Saturday, January 15, 2011
"unexpected things happen. i shouldnt think too much about it."
this line has been applicable in so many ways since yesterday.

Mr Chew talked to me twice. once in the fields, and another outside the indoor sports hall.
I thank him so much for trying to comfort me, though he denies doing it.
I think he is a Godfather (i dont know why he's known as that..he asked me to find out by watching the movie "Godfather" though) turned Grandfather. haha.

Unexpected comfort came from unexpected people.
People i havent heard from since 7th October, people whom ive only known for abit since this year, and people whom i thought would lecture instead of helping me see the good outcomes that was borne from the activity.

Mr Lim, for example. He met me outside the hall for a short debrief, and told me what he thought was good about it. How it caters to many cos unenthu people can stay around and blow balloons, while enthu ones can play offensive against other houses.

to be honest, i thought the point of mass games was to make unenthu people enthu. i dont know now.

jian ren jian zhi.

Everyone was great during orientation.
the teachers were very in-control,
the SCs put in alot of effort together,
the OGLs made everythign happen and brought joy,
while the student body was very cooperative and were largely responsive.

I managed to catch some time during orientation with jenn chua hans xingfang and hil to make up for not seeing them since the start of the holidays.
i know guys, sorry that i ruined all the plans that we had had to meet up during nov/dec.
but we had 5 minutes together in the hall when they were teaching senior high mass dance, and during the clubbing thing in the hall too, for about 15 minutes, i think. right?

oh, and to bring the topic back to the first line of this post,
unexpected things doesnt just refer to problems that crop up. it also refers to unexpected kindness that i also shouldnt read too much into.
dont worry, im not going to think everything was fine and dandy when it wasnt, just because you spare me a few nice words.

yesterday was a crucial day for orientationcos its the last day, and it was also a stressful time in science society, because the report was due.
the SSEF competition was what we've been working towards the entire year; the point of our research.
i know ive let sandy down in many ways. she tells me she cant cope, but im away doing SC stuff. she rushes the report on the day of submission and even helped me make it easier to work on the report by bringing my laptop to the fields while i was at the mass games, but i put all my focus on the activity and neglected the report.
but i try to squeeze whatever time i have to do SS stuff..
anyway thank you sam.
he's very kind and understanding when i explain that i have to leave for cca.
he's not my confucious for nothing (:

oh yeah, i just remembered an embarassing incident.
during pati night (the clubbing thing), i was hoping to get everyone higher. those standing further from the stage, especially.
so i jumped into the crowd with those whom i were more familiar with first.
then i saw vivyan.
i jumped.
and highed.
and realised.
that it wasnt 6c45 around her, but many many volleyballers who probably think im nutcase.

then another, when i was walking towards the hall with Mr Lim for that short debrief, some kirin OGLs walked past and bowed to Mr Lim.
out of reflex, i bowed back.

i also forgot to take my big fat bag after i brought it into the gym toilet to change into another shirt with jane before leaving for drakon dinner.
when i walked out empty handed besides the wakainga shirt slung over my shoulder, jane gaped and asked me where my belongings were.
i almost told her that i hadnt brought it down from the SC room until i realised it was sitting on a chair in the toilet -_-

then i walked back and retrieved it. awkward ttm.

i love 6c45 so much.
they make me feel so included. as in, they dont forget me even though i dont do things with the class when im on duty for SC and stuff.
during house initiation with awesome drakon, they came over and smeared paint on my head. yeah, head includes hair too, not just face.
during pati night, they danced with me (when i found them instead of the volleyballers la haha).
after mass games they suddenly came to the emcee area and gave me bear hugs.
at some random event in the hall (i dont remember what), some of them nosed me.
and those who heard i couldnt make it for class dinner were ):
all these means alot.

jovina that crazed girl is <3 too.
throughout the past 3 days, we'd scream and bearhug each other everytime we meet!
ahh so lovelyyyy.

alright i gotta draft an email for science society stuff, then go to an art exhibition to complete my assignment.
meeting the other art students chua and gang at 1130.
so imma go prepare now. its 1030am.

wang ruonan, ive missed you btw.
find songjia and i soon :D


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