Friday, September 13, 2019
ok so all the things that I love!!

1. Wanton mee the black version
2. Kuching laksa
3. Dintaifung I LOVE THIS
4. SUSHI AND SASHIMI I wish sushi express would give me a membership
5. Hot tomato meals
6. My husband’s cooking haha I’m not writing in rank ok just saying wdv come to mind
7. Laneige water sleeping mask the blue one. I’m not using it currently but I intend to once my life starts in 2020.
8. my original engagement ring the one chris gave with little blue gems in a row (London blue topaz!)
9. my new ring with the stone in the middle
10. innisfree nail polish colour 42
11. my Charles and Keith nude heels for wedding from laiping!
12. sukiya hahaha Chris and I go too often when there’s 50% promo
14. Avocado (millennial me yep) but only sliced and never mashed. Diced is ok.
15. Dusty and navy blue
16. When Chris pats my head
17. Chris
18. chris’ hugs  as long as he is doing it for real and not looking at his game from over my shoulder
19. portobello mushroom
20 some cheeses like buffalo mozerella. I wna try burrata I don’t rmb it’s taste.
21. Jicama
22. four leaves sandwich with chicken mayo, and egg. But omg I love the dno what good news cafe $2 chicken mayo sandwiches Dhs used to have and also near nus engineering blg last time
23. blanket
24. That mozza corndog from Gangnam Corndog at Clarke quay!!
25. Pizza Hut’s Mexican drumlets and garlic bread zomg
26. Pizza. All pizza. The FAT BREAD CRUST not the thin crust ones which taste like biscuit. I ain’t about that cracker for dinner gurl.
27. Saizeriya even tho the last time I ate there it was very salty but I just like the selection and price haha
28. Aston’s
29. Natto in Japanese curry over Japanese rice that’s steaming hot! Preferably beef curry.
30. Mac and cheese
31. yoshinoya beef bowl
32. memes
33. cleverness
34. Macdonald nuggets. I eat burger king’s cos it’s a good substitute that I actuallycan better afford, but I dno why Macs just has a crisp that other nuggets don’t have. frozen ones suck they always leave me some kind of weird alkaline taste on my tongue.
35. This particular ramen place in Tokyo that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE
36. other Tokyo food except mochi. some kind Japanese people at a festival stall gave me mochi grilled fresh for free I dno why. I was sooo happy from their gesture cos they’re running a business but they somehow gave me some for free just cos I was snooping around being excited!! But I later found our this is one of those rare things I don’t like to eat. Pearl discovers she is the same on her trip with her friend haha. Sorry my tomodachi for not appreciating your mochi!! I still love japan and you!!
37. the smell of Chris haha there’s this part near his jaw that smells super good
38. Macdonald’s buttermilk burger is da BOMB
39. the story of God of War
40. Pistachio ice cream. Or mango. Or raspberry. Or passion fruit. mmmmmm.
41. mango papaya grapefruit!!!
42. Daisikksin at bugis+ omg I love their buffet!!!!! But during cny they skyscammer cos they raise the prices. ): so I currently am in a tantrum with it. And am going to sukiya for my meat fix :)
43. SABOTEN OMG I can eat 3bowls of rice from there in one aitting’n sometimes 2.5bowls but their rice, cabbage and sauces, pickles, miso soup, katsu, and ICE CREAM are each top-notch I LOVE LOVE them all!! Chris loves the chawanmushi and the miso. I’m less abt the miso and more about the rice haha the rice is crazy good. I love the ice cream best next cos it’s MY type of matcha. And it’s cold. And that hardness is perfect.
44. Omg this matcha ice cream at somerset, near donki, it’s SOOOO a good. best matcha ice cream in sg. I dno if I like saboten one or this more. Maybe saboten cos that comes with the rice and everything else hahahah. This one though, it’s sooo good and quite affordable, and I don’t rmb it’s name but it makes me not be able to sleep at night cos I’m sensitive to caffeine haha. There are many kinds of matcha right, and not every one is to my taste. I don’t like the very milk kind cos that’s kinda like fake matcha to me haha it’s like the skim milk of milks to me. I prefer those that are sliiiightly bitter.
45. long hair. I quite like long hair. on myself. long to me means like armpit to boob length. Anything beyond is unkempt when I wear it, and anything less is short and makes me look like a toot
46. my legs. they’re not bad.
47. dainty jewelry. it’s so hard to find. Especially when I won’t spend more than $5+3months or contemplation on it.
48. that pear tea with pear ice cream from Arteastiq!! First and only time I had it was at my hen party and it’s called The Eunuch. I LOVE IT it’s such a MOOD. but I got on a caffeine high especially since I was already excitable due to the party being such a surprise but my friends were all there and I was having fun etc etc and I had many symptoms of caffeine overdose which I later googled including high heat rate, feeling faint, not being able to sleep all night despite feeling tired, and I also almost puked HAHAHA but it’s so worth it. I say almost cos I didn’t. I just did the pre-puke salivation thing enough to lubricate a water slide at Sunway Lagoon.
49. paper bags. I feel like this is almost like an evolution of my childhood hobby of collecting pretty paper pieces. Like scraps of colored paper or those bookshop scams of printed sheets. Now I really like blank or minimalist paper bags.
50. Original looks of stuff. Original stuff. Like original flavour of taokenoi seaweed, original iPhone look so I like when casings are transparent, original look of luggage’s so I hate luggage tags and I also hate luggage’s with stickers on em. Ps am typing with phone so some format is haywire and my ‘s appear but I can’t be bothered to go back and change em cos when I try to reposition my cursor to past words, it jumbles my entire post kinda.


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