Sunday, September 25, 2016
Sick of it all. Mood rn. Sick of all the people who aren't understanding. Sick of this life. Sick of oily faced netizens commenting about how degrees don't mean shit. You very dua meh? You think degree is go toilet pang sai out one ah. You think every day go play pen then can get degree ah. You don't see how many people wna suicide because of it uh. You don't see how many people go home past midnight if at all. You don't see how people go through separation from family and friends to pursue one.

So tell me again how "self entitled" people like Elizabeth boon are for making statements about the unemployability of grads.

"Strawberry generation" blah blah blah. fyi strawberries are expensive ok. Cannot afford to eat then plant so many for what??? You're the farmer. The generation that set this all up. Set up the expectations. The framework. So don't open your shit mouth and talk like you very pro ah, can see what all of us are blind to. Like you're the only one who can lament about strawberry generation so useless, because you achieved some great thing in life or what. And then the people who reply your comment with "foreigners are taking everything" sentiments, y'all ah. You one hand say WAH TRUMP SUPPORTER SO STOOPID, then you other hand sound just like them. then you DOUBLE stoopid I tell ya. YOU CONFIRM PLUS CHICKEN CHOP more stoopid. You ah, random Facebook commenter. Your face also stupid. Ya what. I cannot say your face meh. If you can say anyth why can't I do the same. We are equally subjective with our opinion.

Until you really go and find out the complexity of the situation, don't anyhow talk big, give life lesson like some guru. You're not even very old. Maybe you even considered part of the generation you are dissing. You think self diss very noble ah?? Wao u so special! Akin to those who say "I am not like other girls, " WAH CLAP FOR U. WAO U SO SPECIAL. or if you think you also useless like the rest of us, then you say it on fb just to sound so self-aware as if that makes you a deity above us, then you are just one of those CHEAPOs who go supermarket and tell promoter "aiyo AHAHA I so greedy hor? Aiyo very bad hor?" And then you eat and eat all the sample and think you admit you greedy then is payment enough.

Ya I very boliao I blog about some stranger I don't even know. but really this thing too prevalent alr. It brings out the primate in me. I just want to anyhow talk, don't even care English, don't even care class or sophistication. Because you make me don't want to care these things cos "REAL WORLD is harsh and your English language doesn't matter"...f u la I am the real world ok. you also real world. you don't say like real world is some outside thing that is detached from us. "The real world outside is xxxx" bitch this IS the real world. Get out of your occulus. I'm not saying this cos I buaysong about not having job or what hor I actually is got job when I grad alr, but I still take it personally because your statement is "you against the world" and I am "the world". I see my friends find job so hard, and I think about you sitting at the toilet typing this shit on public platforms, and I feel it is unjust.

ok I finished judging you for one particular statement you made. I purposely don't want to care what kind of person you are beyond that statement. I am just like you ahahaha. Shiok sia, being so judge mental. Now I know why you do it.


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