Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Happy birthday cezanne!
172nd birthday of a post-impressionist artist who popularised the idea of breaking all forms into 3 basic shapes: cylinders, spheres, and cubes or pyramids i cant remember.

i told pearlyn, if i were rich i'd be fat(ter) cos i'd eat all the percy pigs that i can afford.
random, but true.

blogs may not be private, but they feel very private because its just the screen and i.
i dont know who's reading my rubbish, but whoever you are, youre very free hor?
especially if youre a stranger to me, vise versa.
(: oh well. hello anyway.

oh yeah i suddenly remembered a story.
one day an old man sat beside a little girl on a bench in the park.
the girl was gobbling down some chocolate bars.
the old man said "little girl, eating too much candy is not good."
astonished, the girl said to the old man, "my grandpa died."
" he ate too much candy too?"
"no, " the girl answered.
" he didnt mind his own business."

i'm not insinuating anything, my train of thoughts went like this:
blog>not private>others minding your life> this story
so its all a general thing. the story just popped out cos i was thinking about minding businesses, not cos im threatening you guys with imminent death or something hahaha.

actually i bet yall didnt think i meant that either la, for those who're used to my chaotic, jumping posts, i mean. its just that i have to make sure newcomers or those who know me very superficially (like by name or face), catch my drift and not get offended.

oh by the way,
We have a new art teacher. i just saw her for the first time yesterday.
i take long to warm up to people, so i'm still gonna cling to Ms Gao..
likes Ms Gao!
really enjoy art lessons now.
initially in yr5, was quite scared la, like everyone else, cos strict teachers are...well..strict.
but then all the strict teachers that i know become those whom i respect/like alot as time passes.

Liu lao shi in p5
Ms Foo pau chu in p6
Miss Fang
Li lao shi
now Ms Gao too.


i like Ms Ann Tan too even though she doesnt teach me.
she's so shuai.
not the handsome-shuai, the shuaiqi-shuai!

oh my art A level coursework shall be about Water.
I want to explore it, and help others appreciate it more.

i'm anal about appreciation, i guess.
yeah i know. i dont usually say 'anal', but today, this word just feels like the right word to use.

i think its really important and beautiful to appreciate others, things, situations, opportunities, and unhappy moments.
oh, and i support this quote "i dont like this person therefore i must get to know him better.".
i forgot by who.

appreciate people for the things they do, the choices that they decide to make.
when there is appreciation, everything becomes aesthetic, everything becomes valuable.
water is such a common commodity, and so underappreciated for its dynamism, power, softness, logic, and adaptability that i want to use my coursework as a platform to bring attention to it.

i dont know how to do justice to its magnificence, but gosh am i excited to start!
do drop in any suggestions that you have in the tagboard or talk to me if you have any constructive comments, cos my art work may be about water on the surface, but its actually about how people can appreciate it, so your input will be much....uh lol, appreciated.


today pearlyn told me that viv asked if i was ok yesterday.
:D felt very warmed by the fact that i was noticed, though i thought i was quite normal.
i wasnt un-ok la haha. thanks though.
yesterday just happened to be shit day number 1.
today's shit day number 1.5 because 0.5 was pearlyn's boring day.

yeah shit day1 was horrid and i was a grouch.
i dont know why. i just saw everythig to be a reason to grouch.
pardon me ):

oh i'm gonna go now.


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