Sunday, August 29, 2010
just because its busy, doesnt mean its exciting.

yeah. life.

Happy birthday Pearlyn

sorry that this (like your present) came (is going to come) late.
You like YELLOW so this post is in yellow even though it strains my eyes typing at nothing.

Darling ahh, i've said all the tian mi mi stuff via sms (on time) already (speaking of which, i realised i havent sent jas a birthday sms. ohno.) hahaa so this post shall be less intimate.

Let me do a personality quiz results thing for you even though you havent done any quizes.

Pearlyn, you are an intuitive person. You make awkward comments which are really funny and witty, and you often engage in smarttalks with your brother, which signifies an intellectual relationship between you and your family/peers. You are able to restrain yourself from saying unpleasant things in order not to hurt someone's feelings, and are highly sensitive to emotions. You're very hard on yourself, and is a very logical person. You struggle with complexities, and prefer to keep things simple, because life's good. While you often say pessimistic things when stress approaches, you secretly believe that you'll tide over difficulties and emerge even stronger. You want to comfort others when they are down, but you are often at a loss of what to say. Yet, your silence radiates warmth and care, and your sincerity is often felt by those around you.

You are childlike and naive, and you are very sure of who you like or dislike.

happy birthday, you have a cute smile,


Friday, August 27, 2010

i found a lizard in my can of chrysanthemum tea.

the story goes that i fell asleep before finishing that can of drink, and left it on my desk for about 3 days.
deciding to clear my desk so i can study for econs test later today, i took the can to my kitchen sink and poured the leftover tea out before dumping the can (so liquid wouldnt spill on the trashbag).

then this freaky yellowing limp thing (urgh, cant get the mental image out) slid out of the mouth, and for a moment i thought i had dropped some rubber band into the can,

but then a springy leg appeared!!

its like centipede tequila, except that it was a domestic lizard in tea.
it was yellowing.
i'm serious.

i cant study econs in peace now.
i keep thinking lizards'll just crawl into my shirt when i study, or creep behind my neck when i fall asleep.

shit. i want to go to school.


it was limp. and yellow. and sweating tea. dead. springy. like a piece of jelly. except that it had legs.
i didnt see the entire body.


econs now. i have 4 chapters to go:D
printing out case study now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010
a few hours ago was
Jasmine's 17th birthday!

happy birthday, milk-person.
don't mind that 2 of the seatmate-trio keep teasing you about M. C, and for giving you a 'theme song', haha.

thanks for making school a wonderful place:D
you're still cute, funny, creative, caring and thoughtful, even at the age of 17.
especially 17.
really appreciate having you around.
you cheer me up:D :D :D

happy birthday, Anzionian and 5CHorFun.
poopie lie.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
i sooo cannot wait for 31st august to pass.

sibei stressed.
kenapa semua work all converge together de...

year5 is the time to do nonsense.
next year is the real deal.

especially since i havent been building a foundation this year.
oh gosh.

bio spa tomorrow.
screwed chem up, though i know some screw better. or worse. i dont know.
but screw is absolute.
magnitude is not proportionate to emotional and mental impact.
we flunked it.

i got 0 for bio mock spa last question leh.

nevermind. overall not too bad.

shall not complain like some _______.
i cant find a proper word to descreibe my state.

i sound totally incoherent.

i'm gonna take a warm bath now, and pack my BFB.
and yes, even though i love the bag that hans jenn chua got me, i cant overlook the fact that i have fattened it.
big fat bag.


oh, and i'm really excited about Fried Rice Paradise.
cant wait for 31st aug.


eating lots, sleeping lots.
chengcheng says it means i'm not stressed, because stressed people are so messed up that they cant eat or sleep.
sometimes, pigs can feel overwhelmed too yknow.

poor pigs. i know you guys arent really lazy.
people just make you sound lazy so that they feel better about slaughtering you for food.
skinning you with a blunt chopper, picking at your veins,
laughing at your ugliness,
and such.
After Animal Farm, i no longer look down on Pigs.

Friday, August 20, 2010
i'm sick.
dont want to wake up early tomorrow, even though there's yog.

i love yog night shifts. the party's just so intense. everybody dances :D

jovina, play a song on your guitar for meee.

had early dinner with amanda and esther (in alphabetical and IQ order) before rushing for piano lesson today.
full of cotton candy, and full of hunger.
full of fun.
full of company i love(:
(i do not mean amanda, of course. she's a caveman-style pokemon. so uncute. muaha.)

piano was alright.
i wanted to practice a little before the lesson, but there were pros hogging the school piano today, and i thought i shouldnt xianchou. so yeah.

deadweight loss sounds more like an emotion than an econs term.
i feel like such a deadweight loss.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010
i keep sleeping at 6 or 7pm, and waking at around 4am.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
i'll be sitting in a rocking chair,
thinking about how young i used to be.
the rocking chair'd be by the porch, facing the sea.
it'd always be the sunset.
sun-kissed boys and little girls would run across the beach,
and they'd be shouting happily to each other.
somebody'd be walking her dog,
somebody'd be proposing a marriage,
and i'd just sit in my rocking chair and think about all the things i've always thought about.
existence, reality, death, afterlife, life itself, etc.
all the time. until the moment when i experience it all.

i cant wait to retire, even though i know retirement isnt like that in reality.
there isnt even a retirement age anymore.

work till death.
hi Boxer the horse from Animal Farm,
did you feel like i do?

Sunday, August 15, 2010
i met a Pedro from Spain from YOG.

cant elaborate. i'm not allowed to. boo.

Friday, August 13, 2010

i just want 15 min of sleep before discussing teacher's day stuff again...
but i know that 15min will drag on till tmr morning t_t
yog tmr.

so there. my mad rush in life, even though i'm going nowhere.

today is a great day.
friday the 13th, in the hungry ghost month, left-hander's day.

"Mr Tan, today is a day specially made for you eh."
"thanks ah-.-"

list of weird/eventful/generally unwelcomed things that happened today.
1.i woke up and realised i hadnt done EOM
2. i did eom and had to take the taxi in order not to be late
3. i shared a cab with 4 other girls, and didnt have the change so i got one of their contacts and offered to pay later
4.right after that, i turned around and hit a pillar
5.went for chem prac, and the lights went off suddenly due to Mr Tan's 'friend'.
6. then the lights started flickering.
7. then after lesson i went to present a proposal to the school management comm. with lovell and janell.(stressful.. 40+ teachers and principals etc. zomg.)
8. some stuff rejected here and there ):
9. missed PE and witnessed jasmine-love kena attacked by the ball
10.vivyan-love also had an eventful pe ):
>(insert) i forgot to mention..
a. smsed the taxi girl to pay her, but had trouble because i saved her name as her number in my morning frenzy
b. got class photos back, and my formal shots are anything but formal. in THE bad way.
11. hit the dustbin while walking to the library after school
12. didnt study, but flipped through a magazine about food-.-
13. chem consultation. Mr Tan suggested i drop chem, and he was appalled at how chemistrally (no such word actually) disabled i am.
14. dinnered with chua liwen and we had abit of accidents.
15. walked chua to her bus stop, and felt a weight on my bag. then after that chua felt it too. LOL!
16. we screamed, and i saw the old man on my right give a slight jump, though i didnt mention that to chua in case, yknow, i find out that she couldnt SEE the old guy.

ok. you can see that my list, is also a narrative (more of less) of my day.

good things that happened:
1. i survived and submitted eom
2. i met jo at the library!
a. jo asked me to go home with her! (but i didnt-.-)
3. i met songjia, zuoyue, char, and huijing at dinner.
4. smsed my dear:D

good to weird ratio:


but on balance, the good outweighs the bad!
because i say so.
yay optimism.

Thursday, August 12, 2010
dead tired.
just finished teacher's day thingy. thank goodness for lovell, who stayed up with me to discuss everything with mdm loh.
mdm loh stays up late too. all the time, i heard.

ah. econs test T_T
if i dont sleep, i'm honestly gonna die tmr.
so goodnight econs.
see you tomorrow.

at least i live through another night, though it shall be spent in sleep.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

one of my favourite photos:D

wheee i spent the entireee day trying to do redox remedial questions.
out of 9 questions (yes, i spent the entire day on 9 questions. laughs.), i didnt know how to do about 8.

should have listened in my junior high days.
no, scratch that. should have listened and practiced in year5.

well, at least i tried doing those questions :\
spent about 3 hours just staring at one, then moving on to the next, only to stone for another few hours.
then go out for lunch, do some grocery shopping with my family, and continued chem.
then napped-.-
then woke, then chemed.
then do random stuff like skimming through facebook and reading blogs that i havent visited since last year.
then chemed.
then blogging.
then going to do gp assignment liaoz.
i am so gonna need now.


*oh i forgot to mention that i also googled 'sleepless pills' and some website said tht people sleep to avoid the huge amount of workload tht they have. then they wake up, and have an even larger workload thn before.

so true, so true.

i havent checked dhsmail for an entire day.

so dead. such dread. oh 我的天呀。

i watched the national day thing on tv yesterday.
one of the kids in a video said "i want to grow up".

how do you feel about that?

i know its meant to be inspiring, full of hope and innocence, and etc.
but somehow, my first reaction was to be appalled, then feel immense sadness.

been doing useless stuff this entire long weekend.

my maggie meee is overcooked.
i forgot about it and let it simmer in the wok for too long.

today's a panicky day.
its the day when i say 'shucks. should have spent the entire weekend studying like *******'

fri: watched inception.

sat:didnt do anything constructive.

sun: back to school to cheer kiatshing on for the torch relay thing, then SC meeting.

mon: CR meeting from 10am in dhoby, to about 3pm.

tue: today, got to do loads of uncool stuff like GP assignment, chem remedial worksheets (i dont recall learning redox in yr5), and eat my soggy maggie mee.

taoqin just smsed me last night, asking when chem test is.
i was just about to sleep, and yes, i know it was early, but ive been sleeping like there's no tomorrow.
and no, i did not know there is gonna be a chem test.

i wonder what other tests we have.

if i could perform inception, [NOTE: no spoilers, i think. dont worry, no plot revealed.] i'd go down to my deepest level of subconsciousness, where time slows down loaddddds, and i'd take my time doing homework:D
5 minutes in reality could be an hour in 1 sublevel.
imagine if i went like 1234567890 levels down.
or just go into limbo.

(on second thoughts, if i had to spend my life in limbo, doing homework, i'd want to die after a few days, and when i do, i'd get back to reality t_t LOL.)

lesson learnt: some things cannot be avoided.

oh, and judging by the amount of time i spend sleeping, i'd have incepted alot.
*'incepting' here just means going into subconsciousness. its not whatever the Cobb was tasked to do in the movie. i'm not that cool. duh.

yea bye.
daunting tasks ahead.

Sunday, August 8, 2010
the panda spends most of its time sleeping.
why does it have panda eyes?


Saturday, August 7, 2010
lunch with han jenn rachel and wan yesterday.
the 4 of us went to catch a movie, while wanz left early.
it was a great afternoon(:

if you have a talent, stay far away from the institutions from which your talent belongs to.
your talent no longer remains yours. it becomes the institutes'.

ever heard something like this?
"wow you can dance so well!"
"she's in dance society."
"oh chey. no wonder."

note: the above dialogue is completely fictional. any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental.

selfish, but true isnt it.

i just took a test on how i view sexuality.
apparently i'm 'moderately biased towards straight people'.
i feel that thats not true, and that the test was flawed because of the order in which the options were offered to me in the questionaire,

but perhaps the results are reflective of my views. perhaps i am biased.
as long as i dont give in to that biasness, does it matter?: )

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
plankton is diabolical.
'diabolical'. my favourite word from now on.

i like plankton. my favourite character. Patrick's second. Spongebob...comes after squidward.

art test was bad because i didnt manage to study.
CR meeting was not as productive as usual because jill was sad, subin was tired, and i was sian, denise wasnt there.
dinner with chua (thanks for waiting after art) was madness. we had a bandito episode.
i shant describe it here la, cannot ruin chua's reputation, if not her future Parker'd be worried about dinner-dating her. Lets just keep it at "the transcending bandito bit".

saw a bandito lady in the mrt, met a grumpy parker, spotted 2 old ladies gossiping about us, and another old lady who had line.

we never knew ladies above the age of 50 had...lines.

nevermind if you dont understand.
(: i half-hope you wouldnt anyway.

there was some old guy who blew his nose loudly in the fast food restaurant sink.
super grossness manz.

hello? we're all eating leh. can you blow your nose like, softly? Snot-noise is so unappealing. urghy.

initially this guy (chua, its the guy whom i said reminded me of Dr Yap) in the restaurant looked in our direction, like as if we were the ones blowing our noses.
students always get suspected of doing disgusting stuff.

was still tired, even though dinner was exciting.
chewing my food was tedious.
walking home was tedious.
(ok, so i could have taken the bus...but walking is so much more economical.)

typing this was tedious, but i really must record what happened today.

bandito. i shall never forget.

oh, last time songjia told me that zuoyue said banditos tasted like armpits.
i have no idea how they know what armpits taste like, but...
-.- nvm.

i'm super tired. today, and yesterday's been a long day.
i've been surviving on about 5 hours for 2 days.
the first, i slept for an hour but didnt do anything productive.
the 2nd, i fell asleep at 8pm+ and woke at midnight, then had to chiong science society ppt and written report(guilty. i didnt do it with the rest of the group earlier)

goodnight mateys.
i really wish i could have studied for the art test today.
really. really.
perhaps the difference wouldnt have been big in terms of scoring, but i would have felt better knowing that i tried.

ah. bye.

madness is sweet.

Sunday, August 1, 2010
hi esther, i miss you.
talk to you soon alright?(:
15 minutes by the stairway is barely enough hahaha.

i guess i just wanted us to start on equal grounds.
knowing that we're not makes me feel reluctant to join in the game.


congrats to centerstage winners-Darick and Revolution:D
the rest were great too. Jinzhao so cute!

Egan is such an impressive pianist.

Had an enchanting talk with Jas Pearl Sandy before centerstage.
Found out who 'cutesmile' was, discussed Jasmine's um, cough cough, teased pearlyn, and ganged up with Pearlyn and Sandy to niao Jasmine (again).

Introduced Pearlyn to 1 litre of tears, talked about the mechnism of crying, watched a demonstration by jasmine (she really cried), talked about watching touching shows together, and then coming to a conclusion that when we watch sad stuff together we may not cry.

laughed so much that we were all drained by 6pm+.

talked to crystabelle some days ago at the foyer.
just happened to see my unsuspecting orchidite 09 walking about.

asked her to update me about yknow, some random but 'significant' stuff.hahaha.
rather interesting..

all 3 of them are naughty girls O:

piano soon.


get one from cbox!
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