Sunday, October 27, 2013
lol, why.
feeling bad because I'm supposed to do work but I feel like I should have done it last time, then I could be doing other work now. but. idk. I don't regret have slept, or having met friends for meals, because meals have to be taken anyway, but I just feel like I should have been able to have done it all.

feeling like the lousiest i've ever been.

I need a beer. I know there's some in the fridge. I dont even like beer very much.

So, today I was home and I met Pearlyn in the evening to discuss plus book flights overseas during the long break. We're going the day after Ms Ye's wedding, on which we two shall make our vows to stay true to each other in tandem too, so it's gna be like a honeymoon:)

It's ex though, because I suck at making economical choices and have no money-sense at all ): This makes me feel bad about myself.

Not sure how it's gna turn out cos ive never done free-and-easy with a friend before, and we're both so unworldly and unstreetsmart  (ref to incident where we walked into the male toilet together, and other lost occasions), goodbye, friends. I may end up in Cambodia with pearlyn during one of our exploits, but you will stay in our hearts forever. <3 nbsp="" p="">
I thnk we'll have quite an adventure :)))

After making necessary arrangements, I took a late dinner with her at the mall basement (me with dinner, her with just a drink,because I'm a glutton), then as we finished, I received a text from yeochihsiong, whom we had bumped into when we met at the mrt.

He said that there was free food and asked me if I'd wna go find him and renjie+jiaren where they were dining. Although I had already eaten, who could pass free food? HAHA. The free food thing was cos there was 1-for-1 and they were only a 3-man team who hadnt thought to eat 1 1/3 portion of food haha. I readily agreed to go haha then renjie said I was a cheapskate so he didnt wna gimme the food alr ): Yet I went to meet them anyway, since it's been so long and theyre such friendly chaps!

Had a great chat with them cos we're all the same and quite on similar frequency:)
Laughed a lot cos theyre so funny, and oh they were so sweet luh, they moved to a 5-seat table in anticipation for pearlyn and I cos chih knew I was with her and thought we'd both meet them. So thoughtful and inclusive hor?:) Though Pearl didnt join us cos she thought they might be awkward with her since they werent well-acquainted yet :)

In the end I got the free food hehe. Being gentlemen, they really didnt split the cost of the food with me although the three split the cost of 2 meals (the third was supposed to be free too rmb?), hehehe.

Renjie and jiaren were so cute together. the usual. they're a set. like chopsticks. One doesnt work without the other. hahahah.

yeoch told them that I was attached, and then asked me when I was getting married. renjie laughed in response at this absurd question, to which yeoch defended with "what? we are all 20-somethings at this table, can talk about this already what" hahaha. We rescheduled this talk to the next meet-up in our 30s, at least. hahaha.

Well, anyway, hope such meet-ups would occur more frequently, although I know I technically cant afford the time like this (at the moment which I speak, I have several impending work stuff to do, as well as some regrettably overdue and hence marked-down work to submit too..).

:) This break, 4K should really come together again, and so should 5C45!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
I was feeling foul on the way home because the public wasn't gracious, but when I alighted from the train after my model broke  and the crowd gave a sporting "ooh" , I was met by my bro and dad, ready to assist :)

Then I had my mother's cooking for lunch and she let me eat ice cream.

Initially I had written a post to voice my unhappiness  through a narration of the journey home, ewhat with people stepping on my model and leaving black footprints on it and  stuff, but since the more important thing is what I came home to, I'm glad that it's my family that welcomes me.

On another similar note, I had lunch with Chris and his family the other day at ghimmoh. :)  glad that they think to invite me over although I'm a ball of 不好意思-ness (no doubt inherited from my mom).

:) only home for an hour. Going back to school again. The ups and downs of an aki student. Lol. Funny how the most important lesson school has taught me isn't math, but thow irreplaceable a family is.

Friday, October 4, 2013
missing thumbdrive. makes me sad.


get one from cbox!
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