Sunday, March 27, 2011
doomsday #2 i havent done art #1854265432546 si liao. si liao. mei you jiu liao. i dont know how to use photoshop. jeez i'm so sure i'll fail art. especially coursework. everybody else is so sure of what theyre doing already, and i'm still stuck. i dont like self-driven subjects/ work. ): si liao. if only art was just creating stuff that you like. like the primary school art days. Peh introduced Merry Xmas Mr Lawrence to me. its sooo nice! youtube it! (: was in the spirited away animation. whee.

Sunday, March 20, 2011 weird way to start the post, considering that i'm posting this in the night-time.
it's 1.54am now.

(note: correction, its 1247pm now. i started this post last night but am continuing only now cos the computer decided to shutdown on its own.)

i like starting my posts with "day something" but i dont know what to follow after the word "day" anymore cos i'm off the 30day study thing. hee.

i woke up at 5pm today.(i meant, yesterday)
after a marathon of camps and stuff in this loooong holiday,
i realised that i havent actually done any work. academic work.

sat- 6c45 cip
sun- nus open house and drakon sc gathering
mon- finally, a day without anything on. i spent it on bio photosynthesis tutorial...and thats about it.
tue- nexgen, a leadership seminar co-hosted by cr
wed- supposed to have nexgen again but i had rashes and stayed home to collate jc addresses in preparation for investiture (so i still havent done much work)
thur- sc camp
fri- sc camp
sat- today. like i said, i slept the entire day.
sun- tomorrow. piano, then cip.

i havent been blogging, and since i havent done work today, i dont think i'll start now. might as well start proper tomorrow.
now, i shall go through each day in brief.

Sat-6c45 cip
Wonderful time with Linda, Hweetze, Jamela and Amanda. Did alot of passive smoking. I didnt know that there were so many people who didnt value life and health.

sun- nus open house and drakon sc gathering
Went to nus with my parents while my brother was away at npcc camp. met chen, and walked around abit with her. bumped into wan chua and hans too. then jenn xingfang pearlyn and esther hong. the trip was insightful. talked to a law student, who made the course sound really enticing. looking into industrial design/architecture too.

drakon sc gathering. pretty informal. the trip to chunseng's house was funny, because i mistook yiren for chua's friend. yunming, i think. so when he said "hi! teoee right? are you going to chunseng's house?" i got a shock and asked "Huh? how come you know chunseng?"

mon- i did bio photosynthesis tutorial. took very long cos i had to read the entire set of notes before getting down to the worksheet. then i wanted to do chemistry, but i kind of realised that ive lost my periodic table notes so...-.- all i did was bio.

tue- nexgen
kind of fun. had a gooood breakfast because it was catered by an external organisation. met really cute and vocal kids from sec3 and 4. spent some time singing with denise using the microphone in LT3. funny:D

wed-investiture stuff
nothing much to talk about. basically just using the net and surfing other school's website.

thur and fri- sc camp
fun. made friends with the juniors, heard their gossips, found a black-hole (inside joke with fellow ball-disliker), and ran 3.5km with all SCs (we met President S.R Nathan).


sun- (back to the present)just got back from piano lesson. was playing minute in G. likes the song:D gonna go for class cip le. yay pearlyn and darren'll be there. funn.

facebooked yesterday and heard a really nice and catchy song!
no, not that reb black person's Friday eww. frowns.
the Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong song is so niceee!!
Alexandra Wallace was too impulsive to have used youtube to express herself. These sort of feedback would have been more effective if they had been directed to the school board or library management...sigh.
This new guy, i dont know his name, who had sung the chingchong song, has such a sweet voice.
:D i keep looping the song hahaha.

(Ching chong) it means i love you
(Ling Long) i really want you
(Ting tong) i dont actually know what that means~

Why is he less famous than Rebecca Black?

Saturday, March 12, 2011
i drafted a post.
too drained to explain why its a draft.

but just to quote from it,

why teach me about fairness when all i'll ever encounter is the lack of it?

Thursday, March 10, 2011
calling off plans to do the 30day thing. it just makes things feel like a chore.

today is a happy day although i think the morning didnt start out too good.
i cant remember why. but its not worth remembering now(:

i like Mr Lester Lim!!!
His GP lessons are so fun, engaging, and purposeful.
i really feel that im learning new stuff every lesson.
like formats, how to tackle questions, etc.
he sends us follow-up emails too!
wish he'd teach us forever.
(hi. i think this is the first time ive used this word in my blog. is it? i dont remember having said it before.)

initially, i wasnt convinced that i'd appreciate any other GP teacher besides Ms Huda.
but nooo, that was before i sat in Mr Lim's class.
i still like Ms Huda though:D

they teach differently, and i like both teaching styles.

i'm starting to like art lessons more and more!
initially i'd feel stressed cos i thought every consultation meant that i had to present what ive done etc to Ms Gao, and most of the time, i dont have enough material to discuss throughout the entire consultation (which occurs on a daily basis (except for wed))...
but now, i get to experiment with different art materials offered in the art room, and i am given a space (and time) to sit quietly and do my work! its not like i have to worry about whether i should be studying something else, because in my mind, the consultation is compulsory, and i cant change anything about it, so might as well maximise the time given..

this makes it very productive for me(:

had a tea party with esther tan today.
sat at the pavilion!
sat there during break with wan and han too. heard about hanxi's pen name, Bruise Lee. HAHAHA.

chatted with esther over some friend rice and french toast that we had prepared for the occasion.
too short a talk, but i'm sure there'll be a next time.

peh jun jie is disturbing, hahaha.
dillion laughed at his antics.

i met yangzhisiong in the mrt when i went home on my own.
he got on from bedok 0_0
and alighted in tampines.

friendly person, that yeoch(:

had chem test today.
twas quite ok(:
i didnt do well for the previous tests though.
first was because i didnt finish studying, second was because i got distracted ganging up against taoqin with joseph and didnt spend enough time memorising the alkene stuff.

but this time, i think i can do fairly well(:
(omg when i typed "fairly" just now, i accidentally left out the 'r'. is that an omen?D:)

man, i hope i do.

ok another happy thing about today, samuel tagged me in his facebook note! the one about Happy Happy Day!

he said to post on the walls of those "worthy of declaring a source of happiness"...


i am a source of happinessssss!!!

(sorry, i disregard the sentence in the last paragraph explaining that he tagged by convenience of whose names appeared in the side "tag panel".)


samuel, i forgive you for firing me so many times HAHAHAA.


to end off,

i may not do very well in GP (overall. my last essay was good, but my others and compre werent)...

but i like it alot :D

Thank you, God, for the wonderful day, regardless of the religion you choose to reach us through.

Monday, March 7, 2011
dead-tired day.
i cant express how exhausted i am right now, so...its 1018pm now. goodnight.

when i wake, i might post about my encounter with toilet lady at century square.

art lesson tomorrow from 800am to 1130pm.
no holiday.
feel so left out from the rest of the school population lol.

the last time dhs had an A level good results celebration holiday, i had to go for 3rd lang lesson too.

i'm just not fated to have holidays.
or maybe its because i dont deserve them, as ms huda had implied to the GP cohort today.

help me work harder, Lord.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

i said i'd start a new challenge this weekend. so i still have 1 more day to do that.
tomorrow, piano lesson in the morning, then cr meeting.

piano exam today was alright.
i changed my answer from the correct to the wrong one at the last minute. paranoia kills the cat.

reading Have a Little Faith by one of my favourite authors, mitch albom.
i kind of like the other books more because they sound slightly more fictional, but then again, i havent gotten to the end of the book so perhaps the entire story'd complement my impression of his other books.

upon hearing Mr Lim share an introduction that i had written for class practise 2 lessons ago, i've come to realise that the lack of consistent reading has compromised my english standard.
ive never really noticed what an avid reader i used to be in primary school.
it seemed natural to pick up another after i was done with one, and it was castastrophic to have to stop or pause or skip because of, say, a missing book in an entire series.

then i went to sec1, and although i still read, i spent more time trying to catch up with sleep, third lang, other academic subjects, buses (yeah i know. ive always been an omg-im-late person. it dates back to pre-school)...
and reading just kind got dispensed with.
the few times that i tried to read in school during my breaks, i'd struggle to not seem like a geek or bookworm.
my classmates'd say " teoee's reading...still say she not hardworking-.- "
(oh, my mum has always told me that im too lazy. so i went to school telling others that i'm slovenly. i guess they didnt feel that way, and didnt appreciate that i introduced myself as lazy.)
so i decided to read less and less, although at that point in time i didnt seem to have much choice with work piling up, and changes to adapt to in my new school.
i felt a need to show that i really wasnt hardworking.

i wonder why i ever thought that way.

then i met shiyi. and she reads.
(yeah i know. 3 years since sec1)
although she didnt inspire a grand change in my attitude towards reading, i started to remember how i used read alot too.
then i picked up a few books.

the habit's hard to pick up.
all habits are, discounting addictions.

now everytime i read (though disappointly not very often), i wonder if i should be reading my school notes, doing tutorials, or tending to my cca stuff instead.
the concept of opportunity cost. sigh.

sometimes it ruins the book. sometimes it ruins my mood.
but often, i just continue reading because i procrastinate those so-called important work.

i remember once, before some tests/exams..perhaps eoys? i was hooked on some books.
my dad had said, "reading is for leisure. its no different from watching the tv."

is it, really?

the pleasure that i derive from both mediums are quite similar, because i'm only interested in the story (i mean good stories. not ben-10 style tv programmes duh),
but if reading's the same as watching tv, why is the latter frowned upon by my mum and the parental population at large?

ok i guess he meant that during exam periods, doing anything else besides studying is frivolous.
especially since i complained (to him) that i often cant finish studying.

but its thought provoking isnt it?
Why are books better than television programmes? Discuss.


ok i'm gna read my book now.
tutorials etc, tomorrow bah.
i need a break, and some recreation.

Friday, March 4, 2011

my brother's an npcc kid.

i survived 4 tests today.
art bio econs and gp.

chem is next thurs, lucky me.

bio test was just a review. econs was...informal. art was...madness and confusing. how come everyone wrote so much? i finished and had about 30min to spare leh D:
gp i would have liked an extra 30min or something.

lesson ended at 7pm+ today. dragged a very little bit.
then i rushed for piano. piano ended at 11pm.
joshua said i dont need to go for ss camp already since it'd be midnight by the time i reach. plus, ive got piano exam tomorrow morning so i'd need to leave early.
going there'd be pointless.

i'm eating my mum's best baked potato, drowned in bacon pieces.
eating transversel-cut apples too. thin slices. likes much(:
also drinking orange juice.

i'm trying to convert hunger for sleep into hunger for food.

not sure if it works, but i often do that.
in turn, the food undergoes another conversion to become fats, and the fats become me.
too bad energy cannot be destroyed, only converted.

converting fats to something else'd be too tedious.

today my brother let me swipe his mouth with bacon while chanting "give me good luck".
now all i can do is to hope for the best tomorrow.

bye. gonna eat and print stuff for tmr's exam.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

13 is a typical "unlucky" number.
M is the 13th letter in the alphabets.
M for Morons.
Ms Fang's Morons.

M for Monsters.
Manc..(LOL pearlyn..are you thinking what i'm thinking?)

but i think 13 is a Misunderstood nuMber, because luck is a Myth and it ought not to Matter.
(though it does)

today pearlyn and i had a rather scary encounter in the cc.
childish boys.
set them on fire >:\

i wanted to sleep alot while doing piano theory at the cc. so i called my momma just to tell her that i was sleepy.
she called me a chaogku (idk how to spell the dialect) and asked me to go home and sleep LOL.

oh yea. checking dhsmail requires discipline and bravery.
you already know youre not gonna like what you'll see, but yet you check it all the time.
on a random (or perhaps not) note, im suddenly reminded of songjia's presentation on zi can years ago. (eng translate: self-harm/mutilation)

i heard this today. nicee.
"there's only ONE way, TWO say, THREE words,....(i didnt catch the rest of the song)"

ok. i'm tired. byebye.

p.s. i just want to sit by a tree with some food, and read a niceee book.
guess its not possible in reality.


get one from cbox!
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