking my brother's facebook account.
3. i like going out at night.
4. i like my primary3 self.
5. i wanted to say "hii shiyi youre so cute" or smthn to shiyi on msn, but i sent it to the most wrong person ever. she'll hate me if she ever finds out who. HAHA.

6. it was baxter.

everybody has a certain place that they only share with certain people.

once you have marked that place as yours, introducing anyone else there just seems wrong.
its as though you have mentally reserved that location for this group of people.

i have many of these places.

i'd never meet anyone else besides wanying at the Sadistic tree, even though i may tell others about its existence;
i'd call esther first, if i wanted to go to ikea for real (not just rambling about it);
i'd catch a movie with my family before i agree to catch it with friends, or go anywhere new, to be honest (like new malls etc, i always want to visit with my family first);
there's also the community centre,
the stadium,
the bras besah macs (aka the guides macs),

(: and i wanted to tell you the point of saying all these, but i think it might send the wrong message, so nevermind.

today i woke at 638am, but i thought life was too short to waste on waking up, so i slept till 10am instead after grabbing my blanket from the other room in the chilly morning.

i wish i had had a real holiday.
how come we dont have block weeks anymore?

Friday, December 3, 2010
today was a good day :)

went to white sands macs to meet shimin and wenzhong for SC stuff.
bennu had some ogl meeting, so when i reached, terrence and chenteck were there too.
the intended meeting was rather short, cos everything was quite straightforward and my lappie died anyway, so after the meeting, when i realised noone was leaving, i just sat around.

then they launched into a conversation that was quite different from conversations i usually have.
it was about futures and pasts.
i liked the theme, haha, but i couldnt contribute much, cos even though i ramble alot around people like pearlyn and esther, both of whom are more listeners than talkers even though we have balanced conversations, i'm very quiet around those whom i'm not especially familiar with.

their discussion was very dynamic, personal, and insightful. i'd love to listen in on more of these conversations.
i think shimin's a really great person to hang around.

they talked about financial stuff, about how they're going to earn money;
about future spouses;
about pasts that changed them;

and i love how open they were about sharing their experiences.
me? i couldnt do it. i dont just open up to people like that. i'm quite an introvert, and i'm only extro when i know those im with, and how they'd respond to my antics.

they asked shimin what she'd want in a boyfriend, and she answered so smoothly. when they asked me later, i gave some weird answer that i wasnt very sure of either.
"he wouldnt be vain"
like, what am i talking about right? that shouldnt really be the main point, but at that point in time, that was all i could recall from the previous discussions ive had with myself.

chenteck said i should find some person from (i forgot the country) cos they dont bathe and dont care about how they look.
i mean, ya la, everything should be in moderation lo. he should be conscious of his appearance, but not vain mah.

its going to be bimbotic, but someday i shall do up a list of traits i think my future boyfriend should have. (especially now that i have had such a conversation to back me up. i mean, at least i'm not the only one who's coming up with criteria right? )

they also asked me whta i wanted to be in the future.
i dont know.
i sort of what to be a psychiatrist, but that seems too...i dont know. common.
i want to do something special, you know. not just throw myself into one of those occupations that society has designated for us.

they talked about making investments, starting businesses, etc.
i didnt really join in, cos im scared of being ambitious.
investments and stuff, i dont really understand them. i dont play with money cos i dont know how to.

i dont know if i want to be successful.
what if i cant handle it?
its not as easy as "oh, cannot handle ah, then dont do it lo"
cos if youre already successful but cant sustain it, then the fall'll be even bigger than if you had never climbed at all.
its like, if you dont climb at all (visualise a building and lots of flights of stairs), at least you could comfort yourself and think "hey, i couldhave reached the top"
but trying means knowing, and knowing isnt such a great idea sometimes.

they say people fear the unknown, but i think otherwise.
i fear the known, because when its known, possibilities disappear, excuses go away, and youre stuck with the truth.
something that never changes.
something that kills imagination.

i'm just cowardly, alright.

i'm going to start that list soon. bye for this post.

taking my dinner now.
all the girls in Taio Cruz' mv are so so hot.

and the youtube comments are funny.
"i throw my sandwich in subway sometimes
saying ay-oh, where's my mayoo?"

"i throw my homework in the air sometimes
saying ay-oh, all get zerooo"

ok, i'm reaaally gonna sleep now.
still need to wake early tomorrow :\

Thursday, December 2, 2010
i ban myself from future research projects.
science society project's killing sandy and i.

next time i should join a more physical cca. like ODAC or smthng. not sports la, i suck at ball stuff. but a little running, jumping, climbing, kayaking etc'd do my duzi good.

duuuuzi, duuuzi (stomach, stomach)
ni de lian pang zen me na me da? (why is your face so largeee?)
maaama shuo lian pang da, jiao zuo zhu paaa (mama says when its large, its called pork chop)
*adapted from shinchan song tune

i know it doesnt make sense in english, but perhaps in chinese it might.

everything is so cool.

i miss my friends.
havent hung out with yijing, jenn, pearl, wanz, han, jas, viv, tao, amanda (that nincompoop), yong, weian, wei (chen), punchbag esther, wannung (i talked to her on 158 that day! love that girl.), chua, jopigu (!!! who is back from Japan!), lihui twin, and other retards for a loooong while.

huihan went to ikea for cake today.

i am going to sleep. goodnight.

jenn's blogskin's nice.
got our photos.

celebrated chunseng's birthday at suntect today with all the dragons.
he treated us to a meal, and we gave baked him a cake with minyi's recipe.
minyi's such a good baker. i'd love her to be my wife.
(pearlyn has gone to amanda. i am not upset. i am not upset. i am really upset.)

yongjing introduced a new word to me recently.
it refers to people with flexible sexual preferences. a sort of bisexual, but a bisexual in denial.

i am not that.
i'm straight. as of now.
i think.
not that im against homosexuality or bisexuality, but i'm just not into that culture.
wouldnt it be hard to decide who foots the bill after a girl-girl date?

oh yeah, back to the birthday celebration.
it was fun. we watched ninja warriors together.
chunseng had to stand on a chair and cry "i'm a ninja!" with a sparkler in his hands:D
justin shared his overseas trip stories (they saw a girl in tibet who looked like me! ) and he gave us each a box of cool pokeys. Thanks justin!

jane and i did a card each, and both looked really fine! :D
i really dread drawing dragons. they usually turn out ugly. i drew from 4pm+ till 638pm before i got the card ready. and even then, i only had 3 dragons. fail right-.-
(oh and i did all that in macs even though i only ordered small $1.50 fries. so auntie, but wdv. hahaha.)

but the dragons (i mean, the real ones. the SCs) seemed to think the cards' nice. so glad :D
we wrote in jane's card. i didnt quite know what to write. the rest wrote such wonderful stuff. its so them, you know. its as though you could hear their voices through the cards.
(i suddenly recall harry potter's talking letter)

during the baking session (at liying's house) last sunday, minyi said we were the most bonded house of SCs.
(: i dont know about 'most' cos i dont know the other houses, but it certainly feels good to think that we are!

i like emma watson.
so sad harry potter's ending.
i feel as though im grieving for a friend who's gna move far far away.

i went back to the lab today to work with sandy on our research project.
it was fun too:D
for the first time in many CCA sessions, i truly enjoyed it.

i had fun sub-culturing cells with sandy. we had the lab to ourselves. and we got to look at cells from the cool microscope, gasp at LARGE contaminants, peek at Dr Yap's cell stock (which was contaminated too. but he knows that lah, lol. these things happen.), accidentally burn (my) latex glove and (sandy's) pipette tip, and we worked efficiently today. quite.


need to go back at 830am tomorrow though.
gonna be so tired.

speaking of which, today jane, minyi and nicholas all asked if i was very tired.
so touched by their concern haha :D Thanks.
i wasnt, actually, lol. though i am now, cos its nearing 1am.

DEAR CHEN WEIWEI talked to me today! from china!
via dhschat LOL.
gosh, miss her much.

cant wait to see everybody again in school.

oh yesterday hor, huihan and i talked about her perfect day.
she described it in detail to me, and i really love her description(:
my perfect day is simple, like hers.

i just want to wake up at 630am feeling refreshed, without my alarm going off,

take a nice healthy breakfast. perhaps a wholemeal sandwich with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, and a glass of cold orange juice,

finish breakfast at 7am and go exercise, like maybe jog and stuff, for about 45minutes,

then travel somewhere nice to study and be focused while doing so,

all the way until 5pm, where i'll go swimming?

then at 6pm, i'll go read some books at the learning centre.

take dinner,

read some school notes,

then go home and sleep.

and nobody'd bug me on my phone. nobody'd sms me, call me, send me emails, etc.

then if its a weekend day, i'll catch a movie with my brother on tv and we'll make silly comments about the movie characters before i sleep.

my perfect day.
*throughout all these, i wouldnt worry about not having inspiration or any idea on what to do for art. as i do now. Ms Gao'll kill me cos i'm so bad at art. i got 32/60 for coursework.


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