Thursday, July 17, 2014
I just looked over at my tagboard and am once again reminded of all the silly people who surround me hahaha they so cute!

See too many cuteness already lah ok??^^

Today i met pearlyn for a nice meal at swensen and then we walked around muji and daiso and went to the cc with our usual milk tea (except this time i had peach green tea because i got influenced by chris. but no next time its back to milk tea from my favorite uncle!)

Pearlyn and i can talk so much seriously i am quite amazed that we dont run out of things to talk about? So we updated each other on what we've heard recently etc and then talked extensively about singapore's banning of books for pro-family reasons...and about people arguing about homo or non-homo because of this heatedly...

although somewhat relevant, i think heated arguments that ive seen thus far get a little off-topic when it becomes a debate about whether homosexuality and non-conformist families are acceptable...cos honestly i think to me this issue is more about the pertinence of censorship, and who has the right to decide what the public can receive. ....but okaaay...lets just shun bian talk about whether sexual orientation is abomination by God too..amongst you guys while I listen in. While I have opinions, I'd rather not actively argue for them  (say, go on forums to engage in other netizens) unless its for the sake of discussion amongst calm friends, because most of the time people get defensive and I dont need to deal with that. So it was great chatting to Pearlyn, although she didnt seem too interested at the start hahaha.

Strange though (and i brought this up with pearl), why some religions say God didnt make us all believe in him despite him being omnipotent because He wanted you to go to Him of your own will...but then their members argue for censorship of materials that do not align with what their scriptures say. What happened to finding God through your own will? If youre gna passive-aggressively "guide" people to follow your faith like that, God might as well have made us all religious right from the start.

Well yeah about the censorship thing I think it wasnt a very apt move because limiting knowledge and silencing people (btw the books didnt even seem to promote homo hahaha..not until the issue blew up anyway) reflects insecurity and though history all cases of book-burnings have always been associated with oppression (burning of books by the Qin Shi Huang i think, and also by Hitler because communists and jews were not agreeable to him) if the conventional male-female family really is the best and the most correct, then why fear some little stories messing with people's sexualities. If you're worried about your child becoming homo after reading those books, why not just teach them otherwise using the books as an opportunity to broach the topic (since you say homo is nurtured and not natural..then i'm sure you could nurture otherwise )...there was no need for that censorship except perhaps for singapore to make a stand on her (in)tolerance of alternative families. (i'm not even talking about whether it IS nature or nurture haha cos idk and i think it doesnt matter tbh. so what if its nurture...civilization is a product of nurturing too.Manners as well. No one's complaining about those.)

Well thats what I feel. On the other hand, yeah nlb is an institution so if they feel their books go against their values then so be it lor haha then it makes sense to ban the books.(except yknow, maybe we might want to consider what the nlb should represent..cos it is an institution but its a library too..and libraries are kind of expected to promote ideas...even if you think theyre wrong ideas.)

blah bah bah i could go on, but its 4am and i'm going to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway cos its so smart and funny. tata!

I dont really want to blog in detail about my stance on homosexuality, though i'll just say that I think its alright simply because I believe in a person loving another person. If we all saw each other as people just like ourselves, life would be so much simpler. No gender wars, no racism, no bigots cos we're all the same souls.

:) Just a blogpost on my current thoughts. Not looking to start a war or a discussion unless you be chill and hang out with me.

Sunday, July 13, 2014
A dream I didn't conceive myself? If my life is dedicated to service for the people I care most for, then what right do i have to speak of dreams. I just want a normal life, but the norm has already become too difficult to achieve without being extraordinary  

I've been a child all my life. Adulthood is too sudden.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
This is it. I've realized a fair bit this break, but its nothing that I hadnt known before.

Friday, July 4, 2014
looking at photos of my juniors from guides and updates on their life via social media makes me realize how much they've grown and how much older i must hence have become. My three dearest gems yiting michelle and crystabelle have all blossomed into such beauties, it's touching and possibly quite strange too. I also learn more about other juniors through facebook more than i ever did in real life. For example, discovering that rachel's sister is actually rebekah..who's in aki with me now, and well, it extends beyond my patrol, really. Claire, Jiamin, Adelyn, even Cas who is still quite the weirdo..i think, hahaha (yes yes the latter two are orchidites, i tend not to be consistent in my rambles).

Tonight is one of my lows. I suppose i might seem to swing easily from one mood to another from the looks of my blogposts, but while it takes a second for you to jump from one post to the next, i have had life happen to me in between so i hope i dont seem toooo erratic for yall. ...

...but yes i'm erratic. It was all fine and dandy till like an hour ago because i tend to overthink and am perhaps overly sensitive in certain aspects. yet for all the apparent expression and release that blogs offer, anonymity and indemnity against haters are not one of them, so i sometimes end up cryptic (not that i have enough readership to have haters hahaha so far in all these years, only one could count.)

I want to rant about my insecurities and bash myself but i know that ironically this isnt the platform because i'll have people calling me out for being an attention whore or even worse, help them realize i'm all the things that i feel ugly about. so here i am, fingers hovering the keyboard but really, not saying much of what i came here to say.

most of life is imaginary. our only point of contact with it is in the moment, and everything else is a reconstruction or a prediction.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
pearlyn, despite being unwell, came out to meet me for the movie. what a darling! hope she gets well really soon and had a good time just now.

i kept talking to her during the movie, and no i dont usually do that unless i'm watching from home, but there were just too many funny moments to share! the cinema was super un-emotional haha nobody laughed at any of the things pearl and i laughed at.

we watched Walking On Sunshine. Yes, the name is cheesy, the poster is cheesy, and the movie was cheesy too. any movie that starts with a couple laying on the beach, saying i love you and playing in the sand is a doomed cause for lactose-intolerant peeps...but cheesy can be funny!!

lactose-intolerant friends, be warned!

pearl and i discussed which characters we liked and disliked as the movie went along, and pearl kept predicting the story - accurately too!! It was fun.

The movie was a worthwhile trip to Orchard Shaw Lido because the sound system is A-MA-ZING. I can hear the direction of stuff, yknow? The show itself was good too, for a free screening, haha. I wouldnt pay to watch it though, cos i personally prefer shows like Inception, Edge of Tomorrow, and the likes. Star Trek is :D:D too. Cheesy shows I'd prefer to watch in my room when i'm in a chick flick mood...but my usual chick flick moods mean blondes in pink miniskirts and their bimbotic sidekicks. Yeah, judge me.

I won a pair of tickets to the same movie, and for today's screening too! Too bad i didnt see the email till just before the show, so i didnt get to pass it on to others.

Pearlyn was super funny! I'd catch a moment in the movie i cannot believe, then turn to her and find her chuckling to herself HAHAHAHA. watching with her was THE BEST. delightful experience :D

Prior to meeting pearl, I went to meet chris for a quick lunch and we tried cooking creamy pasta for the first time! Tastes goood haha. I keep feeling faint though, when i cook. I dont even know why, but its the second or third time that ive excused myself midway to lie down. Besides that, chris also said we should cook for pearlyn! I love that he looks out for my friends :) he so nice.

Oh and yeah, I was wearing this shirt that had a button which kept popping out (must be all the ice cream ive eaten this holiday omg), so chris lent me his computing shirt to wear and i put my original blue top over it to meet pearl cos I didnt want to look bochup for the movie that she invited me on (yay! thanks pearlyn!!). Now i smell strongly of him...which is absolutely awesome because he's the nicest-smelling boy i've ever met!! The only other person whom i remember having wanted to smell was xiaowei. other friends of mine have no scent leh, but xiaowei smells of nice powder and chris smells like addiction *heart shape eyes*

oh yes this is the creamy al funghi topped with seared chicken - nicely plated hehe

TADA, found a pic of chris' masterpiece. Cant really see the cream in the picture cos our pasta to cream ratio was a little on the high side, but hey, not bad at all isnt it?

I am living the high life here, babeh.

and to end the day with, my papa gave me a bottle of chic-looking cranberry juice! (which i drank along with a burger my mom left me. no wonder that button popped. yikes, ought to work out and rid myself of all the buffets/suppers ive had.)

Alright, done for the day. Toodles, with complementary gush on the Italian stallion in Walking on Sunshine:
This is not even the hottest form, but i cant find a pic of him with his sexy pelvis tan line as he washes upon the beach

...and then there's this. Italians in Italy huh? hahaha

life is good, life is so good right now when i'm on my break from everything, when i can live like my dream.
sure, sucky things happen day to day, but i'm at my happiest now.

life is uncertain. i dont know when i'll feel like this again. if ever. but i really cherish this.

pearlyn asked me out to a movie tomorrow as she had won a pair of tickets from the contests we keep joining. i'm so glad she asked me :) contest-buddies ftw!

we also won the hiruscar contest yay!

i was thinking about the double date i had with chris by invitation of his mom some time ago, and i still find it so cute that his mom wanted to double date me??

my parents just celebrated their wedding anniversary a while back. how do people stay married so long, seriously. enough time for a BABY to become a BIG HUMAN.

and i caught transformers with my dad and bro. uh. entertaining :) a sort of chick flick i guess, cos the plot was so meh. so very meh.


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