Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year to all lovelies and dears and prettys and mates and patrols and guides, and ccas and art club, and co, and csc, and scouts, and npcc, and st johns, and band, and volleyball, and basketball, and other balls, and dunman high, and junyuan primary, and teachers and ms fang and math and yingying and 3k and 4k and 2a and 1a and all those in my contact list, and my new mexican friend, and my singapore friends, and malaysian friends, and family, and to the world.

hopes and wishes:
-the world's financial crisis will end soon
-the good will be rewarded, and the bad will be given another chance to become good
-4k to love
-2A'07 to love life too.
-guides to love life and love guides.
-more people to believe in God

-to let all those who have passed/stayed/will cross my life know that i remember them and thank them and hope we can patch up again if we have lost contact over the years.

i wonder if dhs will really send us the letter we'd written to ourselves in 2008.
yes, i still remember it because i'd written some very encouraging words to myself.
(and i wanna compare my handwriting.see if it became uglier.)
i'm so glad i had really done up the letter rather seriously.(:

i hope to book a counselling time slot.
i'm sure i'll need it.

somebody sang yoga's song for countdown ontv.
esther must be rather disappointed.
that singer didnt do justice to yoga lin.

i've decided to take things easy this year.
doesnt matter if things dont go smoothly(:
ok,it DOES matter):

but this year is going to be all smiles if i can get my jaw muscles to twist up: D
its all up to me to smile or not.
same goes for you too,
so smile and enjoy life dears.
you dont have a second chance to do that: D

life in heaven will be different.make the best of life on Earth(:

xoxo, teoee the 15year old nincompoop smartye who will ace schoolwork.
: D

hopes for my baobeis:
(i had initially made a looooooooooooooooooong list of wishes for everybody i know in my life.from k1 friends to sec3 friends, and from there onwards, seniors too.but the list was too long, and i didnt want to accidentally miss out anyone,

so after writing for 1 and a halfhours,

i'm sorry,had to backspace everything-.-


a mexican friend found me on facebook.

i believe she is female.

its 2.59am.

i cant sleep because i'm hungry.
i feel like eating fast food.

lol.weird,sudden,night cravings are so irritating.

i still have 4 math worksheets undone (i've done 3 thanks to my tution teacher: D)
2 jianbaos
1 identity essay(i have NIL idea on how to do that."identity"is too vague a topic to write a decent essay.
1 yue du bao gao
1 letter recomending my friend a book(like as if he/she/it'll read the book anyway)
and just about everything else

except chengyu copying.
i like copying chengyus(:
i've had lots of copying practise already-.-
copying takes no brain power at all.

i like doing things that do not require brain power.

i like primary school art and craft lessons: D

i think i'll go dig for food.

i'll only have 1 day left to do all the above.
today is wed.

wed:tution and orietnation prep.will take up whole day.

thurs: 4k outing

fri:school reopen.orientation.shien birthday.

sat: can do homework.can, but dunno if will.

sun:piano in morn.tution in afternoon.and early bedtime set by none other than almighty teoee because she doesnt want to be late on mon.

mon:supposed to hand up school work.she'll need all the rest she'd gotten on sunday because she's going to get tired and exhausted, standing outside the principal's office.

or maybe just outside the class-.-

what a nice start of the year.yippie.
please do not stare if you see me outside the classroom/staffroom/principal's office.
do not peek if i'm inside the staffroom/principal's office.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

demure hanxi: D

: D

: D
these are the only photos i managed to post before blogger decided to irritate me,tata.

WanYing and i had a very enlightening conversation.
guess what we talked about?


teoee:jianbao very pointless leh): so much work,only 10 marks
wanying:yah lor!!!
wanying:jian bao sucks totally waste our time
wanying:somemore reflection is like 500 word.
teoee:yar lo!
teoee:that 10 marks not significant summore.
teoee:it'd prob end up as 0.0000001% even if we get full marks

wanying:boycott jianbao
wanying:somemore must write 2!!!
wanying:2 only makes like 0.00000000000000000000002 %
teoee:its soooooooo troublesome and stupid-.-
wanying:and its like 1000 words
wanying:crap lor. something wrong with the school system

teoee:aw.students are too smart in the 21st century to do hmwk like jianbao
wanying:yah lor yah lo!
teoee:but too obedient not to do it):
wanying:yah. : ( kids from dhs

wanying:you know what, moe says we must learn this stupid olympic thing
wanying:compulsory for what secondary school, jc and primary i think
wanying:waste time leh.
wanying:its on the news ytd i htink
teoee:they can just import more foreigners wad
wanying:YAH LOR
wanying:or jus focus on singapore sports school
teoee:yar lor
wanying:they not even dropping jian bao. add somemore. ass

wanying:you do your reflective essay already?
wanying:i wanna ask need to die die include joy luck a not?
teoee:i dont know how to do.the qns so vague
teoee:i think need to include at least a little bit
wanying:can i just say like " i cannot compare my experiences with those of Joy Luck Club because I don't have parents from China and I don't live in USA kthxbye."

teoee:that'd be a cool essay
wanying:lol. cool and fail essay
wanying:i really wanna write that lor!!!

teoee:society very contradicting lehh
wanying:YAH LO
teoee:one moment say the modern world is not focussed on academic success anym
wanying:yah. crap. bluff us.
teoee:then yet they make us do essays and jianbaos
wanying:yes. jianbao is the most useless thing i've ever done
teoee:what a bully):

teoee:lol,even my parents are against jianbao-.-i wonder what'll happen if parents start complaining about student's workload
wanying:LOL. i think someone got complain ler thats why they tell us do this survey
wanying:but like we do for fun. they not even making any ammendments
wanying:waste our time waste paper
teoee:and yet they rant on about global warming and blame it on air cons-.-

wanying:seriously lor. they mental or something. grr

jianbao is stupid.really.waste resources.

schools are in cahoots with newspaper companies.
make us buy newspaperD:

do you:

Use harsh shampoo (i think my shampoo pH is rather high.strictly alkalineD: )
Shampooing too often (i'm keeping clean wad.)
Hair dye (not unless it includes hair spray used on teachers'
Hair perms (no-.-i dont subject my hair to iron-hot tortures.)
Chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs (oh.1 trip to wildwildwet and 2 full-day pool lazing should have given chlorine enough time to react with hair protein-.-)
Overuse of the blow dryer or curling iron (not much.maybe twice in my life?i prefer natural dry: D)
Too much exposure to sun and wind(wind??i sleep with the fan on):i should switch to air-con.ohno.sorry,Mdm,i dont want to end up deprived of vitamin D-.-)
High mineral content in local water supplies(nope.Singapore's tap water is so clean that it can be drunk straight from the tap.)

4 hair-abuse signs):
out of 8):

hi readers.please take better care of your hair: D

tata random`

jie outing was rather fun: D

xiaowei and i are planning our food-intake properly.
we are going to eat lots of saturated fats.

and its late.
i'm going to sleep.
loss of sleep results in tendency to store fats.

oh, and sit ups cant perform weight-loss miracles.


Sunday, December 28, 2008
The game that WanYing found is so cool:)
"petals around the roses" or something like that: D

i cheated to get the solution,hahaaa.
i'd never have thought of that answer if i hadnt wiki-ed it-.-

The green glass door is an easy game too(:
you have to guess whats behind the green glass door.
a clue:
-teoee is behind the green glass door.
-hanxi's not behind the green glass door.
-jennifer is behind the green glass door.
-fiona is not behind the green glass door.
-wannung is behind the green glass door.

Another game called the Red Plastic Window is easy too, once you know how to play the green glass door game.
-a red chicken is behind the red plastic window, but not a green chicken.

: D

have fun,
try to not wiki the answers so quickly.hahaaa.

hi. i havent seen other people's films yet.


i wanna seeeeeee: D

i'm going to do homework tmr(:

meeting hans and jenn: )

aiyoooooo,i cant believe i'm so hardworking,heeeeheheheeeeeeeee*grins*

Saturday, December 27, 2008

spasms of terror-.-

Thursday, December 25, 2008
i hope she gets released.
whats the problem with her?
she told person A this, and now she's tellin me that.
AND she's abusing her right and making me pissed.
damn her.
if only we werent a cca.
if only we were a company.
i'd sack her even before she hinted resignation.



Wednesday, December 24, 2008


this was supposed to be an emo post cos i wasnt feeling very MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! just now.
i didnt know what to say, how to express stuff, and had left the page blank.

then i went to look at my lil' pet, Puppeh the bear-like-monster.
and i left it to its on device for awhile,


ahhhhh, it was like enjoyingitself, veryvery FRALALALALA PINEAPPLE JUICE to watch!!!
and then when it was done, it jumped out of the bathtub in ONE SWIFT MOVEMENT and LEFT ME IN AWE.

it's just like james bond!!!
(actually i have no idea who that is.i only heard that he's cool.and PUPPEH IS COOL.)

I'M LISTENING TO 发现真爱 祝钒刚 明道 黄玉荣.
i like the "you and i ~~" part:)

: )

cute tune.i like.

: )

nice rhythm.i like.

thanks to the drama lihui recommended:)

i'm not watching.i stopped after a few episodes(i cant remember why).
its just that i suddenly thought of the songs and youtubed

i was blog hopping as usual.
i bloghop the usual people's blogs.
people who update their blogs.
or those who're close to me.

and i realised that people's posts are getting emozxsh.
must be because school's starting.

reading all those made me abitabit emoizxsh too.

-: 0

there are some unexpected people whom i can talk to unexpectedly comfortably to.
really, you wouldnt guess who those people are.

wannung deleted her blog issit?

havent done my christmas shopping):

i feel like setting new year resolutions now:
1) save up and remember to collect allowance from parents.
2)stay quiettttttt(my all year round resolution)
3)play less
4)copy intelligently and not blindly at least 1/3 of the time.
5)try for AV rep position next year in 2009: D
6)ignore moons.
7)sleep without aircon for the rest of the year unless i've got fever or under special circumstances.

: )

esther slept late yesterday night):
poor her):
it must be tough being IC for orientation.
shien too.

gtg.xmas shopping.must rush back by tonight for xmas dinner.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008
patrol dinner was seriously GREAT!: D

the uglydoll game was soooo funny!
and THANKYOU JOCELYN for your gift!: D
thankyou ching shia for passing the gift to p2: D

i had the most wonderful gift from yiting: D
we had a gift exchange, and her gift was so cool because of the efforts she put in to make it guidish!
it's a photo album and she'd printed photos of guides to put inside.
she decorated it too to make it look niceeeeee: D

Adeline got the gift that i'd brought,HAHAHAHAHA.
it's a red pillow.
she had quite a hard time lugging it home,HAHAHAHAA.
and she's seriously very funny(:
we were talking about actors on the way home, and i mentioned that the actors playing harry and draco were noob.
HAHAHA.i dont really mean that,
but i'd really prefer hermione to them:)

i'd prefer anyone to twilight characters.

i should have trusted the movie reviews i'd read before the movie):
(not that it'd have changed my mind.i just wanted to go out with guide friends: D)

fiona watched it on the same day as me!different place though):

Adeline,Michelle and i thinks twilight's not one of the most....addictive movies you'd expect to see.
yiting still wants to watch it though,
and i think that's good,HAHA. at least we'll soon have another opinion to discuss.

esther was hungry today: D
but all three of us, esther fiona teoee, couldnt finish our food):

rachel has veryvery fast reactions.
O.Oreally.try playing ugly doll with her.

i'd only snatched 3 cards off the table in the same amount of time she snatched about 12 cards.

cassandra practically murdered her food.
she stabbed at it continuosly.
it was painful to watchD:

christina couldnt come):
she suddenly felt sick): would have been fun to play together.

crystabelle didnt come either):
i thought she's supposed to be back in Singapore yesterday.
sigh.maybe next time then.

Jocelyn had to work):
and Gina had piano lessons):
): ): ):

the mind cafe is a good place to dine with friends(:

oh, and i was initially late by 6 minutes.
because i'd left my gift at home and realised only when i was almost reaching my destination-.-

anyw, i'm off to not-blog.

i realised that i havent had any emo posts since quite some time ago.

it must be the holiday spirit helping me: D

-: 0

ultraman has a weird "-" thing on his head right?
i cant remember-.-
havent watched ultraman since a decade ago-.-

except ants that crawl upon meD: < size="5">i wanna watch ponyo(at the cliff or sea?) movie with wannung!
cos its jap,
and its made by the same person who produced spirited away(i think)and it reminds me of wannung.


i think we'll be too busy to watch movies.
school's starting soon.sigh.

2ND JAN: d

-: 0

(i keep listening to despre tine.some weird song that jenn sent me a long long time ago.)
i was just browsing through the little collection of songs i have and saw the title.
and i couldnt remember how the song went, so i went to listen.

thats how i ended up playing it since morning till now, 4.11pm.

Monday, December 22, 2008

i thought, for one moment,
that i had been kicked out from jap classes because i kept failing and failing and failing):
because i went to check for next year's class allocation and it said:

sorry, you do not have a future class allocation.

D: it was in red, and font was LARGE.


i was gna send my teacher an email to clarify,
until i saw the tiny words below that said:

current class allocation for teoee:
2008 J3.18
2009 J4.15

THAT was in black, and the font was small.

i'm still trying to get over the initial shock-.-
(i seriously considered that i'd been kicked out of class): )

went to catch a movie with jenn xiaowei lihui today.
liying came meet us after the movie.

james has a center parting.

off to check for my jap class next year.

jennifer posted other parts of our conversation too: D
hers is more reader friendly and talked abit about wearing jeans or PJs.

and yes,its about 1.05am
jennifer ong and teo ee(i dont have any longer namesD: ) went mad at this point of time chatting.

-: D
(the above is an ultraman smiley)

deceit. says:
i bet he's jealous of me too though

jenn. says:

deceit. says:

jenn. says:
for what

deceit. says:
i intend to gloat about that

jenn. says:
he doesnt care about that.

deceit. says:
who knows

jenn. says:
no one cares i suppose.

deceit. says:
as if
youre one bella swan mien

jenn. says:
if he does, maybe his head will get chopped off by ___________-.-
yeah, and i fall in love with a vampire eh

deceit. says:
that'll be me

jenn. says:
and who does the vampire happen to be? -.-

deceit. says:
(i've predicted jenn's question already and answered it,LOL.)

jenn. says:
aww, that means you're gorgeous.

deceit. says:
-.- apparently jacob thinks i stink):

jenn. says:
he thinks i stink too after i become a vampire.

deceit. says:
wonder who "jacob"is

jenn. says:
anyone who doesnt like you

deceit. says:
sure.lots of people.
i'm just wondering if anyone doesnt like you

jenn. says:
maybe almost everyone?

deceit. says:
lol,not possible

jenn. says:
why not -.-

deceit. says:
because youre bella swan
everybody loves you
except for lauren
but thats cos tyler likes you

jenn. says:
try posting this convo on your blog

deceit. says:
with the ___ thing too? (this topic was covered at the earlier part of the conversation which i have not posted because i intend to keep jenn alive.)
sure,if you dont mind: D

jenn. says:

deceit. says:

jenn. says:
if you still want me alive, then dont-.-

deceit. says:
oh no.youre not playing fair.
that sounds just like jacob

jenn. says:

deceit. says:

jenn. says:
can i be edward
i prefer edward.
he's totally amazing. AWWW.

deceit. says:
somehow i'm not that attracted to him
i like seth.
so far.

jenn. says:
he's cute

deceit. says:
who are your bellas then?

jenn. says:
ohmy, there's a change of sex

deceit. says:
yeah.some slight changes occurred.

jenn. says:
if im edward
who are you
cause they're good friends

deceit. says:
i'm....billy the grouchy old man
oh wait.i cant.
not if youre edward.
i'm seth: D

jenn. says:

jenn. says:
lihui can be rosalie!
xiaowei can be ESME. :X

deceit. says:
doesnt that make _____ CARLISLE?

jenn. says:
E4 can be her carlisle

deceit. says:

jenn. says:

deceit. says:

jenn. says:

deceit. says:
who's alice?

jenn. says:
NO ______ KKKKK

deceit. says:
always so excited

jenn. says:
suits her

deceit. says:

jenn. says:

deceit. says:

jenn. says:
nooo laaaa
jasper and alice together one leh

deceit. says:
i forgot about the relationship thing
kinda hard to think...

jenn. says:

deceit. says:
jasper hadnt been found yet
he is still fighting.

jenn. says:

Sunday, December 21, 2008
i was almost going to do math today.

but i realised, to my utmost displeasure, that i have misplaced my very cute and lovable calculator.

so much for Mr Motivation's great timing-_-


christmas is approaching!: D
a calulator would make a very good present indeed,thanks.HAHAHA.

xmas' coming.
my mum's starting to whip up some barely edible christmas puddings):

i cant stand christmas puddings):

Friday, December 19, 2008
1)Pick a word that begins with the first letter of your name?
T. erm,teapot?

2)Your ex shows up randomly at your house, what do you say?
AHHH STALKER!(i dont have an ex.i'm clean.)

3)How many bedrooms are there in your house?

4)Is there a reason for your profile song?
whats a profile song?

5)Do you hate the last guy you were talking to?
that happens to be my dad.who very kindly gave me some pills and cleaned the toilet up after i barfed in it.

6)Who was your last text message from?
MY VERYVERY ATTRACTIVE P2 ORCHID DARLINGS : D they hoped for me to get well soon and updated me on...p2 stuff(:

7)What's the best wedding you've been to?
i like all the weddings i've been to.(and i'm looking forward to jenn's.)

8)What time did you wake up this morning?
i dont was in the middle of the night when i decided i was well enough to implant myself on my bed instead of sleeping right outside the toilet for fear of barfing.

9)If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
hmm.well,this seems better than if he told everybody else except me-.-

10)Did you mean it when you said "i love you" last?
yes of course.i'm sure jennifer knew i'd meant it(:
(although it seems to have been awhile since ive said such things)

11)Is it okay if you kiss people when you're single?
sorry, but i'm at this growth stage where kissing is really disgusting and it only looks like a transaction of gergms from one mouth to the other so i'd rather you not ak me this question.

12)Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?
at 25?._. i was sort of planning to be a nun.

13)Would you kiss someone to make your ex mad?
i dont have an ex.i'm telling you, I AM A FUTURE-TO-BE-NUN.

14)Do you tell your mom everything?
of course not.its not as if i know everything.

15)Who was the last person you cried in front of?
i cant remember at all.crying in front of others would have made me feel embarassed so ive probably severed all ties with that person.

16)Have you told anybody you loved them today?
no.i dont want to use the word too much lest it loses its meaning.

17)Could you cry right now?
no.i dislike it.

18)What were you doing at 1 AM this morning?
swallowing pills,i suppose.

19)Who can you trust?
those around me(:

20)Who was the last person you kissed?
-.- no idea.i cant really remember much about my infant days.

21)What are your plans for the next weekend?
i dont know.(i'm desperately trying to avoid saying the h_ _ _ _ _ _ _ word.)

22)What's your hair look like today?
a mess.(the chlorine in the swimming pool probably changed its protein structure and thus, explains why my hair is so @!#$@%^ today.)

23)Do you love the person who you last thought of?
and who might that have been?

24)Last night, did u go to sleep happy?
no): i dont believe anyone'd feel happy after they vomit bile.(except for buli-something.ya know, those people who make themselves puke to stay thin?)

25)When was the last time you changed clothes in front of someone?
a long long time ago,...when we still mass-changed in guides.

26)Anyone told you a secret this week?
dont think so.

27)Did you have a good day yesterday?

28)What was the highlight of today?
when p2 called at lunchtime to ask for my well-being(:

29)Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
yep.exam time/overseas time.

30)When was the last time you took a picture with your number 1 friend?
i dont number my friends.its discriminating.

31)Do you hate anyone?
no.hate is such a strong word.people who use it loosely are probaly idiots.

32)What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?
biscuits?peanut butter's bad for health.i heard it causes cancer.

33)Have you ever collapsed on the bathroom floor?
collapse as in faint?eh,no.but i fell asleep on the bathroom floor yesterday-.-

34)Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
yes.but i think she prefers having a relationship with my brother.not that i mind.

35)Are you slowly distancing from someone you love?
not really.the last time it happened was quite awhile ago already.i'm more secure with the people around me now(:

36)When was the last time you bought something?
i cant remember.lunch on tuesday, i suppose.

37)Have you ever told someone you love them?
haha,yep(: but not to my parents.i'll probably make them wonder if i'm suicidal if i suddenly told them that i love them.

38)Do you continue fighting in an argument even though you know you're wrong?
i cant remember argueing with anyone.

39)What do you want in your life right now?
the things i pray for every night.

40)Is there anyone that calls you baby?
no.i'd smack them.

41)In the next 4 months what are you looking forward to the most?
april.april babies' birthdays: D(plus my dad.although he's not a baby.)

42)What are you thinking of right now?
nothing much.i wanna go watch tv soon.7 more minutes.

43)Have you ever been tanning?
yes.i got sun-kissed.HAHA.

44)Have you ever sat and waited for someone to come online?
yup(: they're usually worth the wait.

45)When was the last time you laughed so hard you thought you were going to cry?
i cant remember.but i'm sure i was around friends: D probably guides.

46)Do you like dressing up? only reminds me of how bad i look in everything-.-

47)Have you ever considered a sex change?
NO.i like being a girl: D or at least, something like a girl-.-

48)What will you buy next?
food,i guess.

49)Have any crazy family members?
not unless hanxi decides to be part of my teo family.

50)Are you bored?
i was.i'm not anymore.2 more minutes to my show.

51)What's the connection between you and the last person that called you?
michelle?she was representing p2.i could hear yiting's voice in the background.
connection?um,we're patrol mates?hahahaha.guides connects people.

52)What's beside you right now?
nothing much.

53)Where do you want to be right now?
in malaysia.

54)What are you wearing?
my pajamas: D

55)Any plans for tmr?
piano.i forgot to go last sunday in my excitement to go sit in the Singapore Flyer-.-

56)Last question,What do you think about Love?
its there in health and in sickness.HAHAH.
actually, i dont think much about it.

YAY.finished it(:
i cant believe i forgot to go for piano):
kays,show's started 4 minutes ago.


bile is really bitter, and its not yellowish green, but rather greenish yellow.
oh, and apples turn brown quickly after they enter your stomach.

these are what i have learnt recently.

i saw a shop named jennifer's in Malaysia.
aiyah, should have taken a photo of it.

jacob has long hair.
i dont like long haired guys.
especially when they tie it into a ponytail.

so gay-.-

but so far, jacob's ok(:

Thursday, December 18, 2008
i feel much better:)


they are such DARLINGS for playing a prank on me


they called me at 4.50pm.
and hanxi said something like this...


me:uh hi(:

hanxi: i forgot to pass down message.there's jihe tmr. sec1s and 2s 7.30pm at the NEW SCHOOL foyer.

me:orh.sec3s leh?

hanxi: sec3s 6.30pm at the passageway outside the audi, cos we need to try on the blazer ...*lots of background noise muffled her speech*

me:oh.its not on moodle?

hanxi: moodle got some problem.its down.


hanxi:there are quite a few things we need to bring tmr.get a piece of paper to write it down.

me:*went to open notepad to type everything in*uhuh?

this is the list of this she told me:
sec3s bring: rags, pink ribbons(to wear on head), pink socks(dont wear),pink shoes(borrow from esther),dangling earrings(1 side),old school uniform,pink paper undergarments,360degrees fan,10 straws in 4 slices, magenta hairspray, spoilt curry-cooking pot with hole at bottom, bent fork(2nd one on right),curry fish head(no need to be edible),sign board(Jalan Haji Salam),1 garbage bag of kindlings,1 metallic pink phone cord,fill shirt with kindling and sew it up,fill white canvas shoe with sand,toothpick with small triangular flag, bring a joke about a hole in the tree,

and she said that the theme for sec1 orientation was PINK so that explains the pink stuff sec3s hafta bring.
i suggested we make it easier by dying our whole head pink after arguing that it was against guides rules to wear pink hair accessories-.-

i should have guessed this was a prank by now because of all the absurd things they asked me to bring-.-


usan helped by saying that i could borrow the things i dont have from esther or fiona cos 1 patrol only needs to bring 1 of the above listed items.

they were soooo convincing):





: D

i dont feel stressed whenever my extended family's around.
their presence connotes relaxation and fun(:

and they're leaving today.
which explains my need to hyperventilate pressure away-.-
i keep thinking of how i'll never catch up with homework,
and how i'd never catch up in school at all.
i dont like doing things later than others.
not that i'll ever bring myself to finish my homework before anyone else does.

everybody's read twilight already.
it sounds like an interesting book.
if it wasnt so popular,
i would have read it.

i wonder what jenn dreamed about o.o
shall ask her about it later.

sheesh.i want to live on an island for awhile and escape the city tension.

but of course, when my vacation's over and i come back,
all the work would have piled up and i'd have to visit either the mental hospital or the little island again.


(oh, just in case all these rants make you think i'm suicidal, i just wanna say that i'm not.i love life too much.)

sigh.gotta go take panadol.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
too much sun today.
it isnt CNY yet,
but i already look like a roasted pig.

i wonder if the thermometer's detecting heat from inside me, or outside me.

): school's nearing.
i feel like escaping._.
if only i could learn at my own pace.

if only pressure can spur me to do things.

pressure is sort of like wind.
it blows many people forward,making it easier for them to reach their goals.

but when the wind comes blowing in my face,
i just fall and sneeze and go home to rest.

so mei chu xi right?


homework is _________.
it just only serves to make adults feel better about letting us sleep in on holidays.

they just love torturing kids.
spreading propaganda, telling kids they'd never go far without a cert and YET, telling stories about how famous people like blahblahblah hadnt even finished high school and YET could become so influential.

students:whats the use of giving homework that we cant solve/do?
teachers:whats the use of giving homework that has no challenge?

therefore,conclusion:homework is useless.

going off now.
very sleepy.
gotta tend to my roasted pork flesh after so much sun today.
sun-baked goods are healthy,by the way: D

(my mum reckons i'll get skin cancer.others reckon i'll die from heat stroke before getting skin cancer-.-)



Tuesday, December 16, 2008
guides was fun today: D
soccer was fun: D
for awhile-.-

i seriously dislike balls):

shien's a cool soccer player: D(left footer)
so was jenn: D(left footers are naturally talented in soccer,hahaha.)
and lihui: D(quite high eh?hahahah)
and hanxi: D(not that i'll mention this to her.HAHAHA.)
and pearlyn: D(cool de lor!)
and usan + her spider legs (o.o)
and other guides: D(including juniors etc.)

going to the new school on thurs.

anyone wants to take the mrt with me?hahahaha.

today was a happy day.
forgive me for the unpleasant and non-too-polite post previously.

i love p2 Orchid!: DHOHOHOHO.

Monday, December 15, 2008
today was a horrid day.

went to ikea in the morning.
was already in a foul mood when i woke up because its one of the days without guides or tution this week, and we werent going to wildwildwet.
we were going to rot at home instead and waste a precious day of my cousin's holiday in Singapore):

so ok, nevermind.
we went to ikea, and i met jocelyn!(one of the few good things that happened)
then i saw pearlyn and she was rushing off to a dentist,HAHAHA!(another good thing)
after that, i met yishao at the ikea restaurant.(o.o)

ok, there was this beeping rude guy in ikea and he made me feel like giving him a tight slap on his damn smug face.
too bad i didnt have gloves with me, or else i'd have done as i wanted to.
PUI i didnt want to dirty my hands.

ok, lets start from the beginning of the story.
we were in ikea.
we were in a better mood(because we're going to wildwild wet on wednesday)
we went to search for a table to lunch.
we had 9 people with us.
that includes my grandparents,aunty,uncle,cousin,parents,brother, and myself.
so we needed a long table.
and there were only 2 long tables around.

i waited for one of those while my brother hovered around.

there was this disgustingly rude and fugly and................(etc)..........guy in red with his huge family of bastards having their meal there, and they were finishing up on their meal.
then the red guy warned "we wont be done anytime soon.dont wait here.dont waste your time."

i just said "oh,its ok."
even though i was fuming inside because the way he said it, he was saying "f off ".tone and register matters.

then i decided to stand further off(although it wasnt very far, cause there wasnt really space in the crowded ikea place.)

i was glancing around when that *&%*&^$*^%$$* guy hollered right in the middle of the crowd of lunching people "WILL YOU NOT STAND SO CLOSE??! DON'T TOUCH THE CHAIRS!"

i jumped,because it was so sudden.
and i was seriously intimidated.
however, he wasnt directing his shit at me.

he was shouting at my brother.

i wanted to go right up to him and slam the chair in his face, saying "WILL YOU NOT POLLUTE THIS PLACE WITH YOUR CRAP??!DON'T SPEAK THAT WAY TO A CHILD!"

what was wrong with him?
my god,
my brother was just leaning on a chair at the other end of the looooong table.
that chair wasnt even occupied, AND IT DIDNT FUCKING BELONG TO HIM.

how dare he bully a child.

he could have just ask my brother to go away POLITELY.

and do you know what my brother told my malaysian cousin?
"Singaporeans nowadays are very rude."

he's just tarnished Singapore's reputation.
and i'm not even sure if he's Singaporean.

oh,and did i mention that the whole world had just about witnessed the scene?


i was soo angry that i would have just stomped out of that place lest i breathed the same breath of air as that moron.
but of course, i didnt.
my brother wasnt really affected much.
he didnt even care.

i seemed to be the only one pissing even though i wasnt hollered at.


anyway, we didnt sit anywhere near him that morning and i hope his children takes after him and shouts in his face at his dying bed.
(i dont mean this.)


ok, so that was in the morning.

in the afternoon, the adults went shopping.
my cousin, brother and i went home to rest for a while and i met Wan Ying!(YAY!another good thing that happened: D)
then we went over to Sunplaza,just opposite the library.
there was this really nice playground there with high swings and a flying fox thingy: D
none of that modern spongy stuff:)

haha, there aint really lotsa playgrounds in Malaysia, so we decided to bring my cousin over there for some fun: D

my brother went up the flying fox, and my cousin and i gave him a push.
he got angry halfway while flying, and when he got off, he was shouting and saying that we went too fast.

we decided he'll get over it, and didnt really do anything about it since it wasnt his turn up next.i was thinking it'd be ok if we just promised to go slower next time,


there was this gang of male species up on the swings,
and they just couldnt resist taunting my brother.

they kept prompting him to go home if he's so angry, and shouted crude words at my brother.

there were 6 of them, and seriously, it's stupid to do anything else but ignore them.

but nobody's ever said my brother's smart right?
he called them some stupid names that only a p4'08 can think up of,
(even though i found those names perfectly suitable for that gang of morons),
and in the end,
got so angry and pressured that he really ran off.

i was convinced that he didnt know the way home, so i followed after him, and those *beep for 8 minutes please* boys continued shouting insults and disgracing themselves.
i saw that my brother had heard them from over a distance(i never knew he could walk that fast), and quickly shouted over to him(while making sure the guys heard me) that there isnt a need to respond to 不会读书的人 because they're too stupid to understand.

it was a stupid thing to say, cos it didnt help.
but i think i got it right that they dont do well in school, cos nobody dared deny it,
and nobody really shouted anymore stuff except for a 七百.

anyway, that was disgraceful on my part.i shouldnt have ingratiated myself to their level.
Miss Wee would have said the same.

anyway, we(my cousin and i) followed my brother, and saw that he was going the wrong direction towards home.
so we shouted across that he was in the wrong direction, and turned to walk in the correct one,assuming he'd follow after.
we didnt dare cover the distance between my brother and us cos he's angry at us(for whatever reason i'm not sure.probably because we went too fast on the flying fox) and would just run further down the wrong path if we had gone after him.

anyway, after a moment,
we turned around to realise that my brother hadnt followed and had strayed away.

then the two of us went in search for him.

we searched for 2 hours, with our sore feet and all, but yet, couldnt find him.
what a way to let my shuai ge cousin spend his holiday-.-
we were all covered in mud(i got the worst of it) and my cousin had a good laugh at my unsightly mud-soaked shoes while i laughed at his agonised face at having to cross the muddy patch of grass.

we had a problem.
you see, the adults went shopping.
my grandpa was scheduled home at 5pm.
i was holding the house keys.
i had to reach home by 5pm to let him in.

but the search for my brother hindered us and i didnt reach home in time.

i havent found him,
and didnt want to leave until i find him,
but i couldnt let my grandpa wait outside the house either.

in the end, i decided to go home first and continue the search later.

my cousin and i boarded the bus, and we were already reaching the 2nd bus stop when i realised we were going the opposite direction.
we got off the bus and took the correct one, then i have no idea why, but the bus went to the bus interchange instead of passing by my house(i think i took the wrong bus again.)

in the end,
my cousin and i had to go home by foot again.
we were seriously very tired by then already.
all sore and miserable.
but it wasnt such a bad trip.
my cousin and i wasnt very stressed up or whatever.
we could still joke around, since being gloomy wouldnt help.

ok, so we walked home, ignoring stares that asked "are the two of you a couple?"-.-
my cousin's almost the same height as me(perhaps a little taller,even?) and we're quite close: D, even though he's 3 years my junior.
it wasnt surprising that people gave questioning looks-.-

yeayea, we walked and stuff,

and THEN

i saw my brother emerging from my void deck,
my grandpa trailing behind him.

i didnt know how to react.
get angry with him?or be relieved that we'd found him?

i decided to do neither and joke about that afternoon instead.

later, my cousin asked him how he found his way home, and he said:"i asked passers-by."


cos we know he wouldnt hesistate to talk to strangers.

kay, so that was that.
the almost-end of the horrid day.
i'm too lazy to talk about dinner, even though it wasnt very nice and could be mentioned in the "horrid day post" to emphasize on my point(which is that today's a horrid day).

guides tmr.
hafta wake up early.

but it doesnt mean i forgive that red guy in ikea.

> :

: D buhbyeeeee

Saturday, December 13, 2008

what else is there to say?
i'm so sorry that it has to come to this.

jurong bird park stinks):

i went with my prettaye aunt, shuai ge cousin, and disgusting brother-.-

one parrot painting costs $10._.

a mess of paint=abstract art

therefore, anyone can be an artist as long as you can convince others that lines are not just lines.
: D

but then again, if youre that good at lying,
oh sorry, i meant:
you'd be a politician already-.-

kays, off to do proposal.

Friday, December 12, 2008
sorry,too lazy to make it easier to read.

anyway, i thought they were kinda funny when i posted them.
i now find that actually,
its just typical hanxi speaking her hanxi language.

swimming wasnt that bad.
i'm still young enough(and non-fatty enough!) to tumble/glide down the slides: D
one particular couple(in their 20s maybe?) got chased off by the lifeguard o.o
too old.


talking to shiyi is really amusing: D
she's so funny!!
the witty-kind-of-funny.
hahahahaaa.sort of like shujun: D
but hers is more of like,...being veryvery straightforward it sort of hurts...............

hurts the person whom she targets upon,hahahahaaa.
like for example, she'll call somebody obscene right in their face.


i like shiyi: D

little nonya's showing,bye!!

talking to hanxi.

*halfway through the conversation*

deceit. says: sighhhh what are you doing now?

HANXI says: loking at the conversation
basically, slacking

deceit. says: awwww thats not good):
how bout doing homework? > : D
i'll supervise

HANXI says: HAHAHAHA yeaaaaaaaaaaaah

deceit. says: oooooo youre really doing? HAHAHAHA hi.i think im dreaming.

HANXI says: hi i tink u are dreaming too
of course im not doingduhhhhhhhhhhhh

deceit. says: awww D:
dont i motivate you? ): ): ):

HANXI says: -.- -.- -.-
totally motivational

hahahaaa.i cant wait for
hanxi has a cute mum who looks like Ms Pear(:

shall show you a photo of my mum soon.
and hanxi's mum too, if i manage to get her consent(:
i'm a very law-abiding citizen(:

HANXI says: ahem ahem ahem
i ish lurb lurb u worhxXzZz

deceit. says: iiee mIsSxed eUu dArlxsh<3 <3 <3

HANXI says: lurrbbbbbbbbb <333333333333
hahaha my comp auto shut don-.-

deceit. says: Dear Madam, i appreciate your generous display of affection.i hereby offer my most sincere thanks and would like to confirm my deep affection for you too.

HANXI says: well utmost gratitude


HANXI says: oh no im gonna be left behind!! hahaha anw, wanna go play badminton?! HAHAHA oh ya u are back in spore right hahahadeceit. says: YES!I WANNA PLAY BADMINTON! : D : D : D nah,youre not. i thnk youve done more i havent started on mathHANXI says: omg i didnt know u like tt sport so much \hahahah i only did one set-.-deceit. says: i dont really love itHANXI says: HAHAdeceit. says: im just bored now lolHANXI says: -.-deceit. says: anyw, at least there're no balls involved(:HANXI says: nah i cant play today my legs have barely recovered from tt day when playing with my patrol mates hahahadeceit. says: o.oHANXI says: next week!!deceit. says: you got injured?HANXI says: hahahadeceit. says: i cant today either.HANXI says: no it was hurting like mad hahahadeceit. says: oh noooo stroke?HANXI says: cossssss never warm up n down haha\deceit. says: dont worry,its common for old people like yourself(:HANXI says: OH YEAH STROKE! -.-deceit. says: i'm so sorry!!): i meant *senior citizensHANXI says: ohhh yesssdeceit. says: : D 0 : D my beautiful halo

shall make it easier for you to read to swim with my shuai ge cousin and brother.byeeee~

some games to play(:
scary game's fun.
not scary lar,haha.
its a sort of drag the dot game.

right, those who have played?: D

i've forgotten how to get into moodle.

I'M BOREDDDD and boredom+unfinished homework=lousy holidays.
awww vivyan.i really cant imagine you going to the zoo.
i never knew you were a zoo-person,lol.

i want guides.
whats a vision day anyway?o.o

i suddenly want contact with the outside world, but i think i've lost signal.

people i've talked to in the recent days:
-esther dear:)

THATS ALL): sad right?):
(this doesnt include tagboard conversation nor facebook conversation.)

in conclusion,most contactable person i know during dec hol 2009,

cant wait for wildwild wet(:
i've still got photos of hanxi,jenn(and me) to post.i cant remember why or when, but we had dinner(or was it lunch?)together.
pepper lunch.LOL.
(oh, i guess it was lunch then?o.o)

hanxi and i went to buy canvas shoes after atc08.
: D
sighhhhhhhhh,blogger wouldnt let me post photossssssss):

i've also got photos of my little rooster cousin, Gladys.
12 years younger than me.gosh.
she's so cute!
and amazingly pretty.she's the only fair-skinned female in my entire household-.-
oh, besides my elder female cousin, teo yee/nicole/sweetSss.

i like taking photos of her because she has such funny expressions: D
there was once when i pouted and made a stupid face to tease her,and she imitated me o.o
then she sort of demanded for the camera and took a zilian photo of herself.
imagine, a 3 year old and a 15 year old retarding with a

oh,by the way,
dont try hugging a kangaroo.
it traumatises them if youre a stranger.

kays,nothing else to say for now.

误会:   早年在美国阿拉斯加地方,有一对年轻人结婚,婚后生育,他的太太因难产而死,遗下一孩子。   他忙生活,又忙于看家,因没有人帮忙看孩子,就训练一只狗,那狗聪明听话,能照顾小孩,咬着奶瓶喂奶给孩子喝,抚养孩子。   有一天,主人出门去了,叫它照顾孩子。   他到了别的乡村,因遇大雪,当日不能回来。第二天才赶回家,狗立即闻声出来迎接主人。他把房门开一看,到处是血,抬头一望,床上也是血,孩子不见了,狗在身边,满口也是血,主人发现这种情形,以为狗性发作,把孩子吃掉了,大怒之下,拿起刀来向着狗头一劈,把狗杀死了。   之后,忽然听到孩子的声音,又见他从床下爬了出来,于是抱起孩子;虽然身上有血,但并未受伤。   他很奇怪,不知究竟是怎么一回事,再看看狗身,腿上的肉没有了,旁边有一只狼,口里还咬着狗的肉;狗救了小主人,却被主人误杀了,这真是天下最令人惊奇的误会。

): poor dog.
misunderstandings are so yuan1 wang3.

i realised that Mr.buffalo has a centre parting.

i went to the zoo and night safari yesterday with my aunt, cousin, and brother.

i liked the kangaroos!

: D

there was this show in the night safari, where the emcee claimed that they had lost a snake. they found it in this particular bench(where there's a trap door), and we were all debating upon whether the incident was staged or not.

jurong bird park next(:

but first,

piano today-.-

i havent done my theory and havent practised.


but i'll do it later.

i have quite a few posts to catch up on, and photos to upload,

but i'm not sure if i'll have the time/motivtion/blogger's cooperation when i do so.hahaha.

anyway, see all of you soon, and bye(:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
going to the zoo and night safari tmr!
: D

i saw someone who looked like you at the airport today.
lol,even though i knew it couldnt be you, i still felt a surge of excitement,hahahaaa.

ahh,hope to see everybody soon:)

especially you

(i hope the lions aint gna eat me tmr): )

hi lobo(:

hi, back(:

Monday, December 8, 2008
sigh.i want my phoneee.

not that i'll use it anyway, but it feels weird being without a phone for 2 weeks plus plus.

cant wait to get back to Singapore and sit on/in the flyer(:
might go to the night safari,wild wild wet, etc too
lol, and i'll just enjoy pretending to be a tourist when i get back.

cant wait for patrol outing.
cant wait for jie outing.

: D

cant wait for next year''s holidays-.-
dread the time when school starts.
eing a year4 isnt very enticing.

i wonder what esther's doing now o.o

ive got lots of time to daydream nowadays.
i keep imagining scenes that would have been funny if it had happened in real life.
i think of guides, i think of guiders,
i thought about stc and passing down and evaluation yesterday night too
although i'm not even sure if they'll happen.


i thought of yingying's pact with me(:
about working in a laundry shop together(:
cos we're both mathematically challenged people and have been told we'd never go far without math.
hanxi'll help us fill up the cashier role(:
yingying and i'll just wash the clothes-.-
somebody else who's good in chem can help us choose a proper brand of detergent.


yingying's having good progress though.
5 hours of math per day o.o
yea, i read from her blog.
that's amazing.really.5 hours of math per year is already quite hell-conditions to me-.-

aw mien.
if only i'm a weiwei.

-slogan found in the back of teoee's mind.



i wanna have a game of badminton with annabelle.
ah, shall find a day when she's freee
: D
if you read this, annabelle, TELL ME WHEN YOURE FREE!: D

merry christmas and a happy new year in advance.

dong dong dong qiang!dong dong dong qiang!dong qiang dog qiang dong qiangqiangqiang!
(supposedly very CNY-ney.)

and see you soon.

Sunday, December 7, 2008
hello.i exist.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
weiwei seems worried about finishing homework on time.
heh.go read 3k's tagboard-.-

i've only started on chengyus(halfway: D)

its not as if i'll start on anything else soon.

i wanna blog properly but this set of keyboards im using(by far the most accessible computer around here in msia) is not finger friendly):

oh, summary:
-i went for a natural fish spa/waterfall treatment(LOL) in a little stream, in a rural place.perhaps a jungleo.o
-visited my scout cousins' campfire and learnt new games that i wna introduce to others: D
-slept and ate
-missed people and wondered who's missing me
-watched a drama about Bruce Lee's life to success.(he has an angmoh wife.prettaye.)
-had abit of fever for a day.(didnt take meals for a day):my poor fats didnt have new friends that day):)

shall blog in detail once i feel like it and once there's a nicer set of keyboards.

miss guides(the girls only): D


get one from cbox!
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