Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Scruffy looks at me sadly. He's sitting atop my faulty printer...
the tone of this post'll probably go from down to up as i relate different things.

for a start, today i felt inadequate.
actually, not today. just this evening.

i'll post the rest of what i want to say in another post which i wouldnt publish, dont worry. i wont bore or attempt to offend you with my emo shit.

next, i'm gonna tell you about today!
today noon was greatttt.
i went for cca, as per normal, and i usually have lots of fun with yijia and cherise cos they're so gay when they're together. but today hit a totally new jingjie. it was soo stupid that i really laughed. without holding back.

i usually dread going for cca because it'd probably mean that i cant go for SC stuff. then i'd feel irresponsible.
like how i also feel irresponsible when i turn up for SC stuff instead of cca.

but i have fun sometimes when i doodle drawings of kenneth or Dr Yap on the whiteboard while waiting for some stuff to equilibrate, to centrifudge, to run etc during cca.

I also like drawing stuff on the desktop wallpaper. like Dr Yaps and Kenneths.

i like drawing them because
1. Dr Yap probably wouldnt get angry with me....?
2. kenneth definitely wouldnt get angry with me

but now kenneth haas started changing all the labels of the drawings from his to my name cos Dr Yap once asked him why he drew on the desktop wallpaper.

then yijia and cherise, i dont know how to describe them. for such intellects, they're really stupid and full of nonsense.
yijia calls me the phenomenal lady. like, whatttt??
cherise, she's crazy. today we did this dance in the dark room under red light from a lamp above the western blot roller machine.

It's the mamemoo dance and it involves flinging our hands to the right, left, then up while we squat quickly to say "moo".
super tiring and high!!
cherise and i also acted as nv gui by singing scary children's songs in the dark and crying "mummy! mummy!"

i managed to scare her and yijia twice. once by hiding behind the fridge, and the other, by grabbing cherise's ankle suddenly while she was talking or humming a song.
i think sandy got a shock at the grabbing cherise thing.

yijia and cherise tried to peek at my orientation stuff when i attempted to do some SC work while waiting for the elisa stuff to settle for 2 hours.
stupid kids!!!
then yijia wanted to tell shimin that i had leaked the orientation stuff. but i didnt k, shim. i didnt D:

joshua and kenneth were so -.- at our antics that they opened the door to the dark room, saw us, and closed the door again.
didnt even want to be in the dark room with us hahaha.

of course la, we didnt just play..its just that i only collate all the gay times and put them together while excluding the working moments, so it sounds like all fun and no work.

joshua and i had a snow fight in the lab last week. It wasnt really a big fight. a tiny one.
we aimed small pieces of ice fragments at each other after freezing some stuff in the styrofoam boxes, and i took cover behind a purple chair.

it resulted in a small pool of water on the floor, but i think that was cleared pretty quickly afterwards(:

yep. fun.

today sandy and i also joked about digging holes *ahem, no full coverage of chitchat mentioned here* while loading wash buffer into 96 wells using the cool 8-well pipette with 8 pipette tips attached.

it was really funny!
we started out being abit pissed cos of ahem, stuff, but then as we joked on about the stuff we were gonna do, like digging holes, big holes, and then deciding to use the drain instead.

sandy said something really really funny. i totally lol-ed. but now i cant remember it. no idea why either. i usually remember very funny things..

anyway, gotta work on that emo shit post.
after that, start work again.
short break's over.
work is here bleah.



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