Friday, May 28, 2010
happy vesak day.

jennifer hanxi xingfang charmaine and many other yadas are in Vietnam le.
have a safe trip!:D

spent the first day of holidays mucking around, napping, breakfasting with my parents, and going out with my mum.
bought abit of stuff, alot of food, and walked in matching pink shorts haha.

banana milk:D

Thursday, May 27, 2010
dried apricots and chocolate bars are poor substitutes.
but i am willing and able to change my taste and preferences to incur a loss (in lipid volume).

maybe i'll start...tomorrow.
today is family chocolate day.

i'm so happy for jiazhen, jane, grace and eleana!
1st price for singapore junior water competition (or smthn like that?) and Gold for best poster(the scientific kind) award!


shiyi and i shared music during the bus rides.
so romantic worhx:D
she is such a cute girl. loves!

Sunday, May 23, 2010
i overslept and missed Act II.
dry run was that draining.

anyway, my fevers' gone.
flu just went away today.

lots of work to do.
i dont know where to start.

urgent, and important.
sometimes, many things are both at the same time.
...and sometimes, too many things are both at the same time.

Friday, May 21, 2010
hi ONG XIAO WEI I didnt forget your birthday okay???
i just realised that the post i made you didnt appearrrrrr D:
will make up another day alright?

love love.
(and hates blogger)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
To this pretty, caring, and mature girl,

Remember 2 years back, when we landed as CUG songleaders together?
That was our first, and only official guides activity together. we've never been in the same ad-hoc patrol before...
but 1 activity was enough for a great friendship to blossom(:
this was my favourite photo for a long long time.
until this replaced it about 2 years later, haha!

Despite coming from 2 different classes, we've always found time together. For example during level camp...
mu ma huang picking...
dinnering for no apparent reason...(and i remember you and hans laughing at my dou dou shorts)
studying at macs...or at least, intending to study..
going to the beach...(you, always ready for the camera. i dont know how you do it, picture-perfect girl)

going for mass hair-cut session (though actually its just the 3 of us, the usual gang)..

...and even soccering together! : O
(i dont remember our coach's name. kelvin or smthng?)

even after passing down from guides, we were not stripped of our roles as friends.

so i just wanna say, i'm really glad to have you (:
(and not just because i like pretty girls)
You're an integral part of my life, and my elasticity for you is zero because you take up a large proportion of my affection (pardon my nerd self). i remember all the pacts we've made, and even though some of them are just fantasies, its fun to have some 'goal' to work towards to.
remember ok, high tea together as taitais: )
love ya.
P.S. i think youre cuter thatn guigui hahahaha.

Monday, May 17, 2010
to all whom i owe presents, i'm so sorry! will try to find something apt soon alright?

i really dont know what to give that's special and kubi enough.
D: baaaaaa.

especially tzyyshuan. sorry, i know its months overdue.

Saturday, May 15, 2010
slacked the entire day(:
exclusive of a few occasions of mso-ing, and spending the morning on cr minutes, plus abit of researching for pw.

will surely feel the consequences of slacking very soon when the tests start coming again. as they do every other day of every other week.
but i dont regret it as of now.

baby baby baby ohh
baby baby baby noo

yongjing really got me a hello kitty pen for breaking the one that yingying gave me.
surprised 0_0


5C45's all about dota, pokemon, milk, fishing, horse riding, and forming nuclear families.
so many inside jokes(:

cr meeting was quite (: yesterday.
took Ms Leong's car to kallang leisure park for the air con lol.

i want to live on my own.
doesnt matter if there's no monkey, no island, no banana. best if there's no handphone, no internet, no mailbox.

Thursday, May 13, 2010
chua hope your David-toe is ok(;

of course nobody's going to believe it when i say 'oh. i didnt do so well for bio.'
nor if i say 'oh i didnt study biomolecules.'
its taken for granted that once you score well for one test, you'd do so for the subsequent ones even if you dont study at all cos, well, i dont know, maybe we've become deities by scoring the first test?

urgh. bad way to start a post. i know.
negative feelings should be bottled up because its contagious.

i know i just said optimism ftw some minutes ago to some of my dearest mates, but even though i still believe in optimism, practice is tedious.
i cant stand anything to do with practice. math, chem, physics, piano, etc.
i like things that i can do spontaneously. things associated with talent rather than effort.
i.e. lazy, but wdv.

i want to be a broccoli when i grow up.
and i really appreciated chua giving me the little letter or note thing.
you're such a nice person.

econs test tomorrow.
doubt i can do well enough to make up for the previous tests.
nevermind. i'm past that.

'if not best, then nothing at all.'

p.s. on a lighter note, jas and i drew lots of pokemon characters today.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

interhouse. then art trip briefing.
between that was art portrait painting. then i sneaked down to watch interhouse when i fetched my mum.
took an extended break from painting when i went to meet my dad at the zheng xin yuan too.

art trip briefing was ok. nothing much.
i realised my whole family communicates by shouting. nobody ever speaks normally and softly.
our whispers are like stage whispers.
SHHHHHHHH instead of shh.


i felt that much of the content briefed were not really important to parents.
though thats just my take, of course.

just reached home.
bio test tomorrow.
mso briefing at 7am tomorrow.
7am meeting with dr yap and science society project mates on friday.
drakon scs dinner on friday.

havent started on biomolecules.
): i feel like my nucleus(brain) is gonna fragment and disintegrate anytime.
yeah man. i'm in prophase stage.
telophase me, baby.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010
not planning to retire to bed today(:
just finished chionging mso ppt so that we can brief the mso people properly tomorrow morning.
gotta reach school at 650am to get the keys from mr lee! for LTs(:

bio is dead meat.
eh i actually did my nuclear division tutorial leh. then i forgot that there was make up lesson today so i didnt bring it.
what the xiaoming.

i spent my morning playing cards with jenn hillary xingfang and lol, yokeming.
then my alarm rang at 1016am to tell me that ive got bio make-up tutorial at 1015am.
something's wrong with my phone alarm.

i felt very ): when chua was ): about her self portrait.
but i believe there is still salvation!
dont give up(;
if you really dont believe my 'hibuscus painting' story and think i was just trying to comfort you, fret not because:
1. i am not a comforting person.
2. i have that hibiscus painting at home.
3. you an ask my mother to verify my story


i scored a 4 for econs.
haha, smiley face.

HANXI did something sweeeeet for me today!
made me a gigantic candy floss worhx.
shared the love with pearlyn vivyan and weian.

went home with wanz, hans, and (LOL) jiahui.
the aep aep aep and mep.
(hans considered aep la)
hanxi was hooked on some gingerbread game._.

liew, wanz and i got evacuated from the mrt at tanah merah because something was wrong with the train.
: O
then wanz and i walked home T-G-T.
jealous not? heehee.

oh, met ruonan on sunday!
i like her alpha-helix hair!
she's learning to swim leh. cool.
gave me some candy. xie xie ni :)
i love eating ice cream at kallang heehee.
fatness ftw.
wanted to get her to go eat icecream with me but she declined.
tried to get my family to eat ice cream at kallang too. but they all said the cost of the trip there was not worth it so in the end it was just me. urgh. demand elastic people.
i am inelastic because i <3 kallang ice creammm.

wanz visited me late at night on saturday.

ok. i might sleep after all.

Friday, May 7, 2010
art workshop till 830pm just now.
i'm so excited for the art trip!

there doestn seem to be much time for shopping since its an art trip so i'm sorry in advance if i dont get you anything. maybe i'll do what some random guy did last time and chop off David's toe (Michelangelo's sculpture of David after he fouhght Goliath) and offer it to you.

cant wait to see all the grand architecture and stuff ahh. love the murials.
we were discouraged from taking photos because they want us to concentrate of listening to the museum guide, but i guess we could take photos and listen at the same time?
i'm a visual learner after all.

ok no. i'm just a lousy learner. wdv.

busy day todayyyy.
morning, mso comm briefing. then supposed to have class meeting but it just slipped my mind. and viv's. and yijing's.
and then cr meeting after school, and then the art workshop where our guest speaker was Mr Simon Cave.
he's so funny!

Liwen and i were the 2nd earliest yr5 to reach the venue!
clap clap.
but ms gao thought we were late.
kind of ): that she's got a bad impression of us.haha oh wells. guess its a rational assumption/impression.
today no cca/lesson before the workshop mah, so can make it in time.
usually gotta rush after econs lecture and squeeze through 123456789 people to reach art room in one piece, or at least 2. lol. and we already look auntie/kiasu enough carrying our bags 5 min before lecture end so i doubt there's anything more we can do.
look at the measures we take to reach asap:
1. sit near the door/side.
2. pack bag wayy before lecture ends(and end up not copying some notes)
3. run off before anyone else can clog up the door
4. run to the art room

we're just short of charging through people when they block our way.
actually i'm glad Ms gao's strict about punctuality. at least it makes us rush to class,and we get to max time(:


ok anyway.
went home with chua today.
talked a great deal in the bus about really weird and scary things and then we started imagining weird stuff,
but the effect didnt last very long cos i felt at total ease walking home alone afterwards.

ah love talking to her (;

saw kaiyuan on the way back to school with chua, just before art workshop.
she was holding a bball and when she walked past me she said she was holding what i hated most.

saw weiwei too, by the road.
and i thought of the joke, 'why did the chicken cross the road?'
haha. if you have any interesting answers do tag them(:

tired tired.
chem is dead meat. econs, sudden loss of memory even though i studied the first half of the notes!
i slept at 8pm last night leh, cos i was tired from eating dinner(ate halfway and slept), and i woke to find that my phone was vibrating non-stop even though no one was calling me.
then the following morning it died on me.
when i needed it most(mrs chang smsed me, mr lee too, other mates and friends, etcetc).

but then halfway through gp, when we were talking about over reliance on technology, i fiddled with my phone and suddenly it came to life.

then mrs chang called me during pw and i went off before lesson ended to find her.

i didnt do my chem work. i realise i havent done ANY chem tutorial since 2010.

bio at least still got do abit. but then all my answers are different from the answer scheme.


gp...if i combine my grades with my name, i'd be teo eeeeeeeeeeeeee.

art... i scored pretty well for the mock test (which is not significant in any way because its not counted in overall grade) but i got the passing mark for the real test (while others scored up to 85% of the score.)

i dont take it, but so mayn subjects involve math concepts.
at least, thats what weian said.
pw also. survey. some part of math right?

ah. torture.

i'm gonna go do work. honestly i think im sleeping alr.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010
i always find it more comforting to blog in chinese when i'm not happy.
it just gives what i say more authencity.

today was like any other day.
i'm beginning to think that there will never be another day unlike today.

the trip home today was a pensive one.

"Living without Life."
i thought it's what sums up the21st century.

sometimes i feel that a smiley makes everything look a degree sadder.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
my computer died on me after a few shudders.
so now i'm using lappie to check email.

i think i named my previous, cool, sleek, black lappie max or something.
kinda sad that i lost max.
using this white one, which is sorta my dad's.
i didnt name it.

anyway today was not a xiaoming day, because nothing much went wrong except that i disfigured myself by putting toothpaste on my face and now ive got scales.
ok, exaggerated. but you get the point.

toothpaste is no good for skin!
dries it up too much. only good if you have a big boil or a gigantic pimple that you wanna dehydrate.
ok, im off topic.

my original point was that today's not a xiaoming day except the toothpaste thing, and except that i couldnt find a pair of matching socks this morning.
its not noticable, but im kind of anal about these things.


havent posted long posts for a long time.

after my personal trauma from blogging (its personal so im not telling you what happened), i kind of shrunk my blogself such that i only post random, short, dadaist (this is an art movement that created many random artworks which have no meaning. i.e. nonsense) posts.

but now's post-trauma even though i dont think i'll still blog as often as i used to.

life has been a hurricane. my weekends are always about mso.
i'm beginning to think that after mso, i might suddenly find my life's purpose gone.
ok, exaggeration again.
i'm an Expressionist that way.
slightly dramatic. slightly.

today was quite exciting. 2.4 in the morning. my counter told me 3 rounds when it was my forth and i grumbled my way through the round before he decided to stop bluffing me and tell me the correct rounds i've run.
of course, i didnt grumble aloud. i just chanted "gotta run another round. urgh. nvm then. gotta run another round. urgh. nvm then. gotta run..." silently.

in the end i really did get over it because i decided that running 1 more round didnt make a difference.

while i was running, this junior(counter) said 'jiayou teoee!' everytime i passed her, and i'd say thanks in reply,. but because of human reaction error, i always say thanks to the girls beside her and honestly i'm kind of peeved that i dont know who's my dear motivator, if you're reading this, tag 'i eat pineapples' so i'd know who you are and thank you properly.

<3 guides.

ok, so 2.4. jas gave me a scare. didnt know what to do):
glad taoqin and linda were there too.
they recounted the funny things that happened during the run (like joshua shouting when his counter told him its his last round) and i thought, gosh i really like my class.
everybody's friends with each other. feels really good.

speaking of which, liwen tells me she likes her class alot alot too.
everytime she says it i have an impulse to defend my class too, but i guess she wouldnt see whats so great about 5c45. i cant really put it into words either.
its lucky we both like our classes. it makes going to school less of a torture.
btw 4k people makes me feel happy instantaneously.
the sight of them just makes me :D :D :D

i cant wait for the green bean plant to grow.
hope it'll grow l;ittle beans in a few weeks' time.

my brother has always been better at planting than i am.
his green bean plants'd always grow really big while mine stops at a few leaves. The only time mine was half as successful as his was when i actually harvested 2 pods from one of my plants and got myself about 5 green beans in total.


i just took my dinner.
couldnt finish cos i stuffed myself with instant noodles an hour ago (hungry from not eating for the wholeee day).
now i feel so full, you zhao zhou gong de chong dong.
sleep kicks in when i have urgent things to do.

btw ive learnt to distinguish between urgent and important.

seeing the mexican pig makes me happy too, even though i often wish it wouldnt see me, cos im often in a mess and that embarasses me.
(yeah yeah i should get used to it right-.-)

that day i retied my hair after jumping around loads and getting really messy. then when i waltzed into class, vivyan said i looked different because i was neat for once.

ouch, says my ego.

blogging helps me procrastinate stress, which sums up my entire workload.
though of course, now that i'm almost done blogging, its gonna come back at me double the force.

back to work.
pi, receipt claims, mso, and start learning chem, as well as do econs tutorial.
unless i wanna get kicked out of class and disappoint dear dear ms chew.
chem's bad. im relearning everything. i dont even have a clue as to whats going on.
play too much during lectures, and stone too much during tutorials.

baaaa so messed up.
but i guess it'll come to pass. just as everything else does(:

sometimes i just wanna go on a vacation on a very very small island with a pet dog and some bananas, and keep fishing (does not refer to 5c45's version of fishing ok. yikes!).
what a relaxing scene, no?
(i was gonna say pet monkey, but i realised it'll eat my bananas)

then i'll roll in the sand and nobody'll say i'm a dirty lil kid(:
ah. bliss.
i'll start a fire and roast my fish, and feed it to the dog while i eat the bananas.


ok, end of imagining session/my sudden episode of surrealism.

back to lovely reality.

Sunday, May 2, 2010
> : (
grouchy-faced smiley called grouchey.

my eyes are going to explode from excessive computer radiation.

Saturday, May 1, 2010
speech day, then yjc investiture.
yjc investiture was touching.

glad to have received a message at a random moment, on a random day.
where's my lemon?

i havent been to pottery lesson for 123456789 weeks.
cant go again today because i've got PI to do.
by tonightttttt.

needa meet My Wang Ruo Nan very soon.
wanna return her some stuff, and find an excuse to eat ice cream at kallang.

jiayou for pltc.


get one from cbox!
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