Friday, May 1, 2009
i really love p2.

the first day guides opened their door to me,
it wasnt much of an event.
lots of chaos, sorting sec1s here and there,

when i was first grouped with esther and fiona, it didnt register in my mind that i'll be with them for the next 4 years.
to me, i just thought... i wasnt thinking at all.
my mind was still lost with my p6 class.

ok, so throughout the first few jihes, i was totally lost.
i kept mixing names of orchidites up, and wasnt of any help during activities.

then the after-school sessions of patrol songs learning started.

and i remember the times when we sat together, while jocelyn and gina tried about a million ways to get us to sing, and i remember them buying us drinks after that, and i also remember the 3 of us, esther fiona and i, being too shy to

then we started getting bolder by day.
though i still wasnt singing and was just mouthing along to the song(and this is what i do for the national anthem because i'm just so sure that i'll go out of tune when i sing), at least i dared to sit near gina and jocelyn already.

then we learnt how to climb the wall, how to climb the monkey bar(the guides way, not the monkey way), how to do the firemen's ladder/window, how to climb the rope.
then we learnt to pump, to tie lashes, and i remember eunice scolding us for changing out of our skirts in the canteen during guides because it was "obscene"(thats the first time i had heard that word), and then learning to change in the toilet while trying to squeeze among all the other changing guides, and ...etc.

then i remember our first mass change.
i went inside the canteen toilet, and froze.
so, nothing was wrong at all.
and i looked at yihui in a :\ way.
then she said, "aiya, we all change this way one.nobody will look at you.dont worry."

so there goes my first mass change.
done in silence and abit of an awe.
i never knew such a ritual existed.

then our first jihe was pt, and bbq.
the pt was,...
ok.i cant remember-.-
(im telling you, i was seriously blur.i didnt even think of myself as a guide the first few jihes)
the bbq was...awkward. didnt dare to eat much except for a marshmallow, which the sec2s insisted we must eat.

and i remember patrol corner in the elevated court.
that was when i got confused between jocelyn and eunice.
i thought they looked similar(LOL!i was seriously sight impaired)
and that was my first encounter with soolin, my first PL,
and shueling, my first PS.

after the after-school-gina-jocelyn-song-sessions, gina and jocelyn will go over to a photo thats been stuck on a notice board in the canteen.
and they'll oogle at soolin and tell us how pretty and seh, and smart and etcetc she is(:
and we'll all look at that photo of soolin and think, wow.she's like an idol.
and she's really just like they described;
pretty, seh, smart, cool, and everything a guide would want to be.

sometimes, eunice, simin, and esther will come teach us/talk to us too, though we spent most time with sec2s gina and jocelyn.
i recall a period when the Ms Fang language was in fashion.
the "moron" calling, etc.
in that period of time, everything was "disgusting", and everybody was a "fool".
it was quite funny.

i heard about Ms Fang through the seniors, and they way i heard it,
she was a monster.

i was terrified of her even before i met her.(and when i did meet her once because i had forgotten to bring my school badge, i hadnt realised that i had just survived a Ms Fang Encounter)

to think in sec3, Ms Fang became 3k's math teacher.
the horror!
i thought i was going to die.
(but i didnt and i grew to like her)

anyway, so in sec1, we did the noobest things, we learnt the most exciting things,
and we had no idea what guides would soon mean to us.

so atc came and we changed.
i started singing,
i started cheering.
and the seniors said, "we knew it. sec1s usually change alot after their first atc."
and its true.
my first atc patrol was p5, fiveters.
with iimelda, gina, xinyi, shuen, yilin, hillary, shien, emily, fiona, and me.(hope i didnt miss out anyone)
that was the first time i learnt of bras besar and its treasures.
arty farty stuff was everywhere!
it was pure heaven: D

it was the first time i used fabric paint,
and during camp prep,
we had quite abit of fun.
had to memorise scripts, had to make cheers, had to draw using fabric paint, had to memorise what each colour/design on our identity or flag represents...etc.

it was all new and exciting(:

and we cut baisheng, shou baisheng, whipped baisheng...

till inspection.

it was really scary.
our yr2s all looked so stressed and etc D:

then atc came and passed,
and we changed.

and i started seeing myself as a guide, started refering to myself as an orchidite,
and started knowing the difference between eunice and jocelyn.

then blah and lah, time passed and we became sec2s.
and soolin and shueling passed down):
then atc07 came.
and we had sec1s.
in atc07, i was with BeanBean p2.
my favourite patrol ever besides BangBang p2(pltc) and of course, ALL TIME FAVOURITE p2 orchid.

seems like i just like all P2s: D

beanbean consisted of zhenling, peishan, daphne, shujun, nicholette, sally, crystabelle, jiamin, liyee, wenxin, ...(hope i didnt miss out anyone.sorry), and there was inspection, when zhenling had to do 100 pumpings in one morning.
then we had wonderful cheers, wonderful identity, wonder patrol: D
and during atc itself, our counsellors told us that other seniors were impressed by our patrol spirit!we were spurred to continue cheering to our best and really, that sense of bond is hard to forget.
i think hweehwee was the one who told us that, cos both she and jocelyn were following the patrol during our activity(the raining one).
even though rain was supposed to dampen our spirits,
it didnt(;

so blah and tralala, atc passed(and i loved our banner, and identity, and cheers, and patrol, and etcetc!), and then we became sec3s.(oh and i forgot to mention, we went on outings, had self-pt, and remained cheerful even when the other patrols were all stressed out already because of problems unknown to me)

and ok, back to the topic.
so we became sec3s.
and the 38th batch passed down.
and it was a grand event, i thought.
and we got to present esther eunice simin with the little figurines that we had made for them in imitation of themselves, while we got a pillow(handmade) and 3 little flowers that represented some stuff which i forgot, a guide box, a scrapbook that listed many important things about guides,...etc.

and i managed to contain my sobs throughout the passing down.
remember the previous post about the bringing onions thing?

blah and then sec3, i cant remember much except for pltc.
pltc was great. BANGBANG p2 was great.
terence, xiaowei, justin, shien, zhengfeng, zhenling, xingjie, usan, daphne, and me.
we caught caterpillars and plotted to put it in p1's tent(lol.jk nia), we practiced setting up tents, we had some self PTs, we stayed back in container classrooms(3J) to do identity, and usan, xiaowei and i stayed at bras besar macs till the late night to do identity, and xiaowei's parents fetched us back. from then, the "people smart mah" thing came about, and so did the "we like it" thing, and the craze over doraemon, and the very nice cheers and very cool identity, and very nice flag, and etcetcetc.
and our impressions of each other changed for the better.

(oh i realise ive forgotten to mention coj.i wasnt very involved in that because they always met up on tue and thurs due to limited time to have coj prep, and i had 3rd lang.sian. but anyway, was in the same patrol as yongsheng, terrence, xiaowei, qianting, yijia, hanxi the imba kia who made the identity real nice...)

k, so sec3 passed.
and combined UG campfire passed.
and met new people.

and yr4 came.
39th batch passed down.
i cried right after telling fiona that i wouldnt(yea i suck la)
and esther said she's never seen me cry before then.
which made me rather sad cos i wanted to be remembered as someone who doesnt cry.and blah.

so atc08 came.
and i changed.
and i became mean to my juniors
because i expected too much from them(regardless of whether they were from p3 or not).
atc08, gaia p3.
despite their patrol not having people with art sense(sorry for being blunt), they were really not bad: D and i was still proud of them in the end.

so sec4 continued.
and i started missing my orchidites.
the patrol thats been with me since yr1.

the only flower i can draw is an orchid.
i even painted one,
and was rather satisfied/proud of it.
it was nice looking and i had only spent 1 to 2 hours to paint it.
but sadly,
i had painted it for some aep thingy.
after the aep teacher has collated all the aep students' paintings, she compiled them and gave the final product to some vip(i cant remember who), as a gift.
i miss my painting,lol.

p2 orchid has wonderful orchidites.
since my time,
soolin, xueling, eunice, simin, esther, gina, jocelyn, esther, fiona, teoee, michelle, yiting, crystabelle, adeline, cassandra, rachel, chaining, christina, chinyee, amanda, pohkah, shanice, danna.

and there is a list of things that we did together and etc.
but because its 351am in the morning and i'm dead tired already,
and because i dont know where to start from to explain p2's brilliance,
i shall leave it for yall to ponder over and decide,
what determines the value or the bondedness of a patrol.


bye, and i shall sleep,
still got pw later in the day.
shit ive just disrupted my body clock. life is ruined.

and i had a burger at 238am just now.
crazy right?
whats even stupider is that i had only eaten the burger cos i was craving for pickles.
eating a whole burger for 2 slices of pickles...
please dont learn from me unless youre aneroxic.



get one from cbox!
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