Tuesday, March 24, 2009
today's the typical alot-of-things-go-wrong day.

-did LA report till 3am+
-slept at 430am
-woke at 548am
-had bad hair day
-felt my eyeballs exploding due to accumulated pressure(blame it on the lack of sleep)
-smacked in forehead by shuttlecock during pe
-couldnt stay awake during chem even though i tried really hard not to sleep
-on way home, caught a sneak peek of an NC16 scene in the bus
-saw a pervert-looking person with hand spasms

starting at 0100am on the 24th march 2009,
i was already off at a bad start---doing LA pw.
i wouldnt call it chionging, because i was really spending most of my time surfing the net for irrelavent stuff,

but still, doing homework EARLY in the day is just not good.

so i finished my written report at 3am+.
and when i tried to print the docs out, i realised thr wasnt enough ink, so i had to change my font colour to grey, then i proceeded with the actual printing.

for the first 15 pages, i used some pieces of paper which were too thin.
i realised that the paper was not suitable for printing double-sidedly only after i saw my text and images overlapping each other.

ok, and then i thought:"aiya, doesnt matter.just let the whole doc be liddat bah."

and it just happened that i ran out of that kinda thin paper and had to switch to the next thinnest, which is really quite thick.
so for the next 12 pages, i used the thick fat paper.

overall, it looked...mismatched.

ok blahblahblah so i printed my report, and it was about 3am++already.
(note: this 3am++is later than the previously mentioned 3am+)

i talked to ella, who was also doing her report, until 4am.

and i remembered promising jenn i wouldnt sleep at 4am because i dnt want to oversleep.
so i thought i could last through the night without sleeping.

in the end, i just scooted around the house and drank 1 and 2/3 cup of milk.
i fell asleep before i could finish the last 1/3 cup.

after i closed my eyes for only half a fraction of a second, my alarm rang.
it was 5.30am.
my phone nagged at me with that stupid alarm ringtone.

i snoozed it.
then i rested again, but didnt sleep.
was waiting for jenn's morning call before i finally dragged myself out of bed.

when jenn's call came, i lugged myself head first off the bed, and knocked myself on the floor.
then i grappled in the blinding light for my school u and stuff.

when i was done, i had this weird feeling that my eyeballs were exploding.
felt alot of pressure within the retina, and blamed that on lack of sleep.

was expecting bloodshot eyes but didnt really get it.

anyway, then i got inside the lift and headed off to the mrt station.
i saw, from the scratched and disfigured mirrors in the lift, that i was having a really bad hair day.
its those kinda days when you feel like shaving yourself bald because you really cant stand the sight of those limp stuff that sprouts from your scalp.
either they're limp and dead, or they're electrified and looking rather excited.

ok blah with the bad hair, and move on to my journey to the mrt station.

i was walking rather briskly.
then i reached the train.
then i heard an announcement saying something about mrt trains.
but i didnt pay attention.

anyway, then i met jenn at tanah merah mrt station, and heard the announcement again.
it was regarding some train problems that had had the trains(starting from the one right after the one i took with jenn) hogged up for 60min.

ok, for this, i'll have to cut some slack on how bad my day was. at least i wasnt directly affected by this mrt thingy.

blahblah then at the control station, jenn saw our bus.
we decided to make a run for it because the next bus'll be a looooong time away.

in the end, we missed it by a few seconds.

by that time, we were both sticky and disgusting due to the humid air and really wonderful run.
plus, jenn was sleepy and i was in a too-sleepy-to-sleep state.

ok blahblah then another bus came and we took that.
it was cold inside.
which was good cos we needed to cool down.

slept in the bus.

reached school, and my sec1s(most) didnt come look for me to submit consent forms.
only a few of my sec2s came.

blah then bio lessons, and pe.
pe was ok.
except that i was very inactive during badminton today.
i just didnt feel like playing anymore after all that stuff in the morning.
and then i got smacked by the shuttlecock right in the forehead while daydreaming.
it woke me up for the first time that morning.

then went back to class.
then lessons.

li lao shi was very jovial today(:
i really like her when she's like that: )
though of course, i havent forgotten that she dislikes 4k alot, and i'll always remind myself that i probably shouldnt make life a tragedy by liking someone who doesnt like me(i am 4k, 4k is me).
i really like 4k.

anyway, back to my horrid day.
i couldnt keep my eyes open through chem lessons to fill in blanks in the worksheet ms ng gave us.
nothing was going in my head at all.
i couldnt even remember if i was writing in english.

i tried really hard to stay awake, so i didnt really sleep,
my head just nodd violently and involunteerily down from time to time.

i resorted to doing zhan ma in class, but it was difficult to do so without looking like i was in need of a pee(cos the chair was obstructing me).

so i decided to pump with my arms on the side of the chair, and my front facing the teacher.
but i thought that looked abit weird too so i just shook my head from time to time to chase clouds of sleep away from my mind and stop them from fogging up my brain.

finally, chem was over and then came geog.
in the time ms pear took to walk into class, i raced to hanxi and instantly lost any intention of sleep.
then i raced back because ms pear was starting lessons.

then geog lesson ended and we went home.
the guides.

in the bus, saw abit of uh...weird stuff.
people with hand spasms(got jenn and i laughing like mad cos it looked wrong), people with alot of lip action(got everybody's !!!response), and people who were just there and looked funny.


(sorry.gtg for dinner)



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