Thursday, July 29, 2010
the bioethics talk was the best talk i've ever attended.
if lectures were as engaging as that talk, i'd pay attention everyday in class (not that i'm not doing it now, just that i dont comprehend whats taught in school)

talking about right and wrong, ethical issues, etc always spark my interest.
though i cant form my own opinion (because i know too little), it feels good to evaluate others'.
at least i have something to work on.

going with yijia and pearlyn made things even better.
yijia is a good partner for intellectual discussion, and pearlyn is an empathetic person, so they balance out to benefit the ignorant (me).

talked on the way home.
about school culture, boom in romantic relationships, nerd image, follow up of bioethics talk, etc.
talked prior to talk.
about school uniform and uh, lines on the skirt, and bright pink/boomz designs on some stuff, youtiao, prices of food and rental prices of school canteen stalls.

met siswo and his friend at the talk.
met shujun and her friends too.
met sara and yixi.

the Doctors and Professors were so humourous!


i just spent almost an hour teaching my brother how to make a plasticine model of the great wall of china TWICE because he ruined the first reference work by making it part of his final work (ie he had no point of reference)

great. wasted my time. obligations as a sister over obligations of a student.
two tests tmr.
gp, and chem spa.

i had soo needed the night to study.
chemistry at 18.1% for cts.

ok, guess i want my brother to do well too.
i'm not upset that i have to teach him. just frustrated because he made me teach him twice.

meaning that he hadnt been listening to me because he couldnt do it once the prototype was gone.

ok to be fair, lack of prototype is quite a major disability.
gonna stop complaining. i've wasted 7 minutes typing this chunk.
time to get to chem and gp.

sheesh i talk to myself on the blog-.-

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

weiwei's hug resonates in me(:

walking to the bus stop with songjia(and char, but i didnt talk much to her cos she was with her friend) was great. talked about ruonan and double eyelids, about fat cats, dogs, etc.

i couldnt help but go check out that toilet again on the way home today. just to see if the newspaper was still there.

significance in insignificant things.
thats so typical.

so frustrating! T_____T
i mentally traced my route home from the mrt and realised that i left my dear newspaper in the mall's washroom! no wonder i cant find it now.

miserable me.
fail Operation-Avid-Reader.

i shalt not rest in peace tonight.
i'm so sorry i abandoned you after hours of neglect, newssy. i miss my fingerprints on you):
ohhh come backkkkk to meeeeeeeeeee

i didnt check out the art websites after all. too many urls to see. i'm going to file my stuff instead.
k. i only switched the computer on just so i can complain about the newspaper being missing.
gonna go, now that i'm done.

attempt at being hardworking is *flashes blinking skull*


YESSS i managed to stay awake till now!
gone are the days when i'd terminate all social contact at around 10pm+

supposed to do work. i updated myself on cr stuff, science soc stuff, sc stuff. basically emails.
now, time to focus on academics.
shall start off by visiting the links provided in the art notes.

better read notes prior to ms gao's lessons!
i <3 ms gao's teaching.

finished smsing urgent messages related to work. time to throw the phone aside.
(ok, perhaps not until i find a replacement for ptm help. why 30th jul of all days. baaa)

i wanted to do GP essay outline today but the question was discussed in class, so even though there's a point in redoing just to see if i'd get the points right, motivation's just gone.
i was pretty :D about doing it in the day though.

bought newspaper after having a drink with hans and wanz in bedok. havent finished it, and its technically outdated already since the day has passed.

i googled' how to do an all nighter'. lol. all i see are 'always try not to stay up at night!'
same thing as when i google ' how to cram study'


time to go visit those art links.

jeez i just read my post and realized how hardworking i sound! amazing O:
shi bai shi cheng gong zhi mu!

oh, and i just watched a video about a girl being really bitchy, and cyberbullying others. pointing the middle finger is not only uncool, its also discrimination against shorties.


[end of edit]

Monday, July 26, 2010
dinner with wanz. soggy salty fries, uncold ice cream, bland milo, pathetic burger...
but perfect company(:

Sunday, July 25, 2010
watched ghost whisperer and incredible tales last night.
the ghost whisperer episode was so touching )':
ouija boards are scary. i'll never touch one. the ending was good too. i wonder who's gonna die.

incredible tales was about this girl who, after receiving a toy dog (ke ai!), got uh, possessed by this spirit in red.
i thought it was male, but the narrator kept calling it a 'she'. lol. do ghosts have genders?

watched abit of the jaychou movie. the golden something. its excruciatingly slow. after a few commercials, they're still filming the same scene.

caught abit of the super sunday thing (though yesterday was a sat). boring-,-

went for yog training in the morning with jenn. mentally exhausting.
felt like the 4am hike we had in guides
cant remember.

yeah. piano soon. viv and weian are coming over later.

its not nice to surpass someone.
you, with all your 大道理, should know better than anyone else.

i will speak to you.

Friday, July 23, 2010
Today's post: The Bus, the weiwei, and the smelly guy.
chua, it sounds so unfunny here leh. to think we laughed till we doubled over on the streets..guess reliving the incidents is much more entertaining;D

(prepare for a long narration of the day since art lesson)

changing a beloved day 5 to day1 is taxing.
a 1.45pm dismissal instantly becomes a 645pm dismissal.

after art, went for SC general meeting. chua waited for me till 9pm leh. so sweet.
i realised i was depriving her of dinner for every minute i spent in the meeting, so once the official meeting was over, i left about 5 minutes into the many-monthly birthday celebration.

headed to macs with her, and saw the entire dhs there. Mr ethan tay was there, but in order not to spoil his appetite, i didnt approach him. he thinks i'm unfriendly and always makes faces at me anyway.

jiateck waved, and i saw guides and scouts too. yiting waved:D

i ate relatively slowly, so chua had to wait for me.
then some of the SCs came, but left again cos it was too crowded.

dhs had relocated into the macs branch. call it a horizontal merger or something, idk.
sharing of facilities to reap EOS.

ok yada yada, after the meal, chua and i walked towards the bus 30 bus stop, and chua said,
"wah i hope 30 like, doesnt drive past us now or something.
"omg 30! wth &^$@^#!"
"oh man! nevermins, look, the bus is so crowded. at least the next one we take'd be empty."
and it was empty!

LOL@THAT! total failness.
so much for trying to be optimistic..

then some steps later, we crossed paths with jacky and his friend.
prior to that, we had met him at the bball court, and he said "hi teoee"
and chua asked why he didnt say hi to her.

so when we met again at the road, he said "hi weiwei."
i thought it was some kind of inside joke between the 2 of them, yknow, like to mismatch people's names and faces, but liwen stoned too.

after a .... moment, chua was like "WHAT?? I'M NOT WEIWEI I'M LIWEN!"
hahaha! to think they were classmates for 2 years!

ok, so we carried on to the bus stop. 30 took awhile to appear. saw darick, yokeming, xingfang, sengwai, reuben, weiqi, yeoch, and 1 more person whom ive momentarily forgotten. npcc's pop today.

squashed ourselves onto 30, and got to the upper deck some stops later. chua and i sat with a guy between us. in a column.

yeah youve probably guessed it.
the smelly guy.

sorry, sguy, this is not a personal attack. i know that there are times when i make the people around me want to retch too(:

so yeah, basically the point about mentioning this person is just for the sake or archiving the reasons why chua and i laughed so much today.
we managed to escape him when we discovered empty seats nearer the front of the bus..

the title lists the 3 major laughing episodes for the night.
other minor laughing tidbits include liwen's painting of a weian-lookalike.


took a long bath when i got home. have to get up early tmr for YOG training.
ah, if Sleep were my wife, i'd go for marriage counselling.

yepp, time to prep for tmr, and rest rest rest.

gp timed assignment. undone D:

Monday, July 19, 2010
what the hell. they should just plan it by themselves if they're unwilling to learn from others' experience.

when they do it wrongly, teachers blame the seniors for not teaching. when they do try to teach, juniors stick to their own way of doing things and ignore all advice.

fine. cheers to the day we all screw up.

Saturday, July 17, 2010
4th post. its not that ive got nothing to do except to come post k. i just dont want to do them.
eom, teachers day log stuff, science soc, gp compre, bio tutorial, prep for art lesson, etc.

just wanted to mention that i havent done anything strenuous recently, but ive got horrid muscle aches. weird huh?

maybe i do pumpings in my sleep.

this is the 3rd time i'm posting today.
im gonna rant about how i embarrass myself (again).

ok, so there's this person called teoee. she came back after humans trail (where she dropped some food on the ground and embarrassed herself in front of 1234567 schools all over singapore) and took a long nap.

when she woke, the first thing she did was to go online to discuss science society stuff. Jiazhen asked her and cherise to tutor sec1 bio, you see, and they had to prep ppt.

Once she was online, she smsed cherise 'i'm online!', just as cherise had requested in her message this morning.

however, cherise didnt appear online. After a while, another girl, Clarissa from year2, started talking to her, and they ended up discussing teacher's day planning stuff.

yada yada, then clar had to leave, and seeing that cherise was still mia, teoee decided to give her a call.

She called using the number from the 'sms me when youre online' message (she doesnt usually save numbers unless its for long-term use), and cried very enthusiastically



then the phone hung up (not me, i didnt do it.), so, sensing the confusion, teoee smsed the number and asked if she was cherise.


it was the teachers day comm girl, clarissa!

i had just successfully creeped a sec2 girl out, in the middle of the night, crying a weird noun 'cherise'.

no wonder she talked to me about teachers day celebration out of nowhere. she had been the one to ask me online!


double yikes.

coming from a year5, i think thats pretty embarrassing):
then, just to save my ass a little more, i double checked to confirm that it was clar from tdc, and not clar from science society.
ok, ass saved. (ticks checklist)

D': jeez, i know. do i have no shame? a sec2 girl!
): ): ): ): ):

kk, off to call up the real cherise.

perhaps he's not as egoistic as i thought.

im bad at pronounciating. Reading storybooks instead of watching the tv has its drawbacks too.

it rained heavily this morning.
humans trail was not much of an excitement. The groups who came didnt seem interested in the programme. i wonder why they joined the trail.

sure, there were exceptions, but few.

spent the entire morning lounging around the Victoria Concert Hall vicinity with a year4 girl called Shiu wen. She's from choir.
Quite good company to have:D

I didnt feel compelled to talk to her all the time, neither was i forced into silence by virtue of the fact that we only met for about 15minutes the day before.

This week has been endless. Piano tomorrow, and i'm not ready at all.
This feels like how it was with my 3rd language lessons. The interest is there, but not strong enough to make me practice hard.

"hobbies are secondary to academics". discuss.

Friday, July 16, 2010
Centerstage semi-finals was :D :D :D
so glad leeying helped me bug binbin for a ticket!

sitting with leeying was so much fun. we kept laughing at the slightest things. she's such a nincompoop.

The soloists were great! Really liked Darick's singing, and a year3 girl, Regina's voice.
Both got through to the finals. CONGRATS!

Regina's fan club was on the left of LT1. Darick's was on the right.

LOL. guess where i sat.

Darren sang well too. He was really into it towards the end: )
yay for our 5C45 singer:D

The bands were really diverse. I dont remember much, but Jasmine, Yongsheng, Dillon, and 2 guys ive never seen before but i think are called Nick and Leon, 's band was really good.
They're called Revolution, i think.

The PRC gang was amazing too! Wang JinZhao, the pride of 4k!
*eyebrows huijing*

Kaili and Andrew were really good emcees. Natural entertainers.

I shouldnt have been so hyperactive in the noon (all leeying's fault O:). was spent towards the later part of the semi.

took the circle line back with my darlinggggg!
saw a half lizard/frog thingy at the mrt platform-.-

end of story.
was spammed with work-related smses during the semis. time to get a good night's sleepppp and wake in time for humans trail tmr T_T

tata (;

Thursday, July 15, 2010
maybe i am just a storybook character. i will remain stagnant in the memories of a child after her mum finishes this bedtime story.

maybe i'm just a random character in a story. so the child may not remember me at all.

i could exist solely because the main character walks into a crowded market in a particular chapter, and i need to be there so the market can look crowded.

my name may not even be mentioned.

the loud merchant would be noticed. the little beggar would be pitied. the pickpocket would be stealthy, but the child would still be aware of his presence. he is somewhere, creeping through the mass of people who are bickering over the price of fish.

i would just be 'the crowd'.

nobody knows me. i am not a person.

nobody's watching me. the loud merchant's not calling to me. the beggar doesnt beg from me. the pickpocket is not targeting me either.

he is eyeing the main character's money pouch. When he steals it, the main character will weave into another chapter, where he goes through much hardship because he had needed the money for something important, and ends up a tougher, better person at the end of the story.

i will always be in the crowd, in the market.

i will not follow the main character through his life. i am only part of that particular chapter.

i see where he is going, although he is blind to his future.

i see the story.

i see more. this is because i am detached.

when i am detached, the market doesnt distract me.

i can glide through the book, and know what to expect.

it is a strange feeling.

there is someone else who reads this, and says, she does not see. i see her. i see her saying this. she is blind to her future.

she does not know she is the main character.

maybe its just a cycle. everybody is a character. we are both the main character, but also the forgotten ones simultaneously.

complex, isnt it?

Songjia told me that raisins are high in iron content so i brought a box to school today.
was chewing it with jenn in the morning, but we couldnt finish it, so i left it in the front pocket of my bag.

well i knew i was forgetting something when i squashed my bag against the mrt cos i was leaning hard on the wall-.-

now my bag's full of raisins.

i saw Mr Ang today. he walked past me, and i said good afternoon (in the morning). Then he asked if i had forgotten his name.
then silence.
"ok ok yes."
"its ok if you forget, i'm Mr Ang!:D"
"hahah actually i remembered la!"

it was so obvious that i had forgotten ):
pardon my lame attempt at trying to not-hurt your feelings, Mr Ang!
I remember you, just not your name. You were my PE teacher:D

i like boxing xingfang:D

today is a ): day.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
:D :D :D
i watch a dark sky, spotted with a single, glowing star, and think
"hey, i'm your star too."

i like dark colours, earthy colours.
Smooth blues, rich browns, soothing greens.

Blue and Green are my favourite colours.
Pink and brown feels cuddly.
soft pink, like a piglet's skin.

Crisp navy blues, against soft chalky green hues feel so surreal.
Orange glowing amber, mimicking the sunrise, is a nice colour too.

can you imagine?


Sunday, July 11, 2010
sigh. latest dismissal time still at 7pm.
the old timetable seems to be nicer. i had blocks of free periods from morning till 11.15am on most days, but now, they're all dispersed.

oh well. i do appreciate all the effort from the tabletiming comm teachers though:D
must be hard trying to cater to everybody's schedules.

im in the eoeoys mood.

i havent even completed my artwork assignment. jeez. i really %$@^ it when they say they're gna display our artworks.

upcoming events in my sad pok life:
teachers day planning
humanities trail
orientation planning
yog ceremic thing
a talk on thurs at suntec
class matters (class tee, outing, eoy chalet?)

at least sports carn's over

ajar ajar, fighting!

Friday, July 9, 2010
Drakon was exceedingly impressive today. i really liked our sandcastle.
love being with 5C45.
we played in the water a little somewhere during the lunch break, and took turns jumping into a really deep deep sand pit. super fun!

felt much better after using minyi's shampoo to wash my hair:D
decided to change into a dry shirt in the end cos i was meeting 5c45 for dinner.
if not, i would have, being the dirty girl that xiaowei had so happily described to everyone, gone home in wet dripping clothes.

dirt rarely puts me off. i dont get why people bathe twice a day if they hadnt sweat.

went to minyi's house at about 11pm++ nearing 12am last night to stayover cos we had to reach sentosa by 6am.
in the end, it was too dark to start any prep, and it was drizzling.

i ate breakfast!
really like minyi's peanut butter:D
her mum and sisters were so kind. her younger, yellow-bed sister laughed alot at minyi and my conversations before we slept.

i'm dead tired. humans trail prep tmr morning. back to school.
meeting some 5c45 friends again for the all-for-one fiesta cip afternoon tea.
hao qi dai!!

what i learnt from the 5c45 dinner tonight:
yijing is a professional drinker
(at least, from my impression).
taoqin has hangovers.
joshua had menstrual pains (LOL)
shuhan is a hungry person.
baxter doesnt like white stuff/food like mayo.
pearlyn doesnt eat hot food (actually i knew that before this la)
vivyan is blood type O, like taoqin. so Yalam must be O-blood type too.
darren and alex always talk about vball.


Thursday, July 8, 2010
ok, just a short(10+min) post today to sum up the day cos i know even if the entire world is stuck on facebook/glee, esther'd still come by and read an annoying girl's rants.

today. humanities trail with yingteng and yeoch.
we were in meeting room 1 before dry run started, and yeoch reached later so when he sat beside me, i whispered
"who's yingteng?"

we've never seen each other prior to today LOL.

"the one sitting beside you."



chihsiong got approached by a model poacher at the city hall met station(:
yingteng and i ran around traffic lights near katong park to take a photo of thee 'katong park signboard' for the trail and looked like madpeople(:

it was a nice day, and the juniors were (:.
i met michelle and yiting at the 158 bus stop.

the only ): thing was knowing i've just deepened the bad impression that he has on me. but that's alright, he doesnt teach me anyway. i cant help being boisterous at the wrong times.
its not like i want to right, even though yes its still my fault.

ok. stops rant. it is 1230am now.
shall end off with a (: mention of meeting Mr Lim at the bus stop. He is such a kind teacher. I told him that the talk this morning was killer-boring.

the end.

730am: fringe games briefing and prep
800:sports carn deco prep
830: pw (lol)
9oo:cell culturing
1315: house interaction
1430:sports carn site prep

all at the opportunity cost of
1) learning fest (i really want to attend. especially with lovely vivyan--sitting with her is fun)
2) humans trail dry run again (i want to go too, cos i want to familiarise before the event, and its fun.)


Sunday, July 4, 2010
Tank's dong le makes me happy.
you, you'd better appreciate me because i'm so nice to you, and you dont even know it.

MUAHAHA. *kuang xiao*

(5c45 ice cream outing was a fail, but 5c45 outing itself, was ownage. loves my class. all my classes.)

Saturday, July 3, 2010
blue-black eyes.
big red pimples.
orange complexion.
green expression.

i've got an entire senior high on my face. ack.
(ok, perhaps ive been exaggerating, but i can seriously feel the senior high face coming soon. call it a girls' intuition or something.manz.)


get one from cbox!
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