Sunday, August 31, 2008
My math tution teacher told me about this straits times newspaper, that published little notes the students write about their teachers.

if only i had know about it earlier.

then you'd have seen Ms Fang's face appearing : D

remember our unique"loi"?
its so sad we didnt get a patent for its copyrights,
cos ive heard lots of non-bangs say it.
and it feels weird,
cos when i wanna respond to it,
i realise that those people arent bangs):


i regret not writing notes):
especially for bio.
i quited halfway,and now my notes look horrid.

i still <3 my sec1 and sec2 bio notes best(:
even though i dont read them,
but i do like showing it off to my mum.

by the way,
i only copy notes for bio until half of this year.
other subjects...nah.aint no notes worth copying.

i feel like having something to laugh at/with.
i want to laughhhhhhhhh.
but sadly, i only laugh when it aint a holiday.
its called "seasonal laugh"LOL.

actually ive just laughed yesterday.

i watched our yr4s' LA films on youtube.
and i especially like "too late to apologise"
its a horror,
and really,
the film's creepy.
: D
~the old lady...
(reminds me of xuhong)

i want to sit in 2A again with no absentees(:
sit beside jasmine and sharon.
and xingjie,who's beside sharon.
we'll spend all day trying to act refined, drink poka green tea and eat scones, and of course, pringles.
we'll laugh about Poopie(aka xingjie), and take morning walks around the track(:
jasmine will act like unrefined tom robinson,
and she'll not sit with her "correct posture",
unlike sharon and i.
sharon even made xingjie sit with "posture" before O.O
ah,the funny ole' times(:

sitting with sarah's funny too.
she'll draw sick stuffs on scrap pieces of papers,
together with sally.
and she'll ALWAYS have mangas under her desk.

喜新厌旧 aint good.
its quite hurtful actually.

kimberley and heathers' acting in class is always so funny : D
gagagaaa, the best comedy partners(:

project working with felise and chingwoon is really fun(:
fun and on task.

ive just remembered the sec1 LA project.
the Animal farm one.
POOP: pupil's organisation of progress
NERD:new electrical radiational device.
or the more popular version,
NERD:Napoleon ____ red donkeys,


hweemean and her BOOHOO.
she's left a legacy after her mien.
the BOOHOO and zhao pai move: D

and kimberley's "walao!" hand action.

and the bus rides on bus 59 with wannung after 3rd lang.

and the times WanYing squashed on eeky bugs,awwwww.
("uhoh,bad memories....."-wannung)

$2 Nung(:

lots of people still spell wannung as WangNung.
im not sure which one she prefers,
but i like wannung more,hahaa.
the name's inspired by THE GOOD EARTH's WangLung,
she's so creative.

doria, sigh,she's not in dhs anymore.
everytime the teachers mention somebody with good results,
everybody turns to stare at doria.hahaaaa!

niuniu,aka xiangyu aka ruliang(:
so pro.tsktsk,
leadership skills are superb.
she said she wanted to study in paris once.
such a cool dream(:

im wasting my time here.
i should go clean my room.



i havent gone back for 2 consecutive years.
because of projects.
because of school.

is schooling erasing our roots,
or trying to find it back for us?
their actions and speech do not correspond.

my love is not a one way train
bring it back, before it rains
dont let me hold my own coarse hands
instead of holding yours

F F B(flat) B(flat) F F G D(sharp)
C D D(sharp) D(sharp) D(sharp) F D
C B(flat) D D G F D B(flat)
F G A B(flat) C D C

and if you decide to come back
there'll be nothing that i lack
because girl you're my one and all
believe me so,
its true,
i know.

: D

i can see why you feel this way.
but why did you lie in the first place?
youve brought me up right to the top of the world to push me down.

and im wondering,
did you fall with me too?
maybe you've lied to more than 1 person.

just maybe.

Saturday, August 30, 2008
Annabelle knows glada and wenzhong.
suddenly smsed to ask me about them.

and yingying knows gabriel,

and hweemean's friend knows shenghan.


feels like a food chain._.
linked everywhere,
but originating at the same source.
The Sun, 6/10(:

phone no credit again.
was going to call up Mr Goh(not emily's father,duh-.-)
but...oh wells.

guess who Teo Yen is.
haha.any idea?
: D

i saw your picture and fell in love with it.
and im afraid i'd only like your picture,thats all.

my room's so dirty.
i'll clean it up after EOYs(:

i miss Annabelle,haha.
of course, she misses me too(HAHA,im shameless)
> : D

i think patrick < : D's under the sea.
havent seen him for quite awhile.
noob patrick < : D

#1 The person who last tagged you is:
#2 Your relationship with him/her is:
beloved sister guide : D and more...hahaa.*receives jealous stares from JFC*
*JFC:jennifer fan club
#3 Your 5 impressions of him/her -
seh,pretty,smart,sweettttttt!, attractive
#4 The most memorable thing he/she has done for you:
made friends with me(:
#5 The most memorable word he/she has said to you:
said she love me and meant it: D
#6 If he/she becomes your lover, you will:
she already IS my lover,hahaaa.
#7 If he/she was your lover, a few things he/she has to improve on:
she's perfect just as she is.
#8 If he/she becomes your enemy, you will:
apologise.(listening to it now,LOL)
#9 If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
we had a misunderstanding?i dont know.doesnt seem possible now mah.hahaa.
#10 The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is:
love her back,hahahahahaa.
#11 Your overall impression of her shopping:
we dont go shopping together, i think?i dont like shopping):
#12 How do you think about how people around you will feel about you:
feelings are hard to describe hahahahaha.
#13 The character you love about yourself:
character? erm, "艺" i guess.haha.
oh wait, you dont mean chinese character?
if you mean 性格, i dont know):
#14 On the contrary, things that you hate about yourself are:
i dont hate myself.i just dislike the fact that im so lazy,and irritating,and slow,and loud):
#15 The most ideal person you want to be is:
me.i love me.hahaa.
#16 For people that care about and like you, say something to them:
i care about you and like you too.hahahaha.
#17 Pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wish to know how they feel about you:
1. Jennifer
2. Esther Hong
3. Fiona
4. Xiaowei
5. LiHui (jenn said liying wont do de,LOL)
6. Cassandra from Orchid p2
7. Michelle Teo
8. Jenn's servant(i hope there's some qns below that puts them together,hahahaa)
9. WanYing(i wonder if she visits this blog)
10. Wannung(i wonder the same too,haha.)

#18 Who is 6 having relationship with? [Cassandra]
AHA!i saw her with that npcc guy*hinthint*
somebody(i cant remember your name,sorry),a guide from 1H, told me his name's Kent(is it?).that's weiwei's junior.HAHAHH!> : D
(actually im just joking.)

#19 If no.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing? [Michelle,wannung]
nope.michelle's so sick that wannung wont be able to take it.
: D

#20 How about no.8 and 5? [lihui,jenn's servant]
eh,nope.lihui's already got ____ le!(LOL,im joking kays?)

#21 What is no.2 studying about? [Esther Hong]
she's on a course called "know more about YOGA the best 19 yr old Singer ever!!"
lol.hey,esther!his "wo ai de ren" is niceeeeeee.

#22 When was the last time you had a chat with no.3? [Fiona]
chat?you mean talk?erm,yesterday,friday,teachers day, in school: D

#23 What kind of music band does no.8 like? [Jenn's servant]
i dont know this person actually. jenn'd know what music!: D

#24 Does no.1 has any siblings? [Jennifer]
yes!an elder brother and lots of sisters in guides, brothers in scouts!

#25 Will you woo no.3? [Fiona]
i'd let ___ do that instead.hahahaaaa.=x

#26 How about no.7? [Michelle]
she's got that person called who arh?erm, aiyo,i forgot.tell me the name again,cryst and yiting!hahahaaa.

#27 Is no.4 single? [Xiaowei]
uhoh!>:D dont think so leh...xiaowei....tsktsk.naught le arh?HAHAA!:D

#28 What's the surname of no.5? [Lihui]
Ng,haha. it'd be ___once she said "i do".hahahaahaa.

:D#29 What's the hobby of no.4? [Xiaowei]
Admiring E4 and 49, and of course, trying to spot her all time favourite PS, ovidia!!: D

#30 Do no.5 and 9 get along well? [LiHui, WanYing]
I dont think ive intriduced them to each other before,but they might know each other, i dont know o.o

#31 Where is no.2 studying ? [Esther]
Dunman high, Hotspur 06, 07 3J08
she's also studying yoga over the internet,i guess?

#32 Talk something casually about no.1 [Jennifer]
i could write an esay on that.Jennifer is a good heat emitter. she's real hott.hahahaa!right,lihui?> : D

#33 Have you tried developing feelings for no.8? [jenn's servant]
of course not!stupid question-.-i should have placed this name under another number that'll match with [1],hahaaa.i.e. cheat.LOL.

#34 Where does no.9 live at? [WanYing]
Near Me!:D

#35 What color does no.4 like? [Xiaowei]
ive never asked.O.Oso what colour dyu like,xiaowei?(:

#36 Are no.5 and 1 best friends? [lihui,jennifer]
yes: Dhahahaaaa.right?

#37 Does no.7 like no.2?[michelle,esther]
of course!!why wouldnt she?same patrol leh.p2 Orchid is the best!hahahaaa.

#38 How do you get to know no.2? [esther]
Guides!Orchid p2 whoooooooooohoo!

#39 Does no.1 have any pets? [Jennifer]
yes!i remember she wanted to show me her tortise!: D

#40 Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world? [Michelle]
haha,yea,especially to that (i forgot his name) right?
oh, and to her best friend, cornelia too.hahaa.

talked to derrick today.
he said,

"i dont aim in life.
i just shoot."


~shut up and drive

no,of course im not thinking of you.
why would i?
just because you think of me, i gotta do the same for you?
you know i dont mean it.

eating cereal in the morning feels good.hahahaa.
i only eat breakfast during holidays.

"so your name is just Ee???!"

Friday, August 29, 2008
i want to say farewell, but dont know how to.
i keep saying "see you" instead.
i dont like it.
because really,
i dont want to see you too much in case things happen.

hey,isnt it qianting's birthday today?
i forgot to say happy birthday to her today):
forgot to pass her the present too.
oh calamity.


happy teachers day to all teachers.
this morning was a frenzy of last minute present-making,
and dressing up was not bad.
3k was really striking(:

we were all pink panthers.

shien's movie-theme made her one step closer to her dream.
: D

jiateck gave 3k some food rations.
i sort of...assumed that the others would take the leftovers back for class storage, but erm,
im not sure if any of them did that,
cos i didnt exactly tell them-.-

after school, went to meet some 6/10 people at macs.
talked abit, and i realised nobody's really changed.
cept that annabelle's wearing specs, gabriel's switched to IP course, and i found out that derrick's in badminton,junjie's in ncc, gabriel's in debate and basketball(i think), annabelle's in st johns.

teoee's in guides, of course.
i was a little...O.O-ed when they assumed guides was about sewing and cooking.
and i'm just afraid dhs guides might really end up being a time slot set aside for sewing and cooking.basically weak-women/ladies in construction. easily-oppressed girls' in the making.
aint it right?compare olden days and now,
olden days: girls sew and serve=female oppression
modern:girls have career, girls RUN, girls stand up for themselves=males and females are equal

stayed for awhile with 6/10,
surprised they still remember where i live(i remember yours too.842H right?HA.)
then after that, left to catch movies with hanxi at usan's house.
watched national treasure(i think) and bourne something(i cant rmr the whole name).
cool movies: D

usan's dad said that those shows were more for boys.LOL.
: D

funny stuff happened with the gate.
as hanxi and i were about to leave,
usan called me back and waved my phone at me.
i went back to retrieve it, and somehow, the gate(small fence-like gate) was locked.
it wasnt locked when i came out, and i wasnt even 4 steps away from where i had left,
so i thought:eh?what happened?O.O
then i decided to unlock it myself.
and i realised the lock was on the opposite side from when i first saw it!

then usan started laughing and i finally discovered...
i was trying to open her neighbour's gate instead-.-
as in, i wasnt thinking properly and while looking at usan,
imagined myself to be opening her gate when i was actually fooling around with her neighbours' gate.
lucky nobody else saw, they'd think i was trying to break in.

reached home just now, smsed hanxi a couple of times in reply for fun when we were at opposite bus stops,
and really,i hate smsing,
but hanxi's special.haha.

reached home, bathed and washed the pink hair spray away(horrid experience),
and now im here(:

i wanna start on the proposal with qianting and shien soon : D
dont ask me what proposal if you dont know it.hahahaa.

: D

i want to say those 3 words.
but you know what?
i wont.

Thursday, August 28, 2008
i hope 4K'09 gets MsFang again: D
i hope we dont change any teachers.

random fact: I've always wanted to have MrSiva as PE teacher O.O
wanna ask why?
ask then(:
but im not promising any answers k?
cos i dont really know why myself O_o

Today's movie was quite nice: D
The Jumper.
: D
i liked the 2nd session of QA too.
after movie,went to ruonan's house with songjia: D
really fun.hahaa.
first time ive done something like that with my seating mates(:
so happy,hahaa.

i like 3K(:
i just wonder if 3k likes me back?

im tired.
i enjoyed math test today.for those who didnt enjoy it that much, come on and cheer up, because i often tell myself, hey 50 years down the road, i'll scold myself for wasting my life away on tests.
enjoy life: D
especially while you can.
you never know when global warmings' going to strike O_O

i liked math test today because.................
actually i dont know why):
its not as if i did well, because hey, my whole paper was quite blank.

OHOH,bio was a little badly many questions i wanted to skip.
ended up realising that if i skip all those, i'd only be able to do a few mcqs.

thanks for offering to teach me mole concept(:
appreciate it: D

dont tell me youre sorry cos youre not
baby when i know youre only sorry you got caught

sigh, did another zuowen today.
well, it went better than yesterday's, but not much better.
at least i finished on time today.

and i know that he knows im not faithful
and it kills him inside
to know that i am happy with some other guy

been listening to songs at ruonan's place,hahaa.these lines got stuck in my

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
today's school-life session was horrid.
i really hate zuowen,seriously.
thankyou ruonan, for helping me with it. i know you dont like it either, but you still did it. thankyou: D

physics, PEH, hypocrites.
score so high and still cry out loud about how unsatisfied you are with your score.
you know, there might just be a little somebody called teoee, who scored WAY lower than you,
who cant "deprove" anymore because you cant really attain negative scores for test papers,i think.
i mean, its great that you want to improve, but doing all these things, why?
whats the purpose in lying to us, lying to yourself?
we're not stupid, you know?

anyway, im ok with my score, because honestly, i didnt owe that score to careless mistakes.
i seriously didnt know how to do.
everytime i see calculation questions, my mind says: SKIP IT.

luckily, some subjects dont include calculation(:

oh yea, i woke up at 6:40am today and STILL managed to get to school by 7:30am.
i was having a really cool dream, you see.
i wonder what it signifies, that dream,i mean.
are you wondering who i dreamt of?(:

moodle is not working AGAIN):
sigh,i needa go on to moodle to check the cip thing.i needa know when i needa get it done by.
oh eh, 3k,i'll tell yall about it tmr.

i went to buy some stuff for friday(3k's dressing up) just now(thank me,3k,hahahahahahahaha.just KIDDING.)

and on the way back,
met TSH!
surprisingly, he recognised me.
remembered my name wonders.
: D
that must be sign from heavens saying: ooyay teoee, youre gna go back to jyps on teachers day,hahahaaaaa.


i did my crime prevention thing.

oh, my geog term paper was done wrongly.
gotta redo.

anyway, went home with zixuan,ella,and ruonan today: D
met lihui and zhouhong on the way, then sarah,kimberley,peishan,esther,hillary later.

basically, today's after-school-life has been great till now.

i was so misearble in class today.go on, laugh, you nincompoops.
you know you want to.

got a little fed up when people ate in the classroom, fully aware that the mixed vege rice and japanese food are the most stinky stuffs to eat in a container.
its really very embarrasing to have a teacher walk in, knowing what the class had eaten for lunch.
just too bad that some people ...[/edit]didnt realise that.

i really like ruonan alot.she's a wonderful friend.

shyi treats saying:"teoee,zhang da le mei you?grow up already anot?" as a sort of daily routine.
everytime she sees me, she just HASto say that.
shiyi's scarier when she's being nice.YIKES.

vivyan(: just thinking of lunch, when we sat near the door(:
of course, i was holding my bio textbook and attempting to read it: D
left it in school-.-
and cant sign in to moodle.
all these=no studying le.

shall i do math?

jennifer's paper is still with me!

dangdangdang what tdo?

yall know what tdo le eh?

zhang lao shi(mr teo) taught chinese today.
so rare that i hear another zhang/teo.

must get ample sleep in preparation of tmr.
for once, i think im stressed.
my conclusion: wanting to improve but not being able to causes excessive stress.

eg. today, writing zuowen was so horrid. i felt that my zuowens were never decent enough for submission, and got flustered. then i just kept cancelling whatever i had written previously.
ended up with my not submitting any work at all in the end, until zhang lao shi said we could hand up after school, before 4:30pm.
im afraid that that'll happen for EOYs too.
i should really eat beep and die.

anyway, im a really bossy person.i can just feel it.sigh.

oh and, really, i cant understand moles AT ALL.

maybe i should quit 3rd lang just before o levels.
the day before.


anyway, i should go sleep, in case i wake up at 7:40 instead tmr.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Today, esther tan asked me a question i've often asked myself as well.
I really need the answers too, even though your case seems more pressing.
i pity villians.
really, i do.
its not as if they wanted to be bad ok?
you think they enjoy getting called baddies by lil' kiddos all the time?
(unless theyre insane)

sometimes, things just happen.
there's got to be dark to see the light,
unfortunately, youve been sacrificed as the dark.

I've started watching Ouran High School Host Club AGAIN.
stupid. just before EOYs summore.
tsktsk, its the end.


i want to improve(:
but who cares about what i want anyway?-.-
i wonder where jyps is now):
wanna go back with esther tan: D
i might see selina or ovidia too O_O

aha,xiaowei,i know you wanna come with me right???hahahaaaaaa.
: D

i cant catch up in schoolwork.
i want to write a story/draw comics on the life of teoee under teachers(:
i'll definitely talk about ms fang: D
there's something sick about my admiring her, i know-.-
but aha,(AHA!), love is blind....LOL. jk.-.-
i wanna write about all the teachers who's taught me too,hahaa.

but i dont often do what i want, do i?
i just keep wanting, but dont take action.

sorry, ive got a lack of initiative. maybe i'm banquo's descendant?
i cant take hints.
whenever hanxi,for example, says sarcastic things, i laugh along when i get it,
but sometimes, im really quite slow, and it takes me awhile to figure out if she's being serious or not.

eg, hanxi: wow. this bun is so tasty. dont you think so?
me: thinking---uh,her expression...cant tell anything,her tone...quite normal...huh?whats she talking about?

and i'd only get it when she starts being more obvious, such as:

hanxi: WOW!this bun is REALLY just SOOOOOO tasty!!!!!(-.-)
me: hmm, a lil' weird, expression that goes -.-, so means she's......sarcastic!......?

zzz wols.
yingying can laugh continuously for 2 whole minutes.
good job O.O
yingying loves UFO's googly eyes.hahahahahaaaa.
yikes!: S
zixuan(the 3k,girl one;i know there are lotsa zixuans right?hahahaa)
leaned her head on my shoulder : D
awwww,so romantic,hahaa.(:
i think she's an indigo child.(cool)
ya know, those children with purple auras?
haha, she makes me think of purple(:
xiaowei made me feel like i belong this morning(:
she gave me a yellow card with her best wishes on them,
and yea, she chose to give me out of so many dhs students!
and i really appreciate your acceptance, xiaowei: D
gaga, BANG!: D
lihui is really hardworking.
if only im half as hardworking as her.sigh.
its 10:10pm.
happy birthday jasmine lee sixian!!!: D
ruonan had fun with weiwei's drink today, LOL.
i wore ruonan's PE attire today.O.O
geog is extended.haha.
i needa do crime prevention scrapbook,sigh.
haolin,saufi and junjie's going back to jyps together(:

Sunday, August 24, 2008
friendship is like floating in a river.
some drift away sooner or later, some can't withstand the water currents,
while some, cling on to you no matter what.
those who cling on, are the ones who are really sincere in being your friend.
and if you cling back, nothing will tear the two of you apart, even if youre going down a waterfall.


Saturday, August 23, 2008
today's skills training was ok.
after jihe, i wanted to meet p2 to tell them about _____.
then when they came, i totally forgot what i wanted to say!
i only thought,:aha!i remember its something quite important...
and AHA, ive just remembered what that important thing is after checking email.):

i hope they come online today.aww.

Friday, August 22, 2008
Today it started out with waking up at 5am.
Then i thought i could sleep for 30minutes more,
then i ended up sleeping till 6:08am.
still quite early, but well, i was actually planning to cram a little more physics stuff this morning.
oh wells.

then reached school, went directly to the grandstand(as i always do in the mornings-.-),
and took my physics file out.
Then i pinned my hair up, and was going to continue studying, but it was 7:30am already, so i kept my stuff and went with lihui, hanxi to see ms ngau.

ms ngau made some final adjustments to the proposal, and after she had explained the reasons for those changes, we went for flag raising. 'we' refers to sarah,hanxi,lihui and i.

flag raising was ok, nothing much, i think.
i cant really remember if it's today that Mr Sng spoke to the school, or yesterday because i lose track of time easily, but i like it when Mr Sng talks.
I like listening to those whom i respect.

oh wait.i've just recalled that the talk was yesterday.
oh so sorry.
today, after talking to ms ngau, we went back to class because it was raining.
we barely made it into class before the anthem started playing.

After that, we proceeded to the lecture theater for a lecture(duh) and guess what?
3K reached before any other class!
i mean, thats quite a cool thing cos i think it only happens once in a blue moon.

i sat with fiona,hanxi, and weiwei at the back today.
: D

after LA was physics.
physics test(:
the test, as always, wasnt properly done.
there wasnt enough time cos im slow, so i took the easy way out and skipped the calculation question totally.
then the last question, almost everyone's told me that they just dumped whatever notes they had learnt into the answer because that question is really weird, and few people know how to answer it.

ruonan wrote 3 words in total for that question.
not bad.
but i think she'll still score marks o.o


after that was math.
math was exciting, as usual.
i think i MAY not dislike trigo(:


after math was biology.
we went through the circulatory and respiratory worksheet, then started on plants stuff.
we revised blood types too. and there's this funny lil game that aids the lesson(:

chinese came after bio, and we listened to fa ru xue by jaychou after revising shui diao ge tou by something.
also known as su dong buo: D
then hong lao shi made us "memorise" this poem thing.sort of fun,hahaa.
i havent lang du-ed since primary school(:

after chinese was lunch,then the moe survey test.
it was like doing PSLE papers.
between math and english, i got...(______)
i did the english one.
we had to write a composition of 300-400 wordsO_O
and i realised, that ive forgotten how to write compositions.
essays essays and more essays,
no more creativity left for compos.
yingying felt that way too.

i think the extrenal person was a little angry with us.
we werent very respectful actually.
i think for their self-evaluation regarding this survey, they'd have to reflect that students do not treat the test seriously.
i mean,come on, even i wasnt exactly doing my best.
nobody even bothered to double check.
because the setting was just wrong.
setting as in the situation we were placed in.
everybody was just urging to go for their cca(you know how we love our own ccas) and just shaded the answers on OTAS sheets for the sake of shading.

by the way, the english paper consists of a compo and the normal paper 2 you'd expect.
all the grammar,vocab,closed passage, compre....etc.
quite easy(:

so glad i didnt do math.LOL.

after the test, a few of us guides hung around outside.
i helped lihui pack her bag o.o
esther was laughing quite funnily when i did so.heehee.
i was really tempted to look at her, but was afraid i'd blow my cover, so i just packed.

lihui and hanxi was laughing crazily outside too, and....
you wouldnt understand what i'm talking about unless you had been part of the "operation-pack-lihuis'-bag".

after that, decided to stay back. hung around with a few guides in 3I, and shien is really a chinese smartye.tsktsk.

then i went to look for ms fang(:
ok, here's the important part. the most intense emotion i felt today.LOL.

i realised that i didnt know how to do the trigo assignment 1, and no matter how others tried to explain it,(ruonan's a wonderful teacher.thanks: D ), i just couldnt understand.
so i decided to seek for professional help O.O

i went to look for ms fang at the staff room, and after struggling with that phone looking thing on the wall, i finally realised it'd be more efficient to wait at the door for a teacher and ask him or her if ms fang's in.

apparently,she wasnt in.
so i went to the library to look for lihui and jennifer.
we browsed through books like "chicken soup for mothers", LOL, Horrible Geog,...etc.
didnt actually read, but it was just nice being around books that could even be dated back to 1993(:
the year we were born,sec308s(:

then after that, i decided to try out the staff room again for ms fang(:

but she wasnt there.

and we,meaning hanxi,lihui,jennifer,xiaowei, were about to go home when we realised that it was raining O.O
so we stayed at the canteen.
and again, i tried to do that math paper,but of course, i didnt do much.
hanxi tried explaining, but i didnt get

then i stoned for quite awhile,wasted my time, and decided to try one last time for Ms Fang.

(i know,i know.this is getting boring...cos all i do is waste time,then look for ms fang,but i'm writing this for the future teoee in perhaps 10 years down the road, to read!-.-)

ok, back to the topic.

my third try was no better than the previous two.
so i thought, aiya, nevermind.i'll just find her another day.

so yea, we decided to pack up and leave.
hanxi went to the foyer toilet so i wetn with her and waited outside.

and THEN
i saw.
i saw!
Ms Fang, rushing around the general office, with her usual stack of worksheets.

and i was really tempted to go find her.
but then,
i started considering alot of things such as...

if i go, then hanxi may not be able to find me later.
and anyway, it was quite late already, i didnt want to stall ms fang.
plus, she seemed to be rushing.

and so, i just stood staring at her from the foyer steps, and as her image faded into the background gradually,
i felt my whole heart turn into a dull, greyish blue, dragging down in my body all the way until it reached the floor, the veins and arteries connecting to the heart, stretched to its extreme):
such, is the feeling of one denying oneself of knowlegdge and desire.LOL.

it was quite weird, i mean, im not exactly what most people'd call a "faithful" learner,
and really,i admit, i do procrastinate alottttttt,
but i just had this sudden motivation to improve: D
most would call that the just-before-the-end-syndrome.

you ever seen those oldies shows?
the ones where chinese people still wore floaty clothes and speak in poems..etc?
yep.thats where i first saw the just-before-the-end-syndrome.
its like, for example, there's this old guy about to die,
then one fine day, he suddenly grew healthier, and could sing and dance...etc,
but the next day, who knew?
he died.

my mum told me these things happen.
my grandpa behaved that way just before he died too,
(i wasnt old enough to remember.)

and yep, this sudden spurge of motivation to study,
could actually imply impending doom.

but oh wells,
by the time i finished that daily life story above, my motivation's gone.
so sorry,
i guess the doom's here

(this post was continued on saturday because i fell asleep halfway while blogging yesterday.very sorry to those whomi daoed online.i didnt fall asleep on purpose): lol.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
<3 my chem tutor.hahaa.
: D

Mr Chen's a great teacher.

Monday, August 18, 2008
listened to jay's qing hua ci song during chinese lesson today.
i admire his songwriter: D
duper chim chinese mien.
makes me think of zhu ge liang and liu

i really like the cip session at the childcare centre(:
its amazing how you feel when a child stops crying in your arms.

you make a difference.

Sunday, August 17, 2008
been listening to english songs nowadays.
i think they're much more practical than chinese songs.

english songs are about loss, standing up for yourself, or
stuff like avenue Q's songs just sorta voices out our own personal thoughts.

chinese songs are all about gooey love and eeky stuff.

but then again,
english songs tend to be more on the violent side, while chinese songs are sort of,happy?lol.

i keep wondering,...

maybe i'm just part of somebody's dream.
im not real, and when that person wakes up, i vanish into thin air.

or maybe, im in my own dream.maybe i'm already in the future, and they have this device that installs false memories into you, then they make you wear this weird looking helmet that gives you illusions and makes you think you live on "Earth", with "humans" and to make this virtual game more exciting, they also provide challenges like "saving global warming"stuff.if you lose, the game is over and "Earth" will explode.and you'll be blasted back into the future.

or maybe, i'm just a piece of matter.
yep, just a piece of matter floating around in space,except that i dont exactly float-.-
and i deceive myself with "feelings" and "priorities" and "smartness"...etc.
those are things that cant be seen,only felt.
and isnt "feeling"or sense of touch just another thing that we cant see?
why are we using unreal things to explain other unreal things?
wouldnt that make the whole thingy more complicated?

life is such a long dream.
some people choose to wake early, while some never want to wake up.
or perhaps, death is a dream.
and nobody wants to dream.

#$&%$#&$#*( what am i talking about?o_O

is darkness the opposite of light?
or just the absence of it?

is evil the opposite of good?
or again, just the absence of it?

why do people want to be all rounded?
kids nowadays,learn so much.
but jobs are not generated quick enough, cos people are too smart for manual labour.
they'll be jobless next time, and all their parents would have realised, hey, theyve invested in the wrong stuff.

child A learns a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z.
child B learns b.
they learn everything in 2 child B learnt a more in-depth b.

so when they apply for a job, A may have more choices, but A only knows abit of everything while B, with only 1 choice but because he manages b very well, gets a job, leaving A unemployed.



jya,change topic.
i dont really know the aim of the above chunks of words.

what are words anyway?
just some weird looking symbols which i bet everybody has got a different perspective of.
for example,even a simple noun eg, House.

everybody has a different idea of what a "house" is right?
some people think of cottages,
some think of being under a bridge,
some think of HDB,
some think of spaces that enclose people,
some think of it as a teritory.
so because of this, somebody tried to make up for the differences by saying that a house is just a place where you feel comfortable in, a place where you retire to after work or activities.
but who is to say that everybody feels comfortable in their house?

"home"is almost the same.
just another word to describe something indescribable-.-

im talking more and more about weird,random things,
i should probably stop wasting my time.
(by the way, what exactly does wasting time mean?is there a list of things that should apply to everybody so that nobody will waste time?such thing as a rubric for not-wasting-time?.......)

to prevent another long rant,
this "word" will end it all.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

The bumblebee had been tested by scientists. Their bodies were way too big, and their wings did not support their centre of gravity. Their wings were too fragile and their body was too dense. They were not meant to fly.

But they do, so can we.

Chase your dreams, care not what others criticise you of, you have the right to fly.

ok lol, that pictures' a little horrid.heres something nicer: D

practice makes perfect

but hanxi says that that's why nobody's perfect.
hope crystabelle's ok from the traumatising knock she got yesterday(:

went home with charmaine and songjia yesterday: D
charmaine and i were talking about our encounter in the mrt in yr1.
i cant really remember about it):
but she says it was after 3rd lang.
: D

this weekend is not very promising.
EOYs looming near, but i dont feel any different, anymore hardworking, anymore pressed for time.

and hey, i finally passed physics on the 15th august(or is it 14th?) with a score of 6/12

not bad eh?
but chem still fail la.
and please, dont ask me about math.

bio passed: D
but barely.

LA, dont even have tests...i think?
geog?fail la-.-i dont really know what they want me to write man.
pe?soon gna be graded,according to mr siva, but if that day comes, i dont really think it makes much of a difference to me.just another subject thats been modified from a "relaxing lesson" to a "must train for" subject.

nobody ever stops to ask, whats the purpose of these subjects?whats the aim?and how in the world is the aim achieved with tests tests and more tests?

aim of PE: to keep students fit, to give students a chance to excel in non-academic aspects.
then let it be la! giving students a chance is not equivalent to forcing that "chance"down a student's throat you know?
everybody's made differently.testing their physical fitness is discriminating upon the diversity of human beings.
even though actually, sigh, i dont mind pe being tested.
i dont really know what im talking agreeing, yet disagreeing with myself.

chinese,-.- most people agreed that hong lao shi marks strictly.
ever since june/july(when she first came to teach 3k),i've started failing assignments badly.
chen lao shi used to let me pass my assignments.(unless its really badly done)
and then the yue du bao gao was the best assignment i submitted, but she decided not to grade that piece of work.
and ONLY that piece of work.
im so suay, in that aspect.
sometimes, i really think that i invest in the "wrong-est" things.putting effort into those those investments was rubbish.
but anyway, at least im lucky in the sense that hey, i actually have the potential to do yue du bao gao!hahaha!!.

but heck, who cares about your potential.everybody judge based on what they see, not what they feel.
this society doesnt leave anything for the heart to decide.
even counsellors, those heart-healing people, probably have a rubric to determine what to say to which type of patients, i bet.

what a hypocritical place i live in.

i hope i dont become a teacher when i grow up.
its not that i dont like teachers.
just that i dont think being a teacher is fun.
its very extreme.
as in, extreme in the sense that if 1 person in the class doesnt like you, the rest of the class will probably follow after.
the lucky thing is that perhaps if you teach different classes, they may have different opinions of you.
and anyway, teachers have to mark so much work.
so much, unsatisfactory, disgusting,late,work.
and waste red ink anyway, to write comments that students most probably dont even care to read properly.even though actually,i like reading comments: D
teachers receive alot of judgements from others.and they're expected to do alot just to earn that measely sum of pay.
being a teacher means i have to be able to withstand moronic comments that students make about me.i dont think im up for that.

anyway, i shant elaborate too not exactly a fan of teachers or whatever.guess its just that when there are too much complains about them, there's got to be some stuff to stand up for them so as to keep the balance.
the balance of

being a cow is so sad.
we eat cow,slave cows, sacrifice cows, make fun of cows, and in the cartoon the cow and chicken show the Cow is the stupider character.
but i think cows are cool.cos i like milk: D

being a cockroach is ok though.
strength comes in numbers.

sorry,im just really random.
all these were though up of only because im drinking milk now.LOL.

ignore me.-.-

its 10:01am.
bye!im gna go watch something:)

Friday, August 15, 2008
i want to kick time in its shin and cripple it,

so that it may crawl instead of sprint past me without my knowing.

(tsktsk, so violent eh?sorry,Time, haha.lucky for you, im demure(HA!), and neh, i wont kick anyone)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
i bet i'll go bankrupt in the future.
i cant stand working with money.
this equals to my not being able to work in banks in the future.

i havent started on the handmade doll's house yet.
i wanna buy miniature light bulbs that i used to play with in p4 during science lessons.
remember the chapter on energy?
: D

oh, and i may try out cip with jennifer, liying,lihui and xiaowei.
provided that they still have vacancy.
sounds fun(: even though they described it as a little...too exciting.hahahaaa.
but i hope i can go(:

i dont like shelving books.too non-interactive.

: D

hi!the LOAN-SHARKY is here!: D
those who have ordered cookies from me,


15th august 2008.

you may knock onto 3k(container)'s door and call for me



because ive got over 20 orders and i'd hate to look for you


visit your individual classes,

and collect individual payments.

if you forget to bring on friday,

please borrow money from some of your friends

(: if you cant manage that then let me know bah(:

if i happen to NOT be in class 3k,

please get my classmates to pass me the money when i get

back.leave your name(:

this is so that you dont have to waste another trip to find me(:

bring the exact change.

i.e. NO exchange of money/coins..etc. ONLY payment(to me).

this is a one-way transaction(until the cookies arrive)

: D

thankyou for your kind attention.

oh the yr5s who are not in dhs, i'll pass you the cookie and collect money when you come back to dhs?(:

yr4s and yr5s in dhs,i'll find you?(:


Tuesday, August 12, 2008
we were talking,

..........(about something horrid happening to me)
me: *faints*(the dramatic shakespeare way)
cas: i can save you!(performs cpr)
cas: you revive already?
me: yea.
cas: guess my cpr works wonders
cas: whats wrong with my cpr?
me: just wondering where my dentures went after you did cpr on me....

cas: O.O
me: O.O

this is the gist of that conversation.not in exact words,but the idea's still there(:

missed not going to school today):
piano exam was a failure.

but Mr Paul Ellis is really cool and nice!: D
he made my exam time really enjoyable and i sorta feel sad that the exam only lasted for 12minutes or so.
anyway,he's him and find out.Lol.

sigh,but even a nice examiner cant save me le.
i totally ruined my pieces,sight reading, and scales.
only aural was ok.
but out of 150 marks, aural is only 18.

im sure i did better during lessons):
not used to the piano there.
i should have have booked a time to practise and their piano, get the feel of it.haha.
perhaps i'd be more prepared that way.

anyway, my piano teacher asked me not to worry, and ruonan says its difficult to fail(but ruonan's a pro).


and hey, actually i dont exactly feel bad.LOL/
just very ke xi i didnt play my best.

k,ranted enough about piano.
bet youre bored to death.

i love wearing my uniform.
i love uniforms.
guides uniform, school uniform,...etc.
so cool(:

next time, i may want to work in a uniform based occupation too.

oh, mummy told me that both papa and her thinks im studying the wrong course.
they think i should take up designer course,instead of studying math and stuff in school cos im struggling like mad and anyway, im not interested.


but i sorta like studying leh.hahaaaa.
in fact, i <3 studying.
i just dont do well in it, thats all(:

zzz.suddenly wanna do something else other than blog.

Monday, August 11, 2008
my parents are annoyed.
because the overdue library book's fees is difficult to pay.
need some card thingy.
no cash, i think o.o

but i've returned the book already.just havent paid the fine.

its all that yue du bao gao(over june holidays)'s fault):

(i know, i know, it's august already-.-)


Sunday, August 10, 2008
k, i was looking hard for a quiz that i could attempt.
as in, like a blog quiz thing, not that sorta school stuff-.-(duh)

but i didnt want to resort to cheapo quizes found online,
so heh.
i took lihui's innocent post about being weird as a form of quiz and here it is!

Reasons Why I'm Weird:
1) I drink 1 carton of milk per day, average.
2) i'm a girl biologically, but i hate sewing
3) i'm in 3k, but im not smart
4) i look out for 11:11pm
5) i talk to myself when i'm bored
6) i pretend i'm a goldfish when im in my room sometimes
7) i act my own plays when i'm slacking.
8) i like school uniform
9) i dislike running,but i love walking
10)i talk to people who irritate me nicely
11)i like pumping
12)i think macbeth is a sissy
13)i like pretty girls (LOLLOL)
14)i can sleep for more than 12 hours straight
15) like lihui, i curse myself if i sleep too much
16) i wish for insomnia(sleeplessness)
17) i like staying in school by myself
18) i like dancing in a container classroom when everybody has gone home and i'm alone(HA)
19) i joined aep even though i cant draw
20) i like even numbers o.o
21) i cant remember how to sing my own national anthem(so sad): )
22) YES I LOVE 22!
23) i love myself and my life and anything that has to do with me (in short, zilian)
24) i like bugs > : D
25) i dislike smsing to a great extent
26) i like blue and green but i want my future house to be brown and cream.haha.
27) i have perfect eyesight(yay!)thats so weird.means im not studying enough.
28)i watch indian shows whereby ladies dance in the rain and sing too
29) i know the theme song of dora the explorer and other children's shows.
30)i still cry over passing down sometimes.only sometimes,ok?-.-
31)i think crying is for nincompoops.
32)i can slack without guilt.sometimes.
33)i sleep through 5 out of 7 japanese classes and yet i dont want to quit(dont ask me why)
34) i actually try not to sleep during lessons
35) i like waking up wayyyyy early and going to school wayyyy before anyone else so that i can think in peace.
36) in short, i like an empty school.
37) i used to think listening to songs was a coolbie thing(in p4),and that imma noob, but now,(sec3)i think its just a part of life,hahaaa.
38) im not exactly a noob, haha. just a nerd.
39) weird thing is that i dont cry over results even if its dang horrid
40) i dont spew vulgarities. dang is not a is just a substitute for "very".
41) i spend less than $2 a day: D(im a thrifty guide,wu lao shi)
42) i dislike sandals/slippers.only shoes eh?lol)
43) i call xu hong xu-pest or hong-pestpest : D (XUHONG IS CUTEEEEEEEE)
44) i dont mind xuhong killing me if she reads
45)i love exams.
46)i like boasting that i can score well even though i dont study a single bit(even though i cant do that anymore these days cos i dont score well enough.i keep failing-.-)ah, the days of primary school.LOL.
47) i got 2/35 for math and im not clinically depressed yet.
48) i think ghosts are friendly.mostly.
49)weird,im typing all these even though nobody's reading-.-
50)i actually think i have a cool family.not the usualy teenage daughter you'd expect eh?

kk,i've reached 50.
shall continue if i feel like it next time.
too lazy for now.
it's 11:35.
i caught 11:11,
but lol, -----
zzzz zzzzz.

2)<<一杯鲜奶 >>

一个穷苦学生郝武德.凯礼,为了付学费,挨家挨户地推销货品。到了晚上,发现自己的肚子很饿,而口袋里只剩下一个小钱。 然而当一位年轻貌美的女孩子打开门时,他却失去了勇气。他没敢讨饭,却只要求一杯水喝。


当郝武德.凯礼离开时,不但觉得自己的身体强壮了不少,而且对人的信心也增强了起来。 他原来已经陷入绝境,准备放弃一切的。

数年后,那个年轻女孩病情危急。当地医生都已束手无策。家人终于将她送进大都市,以便请专家来检查她罕见的病情。 他们请到了郝武德?凯礼医生来诊断。当他听说,病人是某某城的人时,他的眼中充满了奇特的光辉。他立刻穿上医生服装,走向医院大厅,进了她的病房。医生一眼就认出了她。

他立刻回到诊断室,并且下定决心要尽最大的努力来挽救她的性命。 从那天起,他特别观察她的病情。经过一次漫长的奋斗之后,终于让她起死回生,战胜了病魔。 最后批价室将出院的帐单送到医生手中,请他签字。医生看了帐单一眼,然后在帐单边缘上写了几个字,就将帐单转送到她的病房里。


1) 背你上楼的男人




她认为,自己的生活太不协调.这样的恋情,从开始的那一天, 便仿佛注定了某一种结局. 他每天去接她,然后送到她所居住的白领公寓的电梯口, 道一声晚安,匆匆离去.


爬到一半他累了,他说休息一下好不好,她突然来了兴致,娇嗔着说不行.他就真的没有休息,一直爬到她的寓所所在的13楼. 她问他累不累,他说累,比扛包累.她知道他说的是真的 , 她有了一丝感动.但他们还是分手了.因为有时候,仅有感动,并不能够将爱情维持 .爱情的本身,除了感动,好象还有太多的琐碎.城市里并不缺少一个扛包工人,所以他回到乡下.

他偶尔会给她打电话,告诉她他现在种着大棚,挣了一些钱.她听着,淡淡的. 那时她已经有了新的男友,门当户对的,可以充门面,协调生活的那种. 然后某一天,他有一次打来电话,说他攒够了五千元钱,这些钱可以在乡下娶老婆了.她发现,突然间,自己的眼角,竟然有些湿润.

她新交的男友也是每天接她下班,送她至电梯,很绅士地道一声晚安,然后离去某一天她说,背我上去吧.男友说 ,行. 那时电梯停在一楼,男友背起她,飞快地冲进电梯.她伏在男友的背上,与电梯一起爬升,心却在飞快地下沉. 男友嘿嘿笑着,好象对自己这个带着幽默的小伎俩很是满意.那一天,她没有接受男友照例的吻别. 她给他打电话,她问他那五千块钱花出去了吗?然后她便发现自己泪流满面.他说花出去了。

她扔掉了电话,那一刻, 她觉得自己正在失去整个世界.

几天后她在电梯门口看到他,他的手里拿着一枚戒指,很高档. 他把戒指扬了扬,说, 五千块.她乐了.然后她开始哭泣,哭得一塌糊涂.



Saturday, August 9, 2008
my dad's just signed me up for a 5km "fun" run.

thats almost hmm....6 x 2=12.
almost 12 rounds around the track.

its in september.anyone wants to come?hahahahahahaha.

and heys, it says in the website that i might need to hold on to a lantern throughout the run.

wannung, want run with me anot?hahahaaa.

i have something else for vivyan.
: S

something cute for vivyan.
> : D

by the way, this is patrick:

<:D cute: D
lobos are really funny sometimes.hahaa.

i was thinking of Annabelle Lim Mei En that day.
i wonder if she thinks of me too.


One day, i'm going to publish a comic strip of all that has happened.
or maybe i'll just keep it for my own reference.

i believe that by 19 years old, i'd still remember you.

at the age of 18, we'd encounter 11/11/2011 11:11am.


do stars turn into moons naturally?
is it a natural phenomenon?
heh.i hope youre unnatural.LOL.

youre giving me cardiovascular,joking.

Friday, August 8, 2008
: D i want to go to the beach.anyone wants to go with me?ahahaa.

One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school.

His name was Kyle.

It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, 'Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd.'

I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on.

As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him.

They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt. His glasses went flying, and I saw them land in the grass about ten feet from him. He looked up and I saw this terrible sadness in his eyes

My heart went out to him. So, I jogged over to him as he crawled around looking for his glasses, and I saw a tear in his eye. As I handed him his glasses, I said, 'Those guys are jerks. ' They really should get lives. ' He looked at me and said, 'Hey thanks!' There was a big smile on his face. It was one of those smiles that showed real gratitude.

I helped him pick up his books, and asked him where he lived. As it turned out, he lived near me, so I asked him why I had never seen him before. He said he had gone to private school before now. I would have never hung out with a private school kid before. We talked all the way home, and I carried some of his books. H! e turned out to be a pretty cool kid. I asked him if he wanted to play a little football with my friends He said yes. We hung out all weekend and the more I got to know Kyle, the more I liked him, and my friends thought the same of him.

Monday morning came, and there was Kyle with the huge stack of books again. I stopped him and said, 'Boy, you are gonna really build some serious muscles with this pile of books everyday! ' He just laughed and handed me half the books. Over the next four years, Kyle and I became best friends..

When we were seniors we began to think about college. Kyle decided on Georgetown and I was going to Duke. I knew that we would always be friends, that the miles would never be a problem. He was going to be a doctor and I was going for business on a football scholarship..

Kyle was valedictorian of our class. I teased him all the time about being a nerd. He had to prepare a speech for graduation. I was so glad it wasn't me having to get up there and speak

Graduation day, I saw Kyle. He looked great. He was one of those guys that really found himself during high school. He filled out and actually looked good in glasses. He had more dates than I had and all the girls loved him. Boy, sometimes I was jealous! Today was one of those days. I could see that he was nervous about his speech.

So, I smacked him on the back and said, 'Hey, big guy, you'll be great!' He looked at me with one of those looks (the really grateful one) and smiled. ' Thanks,' he said.

As he started his speech, he cleared his throat, and began 'Graduation is a time to thank those who helped you make it through those tough years. Your parents, your teachers, your siblings, maybe a coach...but mostly your friends... I am here to tell all of you that being a friend to someone is the best gift you can give them. I am going to tell you a story.'

I just looked at my friend with disbelief as he told the story of the first day we met. He had planned to kill himself over the weekend. He talked of how he had cleaned out his locker so his Mom wouldn't have to do it later and was carrying his stuff home.

He looked hard at me and gave me a little smile. 'Thankfully, I was saved. My friend saved me from doing the unspeakable.' I heard the gasp go through the crowd as this handsome, popular boy told us all about his weakest moment. I saw his Mom and dad looking at me and smiling that same grateful smile.

Not until that moment did I realize it's depth. Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture you can change a person's life. For better or for worse. God puts us all in each others lives to impact one another in some way. Look for God in others.

this is a :D story.hahaa.

usan read my inbox.

but luckily my inbox is empty now save for esther, fiona, and lihui's sms.
only 3.sigh.

deleted 100s of smses, which 80% all went un-replied.
i hate smsing.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Wednesday, August 6, 2008
i may have stopped looking for it once, but seems that fate has decided to let it look for me instead.


we gave peishan a brick for assembly today.

why cant i just shut up.
im so noisy it's irritating.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
talked to kimberley today,YAY.
trained with ruonan and played M Game.
ah, the 2A life...

Monday, August 4, 2008
im deeply insulted.

there use a to be a guy who had both the looks and the brain. he often stood humbly and yet, had the posture of a confident person.

he mingled with all sorts of people, everybody loved him.

but then, one day, he strayed into a strange area where there were people with better looks and smarter brains, and they towered over him with their massive presence constantly.

he admired them, and wanted to befriend them, but they said that they would only make friends with those who could match them in their popularity.

and so, he decided to please them sometimes, and bent a little lower so as to let them have the better view of everything.

as time went by, he grew to bend more and more for others, until some time later, when a long lost friend met him on a lonely street, he realised that nobody took any notice of him anymore.he had been transformed from an admired figure to a nothing.

the moral of the story--please stand straight,dont hunch your back.

saw jinni in tm today,hahaa.
did project with mabel-san from AHS in tm macs.

very funny and funnnnn.
i like mabel-san ;D
maybe she's the reason i still take jap.haha.

Sunday, August 3, 2008
Let me do abit of self promotion here with regards to the GUIDES’ COOKIES!

Contents: -What are guide cookies?
-What are the benefits of buying guides cookies?
-How to buy guide cookies?

What are guide cookies?

Guide cookies come in rectangular tins of 30-40 cookies each. Each tin is $10. There are 2 flavours to choose from in 2008, and they are CHOCOLATE CREAM and CHOCOLATE MINT.

Chocolate cream is just the right thing to munch on in your free time, or when you are in a rush and want to grab a quick bite of lunch because chocolate has high energy content and will make you HIGH! This cookie has no drug content even though it makes you high and happy, and this has been scientifically proven! Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!
Enjoy the crunch when you bite into a cookie, the chocolate taste diffusing into every pore in your tastebuds, and you’ll wish you had bought a few tins more of cookies!
Try this if youre not up for new tastes and want to stick with the good ole’ traditionals.

Chocolate mint is also very popular! This has been proven by my personal choc-mint statistics. In year 2006, I sold about 14 choc-mint. In 2007, I had about 12 orders, and this year, 2008, I aim for 20! You will make a difference as to whether I achieve that goal or not, so make your choice now!hahaa.
This unique cookie is composed of two sides of crispy crunchy cookies and a veil of mint cream in the middle, the cookie is then dipped into a blanket of rich chocolate, and it’s awaiting for you to give it its quality checks!
So what are you waiting for?hahahaa.

What are the benefits of buying guides cookies?

First of all, all profits goes to the girl guides movement. “Your purchase will help us continue our guiding activities and training programmes that develop girls and young women to their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.” As quoted from a piece of paper the guiders gave us: D you’ll be doing a good deed to all the guides in the world, be a hero, buy some cookies!

Furthermore, the tins that protects the vulnerable cookies within is very aesthetically appealing. It comes in 2 colours according to the flavour you choose. Blue for chocolate, and green for choc-mint. This tin may be reused and will not decompose as it is made of metal, and it is also very portable as it is light. Its form and shape makes it very easy for you to store your supply under your school desk(hinthint)…SO THAT YOU MAY CONSUME IT DURING LUNCH OR RECESS.(ha,gotcha).

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans and beans, as everybody knows, is part of the vegetable group. Vegetables have been listed as a vital source of nutrition for human bodies, so this equates to chocolate being healthy too!(actually, im just joking,little kids out there,please do not quote me)

Chocolate=cocoa beans=beans=vegetable=health food.

How to buy guide cookies?

If you buy from me, here are a few things you are allowed to do too.
-share.that means you and your friend share both the cost and cookies, and I’ll just take down 1 order. There goes your problem of surplus of cookies/lack of $!
-pay by instalments. I’ll pay for you first while you give me a deposit of however much $ you have at the moment, and subsequently, pay me bit by bit.your last payment will grant you possession of the cookie,hahaa.

: D

Saturday, August 2, 2008
guide cookies for sale!
choc mint-$10
choc cream-$10

no macadamia this year, sadly.

anyone wants cookies?
order from any guide (or me,haha)by fridayyyyyy.
thankyou: D

hi. im a gene, isolate me.
it's 2:22AM.


get one from cbox!
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