Sunday, January 30, 2011

i saw this at ART STAGE 2011(:
dont you think the angle i took this pohto at is quite nice?

Saturday, January 29, 2011
group 5 SC candidates:D
awesome group.

i miss 4K.
lucky we're playing angel&mortal game.
meeting 6c45 tomorrow!


i havent really spent time with my family.
i really wanna visit europe again. perhaps with art people, on my own, or with my family.
wanna go Turkey. definitely with family.
and Japan. with family too.
Taiwan. with jovinaaaaaaaa<3

then i'llgo to London and spring a surprise visit to Cryst with the rest of p2 Orchid!:D

i really like jovina alot.
my kai xin guo:D

Sunday, January 23, 2011
received an email from Crystabelle!

an email from London, wow.

i wanna migrate toooo! though i had already done so by coming to Singapore, lol.

really glad to hear from her(:

went to pompeii exhibition with jam and joanna yesterday after going to school to clear up drakon campfire with chunseng and army-shirt uncle. then met my parents at cowcarwater for tangyuan with peanut soup.

the pompeii exhibition was fun cos my company was fun!

the exhibition itself's abit small and not as impressive as advertised, but there was a 3D short film depicting the eruption of mount versuvious, many artefacts, and some resin casted figures in painful stances.

sounds cool eh?

t'was quite cool la, just that the casted figures were few, artefacts werent very unique to pompeii to me (though im not in any position to judge..), and the 3D film seemed a little bit of a bore.

there were many opportunities to wow the crowd, like when the pyrocrastic flow rushed from the mouth of versuvious, they could have made it 3D and have it come in our direction, but instead, it just appeared as a 2D film would have appeared..

it was impressive though, jam and i agreed, when little ashes flew out the screen when they depicted a fire.


of course, we must take into account that it was just a teaser, an open house..

not the real deal.

so if youve been planning to visit the exhibition, really, do go (:

the event was very organized.

we were ushered in batch by batch so that it didnt feel very crowded in the exhibition, and we had ample time to guide ourselves through the displays.

Saw some mosaic stuff. nicee:D

some beds from Hercul...something. another place near pompeii i think, where wooden structures were preserved under hot clay.

joanna and jam were fun to be around. we didnt talk alot, but we didnt need to anyway(:

took some photos towards the end of the tour.

yeah thats all.

i havent blogged about Art Stage right?

another art exhibition that art students got to go for freeee:D

its nicee!

just very very very slightly overwhelming, but very cool cos there were soo many different art works in various mediums and compositions!

from different cultures too.

likewise, my company was superb.

chua hans wanz (in alphabetical order) were good mates :D

but i travelled alone for most parts of the exhibition while chua and wanz went together, and hans, with her mum.

i prefer browsing exhibitions by myself so that i can decide how much time to spend at a particular work, and where i want to skip/go.

(: also so that i wouldnt look stupid when i seem interested in weird things (lol).


havent done much work this weekend, but learnt quite alot anyway.

cr meeting later. toodles.

gotta do up science society minutes now :s

Saturday, January 22, 2011
untrue, but not false.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Happy birthday cezanne!
172nd birthday of a post-impressionist artist who popularised the idea of breaking all forms into 3 basic shapes: cylinders, spheres, and cubes or pyramids i cant remember.

i told pearlyn, if i were rich i'd be fat(ter) cos i'd eat all the percy pigs that i can afford.
random, but true.

blogs may not be private, but they feel very private because its just the screen and i.
i dont know who's reading my rubbish, but whoever you are, youre very free hor?
especially if youre a stranger to me, vise versa.
(: oh well. hello anyway.

oh yeah i suddenly remembered a story.
one day an old man sat beside a little girl on a bench in the park.
the girl was gobbling down some chocolate bars.
the old man said "little girl, eating too much candy is not good."
astonished, the girl said to the old man, "my grandpa died."
" he ate too much candy too?"
"no, " the girl answered.
" he didnt mind his own business."

i'm not insinuating anything, my train of thoughts went like this:
blog>not private>others minding your life> this story
so its all a general thing. the story just popped out cos i was thinking about minding businesses, not cos im threatening you guys with imminent death or something hahaha.

actually i bet yall didnt think i meant that either la, for those who're used to my chaotic, jumping posts, i mean. its just that i have to make sure newcomers or those who know me very superficially (like by name or face), catch my drift and not get offended.

oh by the way,
We have a new art teacher. i just saw her for the first time yesterday.
i take long to warm up to people, so i'm still gonna cling to Ms Gao..
likes Ms Gao!
really enjoy art lessons now.
initially in yr5, was quite scared la, like everyone else, cos strict teachers are...well..strict.
but then all the strict teachers that i know become those whom i respect/like alot as time passes.

Liu lao shi in p5
Ms Foo pau chu in p6
Miss Fang
Li lao shi
now Ms Gao too.


i like Ms Ann Tan too even though she doesnt teach me.
she's so shuai.
not the handsome-shuai, the shuaiqi-shuai!

oh my art A level coursework shall be about Water.
I want to explore it, and help others appreciate it more.

i'm anal about appreciation, i guess.
yeah i know. i dont usually say 'anal', but today, this word just feels like the right word to use.

i think its really important and beautiful to appreciate others, things, situations, opportunities, and unhappy moments.
oh, and i support this quote "i dont like this person therefore i must get to know him better.".
i forgot by who.

appreciate people for the things they do, the choices that they decide to make.
when there is appreciation, everything becomes aesthetic, everything becomes valuable.
water is such a common commodity, and so underappreciated for its dynamism, power, softness, logic, and adaptability that i want to use my coursework as a platform to bring attention to it.

i dont know how to do justice to its magnificence, but gosh am i excited to start!
do drop in any suggestions that you have in the tagboard or talk to me if you have any constructive comments, cos my art work may be about water on the surface, but its actually about how people can appreciate it, so your input will be much....uh lol, appreciated.


today pearlyn told me that viv asked if i was ok yesterday.
:D felt very warmed by the fact that i was noticed, though i thought i was quite normal.
i wasnt un-ok la haha. thanks though.
yesterday just happened to be shit day number 1.
today's shit day number 1.5 because 0.5 was pearlyn's boring day.

yeah shit day1 was horrid and i was a grouch.
i dont know why. i just saw everythig to be a reason to grouch.
pardon me ):

oh i'm gonna go now.

Monday, January 17, 2011
if i wake one day to find out that my whole life is a computer game of some sort, or that im an avatar used to navigate the ancient times (like i come from the future or something), imma box someone.

maybe i wont even have hands to box someone.
maybe i'm a slug-looking creature with a strange helmet that brings me into a virtual world.
or maybe i'm a computer, wearing a slug on my head to get into virtual Earth.

maybe i was created by google, and am a virus. and i dont even know it.
ahh talk about identity crisis D:

Sunday, January 16, 2011
visited Art Stage Singapore 2011 on Saturday.
t'was quite an experience. i like museum-like places.

really wanted to know what the artists were thinking, what makes those works good art pieces, and how their prep boards look like..

i kind of think they dont have prep boards. but then again, i dont know much about the way artists work..

my next marathon shall be science society camp and elections, SC investiture and elections and art coursework stuff.
to start off, gotta settle class admin stuff.

i called up the class tee person, and an uncle told me they didnt print shirts anymore. so i messaged this person that zhenghui recommended, and she didnt reply.
i texted her twice.

ok, shant bore you. will change topic.

today, watched gulliver's travels with dad and brother.
the movie's quite alright. not very novel though. there was nothing that surprised or impressed me.
after the movie, the 3 of us took lunch(:
yay. favourite part of the day.
ate some beef noodle thing at xi men ding.

my dad attempted to bring us shopping for new year, but 2 guys and 1 guy-like girl doesnt make a very good shopping team.
we just walked around aimlessly until my dad decided that we shouldnt waste time and got us all home.

i slept the rest of the noon away.
woke for dinner, watched half a movie on the tv, and checked dhsmail (i have a love-hate relationship with it...ok no. hate-hate.)
finally facebooked after so many days, and is now trying to decide if i should

1. do art
2. prepare for chem test tomorrow (i havent done any preparation. just admit me into that sup class already-.-)
3. keep to my unwritten resolution to sleep at 1130 (thats 5 min later)
4. others.

i kind of think i'll choose 'others'.

havent pack bag, havent decided if i can go attend the NUS talk tomorrow..
ok i think i cant cos
1. mass pe ends at 415 and the talk's at 430pm at bukit something campus..
2. i havent done art and art's on tuesday, so imma die a horrid death and imma rot and stuff in the art room till next year's nightwalk. then i shall come out and scare people and drip pint on their faces till they pee from fear.
3. i'm lazy, and nobody's going with me.
4. i'm lazy, and i want to rest after 2 gruelling months with daily mantra "shit happens".

alright. i will not sign up. so i will waste the 2 hrs i have spent on finding out how to get to NUS campus.


Saturday, January 15, 2011
"unexpected things happen. i shouldnt think too much about it."
this line has been applicable in so many ways since yesterday.

Mr Chew talked to me twice. once in the fields, and another outside the indoor sports hall.
I thank him so much for trying to comfort me, though he denies doing it.
I think he is a Godfather (i dont know why he's known as that..he asked me to find out by watching the movie "Godfather" though) turned Grandfather. haha.

Unexpected comfort came from unexpected people.
People i havent heard from since 7th October, people whom ive only known for abit since this year, and people whom i thought would lecture instead of helping me see the good outcomes that was borne from the activity.

Mr Lim, for example. He met me outside the hall for a short debrief, and told me what he thought was good about it. How it caters to many cos unenthu people can stay around and blow balloons, while enthu ones can play offensive against other houses.

to be honest, i thought the point of mass games was to make unenthu people enthu. i dont know now.

jian ren jian zhi.

Everyone was great during orientation.
the teachers were very in-control,
the SCs put in alot of effort together,
the OGLs made everythign happen and brought joy,
while the student body was very cooperative and were largely responsive.

I managed to catch some time during orientation with jenn chua hans xingfang and hil to make up for not seeing them since the start of the holidays.
i know guys, sorry that i ruined all the plans that we had had to meet up during nov/dec.
but we had 5 minutes together in the hall when they were teaching senior high mass dance, and during the clubbing thing in the hall too, for about 15 minutes, i think. right?

oh, and to bring the topic back to the first line of this post,
unexpected things doesnt just refer to problems that crop up. it also refers to unexpected kindness that i also shouldnt read too much into.
dont worry, im not going to think everything was fine and dandy when it wasnt, just because you spare me a few nice words.

yesterday was a crucial day for orientationcos its the last day, and it was also a stressful time in science society, because the report was due.
the SSEF competition was what we've been working towards the entire year; the point of our research.
i know ive let sandy down in many ways. she tells me she cant cope, but im away doing SC stuff. she rushes the report on the day of submission and even helped me make it easier to work on the report by bringing my laptop to the fields while i was at the mass games, but i put all my focus on the activity and neglected the report.
but i try to squeeze whatever time i have to do SS stuff..
anyway thank you sam.
he's very kind and understanding when i explain that i have to leave for cca.
he's not my confucious for nothing (:

oh yeah, i just remembered an embarassing incident.
during pati night (the clubbing thing), i was hoping to get everyone higher. those standing further from the stage, especially.
so i jumped into the crowd with those whom i were more familiar with first.
then i saw vivyan.
i jumped.
and highed.
and realised.
that it wasnt 6c45 around her, but many many volleyballers who probably think im nutcase.

then another, when i was walking towards the hall with Mr Lim for that short debrief, some kirin OGLs walked past and bowed to Mr Lim.
out of reflex, i bowed back.

i also forgot to take my big fat bag after i brought it into the gym toilet to change into another shirt with jane before leaving for drakon dinner.
when i walked out empty handed besides the wakainga shirt slung over my shoulder, jane gaped and asked me where my belongings were.
i almost told her that i hadnt brought it down from the SC room until i realised it was sitting on a chair in the toilet -_-

then i walked back and retrieved it. awkward ttm.

i love 6c45 so much.
they make me feel so included. as in, they dont forget me even though i dont do things with the class when im on duty for SC and stuff.
during house initiation with awesome drakon, they came over and smeared paint on my head. yeah, head includes hair too, not just face.
during pati night, they danced with me (when i found them instead of the volleyballers la haha).
after mass games they suddenly came to the emcee area and gave me bear hugs.
at some random event in the hall (i dont remember what), some of them nosed me.
and those who heard i couldnt make it for class dinner were ):
all these means alot.

jovina that crazed girl is <3 too.
throughout the past 3 days, we'd scream and bearhug each other everytime we meet!
ahh so lovelyyyy.

alright i gotta draft an email for science society stuff, then go to an art exhibition to complete my assignment.
meeting the other art students chua and gang at 1130.
so imma go prepare now. its 1030am.

wang ruonan, ive missed you btw.
find songjia and i soon :D

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
year end holiday of 2010 has inculcated the habit of swearing in me.
There are just too many things to swear silently about.

esther gave me an egg today!
happy much much! tastyyyyy!

ella gave me biscuits :D
happy too, though ella, your biscuits taste horrible hahaha.

i am not an enthusiast. i prefer classy settings, reserved expressions, and order, or leisurely outdoor trips like hikes, treks, etc.
but there are times one must step out of their comfort zone (:
now'd be a good time to kick my fat a** out.

oh, i have also become very crude with language.
how come when Ms Ann Tan says stuff like Ass and Wuss it sounds so alright and witty, while the same words come out of my mouth as crude and uneducated?

if you tell me it reflects the speaker, imma box you.
> : (

Sunday, January 9, 2011
i want ice cream now ):

just watched Life as We Know it.
secrets are only secrets if you pretend not to have them.

if i were a psychiatrist, though i most certainly cant be one, and had to write a report or research paper about the human mind, my topic'd be 'secrets'.

like why people have them, what instinct guides them to make certain information secrets, under what circumstances are they exposed, and what exactly is a secret.

gonna be darn difficult to make it a good and critical report, but at least it'd be interesting.

i'm not going to be a psychiatrist though. not within my means.

crystabelle's going to London for the next 12 years.

i dont talk to her very often and stuff, but in the back of my mind, she's always there, you know. like the other orchidites. always somewhere.

i hope she'll remember us, cos i'll remember her.

facebook doesnt help la i'm not a facebook person.

hope Orchid can still meet up 12 years later!
All of us shall be sooo old.
cant wait to see us.

esther fiona and i'd be 30 years old omg.
i'd be a spinster already.

i love p2.
new years day passed.
i havent really reflected on what 2010 was to me.

from what i can remember,
its a year of doing things that i hated. always feeling grouchy, always being difficult.

but i met many different people who changed how i behaved in school.
i was more hardworking (than year4 lah ok. dont mock me now), more tolerant of hardworking people, and happier in class.

still grouchy, but happier too.
odd eh?

i think 2011'll be a very difficult year.

when i turn 45 or 50, i am going to sign up for taichi classes and maybe salsa.
if only i could turn 45 now.
i hope they bring down the retirement age someday.

Saturday, January 8, 2011
have you wondered why babies come into our world crying, while elderly die smiling?

i like huihan(:

reached school at 630am for science society today.
saw all the little guides and other UGs doing their orientation stuff. cute.
huihan and kenneth helped me with the ELISA stuff. we were even faster than the multichannel pipette in washing the 96-well plate, i reckon.

huihan and kenneth's always bickering about the silliest things, so funny!
like when she passed him shoe covers this morning, he only took 1, she asked
"you only got 1 foot is it?"
and he replied earnestly, "i got two."

and then we went for lunch and kenneth helped her get food while she got us drinks.
he ended up getting something spicy for her, so when she found it unbearable, he offered his own plate of food.

after huihan took a bite, he commented that maybe his was spicier.
earned himself a whack by hui's purse haha.

when we finally left school, huihan took us on a ride by the 158 loop. pretty place for sightseeing(:

but kenneth remarked that her ingenious plan made us all fall asleep suring the bus ride.
earned himself a -.- by hui.

huihan called me a grouchy old woman cos she said i was always looking so stressed and frowning.

so i said, "ey, i may be grouchy, but im not old k!!!"

then she asked for my birthday awhile later (15-20min?)and i accidentally said
"23rd feb. so old hor?"

my big mouth and i.

p2 dinner was soo great!
so glad there was one:D

verbal diarrhoea-ed when i met the first orchidite of the day: esther hong.
we walked around bras besah complex cos dinner supposed to be at minds cafe, but then tmr's orientation alr so today the orchidites prep-ed till quite late, then hong and i went back to school-area (KFC) to have dinner.

LOL we met near school to go to bras besah together one hahaha._.

but it didnt matter where we ate!
the company was so good!
half the time i dont know what those sicko year5s are talking about, but their epic expressions are just so laughable that i felt strangely involved haha.

so sad the younger juniors sat on the other end of the table! missed them alot too.
cutesy little things:D

i wonder where chin ee was o_o
didnt see her.

did alot of epic stuff, but im so drained, spent, tired, exhausted, *every other word that means the same*, that i cant finish blogging all of it.

feeling miserable now cos i have to go to school tomorrow. like every other day since hloidays started (cept christmas day and sundays).
cant wait for school to start so all the shit can go away.
go away shit stuff.

i complain everyday. thats bad.
but what else can i do? suck it up?
yea actually thats what i should do if i were not so selfish.
but i am, so imma complain and feel better afterwards(:


forever Mr Sng <3

oh and orientation was quite good today.
love my dragons, love my ogls, love my SC friends.

i like the activity called 'mm' (acronym only. idk if i can tell you what it is exactly).
its like atc nightwalks. fun ttm!

gta do ss stuff.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
my goal is to sleep at 11pm today because shimin said its unhealthy.

but ive got loads to do!
so after this short post imma go off liao.

cant wait for dinners with chua soon. definitely ordering milo instead of iced lemon tea, lest the ahem incident occurs again.
hahaha. my mum says she looks demure.
yeah right. then i'm an Olan, i tell you.

yah. and
i hope i dont turn up at p2's dinner looking like a zombie.
during the meeting with wenzhong and shimin after science sot today, shim said that i dont look like i sleep as late as i do, and she said its a good thing.
wenzhong disagreed, but i hope shimin's right about this, cos i dont want the orchidites to think that im a living dead or smthng.

I WROTE JOVINA A POSTCARD many weeks ago during cip.
but i never got to pass it to her.
now i dont know where it is.
somewhere in my room._.

yah i guess this post is getting too long. its 1005pm now. gotta go!

got to wake early and reach lab before anyone else does, then go for Drakon stuff, then orientation dry run.

my to-do list is 4 pages worth of A6 sized paper:\
yah byee.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Scruffy looks at me sadly. He's sitting atop my faulty printer...
the tone of this post'll probably go from down to up as i relate different things.

for a start, today i felt inadequate.
actually, not today. just this evening.

i'll post the rest of what i want to say in another post which i wouldnt publish, dont worry. i wont bore or attempt to offend you with my emo shit.

next, i'm gonna tell you about today!
today noon was greatttt.
i went for cca, as per normal, and i usually have lots of fun with yijia and cherise cos they're so gay when they're together. but today hit a totally new jingjie. it was soo stupid that i really laughed. without holding back.

i usually dread going for cca because it'd probably mean that i cant go for SC stuff. then i'd feel irresponsible.
like how i also feel irresponsible when i turn up for SC stuff instead of cca.

but i have fun sometimes when i doodle drawings of kenneth or Dr Yap on the whiteboard while waiting for some stuff to equilibrate, to centrifudge, to run etc during cca.

I also like drawing stuff on the desktop wallpaper. like Dr Yaps and Kenneths.

i like drawing them because
1. Dr Yap probably wouldnt get angry with me....?
2. kenneth definitely wouldnt get angry with me

but now kenneth haas started changing all the labels of the drawings from his to my name cos Dr Yap once asked him why he drew on the desktop wallpaper.

then yijia and cherise, i dont know how to describe them. for such intellects, they're really stupid and full of nonsense.
yijia calls me the phenomenal lady. like, whatttt??
cherise, she's crazy. today we did this dance in the dark room under red light from a lamp above the western blot roller machine.

It's the mamemoo dance and it involves flinging our hands to the right, left, then up while we squat quickly to say "moo".
super tiring and high!!
cherise and i also acted as nv gui by singing scary children's songs in the dark and crying "mummy! mummy!"

i managed to scare her and yijia twice. once by hiding behind the fridge, and the other, by grabbing cherise's ankle suddenly while she was talking or humming a song.
i think sandy got a shock at the grabbing cherise thing.

yijia and cherise tried to peek at my orientation stuff when i attempted to do some SC work while waiting for the elisa stuff to settle for 2 hours.
stupid kids!!!
then yijia wanted to tell shimin that i had leaked the orientation stuff. but i didnt k, shim. i didnt D:

joshua and kenneth were so -.- at our antics that they opened the door to the dark room, saw us, and closed the door again.
didnt even want to be in the dark room with us hahaha.

of course la, we didnt just play..its just that i only collate all the gay times and put them together while excluding the working moments, so it sounds like all fun and no work.

joshua and i had a snow fight in the lab last week. It wasnt really a big fight. a tiny one.
we aimed small pieces of ice fragments at each other after freezing some stuff in the styrofoam boxes, and i took cover behind a purple chair.

it resulted in a small pool of water on the floor, but i think that was cleared pretty quickly afterwards(:

yep. fun.

today sandy and i also joked about digging holes *ahem, no full coverage of chitchat mentioned here* while loading wash buffer into 96 wells using the cool 8-well pipette with 8 pipette tips attached.

it was really funny!
we started out being abit pissed cos of ahem, stuff, but then as we joked on about the stuff we were gonna do, like digging holes, big holes, and then deciding to use the drain instead.

sandy said something really really funny. i totally lol-ed. but now i cant remember it. no idea why either. i usually remember very funny things..

anyway, gotta work on that emo shit post.
after that, start work again.
short break's over.
work is here bleah.


Sunday, January 2, 2011
1. i went to ikea with my family last night, and met chenweiwei!!
happy much :D
she cut her hair. pretty!

2. p2 invited esther fiona and i back for some dinner gathering at minds cafe! touched ttm, they still include us aww <3
i'm gonna beat rachel at ugly doll game nehx. (okok i take that back. old hags like me shouldnt fight with youngsters)

3. woohoo it came! it came! after 2, close to 3, scary and suspenseful months! ahhh.

4. i finished the SC stuff that i didnt complete yesterday night/this wee morning!

5. i sort of cleared abit of dhsmail, but i still dont like its state.

6. my room. my room. my room. ah. my room.


Happy Birthday Shien!

yessss going to bed now.
orientation stuff more or less done, cleared abit of dhsmail, drafted sms to 6c45 about class tee...

supposed to finish clearing, do 1 more SC stuff, pack room too.
but i cant pull all-nighters very well, so imma go sleep now.
head's aching.
pianoooo tomorrow.

hope i wake up. oh gosh.

things to do when i wake:
1. piano homework
2. piano
3. clear dhsmail
4. do up that poster and send Minyi quick
5. pack the room
6. jog
7. my homework.

ok goodnight. my room's back to pre-holidays.
it was near-neat halfway through the holidays.


Saturday, January 1, 2011
happy new year guys.

ive decided to come up with new year resolutions.
wanted to review the past's, but since its all just gna be boring, i thought i'd come up with new ones and discard the old.

1. do not drink soft drinks
2. keep my inbox <20texts
3. stay as far away from the phone as possible in case i get testicle cancer.

thats all.
imma go see what last year's were.

[edit: i didnt even do any resolutions last year-.-]


get one from cbox!
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