Friday, April 19, 2019
hello everybody, its me. long time no see!
how have you been? different?

yesterday pearl and i got out on a night run on her rental car to arnold's. i think we eased into our zone nearer the end of the date cos we got onto Kiss 92(?) which pearl said would have our songs. and boy did they have our songs. we got If You Came Back by Blue on the radio. i crashed upon getting home though it hadnt even hit midnight. haha i probably ruined her night cos i wasnt much fun. it wasnt my best. but i'd say im not gna harp on that in my mind cos bffs have many future opportunities to make it right. :) i'm working on healthier mindfulness.

anyway so i woke today, fully-rested, finally. gosh life in mid-twenties is the fuckest shit. it's like tryna hug 9 slippery fishes wriggling in your arms while a middle-aged woman nearby frowns at you for not waving to greet her. also, your arms are heavily buttered.

ok back to the story. so. i looked forward to the entire day to myself, with zero work, zero obligations, zero socializing. it was superb. i had the best day ever. heres how it went:

i woke, texted pearl, think i mightve blown up her messenger inbox with very mundane shit. happy with myself haha.
then i replied the text that chris had sent me while i was knocked out last night. can you believe that alcohol is not involved even though i describe myself like im going through some post-party hangover? sorry i keep getting distracted and taking 4eva to reach my point. i havent blogged in a long time and i'm really trying to get into it. i dont wna miss a thing. man i wish i had time to blog regularly. its so good for my soul.

i spent the rest of the day surfing hardwarezone forums for gossip. what the heck is a bbfa?? and then i compiled a playlist of my era's songs. It's mostly Neyo and Blue. Before you think im some angmo-pai, let me tell you i'm not. i toggle between moods. at other times i'm also into Twice (cant decide who's my fav. officially nayeon but jihyo is such a goddess, mina has such breathtaking beauty), and i also have a go-to japanese playlist which consists mostly of AAA songs. mandopop is etched in cold stone luh - the entire sg has the same playlist -_- so i'm not even gna go into detail.

here's my angmo playlist:
Miss Independent - neyo
Love is all around - wetwetwet
If you come back -  blue
one love - blue
u make me wanna - blue
cant fight the moonlight - leAnn rimes
Because you live - jesse mccartney
rude - magic!
im not the only one - sam smith
girls like you - maroon 5
forget you - ceelo green (oh such a cheeky one, this one)
break your heart - taio cruz

there is no westlife or backstreet boys on this one cos ive already done them too many times in the past. mood rn is Miss Independent as i'm listening to it now. hence it being top of the list.

that's it. thats my post for today.
i ate one of my favourite food - sushi. showered and washed my hair real good at home, -deletd-. felt so good.

also, i finally got a new piece of clothing after 10000yrs (yeah cny also nvr buy), by trading some craft items away. i am so pleased with it. gna look like a real snacc if i dress up in it. best friday


get one from cbox!
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